Samsung patents granted on 11 March 2014

69 US patents granted on 11 March 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D701,009 Washing machine
2 D700,970 Probe holder for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment
3 D700,969 Probe connector for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment
4 D700,914 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
5 D700,912 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
6 D700,911 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
7 D700,902 Mobile phone
8 8,671,441 Method and apparatus for registering a device in access point
9 8,671,156 Method and apparatus for providing communication history
10 8,670,806 Portable device for adaptive data communication control and method of operating the same
11 8,670,765 Mobile terminal and handover method thereof
12 8,670,716 Apparatus and method for scheduling in a multi-hop relay wireless communication system
13 8,670,698 Development device having a regulation portion and image forming apparatus including development device
14 8,670,696 Developing device usable with image forming apparatus
15 8,670,690 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same
16 8,670,682 Image forming apparatus with paper presence and paper width sensor
17 8,670,626 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding and multi-view image
18 8,670,593 Apparatus and method for dynamically controlling integration time of depth camera for accuracy improvement
19 8,670,569 Method for checking audio interface in AV system and apparatus using the same
20 8,670,496 Method and system for mapping uplink control information
21 8,670,424 Method and apparatus for detecting whether cell coverage is downscaled in wireless communication system
22 8,670,415 Apparatus and method for performing handoff in a communication system
23 8,670,406 Method and apparatus for handover between heterogeneous networks using mobile IP
24 8,670,397 System and method for efficient enhanced multicast broadcast system (E-MBS) configuration message decoding
25 8,670,395 System and method for priority driven contention scheme for supporting enhanced QoS in a wireless communication network
26 8,670,392 Method and apparatus for initiating communications on a shared channel in a mobile communication system
27 8,670,368 Broadcast retransmitting method, broadcast retransmitting apparatus, replay apparatus, and broadcast retransmitting system using the same
28 8,670,340 Method and apparatus for uplink scheduling in a communication system
29 8,670,297 Apparatus and method for allocating code resources to uplink ACK/NACK channels in a cellular wireless communication system
30 8,670,269 Resistive memory device and method of writing data using multi-mode switching current
31 8,670,226 Liquid crystal display module fixture for portable communication device
32 8,670,188 Zoom lens barrel assembly
33 8,670,137 Method and apparatus for printing using synchronization signal
34 8,670,107 Maskless exposure apparatus and control method thereof
35 8,670,101 Display device
36 8,670,008 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
37 8,670,003 Method and apparatus for displaying screen of mobile terminal with touch screen
38 8,670,002 Portable electronic device adapted to change operation mode
39 8,669,969 Scan driver and flat panel display device including the same
40 8,669,929 Module for determining the driving signal timing and a method for driving a liquid crystal display panel
41 8,669,923 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
42 8,669,742 Battery pack, charging system including the battery pack, and method of controlling the charging system
43 8,669,741 Battery management system and driving method thereof
44 8,669,735 Image display apparatus having function of charging external device and charging method thereof
45 8,669,700 Organic light emitting diode display including source and drain electrodes separated from a gate electrode
46 8,669,679 Linear vibrator
47 8,669,622 Non-volatile semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing non-volatile semiconductor devices
48 8,669,551 Transistor including insertion layer and channel layer with different work functions and method of manufacturing the same
49 8,669,548 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
50 8,669,468 Photoelectric conversion module
51 8,669,165 Method of fabricating semiconductor device using deuterium annealing
52 8,669,152 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
53 8,669,136 Flat panel display and method for making the same
54 8,669,127 Method for manufacturing an organic light emitting diode display
55 8,669,020 Membrane electrode assembly comprising a hydrogen permeable thin film, solid oxide fuel cell comprising the same and method of preparing the membrane electrode assembly
56 8,669,015 Solid-state fuel cell including anode and cathode chemical electrolyte protection layers and a hydrogen ion conductive solid oxide dense film
57 8,669,004 Battery pack
58 8,669,000 Battery pack
59 8,668,998 Secondary battery
60 8,668,996 Battery pack
61 8,668,847 Conductive paste and electronic device and solar cell including an electrode formed using the conductive paste
62 8,668,813 Plasma generation method and apparatus
63 8,668,529 Contact terminal
64 8,668,458 Fan and vibration-absorbing boss thereof
65 8,668,352 Light emitting module
66 8,668,297 Driver for inkjet head
67 8,668,289 Automatic door opening/closing apparatus and refrigerator having the same
68 8,667,705 Clothes dryer and lint cleaning device thereof
69 8,667,671 Vacuum nozzle control apparatus