Samsung patents granted on 10 November 2015

210 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,797 Method and apparatus for displaying charging-state of battery of portable terminal
2 D743,132 Hose for cleaner
3 D743,131 Drum for washing machine
4 D743,125 Cleaner
5 D743,118 Dishwasher
6 D743,062 LED lamp
7 D742,973 Gaming control
8 D742,961 Printer
9 D742,960 Multi-function printer
10 D742,920 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
11 D742,908 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D742,907 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D742,901 TV display screen displaying GUI
14 D742,900 TV display screen displaying graphical user interface
15 D742,873 Tablet computer
16 D742,866 Mobile phone
17 D742,852 Speaker
18 D742,849 Telephone
19 D742,819 Battery charger
20 D742,704 Wine rack
21 D742,670 Dual display
22 9,185,818 Display apparatus
23 9,185,796 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacuring method thereof
24 9,185,769 Light source apparatus and vehicle headlight using the same
25 9,185,740 Method of and system for performing access control and radio resource management entity
26 9,185,729 Wireless communication method and apparatus
27 9,185,723 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink control information in a mobile communication system supporting uplink packet data service
28 9,185,716 Obtaining control channel elements of physical downlink control channels for cross-carrier scheduling
29 9,185,705 Apparatus and methods for flexible RF configuration in multi-antenna wireless systems
30 9,185,679 Method of low-duty mode operation of femtocell base station
31 9,185,668 Dynamic TDD data channel transmission method and apparatus for wireless communication system
32 9,185,665 Power headroom report method and apparatus for mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
33 9,185,664 Method and apparatus for power control and load balancing based on load estimation of neighbor cell in wireless communication system
34 9,185,646 Apparatus and method for wireless communication networks with energy harvesting
35 9,185,638 Method and apparatus for selecting neighbor cells in mobile communication system
36 9,185,636 Apparatus and method for automatically searching for low-power base station supporting access of registered user in mobile communication system
37 9,185,625 Method and apparatus for processing control messages in a wireless communications system
38 9,185,608 Apparatus and method for performing handover in wireless communication system
39 9,185,592 MDT information-reporting format in a wireless communication system, and time-stamp configuring method and apparatus
40 9,185,588 Method and device for sending and receiving a broadcast control channel in a mobile communication system
41 9,185,547 System and method for receiving call in wireless terminal
42 9,185,545 Local breakout session establishment method and apparatus in wireless communication system
43 9,185,397 3-dimensional image display device including a barrier panel having openings and driving method thereof
44 9,185,396 Lens module and display apparatus having the same
45 9,185,378 Method and apparatus for generating multimedia data having decoding level, and method and apparatus for reconstructing multimedia data by using the decoding level
46 9,185,376 Apparatus and method of reducing noise of image
47 9,185,348 Method of recommending broadcasting contents and recommending apparatus therefor in multimedia contents reproducing device
48 9,185,337 Device and method for making quick change to playback mode after photographing subject
49 9,185,329 Display apparatus, power supply apparatus and power supply method to minimize wasteful power consumption
50 9,185,316 Data sampler, data sampling method, and photo detecting apparatus including data sampler that minimizes the effect of offset
51 9,185,302 Image processing apparatus and method for previewing still and motion images
52 9,185,300 Photographing apparatus for scene catergory determination and method for controlling thereof
53 9,185,293 Method and apparatus for capturing images based on detected motion vectors
54 9,185,292 Apparatus and method for controlling actuator in optical image stabilizer and optical image stabilizer using the same
55 9,185,286 Combining effective images in electronic device having a plurality of cameras
56 9,185,285 Method and apparatus for acquiring pre-captured picture of an object to be captured and a captured position of the same
57 9,185,283 Apparatus and method for automatically adjusting focus in image capturing device
58 9,185,277 Panel camera, and optical touch screen and display apparatus employing the panel camera
59 9,185,263 Image scanning apparatus and method
60 9,185,192 Method and system of power saving and portable device using the same
61 9,185,186 Method of implementing content-centric network (CCN) using internet protocol (IP)-based network in gateway, and gateway
62 9,185,183 Method and system for providing location-based user information via a map
63 9,185,106 Access control method and mobile terminal which employs an access control method
64 9,185,104 Method and apparatus for communication, and method and apparatus for controlling communication
65 9,184,966 Transmitting apparatus, method of mapping data thereof, receiving apparatus, data processing method thereof
66 9,184,959 Method and apparatus for joint packet detection and radio frequency (RF) pulse synchronization in a super-regenerative receiver (SRR)
67 9,184,956 Relay and terminal in multi-pair two-way relay network and communication method thereof
68 9,184,941 Channel estimation method and apparatus for cooperative communication in a cellular mobile communication system
69 9,184,931 Universal plug and play based network system and method of controlling the same
70 9,184,890 Transmission of HARQ control information from a user equipment for downlink carrier aggregation
71 9,184,887 Base station and terminal connection method for the base station
72 9,184,799 Smart NFC antenna matching network system and user device including the same
73 9,184,796 Apparatus and method for operating antennas
74 9,184,732 Apparatus and method for generating vibration based on sound characteristics
75 9,184,724 Bulk acoustic wave resonator
76 9,184,715 Method and apparatus for processing audio in mobile terminal
77 9,184,708 Audio signal processing method and audio signal processing apparatus therefor
78 9,184,615 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
79 9,184,602 Cell balancing circuit and battery pack having the same
80 9,184,505 Dielectric cavity antenna
81 9,184,472 Battery pack and method of manufacturing battery pack with interconnected half contact pads
82 9,184,466 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
83 9,184,462 Fuel cell module and method manufacturing the same
84 9,184,443 Cathode active material, method of preparing the cathode material, cathode, and lithium secondary battery including the same
85 9,184,434 Battery pack
86 9,184,425 Battery pack
87 9,184,422 Rechargeable battery
88 9,184,418 Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display and method of manufacturing the same
89 9,184,417 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
90 9,184,413 Flat panel display device and manufacturing method thereof
91 9,184,412 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and related manufacturing method
92 9,184,410 Encapsulated white OLEDs having enhanced optical output
93 9,184,407 Organic light emitting device having stacked electron transport layers
94 9,184,403 Organic light emitting display apparatus
95 9,184,387 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
96 9,184,376 Memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
97 9,184,375 Magnetic junctions using asymmetric free layers and suitable for use in spin transfer torque memories
98 9,184,343 Nano structure semiconductor light emitting device, and system having the same
99 9,184,335 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
100 9,184,302 Three dimensional semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
101 9,184,300 Transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic device including transistor
102 9,184,293 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having punch-through stopping regions
103 9,184,280 Semiconductor device having dual parallel channel structure and method of fabricating the same
104 9,184,253 Thin film transistor substrate and display device having the same
105 9,184,247 Power semiconductor device capable of maintaining a withstand voltage
106 9,184,236 Method of transferring graphene using trench and substrate for receiving graphene
107 9,184,232 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
108 9,184,227 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having self-aligned contact pads
109 9,184,224 Organic light-emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
110 9,184,223 Display apparatus and method manufacturing the same
111 9,184,222 Method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display device
112 9,184,220 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
113 9,184,219 Method of manufacturing an organic light-emitting display device
114 9,184,218 Semiconductor memory device having three-dimensional cross point array
115 9,184,188 Thin-film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the thin-film transistor array substrate
116 9,184,181 Display substrate including a thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
117 9,184,180 Flexible display apparatus and method of manufacturing same
118 9,184,178 Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
119 9,184,174 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
120 9,184,172 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
121 9,184,168 Semiconductor devices with peripheral gate structures
122 9,184,164 Nonvolatile memory devices
123 9,184,156 Semiconductor packages and electronic systems including the same
124 9,184,136 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
125 9,184,091 Semiconductor device and method of forming the same
126 9,184,090 Thin film transistor display panel and manufacturing method of the same
127 9,184,086 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device having shallow trench isolation (STI)
128 9,184,075 Apparatus for storing substrates
129 9,184,073 Substrate processing apparatus
130 9,184,065 Method of molding semiconductor package
131 9,184,052 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device using metal oxide
132 9,184,031 Plasma equipment and methods of using the same
133 9,183,987 Multilayered ceramic component
134 9,183,979 Chip inductor and method for manufacturing the same
135 9,183,978 Filter for removing noise
136 9,183,950 Memory card
137 9,183,946 Method of storing data in nonvolatile memory device and method of testing nonvolatile memory device
138 9,183,944 Method of writing data in non-volatile memory device
139 9,183,943 Nonvolatile memory device and control method thereof
140 9,183,939 Nonvolatile memory device, a memory system having the same, and a read method thereof, the read method applying a read pass voltage to a selected wordline after a sensing
141 9,183,938 Nonvolatile memory device and method of programming nonvolatile memory device
142 9,183,932 Resistive memory device and method of operating the same
143 9,183,931 Resistive memory device capable of increasing sensing margin by controlling interface states of cell transistors
144 9,183,924 Methods of operating nonvolatile memory devices that support efficient error detection
145 9,183,917 Memory device, operating method thereof, and system having the memory device
146 9,183,913 Methods of operating a magnetic memory device
147 9,183,910 Semiconductor memory devices for alternately selecting bit lines
148 9,183,909 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
149 9,183,902 Input data alignment circuit and semiconductor device including the same
150 9,183,901 Nonvolatile memory devices with on die termination circuits and control methods thereof
151 9,183,893 Semiconductor memory device
152 9,183,890 Stacked semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
153 9,183,847 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding signal for high frequency bandwidth extension
154 9,183,837 Apparatus and method for determining bit rate for audio content
155 9,183,832 Display apparatus and method for executing link and method for recognizing voice thereof
156 9,183,814 Image displaying apparatus and image displaying method
157 9,183,809 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
158 9,183,803 Display device and driving method thereof
159 9,183,787 Devices and methods for processing image data
160 9,183,786 Constant current driving circuit and light emitting diode backlight apparatus using the same
161 9,183,784 Display device and driving method thereof for compensating a threshold voltage deviation characteristic of the display
162 9,183,781 Stage circuit and bidirectional emission control driver using the same
163 9,183,778 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
164 9,183,776 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display
165 9,183,774 Display apparatus and driving method thereof for enhancing image quality using an encoder and a decoder
166 9,183,627 Medical imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
167 9,183,625 Method of processing radiograph and apparatus for processing radiograph using the method in which hough transform and radon transform performed on image
168 9,183,615 Display device and driving method thereof
169 9,183,414 Memory controller and memory device including the memory controller
170 9,183,409 User device and operating method thereof
171 9,183,356 Method and apparatus for providing biometric information
172 9,183,228 Image retrieval method, real-time drawing prompting method, and devices thereof
173 9,183,170 Asynchronous bridge
174 9,183,149 Multiprocessor system and method for managing cache memory thereof
175 9,183,138 Encoding program data based on data stored in memory cells to be programmed
176 9,183,047 Classifying requested application based on processing and response time and scheduling threads of the requested application according to a preset group
177 9,182,971 Distributed control method and apparatus using URL
178 9,182,900 User terminal apparatus and control method thereof
179 9,182,876 Method arranging user interface objects in touch screen portable terminal and apparatus thereof
180 9,182,871 Method and apparatus for controlling touch input of terminal
181 9,182,855 Method and apparatus for adjusting touch sensitivity of touch sensor in portable terminal
182 9,182,819 Eye gaze tracking method and apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
183 9,182,784 Double-sided emission type display device
184 9,182,763 Apparatus and method for generating three-dimensional map using structured light
185 9,182,739 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
186 9,182,736 Image forming apparatus
187 9,182,693 Toner to develop electrostatic charge image, device to supply toner, and apparatus and method to form an image by using toner
188 9,182,640 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
189 9,182,614 Large-area transmissive type optical image modulator and method of manufacturing the same and optical apparatus including transmissive type optical image modulator
190 9,182,607 Display apparatus
191 9,182,570 Fish eye lens system and photographing apparatus including the same
192 9,182,569 Lens module
193 9,182,543 Optical integrated circuits, semiconductor devices including the same, and methods of manufacturing the same
194 9,182,539 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
195 9,182,475 Sound source signal filtering apparatus based on calculated distance between microphone and sound source
196 9,182,302 Apparatus and method for measuring tactile sensation
197 9,182,167 Switch module and refrigerator having the same
198 9,181,481 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
199 9,181,474 Amine-based compound and organic light-emitting diode including the same
200 9,181,471 White light emitting device
201 9,181,170 Method for preparing unsaturated carboxylic acid
202 9,181,091 Porous nanostructure and method of manufacturing the same
203 9,181,051 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus including the same
204 9,180,715 Donor film and thermal imaging method using the same
205 9,180,646 Touch screen panel
206 9,180,608 Stamp, method of manufacturing the same, and imprinting method using the stamp
207 9,180,431 Method of manufacturing hierarchical mesoporous carbon and carbon obtained thereby
208 9,180,418 Method of mixing at least two kinds of fluids in centrifugal micro-fluid treating substrate
209 9,179,877 Medical imaging apparatus and method of providing operational information of gantry included in the same
210 9,179,819 Vessel holder and dish washing machine having the same