Samsung patents granted on 10 March 2015

164 US patents granted on 10 March 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D724,222 Blood glucose meter
2 D724,177 Water tank
3 D724,142 Multi-function printer
4 D724,141 Printer
5 D724,132 Camera
6 D724,131 Camera
7 D724,130 Camera
8 D724,120 Door for refrigerator
9 D724,119 Guide for refrigerator
10 D724,118 Tray for refrigerator
11 D724,117 Water tray for refrigerator dispenser
12 D724,116 Panel for refrigerator dispenser
13 D724,115 Injector for refrigerator
14 D724,114 Refrigerator
15 D724,095 Cover for electronic device
16 D724,090 Cover for mobile communication terminal
17 D724,076 Portable computer body
18 D724,075 Portable computer
19 D724,074 Portable computer
20 D724,063 Electronic device
21 D724,060 Remote controller
22 D724,059 Remote controller
23 D724,057 Audio device with docking station
24 D724,036 Control switch for a light fixture
25 D724,002 In-vehicle display controller
26 D723,943 Toner package
27 8,978,154 Method and apparatus for importing content having plurality of parts
28 8,978,145 Apparatus and method for controlling digital rights object in portable terminal
29 8,977,990 Exposure monitoring key to determine misalignment between blind and reticle
30 8,977,983 Text entry method and display apparatus using the same
31 8,977,968 Pseudo-remote terminal IOTA mobile diagnostics and electronic customer care
32 8,977,935 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving an application layer-forward error correction packet in multimedia communication system
33 8,977,800 Multi-port cache memory apparatus and method
34 8,977,557 Method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding multichannel audio signals
35 8,977,544 Method of quantizing linear predictive coding coefficients, sound encoding method, method of de-quantizing linear predictive coding coefficients, sound decoding method, and recording medium and electronic device therefor
36 8,977,543 Apparatus for quantizing linear predictive coding coefficients, sound encoding apparatus, apparatus for de-quantizing linear predictive coding coefficients, sound decoding apparatus, and electronic device therefore
37 8,977,490 Path information providing server, method of providing path information, and terminal
38 8,977,318 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same in consideration of communication environment
39 8,977,265 Method for performing handoff in wireless network
40 8,977,264 Apparatus and method for preventing performance degradation of call service in a portable terminal
41 8,977,196 Near field communication antenna device of mobile terminal
42 8,977,165 Multi-pass type image forming apparatus
43 8,977,162 Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
44 8,977,111 Image displaying apparatus, image editing apparatus, image editing system, and method for displaying and editing image using the same
45 8,977,073 Apparatus and method for blending multiple images
46 8,977,069 Method and apparatus of obtaining high resolution image using multi-band combination filters
47 8,977,052 Apparatus and method for detecting error in lesion contour, apparatus and method for correcting error in lesion contour, and apparatus for inspecting error in lesion contour
48 8,977,048 Method medium system encoding and/or decoding an image using image slices
49 8,977,040 Method and apparatus to generate object descriptor using extended curvature gabor filter
50 8,977,036 Apparatus and method for 3D image conversion and a storage medium thereof
51 8,977,028 Method of displaying virtual ruler on separate image or medical image of object, medical image obtaining apparatus, and method and apparatus for displaying separate image or medical image with virtual ruler
52 8,976,970 Apparatus and method for bandwidth extension for multi-channel audio
53 8,976,941 Apparatus and method for reporting speech recognition failures
54 8,976,919 Low power communication device for scheduling data segments using hold time or lock time of phase locked loop
55 8,976,902 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information in a broadcasting/communication system
56 8,976,899 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in mobile communication system
57 8,976,894 Digital broadcasting transmitter, digital broadcasting receiver, and stream configuration and method for processing same
58 8,976,892 Beamforming method and apparatus using a rate splitting scheme in a multi-cell multi-antenna interference channel
59 8,976,850 Method and apparatus for sharing channel state information (CSI) in a multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) environment
60 8,976,836 Apparatus and method for transmission of sounding reference signal in uplink wireless communication systems with multiple antennas and sounding reference signal hopping
61 8,976,815 Method and apparatus for sharing contents between devices
62 8,976,746 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data
63 8,976,743 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving resource allocation scheme information in a wireless communication system
64 8,976,717 Method for data forwarding
65 8,976,699 Secondary carrier activation/deactivation method and apparatus for mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
66 8,976,615 Semiconductor memory device capable of performing refresh operation without auto refresh command
67 8,976,599 Method of programming nonvolatile memory device
68 8,976,595 Non-volatile memory device and related method of operation
69 8,976,592 Nonvolatile memory device with flag cells and user device including the same
70 8,976,591 Nonvolatile memory device and memory system including the same
71 8,976,587 Data storage system having multi-bit memory device and operating method thereof
72 8,976,584 Flash memory device and method of programming the same
73 8,976,580 Memory system and related method of operation
74 8,976,564 Anti-fuse circuit and semiconductor device having the same
75 8,976,538 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
76 8,976,487 Rotating device with reduced thickness and driving unit with improved base strength
77 8,976,486 Rotating device with hub and yoke having radial extension portion
78 8,976,485 Rotating device
79 8,976,427 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
80 8,976,393 Image forming apparatus supporting near field communication function and method of displaying menu in image forming apparatus
81 8,976,379 Method and system to automatically convert a file format and image forming apparatus used in the same
82 8,976,348 Wafer inspection system
83 8,976,331 Liquid crystal display device and method of repairing bad pixels therein
84 8,976,322 Active matrix organic light-emitting diode display and method of controlling display thereof
85 8,976,314 Display apparatus
86 8,976,313 Outdoor display apparatus
87 8,976,305 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
88 8,976,295 Method of linkage-viewing TV broadcasting program between mobile communication apparatus and digital TV, and mobile communication apparatus and digital TV thereof
89 8,976,285 Photographing device and methods thereof
90 8,976,277 Image sensors
91 8,976,235 Display apparatus
92 8,976,215 Image forming apparatus and method of forming image thereof, and scanning unit usable in image forming apparatus
93 8,976,208 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
94 8,976,205 Method of displaying three-dimensional stereoscopic image and a display apparatus for performing the same
95 8,976,180 Method, medium and system rendering 3-D graphics data having an object to which a motion blur effect is to be applied
96 8,976,176 Apparatus and method for realistically expressing teeth
97 8,976,166 Pixel, display device using the same, and driving method thereof
98 8,976,150 Method, system and terminal for supporting touch function
99 8,976,149 Capacitance sensing apparatus and method, and touch screen apparatus
100 8,976,148 Touch sensing apparatus and data processing method thereof
101 8,976,137 Display device for touch sensing and 3-dimensional image display, and driving method thereof
102 8,976,126 Washing machine and method of controlling the same
103 8,976,104 Display device and driving method thereof
104 8,976,097 Driving apparatus and display driving system including the same
105 8,976,095 Power saving control method and apparatus employing the same
106 8,976,088 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
107 8,976,083 Three-dimensional image display device and method for driving the same
108 8,976,074 Case of electronic device having low frequency antenna pattern embedded therein, mold therefor and method of manufacturing thereof
109 8,976,052 Multiple data rate counter, data converter including the same, and image sensor including the same
110 8,976,034 Apparatus for reporting fault of battery management storage system using the same
111 8,976,013 Contact type tactile feedback apparatus and operating method of contact type tactile feedback apparatus
112 8,975,949 Integrated clock gater (ICG) using clock cascode complimentary switch logic
113 8,975,927 Gate driver
114 8,975,905 Display apparatus with reduced number of test lines for array test process and method of testing the same
115 8,975,894 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
116 8,975,844 Motor driving apparatus
117 8,975,824 PWM driving circuit and PWM driving method
118 8,975,812 Polarization structure, method of manufacturing a polarization structure and organic light emitting display device having a polarization structure
119 8,975,811 Light emitting display device that effectively prevent fluorine diffusion to the light emitting layer and method for fabricating the same
120 8,975,805 Electrical energy generator
121 8,975,761 Organic light-emitting display comprising a substrate having a fan-out unit configured to connect a display region with a pad unit
122 8,975,731 Semiconductor device having an insulating layer structure and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,975,693 Metal oxide semiconductor devices with multiple drift regions
124 8,975,684 Methods of forming non-volatile memory devices having air gaps
125 8,975,660 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
126 8,975,656 Light emitting elements, light emitting devices including light emitting elements and methods of manufacturing such light emitting elements and/or device
127 8,975,655 Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
128 8,975,653 Semiconductor light emitting device
129 8,975,636 Organic light emitting display device having reflection structure and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device having reflection structure
130 8,975,630 Organic light emitting diodes display
131 8,975,628 Thin film transistor array panel
132 8,975,621 Organic light emitting display device
133 8,975,568 Image sensors having variable voltage-current characteristics and methods of operating the same
134 8,975,449 Method for preparing chlorohydrins and method for preparing epichlorohydrin using chlorohydrins prepared thereby
135 8,975,366 Organic semiconductor compound and organic thin film including the organic semiconductor compound
136 8,975,171 Method of forming a high-k crystalline dielectric
137 8,975,145 Method for manufacturing a display panel
138 8,975,110 Methods of forming a passivation layer
139 8,975,096 Jig, manufacturing method thereof, and flip chip bonding method for chips of ultrasound probe using jig
140 8,975,007 Method of forming polymer nanofiber metal-nanoparticle composite pattern
141 8,974,966 Negative electrode for lithium rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery adopting the same
142 8,974,956 Secondary battery and method for manufacturing electrode assembly thereof
143 8,974,953 Rechargeable battery with a short circuit plate
144 8,974,952 Rechargeable battery
145 8,974,951 Battery pack
146 8,974,944 Electrode assembly and rechargeable battery using the same
147 8,974,935 Secondary battery module
148 8,974,931 Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery
149 8,974,926 Secondary battery
150 8,974,922 Phenylcarbazole-based compounds and fluorene-based compounds and organic light emitting device and flat panel display device comprising the same
151 8,974,921 Condensed-cyclic compound and organic light-emitting diode comprising the same
152 8,974,901 Multilayer thin film for ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
153 8,974,889 Nanostructured thin film and method for controlling surface properties thereof
154 8,974,858 Method of depositing organic material
155 8,974,703 Conductive paste and electronic device and solar cell including an electrode formed using the same
156 8,974,393 Ultrasonic probe
157 8,974,385 Method and apparatus for providing blood glucose management information
158 8,974,070 Backlight units and display devices including the same
159 8,973,647 Heat exchanger and air conditioner having the same
160 8,973,525 Thin film deposition apparatus
161 8,973,438 Inertial sensor and method of manufacturing the same
162 8,973,392 Refrigerator
163 8,973,391 Refrigerator
164 8,973,230 Polling method of piezoelectric element and method of manufacturing inertial sensor