Samsung patents granted on 08 March 2011

137 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D633,751 Microwave oven
2 D633,750 Microwave oven
3 D633,749 Microwave oven
4 7,904,950 Dynamic network security
5 7,904,794 Method of detecting and correcting a prescribed set of error events based on error detecting code
6 7,904,792 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in a communication system
7 7,904,791 Information recording medium to which extra ECC is applied, and method and apparatus for managing the information recording medium
8 7,904,790 Flash memory device error correction code controllers and related methods and memory systems
9 7,904,777 Method and system for generating block acknowledgements in wireless communications
10 7,904,745 Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method and apparatus of managing data using the information
11 7,904,733 Computer system and control method thereof, and remote control system
12 7,904,714 Apparatus and method for ciphering/deciphering a signal in a communication system
13 7,904,575 Apparatus and method for matching protocols of embedded audio/video contents
14 7,904,441 Apparatus and method for recovering final display
15 7,904,126 Antenna applied to slide type mobile communication terminal
16 7,904,120 Mobile communication terminal capable of performing other functions while outputting DMB to external AV device
17 7,904,106 Method and apparatus of adaptively allocating transmission power for beamforming combined with orthogonal space-time block codes based on symbol error rate in distributed wireless communication system
18 7,904,104 Channel communication apparatus and method in CDMA communication system
19 7,904,103 Method and system for processing PoC ad-hoc group session information using RTCP connection message
20 7,904,070 Method and device for searching and deallocating abnormal terminal in wireless portable internet system
21 7,904,044 Automatic gain control apparatus and method in mobile communication system
22 7,904,034 Method and system for providing an interference cancellation in a wireless communication system
23 7,904,018 Digital multimedia broadcast receiver and user interface method thereof
24 7,903,997 Coupling apparatus and image forming apparatus employing the same
25 7,903,985 Image forming system having wet and dry imaging parts
26 7,903,951 Method of and apparatus for recording video data, and information storage medium thereby
27 7,903,868 Video fingerprinting apparatus in frequency domain and method using the same
28 7,903,821 Method for managing key in multimedia broadcast and multicast service
29 7,903,814 Enhancing the security of public key cryptosystem implementations
30 7,903,811 Cryptographic system and method for encrypting input data
31 7,903,803 Multimedia caller ring information service
32 7,903,784 Apparatus and method of narrow band x-ray filtering
33 7,903,775 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission frequency in serial advanced technology attachment
34 7,903,771 Time-domain IQ mismatch detection apparatus of OFDM receiver
35 7,903,735 Method of effectively predicting multi-layer based video frame, and video coding method and apparatus using the same
36 7,903,731 Methods and transcoders that estimate an output macroblock and motion vector for video transcoding
37 7,903,726 Signal receiving apparatus and signal power prediction method thereof
38 7,903,675 Method and apparatus for setting up point-to-point protocol link between terminal equipment and interworking function
39 7,903,649 Mobile IPv6 network system and method for forwarding packet in the system
40 7,903,627 Method for generating burst in a communication system
41 7,903,619 Control system and multiple access method in wireless communication system
42 7,903,618 Apparatus and method for allocating OVSF codes and I/Q channels for reducing peak-to-average power ratio in transmitting data via enhanced up-link dedicated channels in WCDMA systems
43 7,903,612 Received signal level compensation apparatus and method for mobile station
44 7,903,595 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a reverse channel in a mobile communication system for packet data
45 7,903,582 Apparatus and method for channel estimation in wireless communication system
46 7,903,572 Method and apparatus for determining a data rate
47 7,903,559 Apparatus and method for transmitting reverse packet data in mobile communication system
48 7,903,534 Optical recording medium, apparatus and method of manufacturing optical recording medium, and apparatus and method of recording/reproducing data of optical recording medium
49 7,903,530 Optical system for spatially controlling light polarization and method for manufacturing the same
50 7,903,523 Data restoring method and holographic data recording and/or reproducing apparatus to restore quantization data to binary data
51 7,903,499 Integrated circuit memory devices including delayed clock inputs for input/output buffers and related systems and methods
52 7,903,467 Programming method of multi-bit flash memory device for reducing programming error
53 7,903,459 Memory devices and methods for determining data of bit layers based on detected error bits
54 7,903,448 Resistance random access memory having common source line
55 7,903,410 Package board and method for manufacturing thereof
56 7,903,399 Flat panel display device
57 7,903,372 Magnetic recording head and method of manufacturing the same
58 7,903,364 Method of protecting hard disk drive from shocks and hard disk drive therefor
59 7,903,306 Sensor image encoding and/or decoding system, medium, and method
60 7,903,227 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device including the same
61 7,903,222 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
62 7,903,209 Reflection-transmission type liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
63 7,903,207 Display substrate comprising color filter layers formed in display and peripheral regions
64 7,903,204 Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display panel having the same
65 7,903,201 Liquid crystal display device
66 7,903,191 Display device
67 7,903,189 Display substrate and method of repairing the same
68 7,903,187 Static electricity preventing assembly for display device and method of manufacturing the same
69 7,903,176 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
70 7,903,147 System and method of detecting communication device having built-in camera
71 7,903,127 Digital/analog converter, display device using the same, and display panel and driving method thereof
72 7,903,111 Depth image-based modeling method and apparatus
73 7,903,102 Display driving integrated circuit and method
74 7,903,101 Display device and method with optimal external input setting capability
75 7,903,096 Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method thereof
76 7,903,091 Touch panel having a speaker function
77 7,903,081 Backlight driver, display apparatus having the same and method of driving backlight
78 7,903,069 LCD driver integrated circuit having double column structure
79 7,903,067 Driver chip and display apparatus having the same
80 7,903,065 Liquid crystal display and driving method
81 7,903,052 Pixel driving circuit for a display device and a driving method thereof
82 7,902,932 Variable-frequency oscillator
83 7,902,916 Switched capacitor resonator and sigma-delta modulator using the same
84 7,902,910 Boosted voltage generator for increasing boosting efficiency according to load and display apparatus including the same
85 7,902,887 Method and apparatus for tuning phase of clock signal
86 7,902,872 Data transmitters and methods thereof
87 7,902,871 Level shifter and semiconductor device having off-chip driver
88 7,902,829 Battery management system and driving method thereof
89 7,902,752 Organic light-emitting substrate, method for manufacturing the same, and organic light-emitting display apparatus having the same
90 7,902,738 Organic light emitting device having first and second light emitting members
91 7,902,737 Light emission device with enhanced image luminance and display having the same
92 7,902,664 Semiconductor package having passive component and semiconductor memory module including the same
93 7,902,652 Semiconductor package and semiconductor system in package using the same
94 7,902,647 TAB package connecting host device element
95 7,902,609 Semiconductor devices including multiple stress films in interface area
96 7,902,607 Fabrication of local damascene finFETs using contact type nitride damascene mask
97 7,902,602 Organic thin film transistor with stacked organic and inorganic layers
98 7,902,597 Transistors with laterally extended active regions and methods of fabricating same
99 7,902,593 Memory device and method of manufacturing the same
100 7,902,579 Magnetic memory devices using magnetic domain dragging
101 7,902,567 Organic light emitting display providing ultraviolet ray protection and method of manufacturing same
102 7,902,563 Light emitting diode module with heat spreading plate between capping layer and phosphor layer
103 7,902,553 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
104 7,902,551 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
105 7,902,549 Deposition method of insulating layers having low dielectric constant of semiconductor device, a thin film transistor substrate using the same and a method of manufacturing the same
106 7,902,544 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
107 7,902,111 Supported catalyst for fuel cell, method of preparing the same, electrode for fuel cell including the supported catalyst, and fuel cell including the electrode
108 7,902,090 Method of forming a layer on a semiconductor substrate
109 7,902,087 Organic electroluminescent display device and method of preparing the same
110 7,902,085 Droplet ejecting apparatus, method of forming a thin film, and substrate for a display device
111 7,902,082 Method of forming field effect transistors using diluted hydrofluoric acid to remove sacrificial nitride spacers
112 7,902,059 Methods of forming void-free layers in openings of semiconductor substrates
113 7,902,048 Method of forming a phase change layer and method of manufacturing a storage node having the phase change layer
114 7,902,026 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having vertical channel transistor
115 7,902,024 Nonvolatile semiconductor device including a floating gate, method of manufacturing the same and associated systems
116 7,902,019 Dielectric layer for semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
117 7,902,015 Array of nanoscopic MOSFET transistors and fabrication methods
118 7,902,011 Method of fabricating Schottky barrier transistor
119 7,902,007 Semiconductor substrates and manufacturing methods of the same
120 7,902,006 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array substrate
121 7,902,001 Method of fabricating thin film device
122 7,901,985 Method for manufacturing package on package with cavity
123 7,901,972 Camera module and method of manufacturing the same
124 7,901,965 Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing thereof
125 7,901,961 Organic light emitting display device
126 7,901,871 Composition containing a photoacid generator monomer, substrate coated with the composition, method for synthesizing a compound on a substrate using the composition, and microarray produced according to the method
127 7,901,809 Can-type secondary battery having a cap assembly for reducing excessive heating
128 7,901,804 Ferroelectric media manufacturing method thereof and information storage device using the same
129 7,901,793 Organic light-emitting compound and organic light-emitting device containing the same
130 7,901,651 Method of preparing zinc silicate-based phosphor and zinc silicate-based phosphor prepared using the method
131 7,901,633 Quantitative cell dispensing apparatus using liquid drop manipulation
132 7,901,586 Method of manufacturing self-ordered nanochannel-array and method of manufacturing nanodot using the nanochannel-array
133 7,901,231 Lamp holding unit
134 7,901,126 Backlight assembly and method of assembling the same
135 7,901,102 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display apparatus employing the same
136 7,900,387 Price display apparatus
137 7,900,349 Method of fabricating an electronic device