Samsung patents granted on 09 June 2015

206 US patents granted on 09 June 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D731,725 Handle for vacuum cleaner
2 D731,724 Vacuum cleaner
3 D731,722 Dust receptacle for cleaner
4 D731,576 Digital camera
5 D731,552 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
6 D731,550 Display screen or portion thereof with animated icon
7 D731,549 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
8 D731,548 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
9 D731,547 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D731,545 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
11 D731,544 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D731,541 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
13 D731,538 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D731,537 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D731,536 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D731,535 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
17 D731,534 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D731,533 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
19 D731,532 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
20 D731,531 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
21 D731,530 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
22 D731,527 Electronic device display with an animated graphical user interface
23 D731,521 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
24 D731,514 Portable electronic device with graphical user interface
25 D731,500 Stand for monitor
26 D731,482 Electronic device
27 D731,480 Portable terminal
28 D731,479 Portable terminal
29 D731,478 Portable terminal
30 D731,477 Portable terminal
31 D731,476 Portable computer
32 D731,471 Mobile terminal
33 D731,461 Speaker
34 D731,451 Television receiver
35 D731,450 TV receiver
36 9,055,709 Electronic component feeder
37 9,055,663 Touch panel and method for manufacturing the same
38 9,055,640 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
39 9,055,636 Light source driving device and illuminating apparatus using the same
40 9,055,591 Scheduling method of wireless communication system and apparatus adapted thereto
41 9,055,569 Uplink hybrid acknowledgement signaling in wireless communications systems
42 9,055,565 Method and device for activating secondary carrier in wireless communication system for using carrier aggregation technique
43 9,055,553 Method for guaranteeing establishment of local IP access correctly
44 9,055,529 System and method for adaptive in-network time alignment for envelope tracking power amplifier
45 9,055,525 Method and apparatus for acquiring synchronization in code division multiple access system
46 9,055,505 Method and apparatus in which a terminal transmits a channel estimation result in a mobile communication system
47 9,055,448 Cooperative beamforming apparatus and method in wireless communication system
48 9,055,441 Communication method, apparatus, and system
49 9,055,418 Method and system for delivering SMS (short message service) messages in a mobile communication system
50 9,055,411 Method and system for selecting PCEF and PCRF in a wireless communication system
51 9,055,410 Method for collectively transferring logically grouped objects
52 9,055,392 Method and apparatus of communicating packet data units in a wireless network environment and system using thereof
53 9,055,391 Method and apparatus for discovering device in wireless communication network
54 9,055,388 Portable terminal and method for discovering wireless devices thereof
55 9,055,339 System, apparatus, and method for conditional broadcast reception without cablecard
56 9,055,331 Video processing apparatus and control method thereof for selecting a channel among a plurality of channels
57 9,055,321 Broadcast signal receiving apparatus and control method thereof
58 9,055,300 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image with reference to a plurality of frames
59 9,055,299 Method and apparatus for encoding video by using deblocking filtering, and method and apparatus for decoding video by using deblocking filtering
60 9,055,281 Source device and sink device and method of transmitting and receiving multimedia service and related data
61 9,055,280 Method and apparatus for transmitting digital broadcasting stream using linking information about multi-view video stream, and method and apparatus for receiving the same
62 9,055,257 Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
63 9,055,250 Correlated double sampling circuit, method thereof and devices having the same
64 9,055,242 Image sensor chip, method of operating the same, and system including the image sensor chip
65 9,055,223 Digital image stabilization method and imaging device using the same
66 9,055,209 Method to provide user interface to display menu related to image to be photographed, and photographing apparatus applying the same
67 9,055,201 Apparatus and method of storing and searching for image
68 9,055,196 Method and apparatus for forming highlight content
69 9,055,194 Method and device for switching media renderers during streaming playback of content
70 9,055,103 Method of creating mashup application
71 9,055,099 Method of preventing TCP-based denial-of-service attacks on mobile devices
72 9,054,939 Method of processing data and a display apparatus performing the method
73 9,054,905 Method and apparatus for timing synchronization at sub-sampled rate for sub-sampled wideband systems
74 9,054,889 Method and apparatus for providing dynamically changed UPnP description
75 9,054,849 Method for encoding control information in a communication system, and method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving the control information
76 9,054,848 Electronic apparatus and encryption method thereof
77 9,054,836 Method for allocating resource in LTE system
78 9,054,805 Optical memory system including an optically connected memory module and computing system including the same
79 9,054,799 Wireless light communication system and wireless light communication method using the same
80 9,054,741 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving in a communication/broadcasting system
81 9,054,708 Touch sensor and touch panel including the same
82 9,054,693 Data driver and method of driving the same
83 9,054,680 Methods of controlling clocks in system on chip including function blocks, systems on chips and semiconductor systems including the same
84 9,054,673 Resonator and fabrication method thereof
85 9,054,665 Method and apparatus for removing acoustic incident signal
86 9,054,650 Bias circuit and power amplifier with selection function of power mode
87 9,054,631 Servo control apparatus and method for controlling the same
88 9,054,614 Apparatus and method to control BLDC motor
89 9,054,601 Maximum power point tracker, power conversion controller, power conversion device having insulating structure, and method for tracking maximum power point thereof
90 9,054,551 Battery charging method and battery pack using the same
91 9,054,547 Communication method and apparatus in wireless recharging system
92 9,054,538 Battery management system
93 9,054,537 Electric tool with controller of battery pack and the control method thereof
94 9,054,518 Display apparatus
95 9,054,489 Hybrid vertical cavity laser for photonic integrated circuit
96 9,054,419 Antenna device of mobile terminal
97 9,054,395 Battery pack
98 9,054,392 Electrolyte solution and magnesium battery including the same
99 9,054,383 Porous carbonaceous composite material, positive electrode and lithium air battery including the material, and method of preparing the material
100 9,054,375 Rechargeable lithium battery
101 9,054,371 Rechargeable battery
102 9,054,367 Rechargeable battery assembly and pack including the same
103 9,054,365 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
104 9,054,359 Battery pack having a bus bar protection unit
105 9,054,356 Battery pack
106 9,054,342 Apparatus and method for etching organic layer
107 9,054,340 Flexible display device and manufacturing method of the same
108 9,054,339 Organic light emitting transistor and organic light emitting display
109 9,054,337 Display devices and methods of manufacturing display devices
110 9,054,336 Organic light-emitting display device
111 9,054,321 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device containing the same
112 9,054,318 Organic light emitting device
113 9,054,314 Laser induced thermal imaging mask, laser irradiation apparatus including the same, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting device by using the same
114 9,054,306 Methods of manufacturing a phase change memory device
115 9,054,296 Semiconductor device having diode and method of forming the same
116 9,054,266 IR sensing transistor and manufacturing method of display device including the same
117 9,054,259 Light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
118 9,054,234 Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor device
119 9,054,228 Semiconductor packages including a heat spreader and methods of forming the same
120 9,054,226 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
121 9,054,217 Method for fabricating semiconductor device having an embedded source/drain
122 9,054,210 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
123 9,054,189 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
124 9,054,180 Semiconductor devices including a guard ring and related semiconductor systems
125 9,054,105 Semiconductor package and method for fabricating the same
126 9,054,067 Semiconductor package with thermal dissipating member and method of manufacturing the same
127 9,054,060 Organic light-emitting display device
128 9,054,057 Organic light-emitting display device and method of preparing the same
129 9,054,054 Methods of forming patterns and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same
130 9,054,051 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
131 9,054,037 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
132 9,054,010 Large-scale X-ray detectors
133 9,054,003 Image sensors and methods of fabricating the same
134 9,053,987 Etching device useful for manufacturing a display device
135 9,053,986 Semiconductor device and flat panel display including the same
136 9,053,979 Oxide thin film, methods of manufacturing oxide thin film and electronic devices including oxide thin film
137 9,053,978 Erase system and method of nonvolatile memory device
138 9,053,971 Semiconductor devices having hybrid capacitors and methods for fabricating the same
139 9,053,967 Apparatus for testing a wafer in a wafer testing process
140 9,053,964 Semiconductor devices including a first and second HFET and methods of manufacturing the same
141 9,053,963 Multiple well bias memory
142 9,053,955 Nitride semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
143 9,053,948 Semiconductor devices
144 9,053,940 Mask for forming semiconductor pattern, patterning system with the same, and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
145 9,053,936 Layout method of semiconductor device with junction diode for preventing damage due to plasma charge
146 9,053,932 Methods of preparing graphene and device including graphene
147 9,053,857 Nickel nanoparticle, method of preparing the same, and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
148 9,053,856 Conductive paste for inner electrode and multilayer ceramic electronic component having the same
149 9,053,822 Methods of operating nonvolatile memory devices that support efficient error detection
150 9,053,814 Voltage generators adaptive to low external power supply voltage
151 9,053,813 Method and apparatus for refreshing and data scrubbing memory device
152 9,053,794 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of operation
153 9,053,774 Duty cycle corrector and systems including the same
154 9,053,677 Gate driving circuit and display panel having the same
155 9,053,669 Apparatus for scan driving including scan driving units
156 9,053,667 Electro-optic device and driving method of electro-optic device having an asymmetrical pixel structure
157 9,053,664 Method for controlling brightness in a display device based on the average luminance of a video signal and display device using the same
158 9,053,661 Display device and driving method thereof
159 9,053,658 Display system including a display apparatus and an upgrading apparatus, and control method
160 9,053,651 Flexible display device
161 9,053,560 Edge management unit for 2-dimension vector graphics, graphic processing apparatus and method thereof
162 9,053,526 Method and apparatus for encoding cloud display screen by using application programming interface information
163 9,053,521 Image processing apparatus and method
164 9,053,463 Apparatus and method for pushing e-mail to portable terminal in e-mail system
165 9,053,453 System and method for managing secured belongings
166 9,053,345 Computing system with privacy mechanism and method of operation thereof
167 9,053,314 Integrated login input apparatus and method in portable terminal
168 9,053,128 Assertion management method and apparatus, and reasoning apparatus including the assertion management apparatus
169 9,053,019 Non-volatile memory device, a data processing device using the same, and a swapping method used by the data processing and non-volatile memory devices
170 9,052,958 Extending the capability of computing devices by using dynamically scalable external resources
171 9,052,838 Solid state drive device
172 9,052,818 Method for providing graphical user interface (GUI) using divided screen and multimedia device using the same
173 9,052,770 Touchscreen display device and related method
174 9,052,753 Mobile terminal for performing screen unlock based on motion and method thereof
175 9,052,749 Apparatus and method for projector navigation in a handheld projector
176 9,052,744 Method and apparatus for controlling user interface of electronic device using virtual plane
177 9,052,666 Image forming apparatus and method for color registration correction
178 9,052,655 Heating member including a base polymer and fusing apparatus including the same
179 9,052,651 Fusing device and eletrophotographic image forming apparatus including the same
180 9,052,599 Maskless exposure apparatus and method
181 9,052,553 Liquid crystal display
182 9,052,549 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
183 9,052,542 Light source package and backlight unit including the light source package
184 9,052,453 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and display panel having the same
185 9,052,443 Display apparatus
186 9,052,441 Prism sheet and liquid crystal display having the same
187 9,052,421 Backlight unit for display device and driving method thereof
188 9,052,419 Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
189 9,052,369 Method and apparatus for measuring a remaining capacity of a battery when charging constant current/constant voltage mode in a portable terminal
190 9,052,333 Sensor capable of measuring acceleration, angular velocity, and DC acceleration
191 9,052,295 Panel inspection method and apparatus
192 9,052,195 Inertial sensor for detecting angular velocity
193 9,052,192 Apparatus and method for recognizing zone in portable terminal using earth magnetic field components and images
194 9,052,145 Substrate firing device
195 9,052,089 Display panel having a pixel arrangement that provides a broad color gamut, and display apparatus having the same
196 9,051,677 Washing machine
197 9,051,636 Organic layer deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the same, and organic light-emitting display apparatus
198 9,051,513 Organic light emitting device
199 9,051,433 Polymer and cross-linked polymer composition, electrode and electrolyte membrane including cross-linked polymer, and fuel cell including electrode and electrolyte membrane
200 9,051,425 Poly(amide-imide) block copolymer, article including same, and display device including the article
201 9,051,328 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
202 9,051,178 Transmissive image modulator including stacked diode structure having multi absorption modes
203 9,051,036 Underwater moving apparatus and moving method thereof
204 9,050,899 Electric vehicle
205 9,050,793 Inkjet printing device and method of driving the same
206 9,049,980 Strain relief apparatus for probe and method of manufacturing the same