Samsung patents granted on 10 July 2012

135 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D663,342 Digital camera
2 D663,341 Digital camera
3 D663,298 Terminal for portable mobile communication
4 D663,287 Remote controller for television receiver
5 D663,281 Terminal for portable mobile communication
6 D663,280 Mobile phone
7 D663,279 Mobile phone
8 D663,278 Mobile phone
9 8,220,059 Method and apparatus for generating rights object by reauthorization
10 8,220,044 Apparatus and method for triggering session re-negotiation between access network and access terminal in a high rate packet data system
11 8,220,029 Method and system for enforcing trusted computing policies in a hypervisor security module architecture
12 8,219,938 Semiconductor inter-field dose correction
13 8,219,932 Terminal and method for displaying contents information as icons and thumbnail images in a life-diary
14 8,219,910 Host device to install driver and method thereof
15 8,219,793 Storage medium to manage a master boot record and a method of booting a computer system using a storage medium
16 8,219,732 Method for managing state in a wireless network
17 8,219,694 Portable communication terminal apparatus, communication system and network address setting method thereof
18 8,219,692 Method and apparatus for storing and restoring state information of remote user interface
19 8,219,571 Object verification apparatus and method
20 8,219,393 Error concealment method and apparatus for audio signal and decoding method and apparatus for audio signal using the same
21 8,219,164 Apparatus and method for supporting multiple antenna service in a wireless communication system
22 8,219,118 Method and apparatus for decoding paging message in wireless communication system
23 8,219,093 Handover processing method and system for multi-mode mobile station
24 8,219,088 Method and apparatus for registering location of terminal in packet-switching domain
25 8,219,083 Service roaming system and method
26 8,219,038 Method and apparatus for improving broadcasting reception performance of portable terminal
27 8,218,995 Power supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
28 8,218,992 Method and apparatus to control cooling fan to cool fusing unit of image forming apparatus
29 8,218,959 Dual lens optical system and dual lens camera having the same
30 8,218,957 Image stabilizer
31 8,218,956 Driving system and hand tremor compensating apparatus adopting the same
32 8,218,951 Storage medium storing program management information, and reproducing method and apparatus
33 8,218,946 Method of storing data in mobile terminal having digital multimedia broadcasting function
34 8,218,896 Image display apparatus and method for correction chroma wrinkle
35 8,218,893 Image inpainting method and apparatus based on viewpoint change
36 8,218,855 Method and apparatus for receiving multiview camera parameters for stereoscopic image, and method and apparatus for transmitting multiview camera parameters for stereoscopic image
37 8,218,772 Secure multicast content delivery
38 8,218,767 Security system and method for use in network
39 8,218,678 Apparatus and method for digital pre-distortion, sharing feedback path in a multiple antenna wireless communication system
40 8,218,673 Method and system for providing a dual-channel beacon signal in a wireless network
41 8,218,666 Advanced-VSB system (A-VSB)
42 8,218,629 Encoding and/or decoding system, medium, and method with spatial prediction and spatial prediction compensation of image data
43 8,218,616 Method and system for addition of video thumbnail
44 8,218,563 Method and system for providing adaptive modulation and coding in a multi-carrier wireless network
45 8,218,520 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving an uplink acknowledgement channel for a downlink data channel in a mobile communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiple access
46 8,218,518 Interleaver interface for a software-defined radio system
47 8,218,498 Method and system for lossless transmission of mobile IP packets in handover of a mobile terminal
48 8,218,495 Apparatus and method for circuit mode resource allocation in broadband wireless access (BWA) system
49 8,218,486 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving packet in a mobile communication system
50 8,218,482 Apparatus and method for call setup in a wireless communication system
51 8,218,480 System and method for transmitting/receiving signal in communcation system
52 8,218,470 Relay for detecting error in asynchronously received data and MAP information
53 8,218,461 Apparatus and method for supporting relay service in multihop relay wireless communication system
54 8,218,417 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and method
55 8,218,379 Semiconductor device having resistance based memory array, method of operation, and systems associated therewith
56 8,218,375 Oscillation circuits having temperature-dependent frequency generation and semiconductor memory devices having temperature-dependent self refresh rate
57 8,218,371 Multi-bit flash memory device and method of analyzing flag cells of the same
58 8,218,365 Flash memory device having dummy cells and method of operating the same
59 8,218,363 Flash memory device and methods programming/reading flash memory device
60 8,218,362 Magnetic random access memory devices, methods of driving the same and data writing and reading methods for the same
61 8,218,360 Phase-change and resistance-change random access memory devices and related methods of performing burst mode operations in such memory devices
62 8,218,359 Phase change random access memory and methods of manufacturing and operating same
63 8,218,346 Multi-chip packages including extra memory chips to define additional logical packages and related devices
64 8,218,330 Reworkable passive element embedded printed circuit board
65 8,218,325 Chassis base and plasma display apparatus having the same
66 8,218,248 Zoom lens and imaging optical device including the same
67 8,218,205 Multi-functional device having scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the scanner module
68 8,218,193 Image forming apparatus to resize image and method of resizing image
69 8,218,186 Electronic album image forming apparatus
70 8,218,137 Methods of operating DRAM devices having adjustable internal refresh cycles that vary in response to on-chip temperature changes
71 8,218,136 Apparatus and method for recognizing home position of rotatable body
72 8,218,123 Polarization converting system, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display using the same
73 8,218,117 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
74 8,218,112 Active matrix driving display device and image displaying method using the same
75 8,218,111 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
76 8,218,110 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
77 8,218,102 Display apparatus
78 8,218,098 Display panel with an electrostatic protection member for a liquid crystal display device
79 8,218,096 Method of controlling a 2D/3D switchable display apparatus including a scanning backlight and a plurality of light guide plates
80 8,218,080 Personal settings, parental control, and energy saving control of television with digital video camera
81 8,218,078 Information storage medium containing subtitles and processing apparatus therefor
82 8,218,030 Digital image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same where an image size may be reduced to increase brightness
83 8,218,023 Method and apparatus for processing continuous image data captured by digital image processor
84 8,218,016 Image stabilization mechanism for camera module
85 8,217,989 Method for photographing panoramic picture
86 8,217,988 Method and apparatus to encode image, and method and apparatus to decode image data
87 8,217,983 Video communication terminal and method of road guidance using the same
88 8,217,977 Color image forming apparatus and control method thereof
89 8,217,948 Display interface system, display device and display system
90 8,217,941 Apparatus and method for depth image-based representation of 3-dimensional object
91 8,217,924 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
92 8,217,905 Method and apparatus for touchscreen based user interface interaction
93 8,217,875 Signal processing device for liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display including the signal processing device
94 8,217,870 Method and apparatus for generating gradation voltage for X-axis symmetric gamma inversion
95 8,217,868 Display device and method of driving the same
96 8,217,866 Data driving circuit and driving method of light emitting display using the same
97 8,217,863 Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof
98 8,217,859 Plasma display device and driving method thereof with an initial driving waveform
99 8,217,837 System and method for providing triggered location information
100 8,217,835 Method and apparatus for beam-forming signal in multi user-MIMO wireless communication system
101 8,217,825 Remote controller to set operating mode using angles, method of setting operating mode thereof, and method of determining host device
102 8,217,768 Video reproduction apparatus and method for providing haptic effects
103 8,217,701 Level shifter
104 8,217,680 Method of operating inverter
105 8,217,676 Organic light emitting display device and mother substrate of the same
106 8,217,628 Battery pack with an automatic current regulation and charging method for the same
107 8,217,575 Plasma display panel
108 8,217,519 Electrical connection for multichip modules
109 8,217,484 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
110 8,217,467 Semiconductor memory devices
111 8,217,445 SONOS memory device using an amorphous memory node material
112 8,217,401 Light emitting device using nano size needle
113 8,217,393 Test device, SRAM test device, semiconductor integrated circuit device and methods of fabricating the same
114 8,217,385 Organic memory device and fabrication method thereof
115 8,217,327 Apparatus and method of obtaining depth image
116 8,217,314 Cooking apparatus with divider
117 8,217,195 Photocurable compound
118 8,216,947 Methods of forming fine patterns in integrated circuit devices
119 8,216,944 Methods of forming patterns in semiconductor devices
120 8,216,865 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
121 8,216,860 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
122 8,216,748 Extreme ultraviolet photomask
123 8,216,716 Lithium rechargeable battery having an internal space
124 8,216,707 Rechargeable battery
125 8,216,706 Battery pack
126 8,216,705 Lithium rechargeable battery
127 8,216,686 Dendrimer with triphenylamine core, organic memory device having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
128 8,216,635 Method of forming metal wiring and metal wiring formed using the same
129 8,216,503 Method for manufacturing printed circuit board using imprinting
130 8,216,482 Method of manufacturing inkjet printhead
131 8,216,005 Lead plate with a mounting portion being heavier than its joint portion
132 8,215,636 Printing medium transferring device and image forming apparatus having the same
133 8,215,484 Package member for flat panel display apparatus
134 8,215,011 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
135 8,215,010 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board