Samsung patents granted on 10 January 2012

96 US patents granted on 10 January 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,079 Thin film transistors for liquid crystal displays
2 D652,072 Developing device for a laser printer
3 D652,066 Camcorder
4 D652,056 Blu-ray disk player
5 D652,055 Blu-ray disk player
6 D652,016 Mobile phone
7 D652,015 Mobile phone
8 D652,014 Mobile phone
9 D652,013 Mobile phone
10 D652,012 Mobile phone
11 D652,011 Mobile phone
12 D652,010 Mobile phone
13 D652,009 Mobile phone
14 D652,008 Mobile phone
15 D652,007 Mobile phone
16 D652,006 Mobile phone
17 D652,005 Mobile phone
18 D652,004 Mobile phone
19 D651,812 Digital photo frame
20 8,095,953 User interface for the image processing apparatus
21 8,095,947 Motor and disk driver having the same
22 8,095,924 Method and apparatus to upgrade driver of image forming apparatus
23 8,095,887 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
24 8,095,812 Low power zigbee device and low power wake-up method
25 8,095,806 Method of power simulation and power simulator
26 8,095,651 Delayable events in home network
27 8,095,165 Method and apparatus for uplink power control in communication system
28 8,095,158 Time setting method and apparatus for use in a mobile communication terminal
29 8,095,114 System and method for provisioning broadcast and multicast services in a wireless network
30 8,095,100 Receiver with sigma-delta structure
31 8,095,079 Decentralized control of feedback for multi-user diversity
32 8,095,071 Method for pairing wireless communication devices and apparatus for the same
33 8,095,063 Image forming apparatus and method thereof
34 8,095,057 Transferring unit and image forming apparatus
35 8,095,023 Image forming apparatus
36 8,094,991 Methods and apparatus for recording and reproducing a moving image, and a recording medium in which program for executing the methods is recorded
37 8,094,989 Method and apparatus for generating external input table
38 8,094,936 Method and apparatus to segment motion area in real-time to detect motion in surveillance camera system
39 8,094,871 Method and apparatus for inserting video watermark in compression domain
40 8,094,761 Uplink feedback for supporting MIMO operation in the LTE downlink
41 8,094,747 Transmit methods for CCFI/PCFICH in a wireless communication system
42 8,094,743 Spatial modulation method and transmitting and receiving apparatuses using the same in a multiple input multiple output system
43 8,094,733 Apparatus and method for feeding back channel quality information and scheduling apparatus and method using the same in a wireless communication system
44 8,094,708 Receiver with multiple antennas and method of receiving signals
45 8,094,604 Method of inputting data in a wireless terminal and wireless terminal implementing the same
46 8,094,596 Wireless personal area network Zigbee receiver and receiving method thereof
47 8,094,564 Communication system, method and apparatus for providing mirroring service in the communication system
48 8,094,549 Apparatus and method for classifying quality-of-service of packet in portable internet system
49 8,094,537 Information storage medium and method of recording/reproducing the same
50 8,094,531 Apparatus for and method of detecting tracking error signals
51 8,094,495 Nonvolatile memory device
52 8,094,473 Bridgeless power factor correction circuit
53 8,094,444 Sliding type portable electronic device
54 8,094,364 Optical film for display apparatus using electrophoresis and filter for display apparatus having the same
55 8,094,333 System and method for optimizing the performance factors of a multi-function peripheral (MFP)
56 8,094,328 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
57 8,094,272 Liquid crystal displays
58 8,094,262 Liquid crystal display
59 8,094,250 Wide viewing angle liquid crystal display with high response speed
60 8,094,211 Method and apparatus for obtaining image using entropy
61 8,094,194 Display apparatus and control method thereof
62 8,094,185 Three-dimensional image display method and apparatus
63 8,094,142 Display device
64 8,094,098 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
65 8,094,070 Method and apparatus for fast tracking position by using global positioning system
66 8,094,058 Analog digital converters and image sensors including the same
67 8,094,048 Method of decoding syntax element in context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding decoder and decoding device therefor
68 8,093,948 Power amplifier
69 8,093,947 Power amplifier
70 8,093,832 Backlight unit with reduced inverter noise and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
71 8,093,827 Light source module, light source assembly having the same and display device having the light source module
72 8,093,818 Plasma display and voltage generator thereof
73 8,093,814 Electrode-forming composition and plasma display panel manufactured using the same
74 8,093,813 Plasma display panel
75 8,093,810 Plasma display device
76 8,093,726 Semiconductor packages having interposers, electronic products employing the same, and methods of manufacturing the same
77 8,093,705 Dual face package having resin insulating layer
78 8,093,703 Semiconductor package having buried post in encapsulant and method of manufacturing the same
79 8,093,615 Light emitting diode module
80 8,093,603 Organic light emitting diode display
81 8,093,595 Thin film array panel and manufacturing method thereof
82 8,093,594 Display substrate, display device having the same and method of manufacturing the same
83 8,093,376 Method for preparation of high enzymatic resistance hydroxyalkylcellulose derivatives
84 8,093,172 Glass composition, dielectric composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor embedded low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate using the same
85 8,093,089 Methods of manufacturing image sensors including gettering regions
86 8,093,079 Methods of fabricating a light-emitting device
87 8,093,075 Semiconductor integrated circuit including a power supply, semiconductor system including a semiconductor integrated circuit, and method of forming a semiconductor integrated circuit
88 8,092,982 Photosensitive paste composition, barrier rib prepared using the composition and plasma display panel comprising the barrier rib
89 8,092,981 Negative photoresist composition and method of manufacturing array substrate using the same
90 8,092,949 Fuel cell system with fuel conversion reactor
91 8,092,938 Secondary battery and method of fabricating the same
92 8,092,933 Portable terminal having battery cover
93 8,092,719 Nanocrystal-metal oxide composites and preparation method thereof
94 8,092,702 Method of multi-stage substrate etching and terahertz oscillator manufactured using the same method
95 8,092,698 Methods of forming semiconductor devices formed by processes including the use of specific etchant solutions
96 8,092,556 Solid electrolytic condenser and apparatus and method for forming insulating layer of the solid electrolytic condenser