Samsung patents granted on 10 April 2007

84 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D540,336 Indicating image for display on a portable telephone
2 D540,302 Headset
3 D540,297 Terminal for A/V
4 D540,293 Portable phone
5 D540,292 Portable phone
6 D540,286 Portable DVD player
7 D540,280 Wall hanging monitor
8 D540,277 LCD TV receiver
9 D540,108 Microwave oven
10 D540,107 Microwave oven
11 D540,106 Microwave oven
12 D540,104 Oven
13 D540,067 Standard-type television prop for DLP
14 7,203,895 Error correction decoding method and apparatus
15 7,203,891 Information storage medium on which drive data is recorded, and method of recording information on the information storage medium
16 7,203,869 Test stream generating method and apparatus for supporting various standards and testing levels
17 7,203,829 Apparatus and method for initializing coprocessor for use in system comprised of main processor and coprocessor
18 7,203,810 Synchronous semiconductor memory device having multi-bank scheme
19 7,203,791 Flash memory device with partial copy-back mode
20 7,203,771 Apparatus, method and computer-readable medium for supplying a signal based on a user input to either a touch pad or an optical device
21 7,203,627 Method for processing missing values in measured data
22 7,203,529 Bar type portable wireless terminal
23 7,203,516 Multi-functional mobile terminal for independently operating heterogeneous devices and method for executing independent operation using the same
24 7,203,512 Soft combining apparatus and method in a CDMA mobile communication system providing MBMS service
25 7,203,501 Apparatus and method for determining position information of a mobile station
26 7,203,483 Wireless communication apparatus, method thereof and wireless communication system employing the same
27 7,203,473 Radio equipment
28 7,203,388 Printed circuit board including waveguide and method of producing the same
29 7,203,375 Quantization error compensation apparatus and method thereof
30 7,203,369 Method for estimating motion by referring to discrete cosine transform coefficients and apparatus therefor
31 7,203,346 Face recognition method and apparatus using component-based face descriptor
32 7,203,240 Method of recovering clock signal using user clock code in TDM digital video signal and transmitting/receiving apparatus used for the method
33 7,203,232 Apparatus and method for adjusting filter tap length of adaptive equalizer by using training sequence
34 7,203,148 Method and apparatus for identifying the type of optical recording medium
35 7,203,136 Optical pickup actuator capable of performing focusing, tracking and tilting operations
36 7,203,110 Precharge circuit and method employing inactive weak precharging and equalizing scheme and memory device including the same
37 7,203,097 Method of operating a semiconductor device and the semiconductor device
38 7,203,058 Portable computer
39 7,203,055 Method of manufacturing multilayered ceramic capacitor by spin coating and multilayered ceramic capacitor
40 7,203,052 Method of fabricating MEMS tunable capacitor with wide tuning range
41 7,203,051 Apparatus for controlling power and signal of electronic equipment with controlling unit and subordinate unit
42 7,203,029 Method and apparatus for controlling track seek servo of disk drive
43 7,203,028 Settling servo control method and apparatus for hard disc drive and method and apparatus for estimating acceleration constant of voice coil motor actuator suitable for the settling servo control method and apparatus
44 7,203,024 Method of testing servo burst signals of hard disk drive and recording medium adapted therefor
45 7,203,016 Method of reproducing data and control device using controllable dummy read gate
46 7,202,986 Light scanning unit
47 7,202,925 Optical sheet assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
48 7,202,866 Apparatus and method of browsing image data based on color temperature, and computer readable medium therefor
49 7,202,727 Bi-directional signal level shift circuit
50 7,202,724 Pulse-based flip-flop
51 7,202,721 Delay locked loop and semiconductor memory device having the same
52 7,202,720 Delay locked loop having a duty cycle correction circuit
53 7,202,714 Amplifier circuit with output delay selectively changed according to common mode voltage level, associated replica delay circuit and internal clock generator
54 7,202,688 Output buffer circuit having signal path used for testing and integrated circuit and test method including the same
55 7,202,606 Light-emitting display
56 7,202,603 Plasma display panel comprising ultraviolet-to-visible ray converter
57 7,202,595 Green phosphor for plasma display panel and plasma display panel comprising the same
58 7,202,561 Semiconductor package with heat dissipating structure and method of manufacturing the same
59 7,202,524 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
60 7,202,522 Erasable and programmable read only memory (EPROM) cell of an EPROM device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having the EPROM cell
61 7,202,521 Silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (SONOS) memory device and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
62 7,202,502 Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display and a photolithography method for fabricating thin films
63 7,202,501 Thin film transistor and method for fabricating the same
64 7,202,498 Liquid crystal display, thin film transistor array panel therefor, and manufacturing method thereof
65 7,202,464 Optical bench, slim optical pickup employing the same and method of manufacturing the optical bench
66 7,202,458 Display and control method thereof
67 7,202,180 Methods of forming semiconductor devices using an etch stop layer
68 7,202,163 Local interconnection method and structure for use in semiconductor device
69 7,202,160 Method of forming an insulating structure having an insulating interlayer and a capping layer and method of forming a metal wiring structure using the same
70 7,202,099 Method of fabricating a laser diode that includes thermally cleaning a deposition reactor using a gas mixture of arsine and hydrogen
71 7,202,011 Photosensitive polymer including fluorine and resist composition containing the same
72 7,202,004 Electrophotographic organophotoreceptors with novel charge transport materials
73 7,202,003 Dry electrophotographic toners comprising amphipathic copolymers having basic functionality
74 7,202,002 Hydrazone-based charge transport materials
75 7,201,998 Pouch-type lithium secondary battery
76 7,201,976 Organic electroluminescence material and electroluminescence device using the same
77 7,201,943 Methods of forming atomic layers of a material on a substrate by sequentially introducing precursors of the material
78 7,201,859 Hole transport layer and method for manufacturing the organic EL device by using the same
79 7,201,807 Method for cleaning a deposition chamber and deposition apparatus for performing in situ cleaning
80 7,201,461 Apparatus for controlling a temperature of an ink-jet printhead
81 7,201,280 Wafer boat for consolidation of porous thin layer
82 7,201,078 Transporting apparatus
83 7,200,948 Geomagnetic sensor for detecting azimuth angle and method thereof
84 7,200,892 Robot cleaner with adjustable brush