Samsung patents granted on 10 February 2015

188 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,366 Method of writing data to a memory
2 D722,411 Vacuum cleaner
3 D722,409 Vacuum cleaner
4 D722,338 Case for a printer
5 D722,299 TV receiver
6 8,955,158 Method and apparatus for transmitting rights object information between device and portable storage
7 8,955,064 Control over access to device management tree of device management client
8 8,955,014 Method and apparatus for browsing broadcast programs using dynamic user interface
9 8,955,005 Viewer behavior tracking using pattern matching and character recognition
10 8,955,000 Disc drive and a housing thereof including penetration hole
11 8,954,946 Static branch prediction method and code execution method for pipeline processor, and code compiling method for static branch prediction
12 8,954,757 Method, host, storage, and machine-readable storage medium for protecting content
13 8,954,741 Apparatus and method for supporting family cloud in cloud computing system
14 8,954,708 Method of storing data in non-volatile memory having multiple planes, non-volatile memory controller therefor, and memory system including the same
15 8,954,693 Data storage device with selective data compression
16 8,954,641 Method and apparatus for establishing communication
17 8,954,585 Apparatus for resource allocation in a frequency overlay system and a method thereof
18 8,954,558 Method and system for handling a dynamic host configuration protocol internet protocol version 4 address release
19 8,954,489 Widget activation and communication method
20 8,954,487 Management server and method for providing cloud computing service
21 8,954,460 Apparatus and method for scheduling user defined operator (UDO) in data stream management system (DSMS)
22 8,954,326 Apparatus and method for voice command recognition based on a combination of dialog models
23 8,954,229 Method of dynamically changing content displayed in a vehicular head unit and mobile terminal for the same
24 8,954,200 Electric device, power management system including the electric device, and method for controlling the same
25 8,954,172 Method and apparatus to process an audio user interface and audio device using the same
26 8,954,171 Analog/digital audio converter and a method thereof
27 8,954,140 Method and system for determining QRS complexes in electrocardiogram signals
28 8,954,120 Cradling apparatus for portable communication device
29 8,954,112 Apparatus and method for setting up an interface in a mobile terminal
30 8,954,107 Method, apparatus, and system for reporting power headroom in a mobile communication system
31 8,954,106 Method and apparatus for configuring power headroom information in mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
32 8,954,105 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data and control information through an uplink in a wireless communication system
33 8,954,098 Short message processing method and apparatus which parses and lexically analyzes meaningful words to determine a corresponding supplementary service
34 8,954,096 Method and apparatus for detecting insertion of SIM card in a portable terminal
35 8,954,079 Mobile communication system and base station identifier management method thereof
36 8,954,066 Method of transmitting information related to a multicast service in a mobile telecommunications network
37 8,953,964 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling fusing temperature of the same
38 8,953,896 Method and apparatus for enhancing image quality using spatial modulation per band
39 8,953,879 System, method and medium performing color correction of display images
40 8,953,825 Display apparatus and control method thereof
41 8,953,819 Method and apparatus for focusing sound using array speaker
42 8,953,781 Apparatus and method for ciphering of uplink data in mobile communication system
43 8,953,727 Method of detection of signal in communication systems with MIMO channel
44 8,953,707 Differential codebook for temporally-correlated MISO dual-polarization antenna
45 8,953,682 Method and apparatus for encoding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video
46 8,953,667 Communication system with modulation classifier and method of operation thereof
47 8,953,633 Methods and device of managing resources in a wireless communication network
48 8,953,580 Transport stream packets with time stamp generation by medium access control
49 8,953,578 Method and system for contention avoidance in multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output wireless networks
50 8,953,568 Roaming method and apparatus for terminals in wireless local area network
51 8,953,563 Method and system for multi-layer beamforming
52 8,953,560 Apparatus and method for providing voice call continuity using different networks in wireless communication system
53 8,953,555 Cell reselection method and apparatus for packet data service in a mobile communication terminal
54 8,953,552 Method and apparatus for allocating resources of a control channel in a mobile communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
55 8,953,534 Apparatus and method for avoiding downlink interference from interfering base station in mobile communication system
56 8,953,531 Method and apparatus for managing resources for P2P communication in wireless communication system
57 8,953,522 Method and apparatus for controlling retransmission on uplink in a wireless communication system supporting MIMO
58 8,953,514 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having beacon design
59 8,953,509 Method for controlling discontinuous reception in mobile communication device
60 8,953,447 Method and apparatus for controlling traffic transfer rate based on cell capacity in mobile communication system
61 8,953,431 Apparatus and method for estimating channel in digital video broadcasting system
62 8,953,385 Method of programming non-volatile memory device and apparatuses for performing the method
63 8,953,382 Vertical nonvolatile memory devices and methods of operating same
64 8,953,376 Nonvolatile memory device and read method thereof
65 8,953,368 Magnetic memory device having bidirectional read scheme
66 8,953,356 Semiconductor devices
67 8,953,343 Power supply apparatus having multiple outputs
68 8,953,339 Power module and display device
69 8,953,323 Display device
70 8,953,300 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
71 8,953,293 Battery protection circuit
72 8,953,280 Spindle motor having labyrinth sealing portion and hard disk drive including the same
73 8,953,264 Position detecting apparatus and lens barrel assembly including the same
74 8,953,260 Telephoto lens system
75 8,953,243 Anti-reflection structure using surface plasmon and high-K dielectric material and method of manufacturing the anti-reflection structure
76 8,953,238 High-speed optical modulator and method of modulating light by using the same
77 8,953,224 Operating device usable with image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
78 8,953,152 Depth sensors, depth information error compensation methods thereof, and signal processing systems having the depth sensors
79 8,953,138 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
80 8,953,136 Color filter substrate, liquid crystal display device including color filter substrate, and method of fabricating color filter substrate
81 8,953,135 Display apparatus
82 8,953,131 Touch sensor
83 8,953,128 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
84 8,953,127 Lens panel, method for manufacturing lens panel, and display apparatus having lens panel
85 8,953,126 Liquid crystal display
86 8,953,119 Display device
87 8,953,113 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
88 8,953,099 Display apparatus, remote control apparatus, and method for providing user interface using the same
89 8,953,091 Apparatus and method for adjusting focal point by using imaging device for outputting phase difference signal
90 8,953,073 Image sensor configured to regulate a quantity of light absorbed thereby, electronic device including the same, and image sensing method
91 8,953,021 Image processing systems for increasing resolution of three-dimensional depth data
92 8,953,019 Method and apparatus for generating stream and method and apparatus for processing stream
93 8,953,001 Method of digital-driving an organic light emitting display device
94 8,952,998 Organic light emitting display apparatus
95 8,952,973 Image signal processor and method of operating the same
96 8,952,962 Graphics processing method and apparatus using post fragment shader
97 8,952,954 DC-DC converter and organic light emitting display including the same
98 8,952,951 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
99 8,952,950 Display apparatus and apparatus and method for generating power voltages
100 8,952,944 Stage circuit and scan driver using the same
101 8,952,943 Scan driving device and driving method thereof
102 8,952,941 Energy-efficient display apparatus with object-sensing capability
103 8,952,938 Method for compensating position of pointing device and pointing device employing the same
104 8,952,901 Mobile device and method for providing user interface (UI) thereof
105 8,952,900 Touch screen display apparatus
106 8,952,883 Method of driving electrophoretic display with gray pixels
107 8,952,878 Display device
108 8,952,877 Display device and driving method thereof
109 8,952,876 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
110 8,952,874 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
111 8,952,850 Mimo antenna apparatus
112 8,952,755 Power amplifier
113 8,952,716 Method of detecting defects in a semiconductor device and semiconductor device using the same
114 8,952,650 Device and method for charging a master device using a detachable device
115 8,952,647 Switching control apparatus and method of two-phase switched reluctance motor
116 8,952,644 Apparatus and method for controlling motor
117 8,952,641 Biasing circuit for hall sensor and hall amplifier in motor driving circuit
118 8,952,640 Apparatus and method for controlling actuator
119 8,952,639 Apparatus and method for controlling motor
120 8,952,638 Circuit and method for detecting duty ratio of PWM signal
121 8,952,622 Light emitting diode driving apparatus, driving method of light emitting diode, and computer-readable recording medium
122 8,952,608 Donor substrate for laser induced thermal imaging method and method of fabricating organic light emitting display device using the same
123 8,952,599 Polarization structure, method of manufacturing the same and organic light emitting display having the structure
124 8,952,585 Rotating member for motor and base assembly for motor, and motor including the same
125 8,952,580 Linear vibration motor
126 8,952,561 Battery pack for electric bicycle and control method thereof
127 8,952,549 Semiconductor packages and methods of manufacturing the same
128 8,952,543 Via connection structures, semiconductor devices having the same, and methods of fabricating the structures and devices
129 8,952,531 Packaging method using solder coating ball and package having solder pattern including metal pattern
130 8,952,517 Package-on-package device and method of fabricating the same
131 8,952,513 Stack type semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
132 8,952,510 Semiconductor chip and film and tab package comprising the chip and film
133 8,952,475 Pixel, pixel array, and image sensor
134 8,952,452 Semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing the same
135 8,952,448 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods for manufacturing same
136 8,952,443 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
137 8,952,438 Three-dimensional microelectronic devices including horizontal and vertical patterns
138 8,952,434 Magnetic patterns and methods of forming magnetic patterns
139 8,952,423 Semiconductor device having decoupling capacitors and dummy transistors
140 8,952,419 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
141 8,952,410 LED lens and LED package using the same
142 8,952,404 Light-emitting device package and method of manufacturing the light-emitting device package
143 8,952,396 LED module, backlight unit including the LED module, and method for manufacturing the LED module
144 8,952,389 Light emitting diode and method for fabricating the same
145 8,952,386 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus
146 8,952,376 Thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing the same
147 8,952,370 Organic light emitting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
148 8,952,368 Thin film transistor and display device having the same
149 8,952,366 Organic electroluminescent display
150 8,952,360 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
151 8,952,358 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
152 8,952,356 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device including the semiconductor device
153 8,952,314 Two-step analog-digital converting circuit and method
154 8,952,289 Laser crystallization apparatus and method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel using the same
155 8,952,265 Electromagnetic interference noise reduction package board
156 8,952,243 Stacked structure including vertically grown semiconductor, p-n junction device including the stacked structure, and method of manufacturing thereof
157 8,951,949 Composition for stripping color filter and regeneration method of color filter using the same
158 8,951,882 Method of fabricating optoelectronic integrated circuit substrate
159 8,951,881 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices including voids between active regions and related devices
160 8,951,866 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices including threshold voltage control regions
161 8,951,853 Method of forming semiconductor device using Si-H rich silicon nitride layer
162 8,951,835 Method of fabricating a package substrate
163 8,951,779 Bio memory disc and bio memory disc drive apparatus, and assay method using the same
164 8,951,700 Methods of manufacturing optical filters and methods of manufacturing organic light emitting display devices having optical filters
165 8,951,691 Solid oxide fuel cell stack
166 8,951,679 Beta alumina solid electrolyte and method of preparing the same
167 8,951,678 Solid electrolyte, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery containing the solid electrolyte
168 8,951,663 Secondary battery
169 8,951,659 Barrier and battery module having the same
170 8,951,649 Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
171 8,951,610 Organic layer deposition apparatus
172 8,951,554 Microcapsule, structure having a microcapsule, article having a microcapsule, and method of preparing microcapsules
173 8,951,387 Method and apparatus for peeling protection film for flat display panel
174 8,951,383 Apparatus for treating wafers using supercritical fluid
175 8,951,349 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
176 8,951,194 Ultrasound image processing based on motion degree of ultrasound probe
177 8,951,095 High selectivity slurry delivery system
178 8,951,083 Method for manufacturing an organic light emitting diode display
179 8,951,048 Printed circuit board having terminals
180 8,950,933 Apparatus and method for channel aggregation and guard channel indication for visible light communication
181 8,950,882 Control panel assembly and washing machine having the same
182 8,950,880 Lighting device and photographing system including the same
183 8,950,762 Arm-wheel type robotic vehicle comprising suspension system
184 8,950,594 Tray for flat display panel
185 8,950,285 Robot joint driving method, computer-readable medium, device assembly and robot having the same
186 8,950,264 Jig device usable with flat display panel and endurance test method using the same
187 8,950,219 Washing machine and control method thereof
188 8,950,036 Dust remover for charge-coupled device