Samsung patents granted on 08 September 2009

109 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,587,645 Input circuit of semiconductor memory device and test system having the same
2 7,587,529 Method for controlling memory in mobile communication system
3 7,587,524 Camera interface and method using DMA unit to flip or rotate a digital image
4 7,587,451 Dynamic folder browsing method using bluetooth and system for the same
5 7,587,294 SATA device having self-test function for OOB-signaling
6 7,587,265 Apparatus and method of managing vehicle maintenance information in a mobile terminal
7 7,587,228 Antenna device for portable terminal
8 7,587,225 Sliding-folding type portable communication apparatus
9 7,587,213 Apparatus and a method for controlling a priority access and channel assignment call in a mobile telecommunication system
10 7,587,212 System and method for allocating ranging slots in a broadband wireless access communication system
11 7,587,172 Beam and power allocation method for MIMO communication system
12 7,587,168 Conditional access method and DMB system for regionally limiting DMB reception
13 7,587,153 Cooling device and image forming apparatus having the same installed therein
14 7,587,120 Volumetric three-dimensional (3D) display system using transparent flexible display panels
15 7,587,013 Apparatus for updating gain of loop filter
16 7,586,992 Apparatus and method for channel estimation and cyclic prefix reconstruction in an OFDM-STBC mobile communication system
17 7,586,989 Method and system for generating beam-forming weights in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing network
18 7,586,981 Apparatus and method for receiving data in a mobile communication system using an adaptive antenna array scheme
19 7,586,975 Code tracking apparatus and method under a multi-path environment in a DS-CDMA communication system
20 7,586,903 System and method for VoIP call transfer using instant message service in an IP multimedia subsystem
21 7,586,876 Handoff system and method between a wireless LAN and mobile communication network
22 7,586,846 System and method for relaying signal in a communication system
23 7,586,836 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving pilot signals in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme
24 7,586,834 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink acknowledgement information in an OFDMA communication system
25 7,586,826 Compatible optical pickup
26 7,586,808 Memory device for use in high-speed block pipelined reed-solomon decoder, method of accessing the memory device, and reed-solomon decoder having the memory device
27 7,586,804 Memory core, memory device including a memory core, and method thereof testing a memory core
28 7,586,794 Methods of reading data including comparing current and previous section addresses and related devices
29 7,586,790 Flash memory device and refresh method
30 7,586,783 Block status storage unit of flash memory device
31 7,586,776 Nonvolatile memory devices having multi-filament variable resistivity memory cells therein
32 7,586,775 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of operation
33 7,586,774 Stacked ferroelectric memory devices, methods of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory circuits and methods of driving the same
34 7,586,712 Method of and apparatus for detecting actuator vibration in hard disc drive, and hard disc drive write control method of avoiding effect due to read/write head vibration
35 7,586,701 Actuator for mobile device
36 7,586,658 Method and apparatus for removing color noise in image signal
37 7,586,576 Mother plate for a flexible printed circuit film formed with a cutting pattern and display device provided with a flexible printed circuit film cut from the same
38 7,586,556 Portable display device
39 7,586,550 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
40 7,586,546 Video signal processing circuit having a bypass mode and display apparatus comprising the same
41 7,586,506 Light emitting display device and method of driving the same
42 7,586,498 Color temperature conversion method, medium, and apparatus for pixel brightness-based color correction
43 7,586,479 Display device and driving method thereof
44 7,586,466 Display panel including an improved electrode structure
45 7,586,373 Fully differential class AB amplifier and amplifying method using single-ended, two-stage amplifier
46 7,586,360 Power supply apparatus and method
47 7,586,358 Level shifter and driving method
48 7,586,348 Systems, apparatuses and methods for synchronizing clock signals
49 7,586,345 Over-voltage protection circuit and method thereof
50 7,586,339 Output circuit and method thereof
51 7,586,330 Pre-emphasis apparatus, low voltage differential signaling transmitter including the same and pre-emphasis method
52 7,586,293 Digital modulation circuit
53 7,586,259 Flat panel display device and method of making the same
54 7,586,254 Organic electroluminescence display device
55 7,586,251 Electron emission device with decreased electrode resistance and fabrication method and electron emission display
56 7,586,248 Electron emission device, method for manufacturing the device, and electron emission display using the same
57 7,586,197 Wire structure, method of forming wire, thin film transistor substrate, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate
58 7,586,182 Packaged semiconductor die and manufacturing method thereof
59 7,586,175 Semiconductor wafer having embedded electroplating current paths to provide uniform plating over wafer surface
60 7,586,170 Image sensors including impurity layer adjacent isolation region
61 7,586,159 Semiconductor devices having different gate dielectrics and methods for manufacturing the same
62 7,586,150 Semiconductor devices with local recess channel transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
63 7,586,149 Circuit device including vertical transistors connected to buried bitlines and method of manufacturing the same
64 7,586,146 Non-volatile memory and method of fabricating same
65 7,586,140 CMOS image sensors including pickup regions
66 7,586,137 Non-volatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
67 7,586,135 Multilevel integrated circuit devices and methods of forming the same
68 7,586,122 Thin film transistor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
69 7,586,054 Switch assembly
70 7,586,034 Display device integrated with solar cells and method of fabricating the same
71 7,585,787 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
72 7,585,786 Methods of forming spin-on-glass insulating layers in semiconductor devices and associated semiconductor device
73 7,585,773 Non-conformal stress liner for enhanced MOSFET performance
74 7,585,770 Method of growing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing field emission device having the same
75 7,585,763 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices using anti-reflective coating as implant blocking layer
76 7,585,757 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,585,756 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
78 7,585,755 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory device
79 7,585,734 Method of fabricating multi-gate transistor and multi-gate transistor fabricated thereby
80 7,585,729 Method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device
81 7,585,718 Method of manufacturing a carbon nano-tube transistor
82 7,585,710 Methods of forming electronic devices having partially elevated source/drain structures
83 7,585,700 Ball grid array package stack
84 7,585,692 Thin film layer, heating electrode, phase change memory including thin film layer and methods for forming the same
85 7,585,684 Method and apparatus for detecting backside particles during wafer processing
86 7,585,683 Methods of fabricating ferroelectric devices
87 7,585,634 Method of predicting risk of lung cancer recurrence, and a composition, kit and microarray for the same
88 7,585,608 Method of preparing toner and toner prepared using the method
89 7,585,589 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery
90 7,585,584 Carbon nanotubes for fuel cells, method for manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the same
91 7,585,573 Ir compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
92 7,585,362 Ink composition, ink set including the composition, cartridge including the ink set, and inkjet recording apparatus including the cartridge
93 7,585,083 Backlight for display device
94 7,585,078 Illumination system capable of eliminating laser speckle and projection system employing the same
95 7,585,064 Apparatus to remove bubbles in an inkjet printer
96 7,585,053 Thermal inkjet printhead
97 7,584,960 Registration device and image forming apparatus having the same
98 7,584,877 Tape feeder
99 7,584,666 Pressure sensor for measuring blood pressure and method of fabricating the same
100 RE40,909 Adaptive variable-length coding and decoding methods for image data
101 RE40,906 Video signal converting apparatus and display device having the same
102 RE40,905 Video signal converting apparatus and display device having the same
103 D599,797 Radio frequency identification device reader
104 D599,769 Portable phone
105 D599,768 Mobile phone
106 D599,767 Mobile phone
107 D599,765 Portable phone
108 D599,753 Set top box
109 D599,750 Case for light emitting diode