Samsung patents granted on 09 April 2013

121 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D679,721 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
2 D679,719 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
3 D679,688 Case for portable mobile communication terminal
4 D679,681 Remote controller
5 8,418,200 Method of acquiring program guide information, program guide method appropriate for the same, and program guide apparatus
6 8,418,045 Network intermediate device and method thereof
7 8,417,988 Memory systems and defective block management methods related thereto
8 8,417,984 Dynamically scaling apparatus for a system on chip power voltage
9 8,417,933 Inter-entity coupling method, apparatus and system for service protection
10 8,417,918 Reconfigurable processor with designated processing elements and reserved portion of register file for interrupt processing
11 8,417,875 Non-volatile memory controller processing new request before completing current operation, system including same, and method
12 8,417,872 Write and merge methods in memory card systems for reducing the number of page copies
13 8,417,845 Method and apparatus transferring data via universal serial bus
14 8,417,843 Electronic device and data control method thereof
15 8,417,756 Method and apparatus for efficient modulo multiplication
16 8,417,516 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding high frequency signal
17 8,417,292 Device-adaptive connection establishing method and system for a mobile terminal
18 8,417,291 Method and apparatus for managing phonebook in a portable terminal
19 8,417,266 Location based service system
20 8,417,256 Apparatus and method for reducing inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
21 8,417,191 Method and system for beamforming communication in high throughput wireless communication systems
22 8,417,153 Light guide and charge eliminating unit, image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus having the same
23 8,417,133 Apparatus and method for supplying charge voltage to organic photoconductor drum
24 8,417,116 RoF system providing HD wireless communication service and signal control method for the same
25 8,417,057 Method of compensating for distortion in text recognition
26 8,417,044 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image using adaptive distribution adjustment of differential values
27 8,416,877 Unitary precoding apparatus and method in multi-user multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication system
28 8,416,842 Channel estimation method and apparatus for wireless communication system
29 8,416,809 Apparatus for reporting reception result of packets in mobile communication system
30 8,416,784 Apparatus and method for receiving packet data in wireless communication system
31 8,416,779 Stored transmission packet intended for use in new link-adaptaton mechanism, and apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving transmission packet using the same
32 8,416,742 Mobile service reception method and mobile service receiver
33 8,416,739 Apparatus and method for feeding back data receiving status
34 8,416,738 Communication system using joint leakage suppression scheme with low complexity
35 8,416,716 Communication device and method using cooperative transmission and network coding transmission scheme
36 8,416,707 Method of determining transmission rate of control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in wireless LAN
37 8,416,674 Method and apparatus for receiving minimum mean-squared-error in single-carrier frequency division multiple access system
38 8,416,672 Optical pickup, photodetector, and drive adopting the optical pickup
39 8,416,670 Method of accessing optical recording media, optical pickup device, and optical drive using the device
40 8,416,665 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
41 8,416,632 Bitline precharge voltage generator, semiconductor memory device comprising same, and method of trimming bitline precharge voltage
42 8,416,631 Internal voltage generator circuit and semiconductor memory device using the same
43 8,416,617 Semiconductor device, semiconductor system having the same, and method for operating the semiconductor device
44 8,416,599 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) field effect transistor having trench isolation region and method of fabricating the same
45 8,416,545 Power amplifier module with shared ESD protection circuit
46 8,416,509 Optical apparatus
47 8,416,507 Zoom lens assembly
48 8,416,488 Display device
49 8,416,470 Method of and apparatus for removing show-through from scanned image
50 8,416,447 Method and apparatus to set print options
51 8,416,446 Image forming apparatus having printing log management function and method thereof
52 8,416,445 Method and apparatus for connecting image forming apparatus with multiple host devices
53 8,416,439 Printing method of attached file, and image forming apparatus and image forming system employing the same
54 8,416,432 Method and apparatus for automatically establishing connection in wireless communication network and wireless communication network using the same
55 8,416,357 Display device and method thereof
56 8,416,346 Display apparatus capable of moving image and control method thereof
57 8,416,341 3D image display device
58 8,416,320 Image processing method and apparatus for generating and displaying screen nail images
59 8,416,316 Apparatus and method for adjusting white balance in a digital imaging device
60 8,416,311 Digital filter, analog-to-digital converter, and applications thereof
61 8,416,267 Adaptive video processing apparatus and method of scaling video based on screen size of display device
62 8,416,254 Apparatus and method for providing enhanced visibility in mobile terminal
63 8,416,233 Display driver with charge pumping signals synchronized to different clocks for multiple modes
64 8,416,208 Display apparatus having touch screen panel
65 8,416,194 Apparatus and method for adjusting a key range of a keycapless keyboard
66 8,416,177 Light emission control driver, light emitting display device using the same, and method for driving light emission control signal
67 8,416,176 Data driver and liquid crystal display device using the same
68 8,416,168 Liquid crystal display
69 8,416,165 Display device capable of receiving and manipulating image signals having different bit sizes
70 8,416,162 Display apparatus
71 8,416,157 Organic light emitting display and driving circuit thereof
72 8,416,037 Phase shifter using bulk acoustic wave resonator
73 8,415,966 Liquid crystal display device and inspection method thereof
74 8,415,965 Method of testing a display panel and apparatus for performing the method
75 8,415,882 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
76 8,415,880 Organic light-emitting display device with frit seal and reinforcing structure
77 8,415,874 Organic light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
78 8,415,873 Organic light emitting display device including a light transmission adjusting unit
79 8,415,872 Organic light emitting diode display device
80 8,415,844 Base assembly for motor with pulling plate and adhesive filling part and motor including the same
81 8,415,804 Semiconductor chip, method of fabricating the same, and stack module and memory card including the same
82 8,415,742 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
83 8,415,709 Organic light-emitting display device
84 8,415,708 Nitride based semiconductor light-emitting device
85 8,415,688 Organic light emitting diode display
86 8,415,687 Organic light-emitting device
87 8,415,676 Organic light emitting display
88 8,415,675 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
89 8,415,674 Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
90 8,415,666 Thin film transistor substrate having thin film transistors with improved etching characteristics, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus having the same
91 8,415,659 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
92 8,415,593 Micro-heaters and methods of manufacturing the same
93 8,415,494 Silyl substituted 1,4-disilacyclohexane derivatives and preparation method thereof
94 8,415,277 Bi-functional compound positively charged at first pH and negatively charged at second pH, solid support comprising the bi-functional compound, and method of isolating nucleic acid using the same
95 8,415,225 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
96 8,415,224 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device including forming trenches having particular structures
97 8,415,210 Field effect transistor and method for manufacturing the same
98 8,415,200 Method for manufacturing semiconductor package
99 8,415,189 Methods of fabricating image sensors including impurity layer isolation regions
100 8,415,181 Light emitting element with improved light extraction efficiency, light emitting device comprising the same, and fabricating method of the light emitting element and the light emitting device
101 8,415,072 Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell
102 8,415,057 Electrolytic solution for lithium battery, lithium battery comprising the same and method of operating the lithium battery
103 8,415,055 Electrolyte composition and catalyst ink and solid electrolyte membrane formed by using the same
104 8,415,048 Battery and battery pack comprising the same
105 8,415,047 Battery module including a portion of a coupling unit free of any screw surface and method of manufacturing the battery module
106 8,415,040 Secondary battery module containing temperature sensor and sealing member surrounding conductive wire of temperature sensor
107 8,415,038 Secondary battery having external terminals
108 8,414,800 Semiconductor nanocrystal composites
109 8,414,708 Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask
110 8,414,320 Lamp socket, backlight assembly including the lamp socket, and liquid crystal display including the backlight assembly
111 8,414,204 Lens adaptor
112 8,414,176 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
113 8,414,129 Optical system
114 8,414,096 Scanner, image forming apparatus, and motor control method of scanner and image forming apparatus
115 8,413,893 Multi-use memory card with display unit
116 8,413,796 Sputter tray moving system
117 8,413,701 Laser beam irradiation apparatus and substrate sealing apparatus including the same
118 8,413,460 Lever for dispenser and refrigerator having the same
119 8,413,459 Refrigerator
120 8,413,457 Refrigerator and control method thereof
121 8,413,294 Fan motor unit and vacuum cleaner having the same