Samsung patents granted on 10 April 2012

151 US patents granted on 10 April 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D657,479 LED lamp
2 D657,382 Blu-ray disk player
3 D657,376 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
4 D657,375 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
5 D657,374 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
6 D657,373 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
7 D657,372 Mobile terminal with graphical user interface
8 D657,354 Mobile phone case
9 D657,348 Speaker
10 D657,346 Wireless headset
11 D657,343 Stereo
12 D657,339 Mobile phone
13 D657,338 Mobile phone
14 D657,335 Mobile phone
15 D657,334 Mobile phone
16 D657,333 Mobile phone
17 D657,331 Mobile phone
18 D657,330 Mobile phone
19 D657,329 Portable telephone
20 D657,328 Portable telephone
21 D657,326 Television receiver
22 D657,325 Television receiver
23 D657,324 LED television receiver
24 8,156,514 Auto balancing device and disc chucking device and disc driving device having the same
25 8,156,475 Device and method for testing embedded software using emulator
26 8,156,460 Method of estimating a leakage current in a semiconductor device
27 8,156,344 Method and apparatus for backing up and restoring domain information
28 8,156,256 Method for managing logical address and device thereof
29 8,156,118 Method and system for generating playlists for content items
30 8,156,062 Method for constructing database to deduce disease and providing U-health service using a subset of ontologies
31 8,155,973 Recording and reproducing apparatus for use with optical recording medium having real-time, losslessly encoded data
32 8,155,956 Voice query extension method and system
33 8,155,953 Method and apparatus for discriminating between voice and non-voice using sound model
34 8,155,720 Mobile communication device
35 8,155,719 Key input device for a portable communications apparatus and a sliding module therefor
36 8,155,718 Sliding/hinge apparatus for sliding/rotating type mobile terminals
37 8,155,704 Display device
38 8,155,694 Dual standby mode mobile terminal and communication mode control method thereof
39 8,155,686 Apparatus and method for selecting bandwidth for peer to peer communication in a broadband wireless communication system
40 8,155,685 Method and apparatus for determining reverse transmission power of mobile station in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
41 8,155,643 Mobile terminal and system scan method thereof
42 8,155,631 Multichannel scanning apparatus and method for dual DMB-enabled mobile phone
43 8,155,607 Antenna apparatus of portable terminal
44 8,155,605 Apparatus and method for feedforward-type phase noise elimination in portable terminal
45 8,155,590 Apparatus and method for bluetooth connection in a portable communication system
46 8,155,558 Developing cartridge, image forming apparatus having the same, and printing method for an image forming apparatus
47 8,155,474 Method, medium, and system compensating shadow areas
48 8,155,465 Image processing method, medium, and system
49 8,155,461 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding multi-view image
50 8,155,386 Method and apparatus for obtaining depth information
51 8,155,357 Apparatus and method of reproducing a 7.1 channel sound
52 8,155,337 Compatible circuit and method for 4- and 5-pole earphones and portable device using the same
53 8,155,311 Method and apparatus for encrypting message for maintaining message integrity, and method and apparatus for decrypting message for maintaining message integrity
54 8,155,284 Facsimile apparatus to support a plurality of lines and operating method thereof
55 8,155,278 Communication method and apparatus for phone having voice recognition function
56 8,155,253 Apparatus and method for automatically changing broadcast channel for mobile communication terminal adapted to receive digital multimedia broadcast
57 8,155,232 Multiple antennas transmit diversity scheme
58 8,155,231 Apparatus and method for selecting antenna in an orthogonalized spatial multiplexing system
59 8,155,229 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a signal in a communication system
60 8,155,196 Method of and apparatus for estimating motion vector based on sizes of neighboring partitions, encoder, decoding, and decoding method
61 8,155,181 Multilayer-based video encoding method and apparatus thereof
62 8,155,157 Method and apparatus for synchronizing applications of terminals in communication network
63 8,155,104 Method for preamble-based bandwidth request in wireless portable internet system
64 8,155,100 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving different signal types in communication systems
65 8,155,094 Method for transmitting/receiving data with transfer obligation delegated in WSN
66 8,155,066 Scheduling apparatus and method for proportional resource allocation among mobile virtual network operators
67 8,155,062 System and method for transmitting and receiving common control information in a wireless communication system
68 8,155,051 Apparatus and method for reducing latency in the transmission control protocol layer of a portable communication terminal
69 8,155,046 Apparatus and method for interference cancellation and synchronization maintenance over interference channel estimation in communication system based on full-duplex relay
70 8,155,004 Mobile network system for dynamically controlling communication path and method thereof
71 8,154,983 System and method for the placement of rank information in a physical uplink shared channel
72 8,154,946 Data storage device
73 8,154,934 Semiconductor memory device and memory system having the same
74 8,154,929 Flash memory device controlling common source line voltage, program-verify method, and memory system
75 8,154,927 Nonvolatile memory device and nonvolatile memory system employing same
76 8,154,925 Semiconductor memory device and system capable of executing an interleave programming for a plurality of memory chips and a 2-plane programming at the respective memory chips
77 8,154,924 Nonvolatile memory device and read method
78 8,154,920 Method of reading data and method of inputting and outputting data in non-volatile memory device
79 8,154,910 Full CMOS SRAM
80 8,154,838 PTC device, protective circuit module including the same, and secondary battery including the protective circuit module
81 8,154,799 2D/3D switchable autostereoscopic display apparatus and method
82 8,154,794 Imaging lens and method of manufacturing the same
83 8,154,789 Electronic paper display device and manufacturing method thereof
84 8,154,745 Method and apparatus to generate XHTML contents
85 8,154,695 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
86 8,154,684 Light emission device and display device using the light emission device as a light source
87 8,154,679 Flat panel display and method thereof
88 8,154,640 Sub-pixels, unit pixels, image sensors and methods of operating the same
89 8,154,567 Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display device including the same
90 8,154,563 Color conversion method and apparatus for display device
91 8,154,547 Method and system for early Z test in title-based three-dimensional rendering
92 8,154,543 Stereoscopic image display device
93 8,154,538 Differential signaling system and flat panel display with the same
94 8,154,514 Method of controlling movement of graphics object and remote control device using the same
95 8,154,502 Display apparatus having reduced kickback voltage
96 8,154,500 Gate driver and method of driving display apparatus having the same
97 8,154,497 Driving apparatus for display device
98 8,154,488 Liquid crystal display module having contact protrusion between top chassis and bottom chassis
99 8,154,486 Driving of electrowetting display device
100 8,154,484 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof with reduced power consumption
101 8,154,482 Organic light emitting display and method for driving the same
102 8,154,481 Method for managing display memory data of light emitting display
103 8,154,478 Organic electro luminescence display and driving method thereof
104 8,154,475 Plasma display and driving method thereof
105 8,154,467 Antenna apparatus and wireless communication terminal
106 8,154,448 Global positioning system (GPS) receiver and method of determining location of GPS receiver
107 8,154,446 Method for acquiring signal of satellite
108 8,154,323 Output driver operable over wide range of voltages
109 8,154,301 Method of testing substrate
110 8,154,272 Reference voltage generating apparatus and method thereof for removing temperature invariant current components from a reference current
111 8,154,201 Display device
112 8,154,198 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
113 8,154,197 Organic light emitting diode display device having refraction layers that improve light extraction efficiency and color reproducibility
114 8,154,196 Organic light emitting display with improved power supply control and method of driving the same
115 8,154,122 Semiconductor package and methods of manufacturing the semiconductor package
116 8,154,104 Semiconductor device having a resistor and methods of forming the same
117 8,154,097 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,154,065 Semiconductor memory devices including a vertical channel transistor having a buried bit line
119 8,154,062 CMOS image sensors and related devices and fabrication methods
120 8,154,016 Composition containing thiazole rings, organic semiconductor polymer containing the composition, organic active layer containing the organic semiconductor polymer, organic thin film transistor containing the organic active layer, electronic device containing the organic thin film transistor and method of preparing the same
121 8,153,907 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
122 8,153,904 Substrate panel including insulation parts and bus line
123 8,153,531 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
124 8,153,521 Wafer-level stack package
125 8,153,507 Method of manufacturing high power array type semiconductor laser device
126 8,153,463 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate
127 8,153,345 Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and laser induced thermal imaging method
128 8,153,339 Mask and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device and a thin film transistor array panel using the mask
129 8,153,313 Hybrid voltage supply apparatus, method of controlling the same, and electronic system employing the same as power supply
130 8,153,312 Fuel cell system
131 8,153,289 Secondary battery
132 8,153,287 Air supply system for fuel cell and fuel cell system using the same
133 8,153,267 Composition and organic insulator prepared using the same
134 8,153,259 Ceramic sheet product and method of manufacturing the same
135 8,153,208 Liquid crystal display, a method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display and a liquid crystal composition
136 8,153,190 Patterned magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
137 8,153,184 Organic EL display device and method of manufacturing the same
138 8,153,085 Microfluidic chip and method of fabricating the same
139 8,153,030 Method of manufacturing conductive particle, anisotropic conductive adhesive having the same, and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same
140 8,152,913 Dust collecting apparatus for compressing dust
141 8,152,354 Light source unit, manufacturing method thereof, and display device having the same
142 8,152,311 Display apparatus and light control method of the same
143 8,152,308 Mobile terminal having projector and method of controlling display unit in the mobile terminal
144 8,152,285 Ink jet head and ink supplying method thereof
145 8,152,284 Inkjet head and inkjet head assembly having the same
146 8,152,274 Image forming apparatus
147 8,152,255 Refrigerator with receiving box
148 8,151,953 Suspension and damping device for motor vehicles
149 8,151,729 Mask assembly and method of fabricating the same
150 8,151,657 Input device of inspection system for flat panel display
151 8,151,446 Apparatus for manufacturing printed circuit board