Samsung patents granted on 10 February 2009

104 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D586,385 Laser printer
2 D586,374 Digital camera
3 D586,360 Display image for a mobile phone
4 D586,354 Display image for an MP3 player
5 D586,353 Display image for a mobile phone
6 D586,352 Monitor with the pictorial image
7 D586,345 Portable radio frequency identification device reader
8 D586,343 Notebook computer
9 D586,333 Bluetooth earphone
10 D586,325 Portable phone
11 D586,324 Cellular phone
12 D586,322 Mobile phone
13 D586,312 Cellular phone
14 D586,311 Portable phone
15 D586,310 Portable phone
16 D586,309 Cellular phone
17 D586,173 Microwave oven
18 7,490,357 Data protection in data storage system
19 7,490,293 Device discovery and control in a bridged home network
20 7,490,262 Method of determining defects in information storage medium, recording/reproducing apparatus using the same, and information storage medium
21 7,490,193 Flash memory devices with MMC interfaces and methods of operating the same
22 7,490,188 Apparatus and method for USB data transmission in hybrid terminal including two CPUs utilizing two memories
23 7,490,181 Data reproducing apparatus for transforming external input signal and method thereof
24 7,490,160 Method of efficiently transmitting/receiving data using transport layer in a mobile ad hoc network, and network device using the method
25 7,490,016 Method and apparatus for calibrating position of image sensor, and method of detecting position of image sensor
26 7,489,985 Robot cleaner system and a method for returning to external recharging apparatus
27 7,489,924 Apparatus and system for providing remote control service through communication network, and method thereof
28 7,489,917 Tuner block for use in video signal receiving apparatus having modulator, tuner and IF/demodulator circuit
29 7,489,893 Hybrid type developing apparatus and developing method
30 7,489,839 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
31 7,489,831 Method and apparatus for darker region details using image global information
32 7,489,743 Recovery circuits and methods for the same
33 7,489,714 Speckle reduction laser and laser display apparatus having the same
34 7,489,708 Method of dividing a payload intra-frame
35 7,489,697 IEEE 1394-based unidirectional ring system for indoor backbone network
36 7,489,686 Optical network unit for an access network employing IEEE 1394
37 7,489,674 Method for wireless local area network communication using multiple channels
38 7,489,668 Method for transmitting a frame at a high rate in a wireless local area network
39 7,489,664 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving orthogonal code index information in a mobile communication system
40 7,489,652 Method of communications between MIMO stations
41 7,489,646 Method for transmitting and receiving data bi-directionally during allocated time and wireless device using the same
42 7,489,619 Probe position error detecting method and apparatus in probe-based data storage system
43 7,489,618 Position detection system of probe-based data storage apparatus and position detection method
44 7,489,611 Optical disc device
45 7,489,608 Wobble signal detection
46 7,489,606 Information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
47 7,489,605 Method and apparatus of reproducing data from an information storage medium
48 7,489,570 Semiconductor memory device with hierarchical bit line structure
49 7,489,566 High voltage generator and related flash memory device
50 7,489,565 Flash memory device including multi-buffer block
51 7,489,558 Program method of flash memory capable of compensating read margin reduced due to charge loss
52 7,489,557 Methods for reducing write time in nonvolatile memory devices and related devices
53 7,489,544 Flash memory device having multi-level cell and reading and programming method thereof
54 7,489,480 Laminated actuator arm in a hard disk drive
55 7,489,471 Bias calculation, bias compensation, and bias table editing methods for HDD, recording media storing computer programs for executing the same, and HDD using the same
56 7,489,467 Method for measuring track width of hard disk drive
57 7,489,461 Disk drive, medium and method of compensating for a write parameter
58 7,489,430 Polygonal mirror apparatus
59 7,489,373 Prism sheet and liquid crystal display having the same
60 7,489,365 Driving a panel
61 7,489,340 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens assembly
62 7,489,329 Scanning apparatus using vibration light modulator
63 7,489,327 Toner adsorption image forming apparatus
64 7,489,312 Pixel unit scanning-based display apparatus
65 7,489,290 Light emitting display device and driving method thereof
66 7,489,289 Image display device and drive method thereof
67 7,489,262 Digital to analog converter having integrated level shifter and method for using same to drive display device
68 7,489,200 Gain controllable low noise amplifier and wireless communication receiver having the same
69 7,489,189 Power amplifier circuit reducing electromagnetic interference
70 7,489,188 Input matching apparatus and method for power amplifier using delta-sigma modulated signal
71 7,489,171 Adaptive delay-locked loops and methods of generating clock signals using the same
72 7,489,080 Direct current plasma panel (DC-PDP) and method of manufacturing the same
73 7,489,075 Double-sided light emitting organic electroluminescence display device having a reflection layer and fabrication method thereof
74 7,489,070 Field emission device and field emission display using the same having a concave-shaped cathode to enhance electron focusing
75 7,489,035 Integrated circuit chip package having a ring-shaped silicon decoupling capacitor
76 7,489,015 Magnetic shielding for magnetic random access memory
77 7,489,003 Semiconductor device having a channel extending vertically
78 7,488,996 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display
79 7,488,982 Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof, and active matrix display device and manufacturing method thereof
80 7,488,981 Memory devices having sharp-tipped phase change layer patterns
81 7,488,977 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,488,974 Organic light emitting display including transparent cathode
83 7,488,936 TFT array inspecting apparatus
84 7,488,876 Method for selectively separating semiconductive carbon nanotubes
85 7,488,694 Methods of forming silicon nitride layers using nitrogenous compositions
86 7,488,688 Method of removing oxide layer and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus for removing oxide layer
87 7,488,687 Methods of forming electrical interconnect structures using polymer residues to increase etching selectivity through dielectric layers
88 7,488,684 Organic aluminum precursor and method of forming a metal wire using the same
89 7,488,654 Fabrication of local damascene finFETs using contact type nitride damascene mask
90 7,488,648 Methods of fabricating scalable two-transistor memory devices having metal source/drain regions
91 7,488,644 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
92 7,488,637 CMOS image sensor and method for forming the same
93 7,488,633 Method for forming polysilicon by illuminating a laser beam at the amorphous silicon substrate through a mask
94 7,488,628 Methods for fabricating ferroelectric memory devices with improved ferroelectric properties
95 7,488,596 Microfluidic device comprising electrolysis device for cell lysis and method for electrochemically lysing cells using the same
96 7,488,570 Method of forming metal pattern having low resistivity
97 7,488,556 Battery module and its method of manufacture
98 7,488,552 Direct liquid feed fuel cell stack
99 7,488,235 Polishing apparatus and related polishing methods
100 7,488,089 Optical package, optical lens and backlight assembly having the same
101 7,487,722 Method of manufacturing a display panel with ink recovery
102 7,487,676 Method of and apparatus for measuring a level of liquid in a reservoir, and apparatus for forming a layer on a substrate comprising a liquid level detector
103 7,487,590 Method for manufacturing monolithic ink-jet printhead having heater disposed between dual ink chambers
104 7,487,570 Apparatus for protecting motor of a vacuum cleaner