Samsung patents granted on 09 December 2014

136 US patents granted on 09 December 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D719,249 Ion generator for automobile
2 D719,194 Shelf
3 D719,193 Refrigerator
4 D719,182 Portable electronic device displaying graphical user interface
5 D719,181 Portable electronic device displaying graphical user interface
6 D719,153 Desktop computer
7 D719,152 Tablet computer
8 D719,148 Notebook computer
9 D719,142 Stand for television receiver
10 D719,140 Microphone for digital camera
11 D719,116 Television panel
12 D719,113 Semiconductor device
13 8,910,271 System and method for handover between interworking WLAN and EUTRAN access systems
14 8,910,213 Method and apparatus for transferring user information between terminals in broadcast streaming service
15 8,910,068 Method of operating a portable terminal and portable terminal supporting the same
16 8,910,025 Method and apparatus of QC-LDPC convolutional coding and low-power high throughput QC-LDPC convolutional encoder and decoder
17 8,910,019 Method and apparatus for veiling and detecting data using an error correcting code
18 8,909,895 Memory apparatus
19 8,909,873 Traffic control method and apparatus of multiprocessor system
20 8,909,789 Providing push to all (PTA) service
21 8,909,658 Method and apparatus for managing multimedia content stored in digital multimedia device
22 8,909,427 Control system for rotating shaft
23 8,909,376 Robot hand and method of controlling the same
24 8,909,298 Apparatus and method for mobile screen navigation
25 8,909,276 Method and apparatus for obtaining synchronization for communication between devices
26 8,909,237 Apparatus and method for estimating carrier to interference and noise ratio in a mobile communication system based on fractional frequency reuse
27 8,909,234 Data communication network and data communication method using transmission of soft-decision information
28 8,909,231 Communication system, femto cell thereof, and clustering and handover method of the same
29 8,909,197 Method and system for providing Wi-Fi service by Wi-Fi device
30 8,909,195 Mobile terminal and method of selecting lock function
31 8,909,171 RF antenna switch circuit, high frequency antenna component, and mobile communication device
32 8,909,166 Method and apparatus for controlling multi band antenna in mobile communication terminal
33 8,909,146 Apparatus and method for data transmission using bluetooth signal strength in portable communication system
34 8,909,137 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data and control information through an uplink in a wireless communication system
35 8,909,118 Fusing device and image forming device comprising the same
36 8,909,089 Image forming apparatus with drive device to move cleaning unit
37 8,909,020 Liquid crystal display
38 8,908,979 Shape and symmetry design for filters in video/image coding
39 8,908,967 Image processing method using foreground probability
40 8,908,955 Method and system for providing stereoscopic X-ray image
41 8,908,904 Method and system for make-up simulation on portable devices having digital cameras
42 8,908,861 AES algorithm-based encryption apparatus and method for mobile communication system
43 8,908,797 Apparatus and method for time alignment of an envelope tracking power amplifier
44 8,908,795 Apparatus and method for calibration of supply modulation in transmitter
45 8,908,717 Method and system of transmitting and receiving fragmentable data units in a wireless communication environment
46 8,908,632 Methods and apparatus for channel interleaving in OFDM systems
47 8,908,620 Method and apparatus for transmitting resource allocation information
48 8,908,617 Uplink demodulation reference signal design for MIMO transmission
49 8,908,593 Transmission of scheduling assignments in multiple operating bandwidths
50 8,908,574 Generation of HARQ-ACK information and power control of HARQ-ACK signals in TDD systems with downlink of carrier aggregation
51 8,908,548 Method and apparatus for feedback of channel state information in a distributed antenna system (DAS)– based wireless communication system
52 8,908,543 Apparatus and method for semi distributed resource allocation in a cognitive radio wireless communication system
53 8,908,461 Refresh circuit in semiconductor memory device
54 8,908,460 Nonvolatile memory systems using time-dependent read voltages and methods of operating the same
55 8,908,431 Control method of nonvolatile memory device
56 8,908,428 Voltage assisted STT-MRAM writing scheme
57 8,908,352 Chip type laminated capacitor
58 8,908,351 Conductive paste composition for internal electrode, multilayer ceramic electronic component, and method of manufacturing the same
59 8,908,344 Overheating protection circuit
60 8,908,323 Rotating device
61 8,908,322 Spindle motor having base member with fitting protrusions and hard disk drive including the same
62 8,908,321 Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
63 8,908,320 Spindle motor having lower thrust member with fitting protrusion and hard disk drive including the same
64 8,908,318 Hard disk drive and method for manufacturing a base plate which includes a component receiving part
65 8,908,268 Infrared optical lens system
66 8,908,200 Method and apparatus to generate XHTML-print contents
67 8,908,139 Liquid crystal display apparatus
68 8,908,127 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
69 8,908,126 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
70 8,908,119 Mold frame and liquid crystal display device using the same
71 8,908,101 Method and apparatus for reducing noise of video
72 8,908,052 Method and apparatus for correcting shakiness
73 8,908,017 Method for driving glasses-type stereoscopic display preventing visual fatigue and refractive index-variable shutter glasses
74 8,908,009 Method and apparatus for displaying 3-dimensional image
75 8,907,937 Display apparatus and method for notifying user of state of external device
76 8,907,924 Information detection display
77 8,907,872 Data driver and method of driving organic light emitting display using the same
78 8,907,870 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the pixel
79 8,907,869 Organic light emitting display
80 8,907,834 Apparatus and methods for converting analog signal to N-bit digital data
81 8,907,719 IC circuit
82 8,907,713 Device and method for removing harmonic components
83 8,907,700 Clock-delayed domino logic circuit
84 8,907,670 Metering device and metering method
85 8,907,653 Circuit of outputting temperature compensation power voltage from variable power and method thereof
86 8,907,597 Battery pack and eletrical transfer apparatus including same
87 8,907,585 Method of driving light source, light source module for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source module
88 8,907,570 System and method for controlling lighting
89 8,907,562 Organic light emitting diodes display and method of manufacturing the same
90 8,907,561 Display device and organic light emitting diode display device
91 8,907,522 Grid-connected power storage system and method for controlling grid-connected power storage system
92 8,907,436 Magnetic devices having perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction
93 8,907,426 Semiconductor device having embedded strain-inducing pattern and method of forming the same
94 8,907,403 Memory devices capable of reducing lateral movement of charges
95 8,907,398 Gate structure in non-volatile memory device
96 8,907,391 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
97 8,907,377 High electron mobility transistor and method of manufacturing the same
98 8,907,361 Light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
99 8,907,347 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display
100 8,907,345 Photomask and thin-film transistor fabricated using the photomask
101 8,907,334 Oxide for semiconductor layer of thin-film transistor, sputtering target, and thin-film transistor
102 8,907,332 Organic light emitting display device
103 8,907,330 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
104 8,907,327 Display device and organic light-emitting display device having connection part for electronically connecting different levels of conductors
105 8,907,326 Organic light-emitting display device and thin film deposition apparatus for manufacturing the same
106 8,907,324 Organic light emitting display device having solar cell polarizing film
107 8,907,320 Light-emitting diode for emitting ultraviolet light
108 8,906,836 Lubricating oil composition
109 8,906,805 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
110 8,906,763 Method of manufacturing a dynamic random access memory (DRAM) including forming contact pads of adjacent cells by laterally etching a contact opening of a cell therebetween
111 8,906,761 Method of manufacturing for semiconductor device using expandable material
112 8,906,757 Methods of forming patterns of a semiconductor device
113 8,906,735 Donor substrates, methods of manufacturing donor substrates, organic light emitting display devices and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices
114 8,906,731 Patterning slit sheet assembly, organic layer deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus, and the organic light-emitting display apparatus
115 8,906,723 Donor substrate, method for fabricating the donor substrate, and method for forming transfer pattern using the donor substrate
116 8,906,719 Thin film transistor and display device using the same and method for manufacturing the same
117 8,906,562 Polymeric compound, oxygen permeable membrane, oxygen permeable composite, electrochemical device
118 8,906,560 Organic/inorganic complex proton conductor, electrode for fuel cell including organic/inorganic complex proton conductor, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including organic/inorganic complex proton conductor, and fuel cell including organic/inorganic complex proton conductor
119 8,906,559 Electrolyte including an additive for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same
120 8,906,557 Anode active material and method of preparing the same
121 8,906,555 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
122 8,906,554 Composite anode active material, anode including the same and lithium battery using the anode
123 8,906,546 Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium air battery including the same
124 8,906,543 Battery having tab with insulator for electrode assembly
125 8,906,524 Secondary battery having a modular frame to support a protection circuit module
126 8,906,459 Method of forming organic layer and method of manufacturing organic light emitting device having the same
127 8,905,806 Methods of manufacturing optical sheets and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices having optical sheets
128 8,905,617 Display apparatus
129 8,905,565 Display device having a simplified assembly of components
130 8,905,561 Reflective structure, display apparatus including the reflective structure, and methods of manufacturing the reflective structure and the display apparatus
131 8,905,555 Image projection apparatus provided with no relay lens
132 8,905,383 Refrigerator and method of controlling the same
133 8,905,290 Apparatus for mounting semiconductor chips on a circuit board
134 8,905,239 Magazine for loading a lead frame
135 8,904,819 Evaporator with internal restriction
136 8,904,628 Method of manufacturing noise removing filter