Samsung patents granted on 09 May 2006

78 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,043,744 Disk cartridge and disk drive apparatus
2 7,043,676 Apparatus and method for coding/decoding channels in a mobile communication system
3 7,043,532 Method and apparatus for universally accessible command and control information in a network
4 7,043,436 Apparatus for synthesizing speech sounds of a short message in a hands free kit for a mobile phone
5 7,043,383 Frequency error detection apparatus and method based on histogram information on input signals
6 7,043,382 Low voltage swing bus analysis method using static timing analysis tool
7 7,043,336 Data processing method for a memory pack of an internet microwave oven
8 7,043,260 Method for controlling paging alert tone of a mobile station in a mobile communication system
9 7,043,234 Data transmitting and receiving method between a mobile terminal and an information center in a navigation system
10 7,043,177 Toner/developer mixing roller and developing device for laser printer
11 7,043,116 Dual-port broadband light source with independently controllable output powers
12 7,042,954 Apparatus and method for calculating soft decision value input to channel decoder in a data communication system
13 7,042,896 Method for managing a digital interface connection
14 7,042,827 Disk drive servo system for eccentricity compensation and method thereof
15 7,042,820 Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using the same
16 7,042,816 Optical pickup apparatus for optical disk drive and having a flexured floating slider
17 7,042,815 Apparatus and method for reducing program selection time in multi-changer of optical disk
18 7,042,812 Method and apparatus for canceling glitch noise from track cross signal
19 7,042,800 Method and memory system in which operating mode is set using address signal
20 7,042,795 Flash memory device with burst read mode of operation
21 7,042,780 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for detecting soft defects in static memory cell
22 7,042,770 Memory devices with page buffer having dual registers and method of using the same
23 7,042,760 Phase-change memory and method having restore function
24 7,042,750 Read only memory devices with independently precharged virtual ground and bit lines
25 7,042,698 MEMS tunable capacitor with a wide tuning range and method of fabricating the same
26 7,042,676 Hard disk clamping apparatus
27 7,042,673 Hard disk drive calibration method and apparatus
28 7,042,625 Light modulator having digital micro blaze diffraction grating
29 7,042,620 Light modulator using near-field
30 7,042,606 Light modulator type multi-beam scanning apparatus using dichroic slit
31 7,042,553 Apparatus for conveying substrates
32 7,042,522 Adaptive contrast enhancement method using time-varying nonlinear transforms on a video signal
33 7,042,521 Method for color saturation adjustment in an RGB color system
34 7,042,520 Method for color saturation adjustment with saturation limitation
35 7,042,519 Control apparatus and method for preventing repeated signal processing in signal processing system
36 7,042,512 Apparatus and method for adaptive motion compensated de-interlacing of video data
37 7,042,462 Pixel cache, 3D graphics accelerator using the same, and method therefor
38 7,042,426 Image display apparatus and drive method
39 7,042,414 Ultra wideband internal antenna
40 7,042,312 Ladder-type bulk acoustic wave filter with common ground inductor
41 7,042,261 Differential charge pump and phase locked loop having the same
42 7,042,185 Robot control apparatus and control method thereof
43 7,042,152 Organic electroluminescence device including oxygen in an interface between organic layer and cathode
44 7,042,137 Actuator using organic film membrane and manufacturing method thereof
45 7,042,107 Scalable two transistor memory devices
46 7,042,104 Semiconductor package using flexible film and method of manufacturing the same
47 7,042,045 Non-volatile memory cell having a silicon-oxide nitride-oxide-silicon gate structure
48 7,042,042 Integrated circuit capacitors having a dielectric layer between a U-shaped lower electrode and a support layer
49 7,042,003 Light receiving element using interconnected nanoparticles
50 7,042,001 Phase change memory devices including memory elements having variable cross-sectional areas
51 7,041,990 Apparatus for monitoring ion-implantation input parameter in semiconductor fabricating devices and monitoring method thereof
52 7,041,949 Microwave oven having a toasting cavity
53 7,041,605 Semiconductor contact structure and method of forming the same
54 7,041,594 Semiconductor device for applying well bias and method of fabricating the same
55 7,041,592 Method for forming a metal interconnection layer of a semiconductor device using a modified dual damascene process
56 7,041,563 Semiconductor device having a shallow trench isolation and method of fabricating the same
57 7,041,558 Floating gate memory device and method of manufacturing the same
58 7,041,557 Method of manufacturing a thin dielectric layer using a heat treatment and a semiconductor device formed using the method
59 7,041,554 Methods of fabricating flash memory devices having self aligned shallow trench isolation structures
60 7,041,526 Magnetic field detecting element and method for manufacturing the same
61 7,041,333 Method of and apparatus for manufacturing optical disc
62 7,041,214 Waste water treatment system
63 7,040,767 Integrator module with a compact light source and projection display having the same
64 7,040,739 Flexible printed circuit board
65 7,040,727 Apparatus for controlling power supply to printer and method thereof
66 7,040,336 Gas delivery system for supplying gas to semiconductor manufacturing equipment
67 7,040,118 Integrated-type suction pipe module and refrigerator having the same
68 7,040,114 Storage unit
69 7,040,107 Air conditioner and method of controlling the same
70 D520,546 Digital camcorder
71 D520,545 Digital camcorder
72 D520,486 Cellular phone
73 D520,484 Portable telephone
74 D520,483 Portable telephone
75 D520,482 Cellular phone
76 D520,481 DVD recorder
77 D520,480 DVD player
78 D520,479 Double-deck DVD recorder