Samsung patents granted on 10 January 2006

27 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 6,986,077 Accounting apparatus and method for mobile communication system
2 6,985,978 Method of optimizing topology of IEEE 1394 serial bus
3 6,985,830 Method of measuring the probability of failure caused only by defects, method of measuring defect limited yield, and system using the same
4 6,985,778 NAND flash memory interface device
5 6,985,723 System and method for providing public/private mobile communication service
6 6,985,399 Main word line driver circuit receiving negative voltage in semiconductor memory device
7 6,985,394 Integrated circuit devices including input/output line pairs and precharge circuits and related memory devices
8 6,985,354 Portable computer mounted with wireless LAN card
9 6,985,293 Optical pickup using an optical phase plate and which is compatible with optical media for different types
10 6,985,193 Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
11 6,985,191 Computer system and method for storing TV signals therein
12 6,985,098 Analog front end circuit and method of compensating for DC offset in the analog front end circuit
13 6,985,040 Voltage controlled oscillator and method of generating an oscillating signal
14 6,984,990 Apparatus for detecting connection state between stereo earphone plug and corresponding jack of mobile communication terminal
15 6,984,968 Switching power supply apparatus for outputting variable voltage
16 6,984,956 Method of driving step motor
17 6,984,895 Bonding pad structure of a semiconductor device
18 6,984,877 Bumped chip carrier package using lead frame and method for manufacturing the same
19 6,984,845 Single-electron transistor using nanoparticles
20 6,984,594 Deposition method of insulating layers having low dielectric constant of semiconductor devices
21 6,984,568 Semiconductor memory device having multi-layered storage node contact plug and method for fabricating the same
22 6,984,539 Method of manufacturing light-emitting diode device
23 6,984,469 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries and method of preparing same
24 6,984,461 Blue electroluminescent polymer and organic-electroluminescent device using the same
25 6,984,345 Cavity-preventing type reactor and a method for fabricating a preform for a plastic optical fiber using the same
26 6,984,024 Monolithic ink-jet printhead having an ink chamber defined by a barrier wall and manufacturing method thereof
27 6,983,755 Cleaning method and cleaning apparatus for performing the same