Samsung patents granted on 10 October 2006

63 US patents granted on 10 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 D529,910 LCD monitor
2 D529,904 Home network gateway
3 D529,891 Portable phone
4 D529,890 Video phone
5 D529,888 Portable telephone
6 D529,887 Cellular phone
7 D529,885 DVD recorder
8 D529,879 Setop box
9 7,120,857 LDPC decoding apparatus and method
10 7,120,849 Data storage medium having link zone and apparatus and method for recording/reproducing data on/from the data storage medium
11 7,120,848 Apparatus and method for forward error correction
12 7,120,845 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data on packet data control channel
13 7,120,440 Velocity estimation apparatus and method using level crossing rate
14 7,120,436 Method and system for updating of home-zone list automatically in mobile telecommunication system
15 7,120,414 Circuit and method for receiving and mixing radio frequencies in a direct conversion receiver
16 7,120,377 Color image forming system and method of forming color image using the system
17 7,120,372 Image-forming apparatus and power-saving mode control method thereof
18 7,120,367 Method of controlling a transfer voltage for an image forming apparatus
19 7,120,341 Optical fiber for long-distance optical communication network
20 7,120,135 Wire/wireless unified in-building communication method and system
21 7,120,132 Apparatus and method for synchronization of uplink synchronous transmission scheme in a CDMA communication system
22 7,120,109 Optical pickup with improved collimating lens for use with long and short wavelength laser beams
23 7,120,104 Equalizer for optical recording/reproducing apparatus and equalizing method thereof
24 7,120,098 Apparatus and method for controlling optical recording power in an optical drive
25 7,120,095 Apparatus for generating seek direction detecting signal using track error and track cross signals for an optical pickup
26 7,120,081 Multi-port memory device with stacked banks
27 7,120,080 Dual port semiconductor memory device
28 7,120,058 Circuit and method for controlling boosting voltage
29 7,120,056 Semiconductor memory device capable of being mounted on a single package regardless of bit organization
30 7,120,045 Reference voltage generating apparatus for use in a ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and a driving method therefor
31 7,119,964 Color illuminating system and projection type image display apparatus using the same
32 7,119,947 Dual-port broadband light source
33 7,119,867 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,119,827 Method for performing a camera function in a mobile communication terminal
35 7,119,765 Circuit for driving matrix display panel with photoluminescence quenching devices, and matrix display apparatus incorporating the circuit
36 7,119,742 Method and apparatus for estimating position utilizing GPS satellite signal
37 7,119,638 Film bulk acoustic resonator having an air gap and a method for manufacturing the same
38 7,119,594 Duty cycle correction circuit of delay locked loop and delay locked loop having the duty cycle correction circuit
39 7,119,495 Controlling a light assembly
40 7,119,489 Rotation-magnetron-in-magnetron (RMIM) electrode, method of manufacturing the RMIM electrode, and sputtering apparatus including the RMIM electrode
41 7,119,435 Semiconductor device with source/drain extension layer
42 7,119,427 Stacked BGA packages
43 7,119,425 Stacked multi-chip semiconductor package improving connection reliability of stacked chips
44 7,119,392 Storage electrode of a semiconductor device and method of forming the same
45 7,119,389 Dynamic random access memory cells having laterally offset storage nodes
46 7,119,375 Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
47 7,119,368 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
48 7,119,285 Flexible printed circuit board
49 7,119,029 Method of oxidizing a silicon substrate and method of forming an oxide layer using the same
50 7,118,975 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
51 7,118,969 Method of manufacturing a floating gate and method of manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor memory device comprising the same
52 7,118,948 Semiconductor wafer having different impurity concentrations in respective regions
53 7,118,926 Method of optimizing seasoning recipe for etch process
54 7,118,842 Charge adjuvant delivery system and methods
55 7,118,840 Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport material having at least three linked hydrazone groups
56 7,118,839 Electrophotographic organophotoreceptors with novel charge transport materials
57 7,118,824 Secondary battery with improved finishing tape and method of making the secondary battery
58 7,118,473 Air velocity control unit and air conditioning system having the same
59 7,118,465 Grinding assembly of semiconductor wafer back-grinding apparatus and method of fastening a grinding plate to a grinding mount of the same
60 7,118,297 Print option setting method and system for image forming devices
61 7,118,265 Optical member, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
62 7,118,236 Light emitting diode lens and backlight apparatus having the same
63 7,117,564 Hinge device for mobile phone having rotation type display