Samsung patents granted on 09 July 2013

137 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D685,919 Lower disk for checking body fluid
2 D685,834 Digital camera
3 D685,806 Stand for monitor
4 D685,788 Monitor
5 D685,787 Solid state drive
6 D685,786 External hard disk drive
7 D685,785 External hard disk drive
8 D685,774 Terminal for wireless communication
9 D685,602 Oven
10 8,484,669 Motor and optical disc drive using the same
11 8,484,584 Systems, methods and computer program products for forming photomasks with reduced likelihood of feature collapse, and photomasks so formed
12 8,484,581 Apparatus and method for displaying user interface for telecommunication terminal
13 8,484,298 Method and system for SIP based dynamic advertisement of presence information
14 8,484,021 Apparatus for encoding/decoding multichannel signal and method thereof
15 8,484,011 Multilingual dialogue system and controlling method thereof
16 8,483,874 Path planning apparatus of robot and method and computer-readable medium thereof
17 8,483,749 Mobile terminal device for receiving dual band signal using multiple resonance antenna
18 8,483,722 Method and apparatus for selecting a location platform for a user equipment to roam and method for determining a location of a user equipment using the same
19 8,483,698 Selective application of frequency hopping for transmission of control signals
20 8,483,689 Method and system for managing a mobile device handoff from a macro base station to a Femto Base Station
21 8,483,683 Apparatus and method for connecting network in portable terminal
22 8,483,675 System, method, and medium for managing conversational user interface according to usage pattern for portable operation
23 8,483,660 Access control method using femto base station and communication system therefor
24 8,483,596 Article of consumption and image forming apparatus having the same
25 8,483,545 Method and apparatus for reproducing motion picture files
26 8,483,504 Digital auto-focusing apparatus and method
27 8,483,503 Method and apparatus for generating thumbnail image
28 8,483,501 Method and device for transformation of image and method and device for reverse transformation of image
29 8,483,431 System and method for estimating the centers of moving objects in a video sequence
30 8,483,420 Docking station having structure for sound amplification and sound quality enhancement
31 8,483,408 Mobile communication device capable of setting tone color and method of setting tone color
32 8,483,372 Apparatus and method for providing click-to-call service
33 8,483,307 Constellation rotation relay system and constellation rotation relay method
34 8,483,305 Apparatus and method for spatial multiplexing in multi input multi output system
35 8,483,303 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
36 8,483,298 Apparatus and method for initial synchronization in wireless communication system based on OFDM
37 8,483,294 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving common control channels in a mobile communication system
38 8,483,264 Apparatus and method for chip level equalization in wireless communication system
39 8,483,261 Apparatus and method for controlling universal IC card in complex terminal
40 8,483,258 Application of sequence hopping and orthogonal covering codes to uplink reference signals
41 8,483,193 Legacy mobile station support on sip-based FEMTO device
42 8,483,164 Transmit diversity for acknowledgement and category 0 bits in a wireless communication system
43 8,483,157 Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a communication system
44 8,483,147 Method and apparatus for transmitting feedback information
45 8,483,116 Apparatus and method for transmitting control message in multihop relay wireless communication system
46 8,483,113 Apparatus and method for multicast and broadcast service in a broadband wireless access system
47 8,483,106 Apparatus and method for compensating for phase error in wireless communication system
48 8,483,001 Level detector, internal voltage generator including level detector, and semiconductor memory device including internal voltage generator
49 8,482,994 Semiconductor device having resistance based memory array, method of reading, and systems associated therewith
50 8,482,989 Semiconductor device including fuse array and method of operation the same
51 8,482,977 Multi-bit cell memory devices using error correction coding and methods of operating the same
52 8,482,951 Memory device from which dummy edge memory block is removed
53 8,482,890 PCB strip and manufacturing method for electronic component embedded PCB
54 8,482,881 Fluid dynamic bearing unit and disk drive device including the same
55 8,482,870 Lens module and wafer level lens module manufacturing apparatus
56 8,482,869 Lens actuator and camera module having the same
57 8,482,860 Varifocal lens structure and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,482,842 Method of manufacturing smart panel and smart panel
59 8,482,791 Image revising method, image forming apparatus and method for revising image spreading
60 8,482,722 Delay compensation in modulated optical time-of-flight phase estimation
61 8,482,709 Liquid crystal display
62 8,482,706 Liquid crystal display and control method thereof
63 8,482,688 Array substrate having storage voltage lines, liquid crystal display panel having the array substrate and liquid crystal display device having the liquid crystal display panel
64 8,482,685 Liquid crystal display panel
65 8,482,673 Method and apparatus for displaying video signals from a plurality of input sources
66 8,482,665 Camera module
67 8,482,641 Image sensor devices having peripheral circuits therein that use light guide materials as electrical insulators
68 8,482,633 Apparatus and method for image processing using security function
69 8,482,630 Apparatus and method for adjusting automatic white balance by detecting effective area
70 8,482,616 Electronic apparatus, remote controller and error detecting method
71 8,482,615 Method for controlling display for initial setting and display device using the same
72 8,482,592 Display apparatus and control method thereof
73 8,482,584 Three dimensional image display apparatus
74 8,482,510 Method of driving a light source, light source apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
75 8,482,509 Method of driving a display apparatus to compensate for uneven backlighting
76 8,482,502 Common voltage generator, display device including the same, and method thereof
77 8,482,495 Pixel and organic light emitting display having a compensation unit
78 8,482,492 Organic light emitting display with an improved emission control driver and method of driving the same
79 8,482,485 Barrier device and electronic display device
80 8,482,480 Multi display system and multi display method
81 8,482,472 Planar antenna
82 8,482,448 Ramp signal generator, analog to digital converter, and image sensor
83 8,482,447 Analog-to-digital converter and devices including the same
84 8,482,422 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using thin film deposition apparatus
85 8,482,371 Chip-type coil component
86 8,482,355 Power amplifier
87 8,482,337 High frequency semiconductor switch
88 8,482,334 Apparatus and method for removing DC offset in power meter
89 8,482,328 Switching device and method for preventing malfunction of the same
90 8,482,327 Voltage-controlled delay lines, delay-locked loop circuits including the voltage-controlled delay lines, and multi-phase clock generators using the voltage-controlled delay lines
91 8,482,311 Output buffer circuit and integrated circuit including same
92 8,482,310 Test method for passive device embedded printed circuit board
93 8,482,308 Connecting unit to test semiconductor chips and apparatus to test semiconductor chips having the same
94 8,482,199 Plasma display panel characterized by high efficiency
95 8,482,155 Power converting device for renewable energy storage system
96 8,482,138 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device
97 8,482,133 Semiconductor package
98 8,482,129 Wafer-level stack package and method of fabricating the same
99 8,482,108 Wafer-scale X-ray detector and method of manufacturing the same
100 8,482,100 Resistor array and semiconductor device including the same
101 8,482,077 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
102 8,482,049 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
103 8,482,045 Semiconductor memory device having vertical channel transistor and method for fabricating the same
104 8,482,017 Organic light emitting diode device
105 8,482,002 Semiconductor device including bonding pads and semiconductor package including the semiconductor device
106 8,481,998 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
107 8,481,997 Organic light emitting display device
108 8,481,992 Flat panel display and method for making the same
109 8,481,846 Dye sensitized solar cell
110 8,481,689 Antibody specifically binding to c-Met and methods of use
111 8,481,426 Method of forming pattern structure and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
112 8,481,416 Semiconductor devices having contact plugs with stress buffer spacers and methods of fabricating the same
113 8,481,398 Method of forming semiconductor device having a capacitor
114 8,481,392 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device using high-K layer for spacer etch stop and related devices
115 8,481,387 Method of forming an insulation structure and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
116 8,481,326 Apparatus for measuring cholesterol and method thereof
117 8,481,301 Centrifugal micro-fluidic structure for measuring glycated hemoglobin, centrifugal micro-fluidic device for measuring glycated hemoglobin, and method for measuring glycated hemoglobin
118 8,481,223 Stack for fuel cell
119 8,481,221 Fuel cell system
120 8,481,201 Case for secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using the same
121 8,481,194 Rechargeable battery and battery module using the same
122 8,481,193 Battery module and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,481,192 Redox flow battery
124 8,481,188 Rechargeable battery
125 8,481,183 Secondary battery
126 8,481,174 Organic light-emitting compound of CIS-diarylethene derivatives, organic electroluminescent device using the same, and method of manufacturing the device
127 8,481,173 Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescence device using the same
128 8,481,171 Metallic laminate and manufacturing method of light emitting diode package using the same
129 8,481,161 Functionalized metal nanoparticle and method for formation of conductive pattern using the same
130 8,480,994 Method of modifying carbon nanotube using radical initiator, and dispersion liquid and electrode comprising the carbon nanotube modified by using the method
131 8,480,980 Thin film bio valve device and its controlling apparatus
132 8,480,959 Chemical sensor using thin-film sensing member
133 8,480,931 Composite structure and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,480,917 Solid electrolyte polymer, polymer actuator using cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride-based polymer, and method of manufacturing the polymer actuator
135 8,480,578 Skin moisture content measuring apparatus for reducing power consumption
136 8,480,448 Donor film for laser induced thermal imaging method, light emitting device using the same, and method of manufacturing light emitting device
137 8,480,075 Image forming apparatus