Samsung patents granted on 10 August 2010

150 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,498 Device and methods for channel coding and rate matching in a communication system
2 RE41,482 Method for controlling a power saving mode of a video display device with respect to a predetermined one of a plurality of applied signal sources
3 RE41,480 Video display apparatus with on-screen display pivoting function
4 D621,441 Copy machine attached by function of scanner and printer
5 D621,396 Cradle for portable phone
6 D621,380 Cellular phone
7 D621,379 Mobile phone
8 D621,372 Remote controller
9 7,774,813 Apparatus and method for checking for broadcasting schedule overlap in broadcasting system
10 7,774,733 Method and apparatus for user interface in home network and electronic device and storage medium therefor
11 7,774,678 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding a low density parity check code with maximum error correction and error detection capability
12 7,774,632 Adaptive power management method in portable electronic device
13 7,774,598 Method of managing a key of user for broadcast encryption
14 7,774,581 Apparatus for compressing instruction word for parallel processing VLIW computer and method for the same
15 7,774,541 Storage apparatus using non-volatile memory as cache and method of managing the same
16 7,774,534 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc and write-once disc therefor
17 7,774,527 Apparatus and method for controlling numerous slave devices in an integrated manner
18 7,774,507 Apparatus for providing inter-processor communication using TCP/IP in communication system
19 7,774,505 Method for transmitting image data in real-time
20 7,774,425 Content management method and apparatus
21 7,774,390 Apparatus for collecting garbage block of nonvolatile memory according to power state and method of collecting the same
22 7,774,029 Apparatus and method for controlling a function of a wireless terminal
23 7,774,011 Method, UE and system for providing simultaneous multiple session PoC multimedia service in PoC system
24 7,774,005 System and method for sending short text messages in mobile communication systems
25 7,773,997 System and method for controlling quality of service in a wireless network
26 7,773,994 Method and apparatus for uplink data transmission in handover area using transport channels for uplink service
27 7,773,988 Network entry method in wireless mobile communication system
28 7,773,978 Device and method for processing message-related events in a portable terminal
29 7,773,966 Mobile terminal and method of reducing interfering phase-noise in the mobile terminal
30 7,773,961 Apparatus and method for channel estimation without signaling overhead
31 7,773,960 Apparatus and method for transmitting a signal in a communication system
32 7,773,957 Mobile communication terminal with rotational display unit
33 7,773,954 Device and method for synthesizing transmission frequency in wireless terminal
34 7,773,946 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a cellular communication system
35 7,773,931 Fusing device and image forming apparatus having the same
36 7,773,930 Fixing device and image forming apparatus having the same
37 7,773,910 Image forming apparatus
38 7,773,901 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
39 7,773,887 Single wavelength bi-directional RoF link apparatus or signal transmission in TDD wireless system
40 7,773,875 Auto-focusing camera module having liquid lens
41 7,773,808 Apparatus and method for recognizing a character image from an image screen
42 7,773,781 Face detection method and apparatus and security system employing the same
43 7,773,752 Circuits, apparatus, methods and computer program products for providing conditional access and copy protection schemes for digital broadcast data
44 7,773,748 Method for making seed value used in pseudo random number gnerator and device thereof
45 7,773,705 Apparatus and method for canceling neighbor cell interference in broadband wireless communication system
46 7,773,693 Apparatus and method for direct quadrature power amplifier modulation
47 7,773,684 Digital broadcasting transmission and/or reception system to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
48 7,773,649 Semiconductor laser diode having wafer-bonded structure and method of fabricating the same
49 7,773,637 Signal transmitting method and apparatus using length division multiple access
50 7,773,627 Method and apparatus for allocating transmission opportunity in communication system
51 7,773,580 Apparatus and method for voice processing of voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
52 7,773,574 Scheduling wireless communication among delay-sensitive and delay-insensitive terminals
53 7,773,570 Method and system for transmitting/receiving signal in wireless local network mesh communication system
54 7,773,567 Method and apparatus for providing uplink packet data service in asynchronous WCDMA system
55 7,773,563 Apparatus and method for deciding on vertical handoff
56 7,773,524 Apparatus and method for using automatic repeat request scheme in a broadband wireless access communication system
57 7,773,509 Method and system for traffic control for providing quality of service in a network
58 7,773,475 Optical pickup actuator and optical recording/reproducing apparatus having the same
59 7,773,473 Write once disc allowing management of data area, method of managing the data area, and apparatus and method for reproducing data from write once disc
60 7,773,444 Semiconductor memory device and data write and read methods thereof
61 7,773,435 Semiconductor memory devices for controlling latency
62 7,773,427 Non-volatile memory device and method of operating
63 7,773,422 3-level non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
64 7,773,420 Memory card system including NAND flash memory and SRAM/NOR flash memory, and data storage method thereof
65 7,773,419 NOR flash memory device with a serial sensing operation and method of sensing data bits in a NOR flash memory device
66 7,773,415 Flash memory device capable of preventing soft-programming during a read operation and reading method thereof
67 7,773,406 Ferroelectric random access memory circuits for guarding against operation with out-of-range voltages
68 7,773,372 Organic light emitting diode display
69 7,773,339 Method and apparatus for a disk clamp used in a hard disk drive that reduces mechanical deformation on at least one disk from tightened screws through the disk clamp
70 7,773,336 Harmonic measurement for head-disk spacing control using user data
71 7,773,288 Dynamic image regulator
72 7,773,273 Method and apparatus for removing show-through in scanned image
73 7,773,269 Scanner and control method thereof
74 7,773,267 Printing apparatus having scanner function
75 7,773,251 Method and apparatus to process scanned images
76 7,773,246 Printing system and image forming device for printing electronic document and printing method thereof
77 7,773,238 Image forming apparatus for reducing time of printing consecutive pages of data and image forming method thereof
78 7,773,192 Method for measuring a cell gap in a liquid crystal display
79 7,773,185 Thin film transistor array panel and display apparatus having the same
80 7,773,175 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,773,171 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,773,169 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
83 7,773,168 Liquid crystal display wherein the data line overlaps the source region in a direction parallel with the gate line and also overlaps the drain region
84 7,773,165 Liquid crystal display
85 7,773,157 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for adaptive Y/C separation
86 7,773,155 Broadcasting signal receiver and control method thereof
87 7,773,133 Camera apparatus and method for removing image noise
88 7,773,102 Apparatus and method for driving a display device including four color pixels
89 7,773,078 Information detection device and information detection display device
90 7,773,060 Method, medium, and apparatus compensating for differences in persistence of display phosphors
91 7,773,057 Display device and driving method thereof
92 7,773,056 Pixel circuit and light emitting display
93 7,773,055 Display device and driving method thereof
94 7,773,054 Organic light emitting diode display
95 7,773,030 Method and system for antenna training and communication protocol for multi-beamforming communication
96 7,773,018 Sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter and solid-state image pickup device
97 7,772,998 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding metadata
98 7,772,915 Temperature sensing circuit and method using DLL
99 7,772,910 Internal clock generator, system and method
100 7,772,907 Linear digital phase interpolator and semi-digital delay locked loop (DLL)
101 7,772,869 Display device and method for testing the same
102 7,772,866 Structure and method of mapping signal intensity to surface voltage for integrated circuit inspection
103 7,772,828 Automatic test equipment capable of high speed test
104 7,772,816 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing a load regulation tuner for linear regulation
105 7,772,788 Method for driving a light source and backlight assembly employing the same
106 7,772,777 Plasma display apparatus
107 7,772,776 Display device with panel and chassis base aligned
108 7,772,775 Plasma display panel (PDP)
109 7,772,770 Flat display panel and flat panel display device having the same
110 7,772,768 Polarizer and flat panel display apparatus including the same
111 7,772,767 Display device
112 7,772,765 Double-sided organic electroluminescent display having optical shutter and information terminal using the same
113 7,772,764 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
114 7,772,760 Active matrix organic light emitting device
115 7,772,758 Electron emission display including spacers with layers
116 7,772,754 Electron emission display spacer with flattening layer and manufacturing method thereof
117 7,772,711 Semiconductor device including single crystal silicon layer
118 7,772,654 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices
119 7,772,643 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device having a metal gate pattern
120 7,772,639 Charge-trap nonvolatile memory devices
121 7,772,637 Semiconductor devices including gate structures and leakage barrier oxides
122 7,772,624 Image sensors and methods of fabricating same
123 7,772,598 Display device and manufacturing method therefor
124 7,772,527 Heat reflector and substrate processing apparatus comprising the same
125 7,772,108 Interconnection structures for semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
126 7,772,103 Method of forming a wire structure
127 7,772,069 Methods of forming a semiconductor device
128 7,772,067 Methods of forming phase-changeable memory devices using growth-enhancing and growth-inhibiting layers for phase-changeable materials
129 7,772,061 Method for fabricating semiconductor device using two crystallization methods
130 7,772,026 MEMS device package and method for manufacturing the same
131 7,772,021 Flat panel displays comprising a thin-film transistor having a semiconductive oxide in its channel and methods of fabricating the same for use in flat panel displays
132 7,771,889 Fuel cartridge and direct liquid feed fuel cell system having the same
133 7,771,881 Fuel supply unit for reformer and fuel cell system with the same
134 7,771,868 Battery pack
135 7,771,862 Cap assembly and a safety valve for a secondary battery
136 7,771,860 Catalyst of a fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system including catalyst
137 7,771,843 Organic light-emitting device employing doped hole transporting layer and/or hole injecting layer
138 7,771,676 Preferential oxidation reactor integrated with heat exchanger and operating method thereof
139 7,771,624 Nanoparticles, conductive ink and circuit line forming device
140 7,771,613 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
141 7,771,573 Microfluidic device for electrochemically regulating pH of fluid therein and method of regulating pH of fluid using the microfluidic device
142 7,771,539 Holder for fabricating organic light emitting display
143 7,771,499 Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus of a vacuum cleaner
144 7,771,361 Blood pressure measuring apparatus and method of measuring blood pressure
145 7,771,106 Lamp socket, backlight assembly having the same, display device having the same and method of assembling a lamp module
146 7,771,105 Liquid crystal display device and method for assembling the same
147 7,771,081 LED package and backlight unit using the same
148 7,771,078 Lamp fixing holder and back light assembly having the same
149 7,771,021 Inkjet head assembly and printing apparatus with ultraviolet emitting unit and method using the same
150 7,771,005 Image forming apparatus and method of driving the same