Samsung patents granted on 11 December 2007

77 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D557,316 Projector for computer
2 D557,279 MP3 player
3 D557,246 Portable telephone
4 D557,245 Portable phone
5 D557,242 Mobile phone
6 D557,241 Cellular phone
7 D557,237 Portable phone
8 D557,236 Portable phone
9 D557,233 Mobile phone
10 D557,232 Mobile phone
11 D557,231 Mobile phone
12 D557,230 Mobile phone
13 7,308,645 Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
14 7,308,644 Method and apparatus for a home network auto-tree builder
15 7,308,639 Method of recording/reproducing data on storage medium
16 7,308,619 IP packet error handling apparatus and method using the same, and computer readable medium having computer program for executing the method recorded thereon
17 7,308,491 System and method for on-line upgrade of call processing software using group services in a telecommunication system
18 7,308,366 Method of determining a weighted regression model and method of predicting a component concentration of mixture using the weighted regression model
19 7,308,284 Digital signal processing apparatus of communication terminal for adaptably transmitting voice data to allotted uplink channels and voice data transmission method thereof
20 7,308,280 Method and apparatus for controlling transmission of reverse power control channel in a mobile communication system
21 7,308,265 Device and methods for acquiring a public land mobile network of a mobile station and providing public land mobile network information in a cellular communication system
22 7,308,257 Private mobile communication system for providing public network busy state information of mobile communication terminal
23 7,308,240 Numerical control oscillator, digital frequency converter and radio frequency unit
24 7,308,227 Paper arranging apparatus and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the same
25 7,308,221 High developing voltage supply apparatus
26 7,308,191 Method for temporary deletion, search, restoration, and permanent deletion of stream object and a recording medium for storing additional information for restoration of stream object divided by temporary deletion
27 7,308,140 Method and device for measuring similarity between images
28 7,308,109 Portable terminal having earphone winding device built therein
29 7,308,030 Object activity modeling method
30 7,307,988 Address search apparatus and method in ethernet switch
31 7,307,974 System and method for channel estimation in an OFDM mobile communication system
32 7,307,973 System and method for ranging for a fast handover in a mobile communication system
33 7,307,971 Soft handover method for multimedia broadcast/multicast service in a CDMA mobile communication system
34 7,307,939 Method and apparatus for controlling write power in an optical drive
35 7,307,910 Redundancy program circuit and methods thereof
36 7,307,897 Plural bank semiconductor memory device with increased boosting voltage stability
37 7,307,874 Methods of operating magnetic random access memory devices including magnets adjacent magnetic tunnel junction structures
38 7,307,812 Filtering apparatus for disk drive
39 7,307,810 Method of compensating for track address discontinuity across servo track writing boundary in hard disk drives
40 7,307,739 System and method for detecting dropping amount of liquid crystal
41 7,307,728 Method and apparatus for generating color reappearance peculiarity profile, and method and apparatus for reappearing color using plurality of color reappearance peculiarity profiles
42 7,307,703 Methods of determining an etching end point based on compensation for etching disturbances
43 7,307,686 Method of manufacturing a panel for a liquid crystal display
44 7,307,601 Driving method and device of plasma display panel and plasma display device
45 7,307,566 Apparatus and method of stabilizing sigma-delta modulator for fractional-N phase-locked-loop
46 7,307,563 Apparatus and method for performing dithering in communication system using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme
47 7,307,553 MPEG-4 encoding/decoding method, medium, and system
48 7,307,548 Geographical information supply system and method using RFID, and traffic information supply system using RFID
49 7,307,482 Ring oscillator setting apparatus and method depending on environmental changes of an image formation apparatus
50 7,307,455 Buffer and organic light emitting display and a data driving circuit using the buffer
51 7,307,441 Integrated circuit chips and wafers including on-chip test element group circuits, and methods of fabricating and testing same
52 7,307,392 Method and apparatus for processing the output signal of an encoder
53 7,307,382 Flat display device including an overflow barrier
54 7,307,352 Semiconductor package having changed substrate design using special wire bonding
55 7,307,342 Interconnection structure of integrated circuit chip
56 7,307,340 Wafer-level electronic modules with integral connector contacts
57 7,307,335 Semiconductor device having MOS varactor and methods for fabricating the same
58 7,307,320 Differential mechanical stress-producing regions for integrated circuit field effect transistors
59 7,307,305 Semiconductor device
60 7,307,281 Method of manufacturing substrate, method of manufacturing organic electroluminescent display device using the method, and organic electroluminescent display device
61 7,307,274 Transistors having reinforcement layer patterns and methods of forming the same
62 7,307,129 Method for preparing latex containing pigment copolymerized with a crystalline polymer
63 7,307,014 Method of forming a via contact structure using a dual damascene process
64 7,307,008 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices including a multi-layer poly film cell pad contact hole
65 7,306,996 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device having a metal gate pattern
66 7,306,964 Method of manufacturing a vertically-structured GaN-based light emitting diode
67 7,306,888 Dry electrophotographic toners comprising amphipathic copolymers having acidic functionality
68 7,306,886 Dry toner comprising wax
69 7,306,880 Electrolyte for a lithium ion battery and a lithium ion battery comprising the same
70 7,306,857 Binuclear organometallic complexes and organic electroluminescence device using the same
71 7,306,552 Semiconductor device having load resistor and method of fabricating the same
72 7,306,425 Fan assembly
73 7,306,357 Line light source using light emitting diode and lens and backlight unit using the same
74 7,306,352 Illuminator
75 7,306,216 Power transmitting apparatus, power switching apparatus, and driving apparatus of multi-function machine using the same
76 7,306,140 Integrated circuit card system and method thereof
77 7,305,851 Method for fabricating silica glass containing Bi and Ti using a sol-gel process