Samsung patents granted on 09 November 2010

119 US patents granted on 09 November 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D626,963 Integrated RFID reader
2 D626,947 Wireless headset
3 D626,946 Wireless headset
4 D626,937 MP3 player
5 D626,936 MP3 player
6 D626,934 Cellular phone
7 D626,932 Mobile phone
8 D626,931 Mobile phone
9 7,831,983 Optical disk device with release
10 7,831,967 Method of and apparatus for updating software of network device
11 7,831,899 Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
12 7,831,891 Method of channel coding for digital communication system and channel coding device using the same
13 7,831,881 Apparatus and method for hybrid detection of memory data
14 7,831,809 Method for reducing code size of a program in code memory by dynamically storing an instruction into a memory location following a group of instructions indicated by an offset operand and either a length operand or a bitmask operand of an echo instruction
15 7,831,763 Security apparatus and method for nonvolatile memory and system thereof
16 7,831,755 Method and system for interfacing a plurality of memory devices using an MMC/SD protocol
17 7,831,740 Method and circuit for programming electronic devices
18 7,831,714 Display apparatus management system and method thereof
19 7,831,699 Method and system for managing control of groups of networked heterogenous devices in a network
20 7,831,696 Apparatus for providing device information via network and a method thereof
21 7,831,598 Data recording and reproducing apparatus and method of generating metadata
22 7,831,286 Sliding structure for electronic device
23 7,831,284 Method and device for preventing unintentional key input in a wireless mobile terminal with a removable case
24 7,831,274 Base station for exchanging frequency bands
25 7,831,242 Voice notifying service system and service providing method for mobile terminal
26 7,831,226 Impedance matching system, network analyzer having the same, and impedance matching method thereof
27 7,831,194 Image forming apparatus
28 7,831,190 Cover opening and closing unit, image forming apparatus having the same, and method of removing and mounting cover
29 7,831,188 Image forming apparatus and fusing unit thereof
30 7,831,187 Fusing unit having a high thermal efficiency and image forming apparatus including the same
31 7,831,175 Developer cartridge guide unit and image forming apparatus having the same
32 7,831,158 Image forming apparatus capable of controlling toner supply
33 7,831,140 Apparatus for auto focusing
34 7,831,116 Optical waveguide and optical printed circuit board having the same
35 7,831,000 Method for time synchronization in distributed control system
36 7,830,996 Display apparatus and control method thereof
37 7,830,971 Apparatus and method for detecting advanced GCL sequence in wireless communication system
38 7,830,843 Method for allocating IP address in a mobile communication system
39 7,830,840 Apparatus and method for implementing SDMA in multi-user multi-antenna system
40 7,830,780 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and method
41 7,830,764 Information recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method to distinguish between an original recording block and a replacement recording block
42 7,830,763 Optical recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus provided with optimum power control (OPC) and method for controlling the same
43 7,830,742 Semiconductor memory device and memory cell accessing method thereof
44 7,830,724 Nonvolatile memory device with NAND cell strings
45 7,830,720 Methods of programming non-volatile semiconductor memory devices using different program verification operations and related devices
46 7,830,705 Multi-level phase change memory device and related methods
47 7,830,699 Resistance variable memory device reducing word line voltage
48 7,830,692 Multi-chip memory device with stacked memory chips, method of stacking memory chips, and method of controlling operation of multi-chip package memory
49 7,830,660 Cooling unit and display apparatus having the same
50 7,830,632 Large data block written on overlapping tracks in a hard disk drive
51 7,830,621 Small refractive zoom lens optical system
52 7,830,599 Projection-type display apparatus and display method thereof
53 7,830,550 Image converting method and apparatus, and image forming apparatus having the same
54 7,830,538 Method of providing multimedia data for direct printing, direct printing method and apparatus thereof
55 7,830,496 Method of exposing substrate with one polarization mask and at least two lights and apparatus for performing the same
56 7,830,492 Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
57 7,830,490 Liquid crystal display
58 7,830,489 Flexible circuit board, display unit having the same and display device having the same
59 7,830,488 Liquid crystal display
60 7,830,487 Liquid crystal display with pixel electrodes having interdigitated portions
61 7,830,485 Liquid crystal display panel having first and second sets of pixel and common electrodes on respectively opposed facing substrates with blue phase liquid crystals in which an anisotropic refractive index thereof varies by first and second electric fields respectively adjacent thereto
62 7,830,478 Display panel and liquid crystal display device having the same
63 7,830,477 Liquid crystal display device
64 7,830,451 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
65 7,830,380 Method, apparatus, and medium for transforming graphic data of an object
66 7,830,356 Surface light source using LED and backlight unit having the surface light source
67 7,830,354 Driving apparatus for display device that uses control signals based on sum of clock signals
68 7,830,350 Display panel driving device, display apparatus and method of driving the same
69 7,830,338 Plasma display and driving method thereof
70 7,830,332 Multi-display driving circuit and method of driving display panels
71 7,830,280 Semiconductor devices, a system including semiconductor devices and methods thereof
72 7,830,277 Method and apparatus for providing intrinsic information in mobile communication terminal
73 7,830,239 Device to protect against a surge voltage and an electronic apparatus including the same
74 7,830,226 Film bulk acoustic resonator filter and duplexer
75 7,830,214 Adjustable chaotic signal generator using pulse modulation for ultra wideband (UWB) communications and chaotic signal generating method thereof
76 7,830,213 Signal generator, signal generation method, and RF communication system using the same
77 7,830,179 Multi-functional logic gate device and programmable integrated circuit device using the same
78 7,830,122 Control signal generation circuit and battery management system using the same
79 7,830,090 Light emission device and display device using the light emission device as a light source
80 7,830,064 Motor and drum washing machine having the same
81 7,830,017 Wafer level chip scale package, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor chip module including the wafer level chip scale package
82 7,829,985 BGA package having half-etched bonding pad and cut plating line and method of fabricating same
83 7,829,959 Semiconductor devices having line type active regions and methods of fabricating the same
84 7,829,953 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
85 7,829,937 Semiconductor memory devices performing erase operation using erase gate and methods of manufacturing the same
86 7,829,932 Semiconductor device
87 7,829,931 Nonvolatile memory devices having control electrodes configured to inhibit parasitic coupling capacitance
88 7,829,929 Non-volatile memory device and non-volatile semiconductor integrated circuit device, including the same
89 7,829,897 Array substrate of liquid crystal display device having thin film transistor on color filter and method of fabricating the same
90 7,829,890 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
91 7,829,888 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
92 7,829,887 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,829,886 Nonvolatile carbon nanotube memory device using multiwall carbon nanotubes and methods of operating and fabricating the same
94 7,829,885 Organic memory devices and methods of fabricating such devices
95 7,829,882 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
96 7,829,458 Method of forming a wiring structure in a semiconductor device
97 7,829,445 Method of manufacturing a flash memory device
98 7,829,437 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
99 7,829,373 Organic polymer semiconductor compounds, methods of forming organic polymer semiconductor thin film using the same, and organic thin film transistors using the same
100 7,829,245 Mask for sequential lateral solidification and method of manufacturing the same
101 7,829,218 Proton conductive electrolyte and fuel cell comprising the same
102 7,829,209 Solid polymer electrolyte for fuel cell and fuel cell containing the same
103 7,829,205 Organic light emitting device
104 7,829,189 Alloy-type semiconductor nanocrystals
105 7,829,187 Mold for optical plate and manufacturing method thereof, and optical plate and manufacturing method thereof
106 7,829,056 Method of coating a substrate with a polymer having a combination of crown ether and carbon nanotubes having guanidine groups
107 7,828,981 Semiconductor probe with high resolution resistive tip and method of fabricating the same
108 7,828,950 Dielectrophoresis apparatus including concentration gradient generating unit
109 7,828,707 Image drum for selectively absorbing toner thereon
110 7,828,618 Super-thin OLED and method for manufacturing the same
111 7,828,563 Electronic device
112 7,828,487 Post-exposure baking apparatus and related method
113 7,828,448 Illumination unit and image projection apparatus employing the same
114 7,828,425 Ink circulation system, inkjet recording apparatus, and ink circulation method thereof
115 7,828,414 Head adjustment method and image forming apparatus
116 7,828,406 Print head error checking apparatus and method
117 7,828,288 Multi-functional peripheral device and adjustable paper output holder
118 7,828,280 Paper feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
119 7,828,222 Radio frequency identifier tag and method of fabrication