Samsung patents granted on 09 December 2008

90 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D582,473 Toner for printer
2 D582,460 Monitoring camera
3 D582,443 Dispenser for refrigerator
4 D582,418 USB dongle
5 D582,381 Portable telephone
6 D582,380 Mobile phone
7 D582,379 Portable phone
8 D582,378 Portable phone
9 D582,372 Portable telephone
10 D582,371 Mobile phone
11 D582,370 Mobile phone
12 D582,369 Portable telephone
13 D582,367 Portable phone
14 D582,366 LCD television set
15 D582,365 LCD television set
16 D582,345 Electric outlet
17 7,464,389 Optical pickup actuator with a magnetic driver having focus, track and tilt coils
18 7,464,309 Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor memory device and related testing methods
19 7,464,196 Input/output control method and apparatus of multimedia file
20 7,464,127 Fast fourier transform apparatus
21 7,463,875 Wireless device minimizing use of external bandpass filter between low-noise amplifier and first mixer
22 7,463,840 Electro-photographic image forming apparatus and method for determining a charging voltage
23 7,463,826 Apparatus for measuring response time and method of measuring of response time using the same
24 7,463,768 Graphic storing and reconstructing method for graphical user interface and apparatus therefor
25 7,463,699 Methods of automatically detecting spectrum inversion and related terrestrial digital video broadcasting receivers
26 7,463,693 Apparatus and method for full-diversity, full-rate space-time block coding for two transmit antennas
27 7,463,688 Methods and apparatus for removing blocking artifacts of MPEG signals in real-time video reception
28 7,463,610 System and method for providing an online software upgrade
29 7,463,601 Method and apparatus for scheduling multiple users in a mobile communication system using multiple transmit/receive antennas
30 7,463,566 Optical recording medium read-only storage area and writeable storage area and recording/reproducing apparatus and method therefor
31 7,463,564 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects in disc, and disc on which defects are managed
32 7,463,562 Method of recording temporary defect list on write-once recording medium, method of reproducing the temporary defect list, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and the write-once recording medium
33 7,463,543 Lock-out device and semiconductor integrated circuit device including the same
34 7,463,538 Semiconductor memory device having a precharge control circuit for reducing current during continuous write operation
35 7,463,535 Memory modules and memory systems having the same
36 7,463,526 Programming method for flash memory capable of compensating reduction of read margin between states due to high temperature stress
37 7,463,518 Layout structure for use in flash memory device
38 7,463,511 Phase change memory device using multiprogramming method
39 7,463,509 Magneto-resistive RAM having multi-bit cell array structure
40 7,463,490 Plasma display apparatus
41 7,463,477 Mixed dispersant, paste composition and dispersion method using the same
42 7,463,445 Method of controlling track seek in HDD and a recording medium therefor
43 7,463,441 Automatic data update method of data storage system and disk drive using the same
44 7,463,399 Flat panel display and a method of driving the same
45 7,463,333 Multi-exposure lithography system providing increased overlay accuracy
46 7,463,323 Liquid crystal display
47 7,463,321 Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the display with openings in the protective layer and gate insulating layer
48 7,463,319 Four-color liquid crystal display with various reflective and transmissive areas
49 7,463,318 Reflective-transmissive type liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
50 7,463,314 Flat panel display device
51 7,463,299 CCD imaging device and driving method for processing image data without frame memory buffer
52 7,463,221 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
53 7,463,175 Multi-bit data converter using data weight averaging
54 7,463,103 Chaotic signal generator for ultra wide band communication system
55 7,463,100 Phase frequency detector capable of improving noise characteristics
56 7,463,073 Output driver
57 7,463,072 Small swing signal receiver for low power consumption and semiconductor device including the same
58 7,463,064 Level shifter having extended input level
59 7,462,990 Plasma display panel provided with dummy address electrodes protruding into a non-display region and covered with a composite layer
60 7,462,988 Plasma display panel having a layer including carbon
61 7,462,987 Plasma display panel
62 7,462,986 Plasma display panel with gas exhaust port
63 7,462,982 Flat panel display using silicon light-emitting device
64 7,462,981 Electron emission device including conductive layers for preventing accumulation of static charge
65 7,462,980 Cathode ray tube
66 7,462,930 Stack chip and stack chip package having the same
67 7,462,912 Semiconductor memory device having power decoupling capacitor
68 7,462,904 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
69 7,462,900 Phase changeable memory devices including nitrogen and/or silicon
70 7,462,899 Semiconductor memory device having local etch stopper and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,462,895 Signal line for display device and thin film transistor array panel including the signal line
72 7,462,893 Method of fabricating GaN
73 7,462,877 Nitride-based light emitting device, and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,462,876 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
75 7,462,871 Side-view light emitting diode having protective device
76 7,462,865 Display and manufacturing method thereof
77 7,462,846 Apparatus for measuring a position of an ion beam profiler and a method for its use
78 7,462,794 Key pad and keypad assembly
79 7,462,787 Rotary manipulation type input device
80 7,462,555 Ball grid array substrate having window and method of fabricating same
81 7,462,544 Methods for fabricating transistors having trench gates
82 7,462,535 Semiconductor device with analog capacitor and method of fabricating the same
83 7,462,533 Memory cell and method for fabricating same
84 7,462,523 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
85 7,462,520 Methods of fabricating an image sensor
86 7,462,507 Structure of a CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
87 7,462,416 Secondary battery
88 7,462,212 Cyclone dust separating apparatus for vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner having the same
89 7,462,036 Printed circuit board connector for back light unit and chassis using the same
90 7,461,962 Backlight assembly, display device provided with the same, and method thereof