Samsung patents granted on 10 June 2014

173 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D706,999 Washing machine
2 D706,821 Portable electronic device displaying an animated graphical user interface
3 D706,802 Portable electronic device displaying transitional graphical user interface
4 D706,777 Portable electronic device
5 D706,774 Tablet computer
6 D706,771 Notebook computer
7 D706,770 Notebook computer
8 D706,766 Portable computer
9 D706,762 Portable computer
10 D706,761 Portable computer
11 D706,760 Notebook computer
12 D706,759 Notebook computer
13 D706,758 Notebook computer
14 D706,757 Notebook computer
15 D706,756 Notebook computer
16 D706,753 Case for portable electronic device
17 D706,752 VGA dongle for phone
18 D706,576 Electric cooktop
19 8,752,205 Apparatus and method for managing digital rights management contents in portable terminal
20 8,752,201 Apparatus and method for managing digital rights through hooking a kernel native API
21 8,752,198 Virtual write protection system
22 8,752,187 Portable license server
23 8,752,130 Trusted multi-stakeholder environment
24 8,752,095 Integrated digital device and selecting method thereof
25 8,752,079 Optical disc drive including spindle motor assembly
26 8,752,078 Objective lens driving unit, and optical pickup device and optical disc drive including the objective lens driving unit
27 8,752,031 Compiling method and processor using the same
28 8,751,973 Display method and system for portable device using external display device
29 8,751,900 Storage device having a non-volatile memory device and copy-back method thereof
30 8,751,891 Apparatus and method for retransmitting data in wireless communication system
31 8,751,835 Computer system and control method thereof
32 8,751,756 Method and apparatus for writing data in memory system
33 8,751,729 Flash memory device and memory system including the same
34 8,751,695 Hybrid storage device and electronic system using the same
35 8,751,693 Apparatus for and method of processing data
36 8,751,684 Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and host
37 8,751,426 Apparatus and method for generating context-aware information using local service information
38 8,751,041 Method to generate humanlike motion of humanoid robot
39 8,750,931 Apparatus and method for automatic SIM card selection according to network environment in dual mode
40 8,750,919 Mobile terminal having flexible printed circuit board
41 8,750,907 Apparatus and method for providing position information in a mobile communication system
42 8,750,889 Method of and system for performing access control and radio resource management entity
43 8,750,871 Network connection method for mobile terminal in asynchronous mobile communication system
44 8,750,869 Heterogeneous communication system and method for processing call in the same system
45 8,750,846 Apparatus and method for controlling an incoming call in a mobile communication system
46 8,750,821 Method and apparatus for reporting emergency in call state in portable wireless terminal
47 8,750,791 Hub, relay node, and node for reconfiguring active state position in wireless body area network (WBAN), and communication method thereof
48 8,750,787 Method for changing a preamble in moving network system, and system for same
49 8,750,779 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
50 8,750,755 Transfer unit and image forming apparatus having the same
51 8,750,754 Image forming apparatus having drive device detachably coupled to developing device
52 8,750,741 Image forming apparatus, image processing system having the same, and method for performing reservation job of the image forming apparatus
53 8,750,737 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling fuser thereof
54 8,750,735 Apparatus and method for supplying charge voltage to organic photoconductor drum
55 8,750,718 Apparatus for controlling lighting equipment for lighting communication
56 8,750,691 Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
57 8,750,672 Playback method and apparatus
58 8,750,650 Silicon based optical modulators including vertical slabs and methods of forming
59 8,750,608 Image processing method and apparatus
60 8,750,600 Apparatus and method for generating three-dimensional (3D) zoom image of stereo camera
61 8,750,553 Speaker device for mobile terminal
62 8,750,497 Cryptographic device for implementing S-box
63 8,750,448 Frequency calibration apparatus of frequency synthesizer and frequency calibration method thereof
64 8,750,422 Multi-transport stream (TS) generating apparatus and method, and digital broadcasting transmission and reception apparatuses and methods
65 8,750,397 Apparatus and method for channel estimation in wireless communication system
66 8,750,361 Device and method for receiving downlink signal in wireless communication system
67 8,750,337 Apparatus and method for managing a preference channel in a mobile broadcast system
68 8,750,332 Method and system for encoding and decoding medium access control layer packet
69 8,750,331 Method and apparatus for transporting mobile broadcasting service, and method and apparatus for receiving mobile broadcasting service
70 8,750,277 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving fast feedback information in broadband wireless communication system
71 8,750,209 System and method for switching mobile station identification in wireless communication system
72 8,750,186 Method and apparatus for controlling discontinuous reception in a wireless communication system
73 8,750,172 Automatic retransmission and error recovery for packet oriented point-to-multipoint communication
74 8,750,154 Method and apparatus for supporting discontinuous reception operation in mobile communication system
75 8,750,101 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information message in a communication system
76 8,750,087 Optical pickup device
77 8,750,068 Memory system and refresh control method thereof
78 8,750,061 Memory system, memory test system and method of testing memory system and memory test system
79 8,750,056 Random access memory devices having word line drivers therein that support variable-frequency clock signals
80 8,750,055 Nonvolatile memory device, read method for nonvolatile memory device, and memory system incorporating nonvolatile memory device
81 8,750,027 SRAM devices and methods of manufacturing the same
82 8,750,018 Sense amplifier circuitry for resistive type memory
83 8,749,916 Motor having oil storage part and recording disk driving device having the same
84 8,749,811 Method and apparatus to print e-mail according to printing environment settings corresponding to each user
85 8,749,805 Method and apparatus for allowing packet in network image forming apparatus includes setting user account information corresponding to plurality of network interfaces
86 8,749,743 Cholesteric liquid crystal display devices and methods of manufacturing the same
87 8,749,735 Color filter and display devices including the same
88 8,749,725 Flat panel display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
89 8,749,713 Video processing apparatus and method
90 8,749,701 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling power of the digital photographing apparatus
91 8,749,687 Apparatus and method of capturing jump image
92 8,749,653 Apparatus and method of blurring background of image in digital image processing device
93 8,749,644 Method and apparatus for video stabilization by compensating for view direction of camera
94 8,749,643 Suspension wire for compensating for hand vibration and image photographing device having the same
95 8,749,617 Display apparatus, method for providing 3D image applied to the same, and system for providing 3D image
96 8,749,616 Apparatus and method for creating and displaying media file
97 8,749,609 Apparatus, system and method for video call
98 8,749,592 Display apparatus having a micro-electro-mechanical system
99 8,749,584 Apparatus and method for providing augmented reality service using sound
100 8,749,567 Apparatus for and method of processing vertex
101 8,749,548 Display system with image conversion mechanism and method of operation thereof
102 8,749,540 Apparatus for outputting gamma filter reference voltage, display apparatus, and method of driving the display apparatus
103 8,749,537 Photo sensor and flat panel display device using thereof
104 8,749,535 Clock-shared differential signaling interface and related method
105 8,749,516 Mobile device having a touch-lock state and method for operating the mobile device
106 8,749,514 Touch screen panel
107 8,749,510 Method and apparatus for displaying graphical user interface depending on a user’s contact pattern
108 8,749,509 Touch pad and electronic device having the same
109 8,749,505 Touch screen panel
110 8,749,498 Touch panel and electronic device including the same
111 8,749,476 Electrophoretic display device
112 8,749,471 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
113 8,749,462 DC-DC converter and organic light emitting display using the same
114 8,749,459 Light emitting display device including a dummy pixel having controlled bias
115 8,749,434 Dielectric resonant antenna using a matching substrate
116 8,749,415 Analog-to-digital converter and image sensor including the same
117 8,749,362 Apparatus and method for providing haptic function in portable terminal
118 8,749,336 Transformer and display device using the same
119 8,749,307 Apparatus and method for a tunable multi-mode multi-band power amplifier module
120 8,749,262 Display device and method of testing the same
121 8,749,211 High voltage power supply having a soft-start circuit
122 8,749,160 LED driver circuit and method of driving LED
123 8,749,147 LED circuit
124 8,749,144 Method for driving a light source, driving apparatus for driving the light source and liquid crystal display apparatus having the driving apparatus
125 8,749,132 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
126 8,749,130 Nanocrystal doped matrixes
127 8,749,118 Vibrating actuator assembly
128 8,749,111 Motor for washing machine and washing machine having the same
129 8,749,071 Semiconductor devices and the method of manufacturing the same
130 8,749,069 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
131 8,749,044 Semiconductor memory modules and methods of fabricating the same
132 8,749,022 Capacitor device and method of fabricating the same
133 8,748,997 Contact-force sensor package and method of fabricating the same
134 8,748,969 Non-volatile memory device including dummy electrodes and method of fabricating the same
135 8,748,968 Method of forming nano dots, method of fabricating the memory device including the same, charge trap layer including the nano dots and memory device including the same
136 8,748,945 Image sensors including a gate electrode surrounding a floating diffusion region
137 8,748,931 Organic light emitting display apparatus including a filler and method of manufacturing the same
138 8,748,902 Light-emitting diode device generating light of multi-wavelengths
139 8,748,884 Variable resistance memory devices having reduced reset current
140 8,748,873 Electronic device with dual semiconducting layer
141 8,748,866 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
142 8,748,847 Method of manufacturing white light emitting device (LED) and apparatus measuring phosphor film
143 8,748,835 X-ray detector and method of driving x-ray detector
144 8,748,501 Polyurethane foam composition and polyurethane foam prepared using same
145 8,748,312 Method of manufacturing substrate for mounting electronic device
146 8,748,299 Semiconductor devices having an epitaxial layer on active regions and shallow trench isolation regions
147 8,748,286 Method of fabricating a nonvolatile memory device
148 8,748,263 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device comprising a conformal interfacial layer
149 8,748,254 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
150 8,748,251 Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices using etch stop dielectric layers and related devices
151 8,748,249 Vertical structure non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
152 8,748,239 Method of fabricating a gate
153 8,748,228 Semiconductor packages and methods of forming the same
154 8,748,038 Cathode active material, cathode including the cathode active material, lithium battery including the cathode, and method of preparing the cathode active material
155 8,748,037 Cathode and electrochemical device including cathode
156 8,748,033 Battery pack exhibiting improved insulation performance and assembly productivity
157 8,748,031 Rechargeable battery having multiple cases
158 8,748,030 Secondary battery
159 8,748,022 Pouch type battery
160 8,748,021 Battery module
161 8,747,967 Liquid crystal display
162 8,747,777 Microfluidic apparatus including microfluidic device
163 8,747,327 Apparatus and method for measuring blood pressure
164 8,747,322 User interface in an ultrasound system
165 8,746,937 Head lamp assembly and vehicle including the same
166 8,746,887 Stereoscopic image projection system
167 8,746,826 Device and method for managing piezo inkjet head
168 8,746,467 Dishwasher
169 8,746,169 Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition
170 8,746,019 Tub with overflow and washing machine having the same
171 8,745,993 Refrigerating apparatus and method of controlling the same
172 8,745,992 Refrigerator
173 8,745,991 Turbine system