Samsung patents granted on 08 September 2015

190 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D738,429 Typeface
2 D738,428 Typeface
3 D738,423 Camera
4 D738,422 Camera
5 D738,421 Camera
6 D738,419 Camera
7 D738,417 Camera
8 D738,408 Door guard for a refrigerator
9 D738,400 Display screen portion with icon
10 D738,397 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D738,392 Portable electronic device with animated GUI
12 D738,385 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
13 D738,384 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
14 D738,383 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
15 D738,382 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
16 D738,381 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
17 D738,378 Television receiver frame
18 D738,372 Electronic device
19 D738,369 Display for a portable computer
20 D738,368 Display for a portable computer
21 D738,364 Battery cover for electronic device
22 D738,361 Electronic device
23 D738,341 Mobile terminal
24 D738,338 Television receiver
25 D738,337 Television receiver
26 D738,335 Television receiver
27 D738,334 Television receiver
28 D738,332 Television receiver frame
29 D738,237 Electronic device
30 D738,236 Electronic device
31 9,131,586 Method and apparatus for measuring injection energy of organic light emitting diode display
32 9,131,505 Base station and method for providing uplink service
33 9,131,492 Method and system of multi-layer beamforming
34 9,131,469 Method and apparatus for transmitting broadcast data, and method and apparatus for receiving broadcast data
35 9,131,465 Methods and apparatus for mapping control channels to resources in OFDM systems
36 9,131,463 Method for positioning target terminal while protecting privacy of user thereof
37 9,131,457 Apparatus and method for transmission of uplink sounding reference signals in a wireless network
38 9,131,442 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in wireless communication system
39 9,131,439 Method and apparatus for controlling power at base station in a communication system
40 9,131,413 Method and apparatus for configuring radio access functionality of a wireless communication unit
41 9,131,411 Method and apparatus for adjusting mobility parameter
42 9,131,380 Method and system for managing security in mobile communication system
43 9,131,359 Method for remotely controlling portable terminal and system therefor
44 9,131,338 Method and apparatus for providing an alert on a user equipment entering an alerting area
45 9,131,297 Method and apparatus for processing audio signal
46 9,131,267 Apparatus and method of portable terminal for dual display of broadcasting receiver by HDMI signal
47 9,131,259 Method for executing user command according to spatial movement of user input device and image apparatus thereof
48 9,131,258 Method and system for providing personalized service in IPTV
49 9,131,244 Moving picture coding/decoding method and apparatus
50 9,131,240 Video decoding method and apparatus which uses double buffering
51 9,131,237 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding motion vector by predicting motion vector according to mode
52 9,131,232 Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images
53 9,131,231 Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images
54 9,131,229 Method of generating sync signal for controlling 3D glasses of 3D image system, and method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving the sync signal
55 9,131,215 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving uncompressed three-dimensional video data via digital data interface
56 9,131,206 Method for play synchronization and device using the same
57 9,131,194 Display apparatus with a 3D synchronization signal transmitter disposed therein
58 9,131,173 Digital image photographing apparatus for skip mode reading and method of controlling the same
59 9,131,144 Apparatus and method for controlling focus
60 9,131,114 Method for encrypting content, method for decrypting content and electronic apparatus applying the same
61 9,131,098 Content processing apparatus for processing high resolution content and method thereof
62 9,131,095 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
63 9,131,065 Device capable of notifying operation state change thereof through network and communication method of the device
64 9,131,038 Portable communication device
65 9,130,958 Terminal, seed server, and tracker server for reducing delay in streaming service
66 9,130,823 Apparatus and method for configuring personal network using PN routing table
67 9,130,808 Apparatus and method for communication using near Golay sequence
68 9,130,731 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data over carrier component in a multi-carrier mobile communication system
69 9,130,719 Method for indicating a DM-RS antenna port in a wireless communication system
70 9,130,592 Error correction code circuit and memory device including the same
71 9,130,575 Communication system with charge pump mechanism and method of operation thereof
72 9,130,567 Inverter device, NAND device, NOR device, and logic device including the same
73 9,130,557 Operating method of input/output interface
74 9,130,550 Semiconductor device and method for operating the same
75 9,130,515 Apparatus and method for balanced power amplification
76 9,130,513 Method and apparatus for amplifying audio signal
77 9,130,452 Gate driving device including plurality of gate drivers supplied with equally divided voltage and inverter having the same
78 9,130,409 Wireless energy receiver/transmitter/system and wireless energy transmission method
79 9,130,246 Rechargeable lithium battery having lithium difluorophosphate and a sultone-based compound
80 9,130,224 Battery pack and method of manufacturing battery pack
81 9,130,221 Squeeze pin and secondary battery using the same
82 9,130,197 Method of manufacturing a conductive via in an organic light emitting display
83 9,130,194 Donor substrate for transfer and manufacturing method of organic light emitting diode display
84 9,130,192 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
85 9,130,191 Display panel, method of manufacturing the same, and FRIT composition used in the display panel
86 9,130,188 Organic light-emitting diode and flat display device including the same
87 9,130,180 Image sensor with organic photoelectric layer
88 9,130,175 Organic photoelectric device and image sensor each having active layer including quinacridone and subPC compounds
89 9,130,160 Non-volatile memory device having multi-level cells and method of forming the same
90 9,130,155 Magnetic junctions having insertion layers and magnetic memories using the magnetic junctions
91 9,130,151 Method and system for providing magnetic tunneling junctions usable in spin transfer torque magnetic memories
92 9,130,133 Light-emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
93 9,130,125 Semiconductor light emitting device
94 9,130,095 Substrate for power module having uniform parallel switching characteristic and power module including the same
95 9,130,066 Power factor enhanced thermoelectric material and method of producing same
96 9,130,054 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
97 9,130,040 FinFET semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
98 9,130,037 Method of forming semiconductor device
99 9,130,011 Apparatus for mounting semiconductor device
100 9,129,998 Apparatus for cleaning an object and method of operating the same
101 9,129,972 Semiconductor package
102 9,129,952 Semiconductor devices including a stressor in a recess and methods of forming the same
103 9,129,950 Semiconductor devices
104 9,129,926 Display device including thin film transistor
105 9,129,922 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
106 9,129,916 Display device including touch sensor
107 9,129,903 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using voids in a sacrificial layer
108 9,129,888 Nitride-based semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
109 9,129,861 Memory device
110 9,129,857 Semiconductor device including a first core pattern under a second core pattern
111 9,129,846 Semiconductor package and method of forming
112 9,129,835 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
113 9,129,830 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices having double cross point array and methods of fabricating the same
114 9,129,815 Semiconductor device
115 9,129,755 Method of preparing porous metal material
116 9,129,753 Dielectric ceramic composition and multi-layer ceramic capacitor comprising the same
117 9,129,752 Ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
118 9,129,750 Multilayered ceramic electronic component and manufacturing method thereof
119 9,129,746 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board for mounting the same
120 9,129,709 Memory system comprising non-volatile memory device and related method of operation
121 9,129,702 Method of refreshing volatile memory device
122 9,129,697 Method of providing an operating voltage in a memory device and a memory controller for the memory device
123 9,129,696 Method of reading memory cells with different threshold voltages without variation of word line voltage and nonvolatile memory device using the same
124 9,129,690 Method and system for providing magnetic junctions having improved characteristics
125 9,129,675 Resistive memory devices and methods of operating the same
126 9,129,663 Semiconductor memory device including plurality of memory chips
127 9,129,637 Disc loading device and optical disc drive including the same
128 9,129,615 Tilt adjusting apparatus and optical disc drive using the same
129 9,129,580 Methods and apparatus for latch-up free boosting
130 9,129,577 Layout of a group of gate driving stages wherein two stages are adjacent in the column direction and a third stage is adjacent to both said stages in the row direction
131 9,129,572 Display device and related method
132 9,129,570 Display apparatus
133 9,129,567 Liquid crystal display and method of displaying image thereon utilizing stored look-up tables to modify an input image signal
134 9,129,562 Emission control line driver and organic light emitting display using the same
135 9,129,560 Display device
136 9,129,559 Organic light emitting display device and driving method for the same
137 9,129,558 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
138 9,129,557 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
139 9,129,556 Display device
140 9,129,546 Electronic device and method for changing setting value
141 9,129,352 Optical proximity correction modeling method and system
142 9,129,186 Method and apparatus for processing ultrasound image
143 9,129,178 Method and apparatus for processing data using optical character reader
144 9,128,957 Apparatus and method of filtering geographical data
145 9,128,817 Address transforming circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
146 9,128,812 Semiconductor storage device, system, and method
147 9,128,735 Method for updating media database in portable terminal
148 9,128,667 Protective cover for slot and screen of mobile terminal
149 9,128,654 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and information management method thereof
150 9,128,633 Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the semiconductor memory device
151 9,128,623 Non-volatile memory devices, methods of operating non-volatile memory devices, and systems including the same
152 9,128,618 Non-volatile memory controller processing new request before completing current operation, system including same, and method
153 9,128,569 Touch screen panel
154 9,128,563 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
155 9,128,561 Method of driving a display panel, display panel driving apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the display panel driving apparatus
156 9,128,504 Signal generation circuit, method of operating a signal generation circuit, and device for generating an output voltage
157 9,128,460 Photopolymer composition for recording hologram, and photopolymer layer and hologram recording media including the same
158 9,128,458 Developing unit to effectively supply toner to developing roller and image forming apparatus employing same
159 9,128,440 Image forming apparatus with paper presence and paper width sensor
160 9,128,401 Image forming apparatus to enhance printing performance and printing method thereof
161 9,128,377 Method for forming graphene pattern
162 9,128,350 Micro-iris unit and camera module including the same
163 9,128,341 Visible sensing transistor, display panel and manufacturing method thereof
164 9,128,338 Display apparatus for controlling optical transmissivity
165 9,128,337 Display apparatus
166 9,128,332 Liquid crystal lens panel and display apparatus having the same
167 9,128,326 Supporting member for backlight unit, backlight unit and image display apparatus having the same
168 9,128,325 Display device with a ground electrode physically contacting a receptacle made of an insulating material
169 9,128,313 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
170 9,128,312 Flat display device
171 9,128,295 Liquid crystal lens panel, three dimensional panel assembly, and display apparatus having the same
172 9,128,229 Backlight device and liquid display device including the same
173 9,128,215 Optical structure and backlight unit
174 9,128,040 Nanopore device, method of fabricating the same, and DNA detection apparatus including the same
175 9,128,033 Multiple surface acoustic wave sensor system
176 9,127,877 Refrigerator
177 9,127,398 Washing machine and method for controlling the same
178 9,127,390 Washing machine and control panel assembly thereof
179 9,127,368 Etchant and method for manufacturing display device using the same
180 9,127,204 Fluorescent substance and method for preparing same
181 9,127,203 Fluorescent substance, light emitting device, surface light source device, display device and illuminating device
182 9,127,023 Electrolyte additive and electrolyte including same and rechargeable lithium battery including electrolyte
183 9,126,393 Bonding apparatus and method of bonding component on substrate using the same
184 9,126,364 Press die
185 9,126,331 Moving apparatus and docking method between moving apparatuses
186 9,126,161 Fluid receiving chamber, microfluidic device including fluid receiving chamber, and fluid mixing method
187 9,125,618 Providing an elastic image in an ultrasound system
188 9,125,617 X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging system
189 9,125,537 Upright vacuum cleaner
190 9,125,420 Cooking apparatus having divider storage portion