Samsung patents granted on 08 May 2012

145 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D659,154 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
2 8,176,549 Unit using OS and image forming apparatus using the same
3 8,176,529 Apparatus and method for controlling devices in one or more home networks
4 8,176,524 System and method for wireless communication of video data having partial data compression
5 8,176,519 Method and system for transmitting plural data in portable broadcasting service
6 8,176,511 Method for providing user information and broadcast receiving apparatus using the same
7 8,176,504 Clamping device for disk
8 8,176,423 Method and apparatus for playing multimedia contents
9 8,176,384 Method and apparatus for channel encoding and decoding in a communication system using low-density-parity-check codes
10 8,176,379 Apparatus and method for processing received data in a broadband wireless communication system
11 8,176,350 Powering computer system communication unit according to whether program executing and/or webpage accessed is user selected
12 8,176,322 Apparatus and method for moving and copying rights objects between device and portable storage device
13 8,176,140 Home network device control service and/or internet service method and apparatus thereof for controlling internet services and home network devices based on a script
14 8,176,134 Method and system for managing message threads in converged IP messaging service
15 8,176,103 File access method and system
16 8,176,068 Method and system for suggesting search queries on electronic devices
17 8,175,902 Semantics-based interests in computing environments and systems
18 8,175,869 Method, apparatus, and medium for classifying speech signal and method, apparatus, and medium for encoding speech signal using the same
19 8,175,658 Power apparatus, wireless communication apparatus having the same, and power supplying method thereof
20 8,175,637 Method for multi-party call in mobile station
21 8,175,627 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in wireless sensor network
22 8,175,599 Method, medium, and apparatus controlling handover between different networks
23 8,175,593 Method for displaying information regarding the condition of a portable terminal
24 8,175,444 Method of reproducing from storage medium storing interactive graphics stream activated in response to user’s command
25 8,175,396 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding multi-view images based on global disparity vector
26 8,175,386 Image acquiring apparatus and control method thereof
27 8,175,380 Apparatus and method for improving text recognition capability
28 8,175,337 Apparatus and method of measuring distance using structured light
29 8,175,241 System and method for adding conference participants
30 8,175,164 Devices and methods for data compression and decompression
31 8,175,163 System and method for motion compensation using a set of candidate motion vectors obtained from digital video
32 8,175,157 Apparatus and method for controlling data write/read in image processing system
33 8,175,146 Display apparatus having data compensating circuit
34 8,175,124 Frit sealing system
35 8,175,111 Apparatus and method for relay between networks
36 8,175,102 Neighbor discovery method and apparatus for mobile node in heterogeneous network environment
37 8,175,066 Apparatus and method for providing packet data service using heterogeneous networks
38 8,175,056 Method and system for managing mobility in a mobile communication system using proxy mobile internet protocol
39 8,175,045 Apparatus and method for transmitting uplink feedback data in a broadband wireless mobile communication system
40 8,175,041 System and method for wireless communication of audiovisual data having data size adaptation
41 8,175,039 Method and apparatus for scheduling assignment of uplink packet transmission in mobile telecommunication system
42 8,175,033 Apparatus and method for changing network attach mode in mobile communication terminal
43 8,175,029 Method and apparatus for transmitting synchronization signals in an OFDM based cellular communication system
44 8,175,010 System and method for providing simultaneous multiple push-to-talk over cellular multimedia service
45 8,175,004 Apparatus and method for gathering and reporting interference signal information between relay stations in multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
46 8,174,997 Communication method and apparatus using received signal strength indicator in wireless sensor network
47 8,174,938 Optical disc apparatus and method of controlling the same
48 8,174,921 Semiconductor memory device having shared temperature control circuit
49 8,174,906 Nonvolatile memory device, program method and precharge voltage boosting method thereof, and memory system including the nonvolatile memory device
50 8,174,902 Flash memory and a method for programming the flash memory in which a bit line setup operation is executed simultaneously with a channel pre-charge operation
51 8,174,888 Page-buffer and non-volatile semiconductor memory including page buffer
52 8,174,878 Nonvolatile memory, memory system, and method of driving
53 8,174,875 Memory devices including multi-bit memory cells having magnetic and resistive memory elements and related methods
54 8,174,865 Memory devices and wireless devices including the same
55 8,174,861 Memory module having high data processing rate
56 8,174,860 Semiconductor memory device having improved voltage transmission path and driving method thereof
57 8,174,839 Mounting structure of semiconductor package and plasma display device having the same
58 8,174,822 Plasma display device
59 8,174,816 Ceramic electronic component
60 8,174,806 Electrostatic discharge protection element and electrostatic discharge protection circuit including the same
61 8,174,661 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
62 8,174,660 Metal line, method of forming the same, and a display using the same
63 8,174,658 Thin film transistor substrate including a horizontal part passing through a central region between the gate lines and dividing each of the pixel regions into an upper half and a lower half
64 8,174,651 Liquid crystal display
65 8,174,645 Electronic display device comprising polarizing switch and pattern polarizer
66 8,174,637 Thin-film transistor substrate comprising a repair pattern
67 8,174,631 Touch panel with improved reliability and display device employing the touch panel
68 8,174,618 Method of controlling resolution of digital data broadcasting receiver, apparatus therefor, and digital data broadcasting receiver using the same
69 8,174,617 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
70 8,174,606 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium storing program to execute the method to provide live view images in a photographing mode
71 8,174,594 Method of operating ripple counter, image sensor having ripple counter, method of operating image sensor, and analog-to-digital converter of image sensor
72 8,174,592 Color interpolation device and color interpolation method
73 8,174,583 Optical image stabilizer for camera module assembly
74 8,174,567 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and recording medium having recorded thereon program for executing the method
75 8,174,564 Three-dimensional display device
76 8,174,553 Apparatus and method for controlling power of laser diode having optical power compensation
77 8,174,519 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
78 8,174,518 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
79 8,174,515 Method of driving a display panel and display apparatus for performing the method
80 8,174,514 Demultiplexer, and light emitting display using the same and display panel thereof
81 8,174,513 Apparatus and method for generating programmable signal for driving display panel
82 8,174,505 Touch screen display device and driving method of the same
83 8,174,492 Method for driving an electrophoretic display
84 8,174,486 Light sensing circuit, liquid crystal display having the same, and method of driving the same using detected external light, internal light, and peripheral light
85 8,174,478 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
86 8,174,476 Display device
87 8,174,472 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
88 8,174,464 Two-dimensional and three-dimensional image selectable display device
89 8,174,324 Digital phase detector, and digital phase locked loop including the same
90 8,174,278 Test board and test system
91 8,174,240 Battery management system using a resistor and driving method thereof
92 8,174,236 Battery charging device and battery with the same
93 8,174,203 Lamp driving circuit
94 8,174,184 Organic light emitting diode with organic multi-layer structure having a non-linear potential distribution
95 8,174,183 Organic light emitting display and mother substrate of the same
96 8,174,179 Organic light emitting display apparatus
97 8,174,128 Method of manufacturing semiconductor package having a first board, second boards electrically connected to both sides of the first board, and at least one component connected to the first board by a flip chip method
98 8,174,115 Multi-chip package memory device
99 8,174,065 Semiconductor device having vertical transistor and method of fabricating the same
100 8,174,057 CMOS image device with local impurity region
101 8,174,052 Standard cell libraries and integrated circuit including standard cells
102 8,174,030 Luminous devices, packages and systems containing the same, and fabricating methods thereof
103 8,174,020 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
104 8,174,019 Static-tolerant display apparatus
105 8,174,018 Display device and control method of the same
106 8,174,015 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
107 8,174,012 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
108 8,174,005 Organic light emitting diode lighting apparatus
109 8,174,003 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing same
110 8,173,989 Resistive random access memory device and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
111 8,173,949 Image sensing apparatus with artificial ommatidia and manufacturing method for artificial ommatidia unit
112 8,173,712 Modified inorganic material with ion exchange capacity, composite electolyte membrane comprising the same, and fuel cell comprising the composite electrolyte membrane
113 8,173,549 Methods of forming semiconductor device patterns
114 8,173,546 Etchant composition, patterning conductive layer and manufacturing flat panel, display device using the same
115 8,173,533 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
116 8,173,506 Method of forming buried gate electrode utilizing formation of conformal gate oxide and gate electrode layers
117 8,173,494 Thin film transistor array and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,173,493 Thin film transistor array panel and fabrication
119 8,173,492 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate
120 8,173,485 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting device
121 8,173,481 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using thin film deposition apparatus
122 8,173,358 Method of forming fine patterns of a semiconductor device
123 8,173,356 Three dimensional scaffold and method of fabricating the same
124 8,173,323 Binder for a fuel cell catalyst composition, a membrane electrode assembly for a fuel cell using the binder and a method for preparing a membrane electrode assembly
125 8,173,310 Fuel cell system and method for operating the same
126 8,173,309 Reformer for fuel cell, and fuel cell system comprising the same
127 8,173,303 Lithium secondary battery
128 8,173,298 Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
129 8,173,296 Lithium rechargeable battery
130 8,173,293 Pouch type battery pack
131 8,173,291 Electrode package and secondary battery using the same
132 8,173,290 Battery pack
133 8,173,288 Secondary battery
134 8,173,287 Temperature compensated current measuring device and battery pack using the same
135 8,173,270 Conducting polymer composition and organic optoelectronic device employing the same
136 8,173,217 Carbon nano-tube film with a transformed substrate structure and a manufacturing method thereof
137 8,173,210 Methods for surface modification of non-dispersible metal nanoparticles and modified metal nanoparticles for inkjet by the same method
138 8,173,205 Method for fabricating ZnO thin films
139 8,173,096 Carbon nanosphere with at least one opening, method for preparing the same, carbon nanosphere-impregnated catalyst using the carbon nanosphere, and fuel cell using the catalyst
140 8,173,091 Method for preparing nanophosphor from metal hydroxy carbonate and nanophosphor prepared by the method
141 8,173,040 Composition including benzoxazine-based compound for forming board and board fabricated using the same
142 8,172,991 Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system
143 8,172,932 Connecting tube having dust sensing function for use in vacuum cleaner
144 8,172,347 Variable shelf assembly and refrigerator having the same
145 8,171,758 Drum type washing machine having single rear balancer