Samsung patents granted on 10 May 2011

104 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D637,597 E-book reader
2 D637,586 Wall mount for television
3 D637,577 Mobile phone
4 D637,567 Television set
5 7,941,736 Apparatus and method for receiving signal in communication system
6 7,941,735 Transmitter and system for transmitting/receiving digital broadcasting stream and method thereof
7 7,941,714 Parallel bit test apparatus and parallel bit test method capable of reducing test time
8 7,941,705 Computer system to use memory having defective memory cell and control method thereof
9 7,941,617 System and device having alternative bit organization
10 7,941,612 Multipath accessible semiconductor memory device with host interface between processors
11 7,941,586 Flash memory device and memory system controlling a copy-back program operation in hardware
12 7,941,500 Method and device for managing content, storage medium, and adaptive content playing method using the same
13 7,941,186 Apparatus and method for scheduling multiuser/single user in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system
14 7,941,185 Mobile terminal and data display method by individual SIM cards
15 7,941,177 Wireless terminal apparatus for automatically changing WLAN standard and method thereof
16 7,941,155 Calculation and broadcast of cell-load ratio and intelligent cell selection for IEEE802.16M
17 7,941,119 Signal processing method and apparatus in digital broadcasting apparatus of wireless terminal
18 7,941,104 Diversity transmission method and transmitter of a base station using the same in a mobile communication system
19 7,941,101 Apparatus and method of removing interference noise in personal communication terminal
20 7,941,078 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having transparent toner
21 7,941,042 Auto-focus method, medium, and apparatus for image-capturing
22 7,940,997 Method and apparatus for enhancing contrast
23 7,940,936 Public key generation method in elliptic curve cryptography and public key generation system executing the method
24 7,940,858 Apparatus and method for calibration in a communication system
25 7,940,807 Methods, decoder circuits and computer program products for processing MPEG audio frames
26 7,940,771 Apparatus and method for requesting packet retransmission in a wireless communication system
27 7,940,760 Method and apparatus for discovering component in at least one sub-network
28 7,940,752 Rake reception apparatus and method in a mobile terminal
29 7,940,739 Complex multiplexing transmission/reception apparatus and method in a wireless communication system
30 7,940,727 Method and apparatus for cell re-selection in mobile terminal
31 7,940,690 Apparatus and method for determining transmission mode in wireless communication system
32 7,940,589 Bit line sense amplifier of semiconductor memory device and control method thereof
33 7,940,578 Flash memory device having row decoders sharing single high voltage level shifter, system including the same, and associated methods
34 7,940,567 Programming methods for nonvolatile memory
35 7,940,566 Flash memory device adapted to prevent read failures due to dummy strings
36 7,940,564 Three-dimensional memory device with multi-plane architecture
37 7,940,552 Multiple level cell phase-change memory device having pre-reading operation resistance drift recovery, memory systems employing such devices and methods of reading memory devices
38 7,940,547 Resistive memory device for programming resistance conversion layers and method thereof
39 7,940,538 Multi-voltage power supply
40 7,940,502 Backlight unit having protection circuit using center-tap
41 7,940,481 Zoom lens module
42 7,940,474 Compact zoom lens
43 7,940,450 Electro-optic display apparatus
44 7,940,424 Image forming device and method which outputs mono object when object not actually expressed in colors or not actually to be printed
45 7,940,418 Image control device for printer and method of compensating for light amount drift of photosensor used in the image control device
46 7,940,373 Compensating masks, multi-optical systems using the masks, and methods of compensating for 3-D mask effect using the same
47 7,940,369 Stereoscopic image conversion panel and stereoscopic image display apparatus with liquid crystal lens having periodically fluctuating lower voltage applied to lower parallel electrodes and same voltage applied to upper parallel electrodes perpendicular to lower electrodes
48 7,940,363 Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
49 7,940,350 Plane light source and LCD backlight unit having the same
50 7,940,349 Light source device and liquid crystal display device having the same
51 7,940,346 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
52 7,940,344 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
53 7,940,325 Apparatus and method of capturing images having optimized quality under night scene conditions
54 7,940,287 Flat panel display and a method thereof
55 7,940,245 Display and control method thereof
56 7,940,243 Integrated circuit devices having a data controlled amplifier and methods of operating the same
57 7,940,241 Display apparatus with frame rate controllers generating motion interpolated intermediate image based on image information from adjacent frame rate controller
58 7,940,233 Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof
59 7,940,220 Case structure having conductive pattern and method of manufacturing the same
60 7,940,152 Multi-primary and distributed secondary transformer for power amplifier systems
61 7,940,117 Voltage generation circuit and flash memory device including the same
62 7,940,116 Fuse circuit and semiconductor device including the same
63 7,940,085 Inverter, method of operating the same and logic circuit comprising inverter
64 7,940,032 Power supply having maximum power point tracking function
65 7,940,014 Apparatus for driving light emitting element
66 7,940,012 Flicker preventing apparatus of fluorescent lamp
67 7,940,001 Full-color organic light emitting display and method of fabricating the same
68 7,939,947 Semiconductor package structure
69 7,939,924 Stack type ball grid array package and method for manufacturing the same
70 7,939,917 Tape structures, and methods and apparatuses for separating a wafer using the same
71 7,939,909 Device having inductors and capacitors
72 7,939,883 Voltage regulating apparatus having a reduced current consumption and settling time
73 7,939,872 Multi-dielectric films for semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating multi-dielectric films
74 7,939,820 Organic light emitting display (OLED) and its method of fabrication
75 7,939,816 Multi-bit memory device having resistive material layers as storage node and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
76 7,939,750 Polymer solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,939,749 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
78 7,939,669 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
79 7,939,663 Metallic compound and organic electroluminescence device comprising the same
80 7,939,622 Polymer compound and organic light-emitting device using the same
81 7,939,452 Method of manufacturing transistor having metal silicide and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
82 7,939,436 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
83 7,939,419 Method of filling a trench in a substrate
84 7,939,413 Embedded stressor structure and process
85 7,939,408 Non-volatile memory device for 2-bit operation and method of fabricating the same
86 7,939,401 Dual gate structure, fabrication method for the same, semiconductor device having the same, and semiconductor device fabrication method
87 7,939,366 Phase change memory devices and methods of forming the same
88 7,939,362 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
89 7,939,358 Semiconductor substrate, method of fabricating the same, method of fabricating semiconductor device, and method of fabricating image sensor
90 7,939,356 Method of manufacturing film bulk acoustic resonator using internal stress of metallic film and resonator manufactured thereby
91 7,939,223 Photomask using separated exposure technique, method of fabricating photomask, and apparatus for fabricating photomask by using the method
92 7,939,217 Direct methanol fuel cell
93 7,939,216 Polymer electrolyte membrane, method of preparing the same and fuel cell employing the same
94 7,939,197 Electrode plate for rechargeable battery and method for fabricating the same
95 7,939,196 Lithium battery with short circuit preventing core member
96 7,939,194 Can type secondary battery
97 7,939,191 Rechargeable battery and coupling structure thereof
98 7,938,945 Microfluidic device for electrochemically regulating pH of fluid and method of regulating pH of fluid using the microfluidic device
99 7,938,939 Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell generation system
100 7,938,898 Ink composition, ink cartridge including the ink composition, and inkjet recording apparatus including the ink cartridge
101 7,938,529 Photo printer
102 7,937,833 Method of manufacturing circuit board
103 7,937,827 Multilayer substrate manufacturing method
104 7,937,802 Vacuum cleaner for use in both upright form and canister form