Samsung patents granted on 09 June 2009

91 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D594,047 Camera
2 D593,993 MP3 player
3 D593,985 Mobile phone
4 D593,980 Portable telephone
5 D593,974 LCD television set
6 D593,973 Set top box
7 D593,972 Set top box
8 D593,971 Set top box
9 7,546,497 Semiconductor memory device and data write and read method thereof
10 7,546,491 Semiconductor memory device with standby current failure judging function and method for judging standby current failure
11 7,546,179 Method and apparatus for allowing mobile robot to return to docking station
12 7,546,119 Changing operation parameter of communication terminal
13 7,546,108 Method for supporting backward compatibility of MBMS
14 7,546,087 Voice bulletin board apparatus and method for controlling the same
15 7,546,077 Rotary roller structure employing interval maintenance members and fuser of image forming apparatus employing the same
16 7,546,067 Two-component delivery system to transfer a mixture of a first and a second material
17 7,546,047 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same having fixed developing apparatuses
18 7,546,002 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
19 7,545,861 Timing recovery circuit and timing recovery method
20 7,545,775 Method for performing a handoff in an ALL-IP network
21 7,545,772 Apparatus and method for assigning subchannels in an OFDMA communication system
22 7,545,742 Apparatus and method for controlling an Ethernet switch’s bandwidth
23 7,545,732 Apparatus and method for assigning sub-carriers in an orthogonal frequency division multiplex system
24 7,545,720 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
25 7,545,710 Method of overwriting data in write-once information storage medium and data recording and/or reproducing apparatus for write-once information storage medium
26 7,545,701 Circuit and method of driving sub-word lines of a semiconductor memory device
27 7,545,680 Flash memory device and word line enable method thereof
28 7,545,677 Nonvolatile memory device and methods of programming and reading the same
29 7,545,632 Plasma display apparatus
30 7,545,626 Multi-layer ceramic capacitor
31 7,545,624 Multilayer chip capacitor
32 7,545,592 Flying height measurement method and system
33 7,545,574 Liquid lens having improved sealing structure
34 7,545,533 Apparatus and method for controlling colors of color image
35 7,545,524 Method of controlling operation of image sensor
36 7,545,480 Reticle, exposure apparatus, and methods for measuring the alignment state thereof
37 7,545,474 Manufacturing method of transflective LCD and transflective LCD thereof
38 7,545,472 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor substrate therefor
39 7,545,453 Thin display apparatus
40 7,545,436 Camera rotation support apparatus for video presenter and video presenter having the same
41 7,545,432 Automatic focusing method and digital photographing apparatus using the same
42 7,545,423 Image sensor having a passivation layer exposing at least a main pixel array region and methods of fabricating the same
43 7,545,413 Method and apparatus for displaying images using duplex thumbnail mode
44 7,545,403 Optical system having image direction modulator and LITI apparatus including the system
45 7,545,400 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling top margin of printing medium in image forming apparatus
46 7,545,385 Increased color depth, dynamic range and temporal response on electronic displays
47 7,545,352 Light emitting display (LED) and display panel and pixel circuit thereof
48 7,545,351 Display device and display panel and driving method thereof
49 7,545,346 Plasma display panel and a drive method therefor
50 7,545,345 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
51 7,545,331 Antenna device for portable terminal
52 7,545,246 Piezoelectric MEMS switch and method of fabricating the same
53 7,545,182 Cascode-type current mode comparator and receiver, and semiconductor device having the same
54 7,545,174 Level shift circuit and display device having the same
55 7,545,171 Input/output device with fixed value during sleep mode or at a time of supplying initial voltage to system
56 7,545,164 Output driver for controlling impedance and intensity of pre-emphasis driver using mode register set
57 7,545,118 Charge system and charger for an electric apparatus and a control method thereof
58 7,545,094 Organic light emitting display with frit seal
59 7,545,091 Electron emission device
60 7,545,090 Design for a field emission display with cathode and focus electrodes on a same level
61 7,545,081 Piezoelectric RF MEMS device and method of fabricating the same
62 7,545,046 Semiconductor devices having a trench in a side portion of a conducting line pattern and methods of forming the same
63 7,545,043 Device comprising multi-layered thin film having excellent adhesive strength and method for fabricating the same
64 7,545,037 Semiconductor chips having redistributed power/ground lines directly connected to power/ground lines of internal circuits and methods of fabricating the same
65 7,545,027 Wafer level package having redistribution interconnection layer and method of forming the same
66 7,545,017 Wafer level package for surface acoustic wave device and fabrication method thereof
67 7,545,002 Low noise and high performance LSI device, layout and manufacturing method
68 7,544,996 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device having a metal gate pattern
69 7,544,991 Non-volatile memory device and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
70 7,544,985 Semiconductor capacitor structure and method for manufacturing the same
71 7,544,972 Organic electroluminescent display device and method of preparing the same
72 7,544,969 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, display device having the display substrate and method of driving the display device
73 7,544,949 Method for controlling ultraviolet light information in wireless terminal and wireless terminal implementing the same
74 7,544,935 Method and apparatus for evaluating thin films
75 7,544,607 Semiconductor device having thin film formed by atomic layer deposition and method for fabricating the same
76 7,544,597 Method of forming a semiconductor device including an ohmic layer
77 7,544,585 Structure of strained silicon on insulator and method of manufacturing the same
78 7,544,565 Semiconductor devices having a convex active region and methods of forming the same
79 7,544,560 Image sensor and fabrication method thereof
80 7,544,550 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor fabricated by the same method
81 7,544,538 Method of forming semiconductor chips, the semiconductor chips so formed and chip-stack package having the same
82 7,544,534 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and method of fabrication thereof
83 7,544,505 Hybridization chamber agitation device using pump and valves
84 7,544,472 Apparatus for detecting biomolecular bonding and a method thereof
85 7,544,440 Secondary battery having a sealing gasket with concave and convex portions
86 7,544,226 Grille for a cyclone vacuum
87 7,543,965 Side light-emitting device, backlight unit having the side light-emitting device, and liquid crystal display apparatus employing the backlight unit
88 7,543,945 Integrator module with a collimator and a compact light source and projection display having the same
89 7,543,928 Inkjet image forming apparatus and method of performing high resolution printing using a multi-pass method
90 7,543,392 Motion estimation method and system for mobile body
91 7,543,346 Drum washing machine and method of controlling the same