Samsung patents granted on 11 January 2011

151 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D630,622 Blue tooth ear set
2 D630,620 Blue tooth ear set
3 D630,603 Mobile phone
4 7,870,583 Digital broadcast receiver and broadcast data display method for simultaneous display of multi-channel visual images
5 7,870,573 Optical recording media and recording/reproducing methods and apparatuses for the same
6 7,870,470 Method and apparatus for detecting synchronization of broadcasting channel in an asynchronous mobile communication system
7 7,870,461 Apparatus to generate a dual transport stream and method thereof
8 7,870,456 Apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing data on an information storage medium using padding information, and the information storage medium
9 7,870,397 Method and apparatus for managing digital rights of portable storage device
10 7,870,364 Reconfigurable apparatus and method for providing multiple modes
11 7,870,326 Multiprocessor system and method thereof
12 7,870,315 Method and apparatus for managing data of a portable device using a virtual device for the portable device, and a user interface method using the same
13 7,870,179 Apparatus and method for optimal implementation of the CORDIC algorithm for wireless RFIC digital down-conversion
14 7,869,937 Method for processing multimedia broadcasting data in wireless terminal while driving vehicle
15 7,869,891 Method and apparatus for generating bitstream of audio signal and audio encoding/decoding method and apparatus thereof
16 7,869,846 Sliding module for sliding-type portable terminal
17 7,869,842 Folder type portable terminal with variable-type grounding unit
18 7,869,840 Semi-automatic swing device for swing-type portable terminal
19 7,869,836 Power saving devices and power saving methods for mobile access point, and wireless network systems
20 7,869,806 Method and apparatus for saving power of multi standby mobile terminal
21 7,869,796 Method and apparatus for managing multimedia messages
22 7,869,793 Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of mobile terminal
23 7,869,763 Zigbee device using neighbor table and data transmission method of the Zigbee device
24 7,869,730 Image forming apparatus heat control
25 7,869,710 Optical network unit of ethernet passive optical network and control method thereof
26 7,869,694 Method of providing recordable time according to remaining memory capacity and terminal therefor
27 7,869,689 Apparatus and method for integrated scheduled recording in multi-tuner system
28 7,869,650 Digital video signal processing apparatus and method for compensating a chrominance signal
29 7,869,629 Apparatus and method for detecting heads in input image
30 7,869,617 Speaker for mobile communication terminal
31 7,869,605 Method for generating group key
32 7,869,587 Method and apparatus for canceling acoustic echo in a mobile terminal
33 7,869,545 Channel estimation method and apparatus determining a channel impulse response (CIR) distribution area using two adjacent windows
34 7,869,495 OFDM receiver using time-domain and frequency-domain equalizing and time domain equalizer
35 7,869,486 Tracking apparatus and method for a mobile communication system
36 7,869,454 Method for communicating scrambling code ID in mobile communication system
37 7,869,434 Apparatus, method and system for routing a broadcast data frame in a mesh network with multiple mesh portals
38 7,869,390 Method and system for power save multi-poll (PSMP) communication in wireless systems
39 7,869,341 Method and apparatus for positioning pilot in an OFDMA mobile communication system
40 7,869,336 Data storage devices including conductive probes and ferroelectric storage medium and methods of operating the same
41 7,869,319 Optical recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
42 7,869,315 Write-once optical disc having update area and access area
43 7,869,313 Optical pickup actuator
44 7,869,271 Method of testing PRAM device
45 7,869,264 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement and methods of operating the same
46 7,869,256 Bi-directional resistive random access memory capable of multi-decoding and method of writing data thereto
47 7,869,255 Non-volatile memory devices, method of manufacturing and method of operating the same
48 7,869,241 Memory core and semiconductor memory device having the same
49 7,869,239 Layout structure of bit line sense amplifiers for a semiconductor memory device
50 7,869,227 Power supply apparatus and method
51 7,869,197 Display apparatus
52 7,869,189 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices including capacitors having high-aspect ratio support patterns and related devices
53 7,869,188 Capacitor structure
54 7,869,185 Method of de-chucking wafer using direct voltage and alternating voltage, and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device using the same
55 7,869,164 Flexible printed circuit board having crack-preventing features between static and dynamic regions, and hard disk drive employing the same
56 7,869,161 Dual write gap perpendicular recording head with a non-magnetic backside shield
57 7,869,150 Actuator, method of controlling the same, and camera module including the actuator
58 7,869,146 Lens module
59 7,869,144 Lens optical system
60 7,869,130 Line beam illumination optical system
61 7,869,117 Electrophoretic display device
62 7,869,113 Display device using electrochromism and methods of driving the same
63 7,869,006 Laser measuring device
64 7,868,988 Integrated circuit and display device including integrated circuit
65 7,868,986 Liquid crystal display having a driver contact structure for preventing corrosion of conductive films
66 7,868,974 Liquid crystal display device
67 7,868,972 Light source unit, liquid crystal display having the same, and method thereof
68 7,868,958 Manufacturing liquid crystal display with incremental removal of an insulating layer
69 7,868,955 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
70 7,868,953 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
71 7,868,946 Adaptive motion compensated interpolating method and apparatus
72 7,868,945 Function key assembly and portable device having the same
73 7,868,928 Low noise color correction matrix function in digital image capture systems and methods
74 7,868,911 Surveillance camera capable of adjusting position and a controlling method thereof
75 7,868,875 Touch sensitive display device and method thereof
76 7,868,867 Display device and driving device thereof
77 7,868,866 Liquid crystal display having OCB mode dummy liquid crystal cells and driving method thereof
78 7,868,865 Organic electroluminescence display and method of operating the same
79 7,868,855 Driving circuit and organic light emitting diode display device thereof
80 7,868,853 Driving device for plasma display panel and plasma display device including the driving device
81 7,868,850 Field emitter array with split gates and method for operating the same
82 7,868,805 Digital-Analog (D/A) converter and data driver and flat panel display using the D/A converter and data driver
83 7,868,790 Single ended pseudo differential interconnection circuit and single ended pseudo differential signaling method
84 7,868,787 Character-input method and medium and apparatus for the same
85 7,868,739 Method and system for improving function of reading information from RFID tag
86 7,868,722 Inductor apparatus, circuit board, and electronic device using the same
87 7,868,671 Delay locked loop
88 7,868,648 On-die termination circuit, method of controlling the same, and ODT synchronous buffer
89 7,868,583 Apparatus and method for controlling battery recharging and discharging in a portable terminal
90 7,868,560 Inverter driving circuit for LCD backlight
91 7,868,546 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
92 7,868,540 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,868,538 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
94 7,868,533 Electron emission display and method of fabricating the same
95 7,868,532 Light emission device and display device provided with the same
96 7,868,527 Polarizer, method of manufacturing the same, and flat panel display device including the polarizer
97 7,868,499 Spindle motor having plurality of sealing portions
98 7,868,488 Magnetic levitation wafer stage, and method of using the stage in an exposure apparatus
99 7,868,467 Semiconductor device
100 7,868,462 Semiconductor package including transformer or antenna
101 7,868,460 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
102 7,868,443 Vertical stack type multi-chip package having improved grounding performance and lower semiconductor chip reliability
103 7,868,438 Multi-chip package for reducing parasitic load of pin
104 7,868,421 Analog capacitor
105 7,868,411 Semiconductor devices
106 7,868,401 Multibit electro-mechanical memory device having at least one cantilever electrode and at least one gate line and manufacturing method thereof
107 7,868,380 Fin FET and method of fabricating same
108 7,868,371 Non-volatile memory device and fabrication method thereof
109 7,868,344 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device including electrodes of a multilayer structure
110 7,868,338 Liquid crystal display array board and method of fabricating the same
111 7,868,332 High luminance light emitting diode and liquid crystal display device using the same
112 7,868,327 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
113 7,868,322 Method for fabricating an organic thin film transistor by oxidation and selective reduction of organic semiconductor material
114 7,868,321 Organic light emitting device and flat display including the same
115 7,868,316 Nitride semiconductor device
116 7,868,280 Illumination sensing apparatus, driving method thereof and display device having the illumination sensing apparatus
117 7,868,258 Radio frequency module assembly
118 7,867,941 Sulfur-containing mesoporous carbon, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the mesoporous carbon
119 7,867,940 Supported catalyst and method of preparing the same
120 7,867,924 Methods of reducing impurity concentration in isolating films in semiconductor devices
121 7,867,902 Methods of forming a contact structure
122 7,867,898 Method forming ohmic contact layer and metal wiring in semiconductor device
123 7,867,883 Methods of fabricating non-volatile memory devices
124 7,867,880 Metal precursors for low temperature deposition and methods of forming a metal thin layer and manufacturing a phase-change memory device using the metal precursors
125 7,867,867 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
126 7,867,865 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices including elevated source and drain regions
127 7,867,849 Method of manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor device
128 7,867,846 Organic light emitting display (OLED) having a gas vent groove to decrease edge open failures
129 7,867,841 Methods of forming semiconductor devices with extended active regions
130 7,867,825 Semiconductor die with protective layer and related method of processing a semiconductor wafer
131 7,867,797 Method of fabricating organic light emitting diode display device
132 7,867,670 Fuel tank and fuel cell system including the same
133 7,867,667 Polymer electrolyte for a fuel cell, a method of producing the same, and a fuel cell system comprising the same
134 7,867,643 Battery module including a battery management system controlling secondary batteries containing protective circuits
135 7,867,631 Fluorine-containing compound and organic light-emitting device employing the same
136 7,867,630 White organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
137 7,867,582 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display having same
138 7,867,574 Multi-functional cyclic silicate compound, siloxane-based polymer prepared from the compound and process of producing insulating film using the polymer
139 7,867,430 Injection mold and injection molding method using the same
140 7,867,316 Method of manufacturing metal nanoparticles
141 7,867,142 Method and apparatus for managing exercise state of user
142 7,867,054 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
143 7,867,051 Method of fabricating an organic light emitting display device
144 7,867,012 Connector assembly, display apparatus having the same and method of connecting the same
145 7,866,870 Backlight assembly
146 7,866,833 Apparatus and method for projecting image considering screen condition
147 7,866,781 Method and apparatus to check piezoelectric inkjet head
148 7,866,247 Automatic shooting mechanism and robot having the same
149 7,866,182 Refrigerator
150 7,866,181 Refrigerator with ice-making unit
151 7,866,000 Swing hinge apparatus of portable terminal