Samsung patents granted on 11 October 2011

162 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE42,827 Apparatus and method for synchronizing channels in a WCDMA communication system
2 D646,855 Vacuum cleaner
3 D646,677 Notebook computer
4 D646,662 Mobile phone
5 D646,661 Mobile phone
6 D646,660 Mobile phone
7 8,037,531 Dynamic network security system and control method thereof
8 8,037,497 Fast channel switching method and apparatus for digital broadcast receiver
9 8,037,426 Method of generating a guidance route to a target menu and image processing apparatus using the same
10 8,037,418 System and method for ensuring integrity of data-driven user interface of a wireless mobile station
11 8,037,390 Memory system and command handling method
12 8,037,389 Method and apparatus to data encode and decode, storage medium having recorded thereon program to implement the method, and system to drive the storage medium
13 8,037,338 Data interface method and apparatus
14 8,037,335 Apparatus and method for synchronizing a channel card in a mobile communication system
15 8,037,282 Register having security function and computer system including the same
16 8,037,275 Memory module system using a partitioned serial presence detect memory
17 8,037,255 Memory and method for data compression and management
18 8,037,207 Apparatus and method for synchronizing presence attribute data between terminal and server
19 8,037,022 Synchronizing content between content directory service and control point
20 8,037,007 Situation-aware thresholding for recommendation
21 8,036,849 Module for measuring physical attributes linked to exercise, system for analyzing physical attributes linked to exercise and including the module, and method of applying the module
22 8,036,726 Sliding module for portable terminal
23 8,036,707 Method and system for tracking mobile communication device using instant messaging
24 8,036,705 Apparatus and method of a mobile communication terminal for accessing a portal site
25 8,036,701 Dynamically reconfigurable base station node and method
26 8,036,695 Power control apparatus in mobile terminal
27 8,036,688 Mobile communication system and method for sending group schedule using mobile terminal
28 8,036,659 Method for requesting an unregistered UE to perform registration in the IMS
29 8,036,656 Apparatus and method for performing cell selection to home cell or private network in a mobile communication system
30 8,036,650 Mobile terminal for remotely controlling and method of remotely controlling the same
31 8,036,635 System and method for providing service in a communication system
32 8,036,631 Method for automatically connecting video communication between mobile stations during an emergency
33 8,036,630 Method and apparatus for making an emergency call using a mobile communication terminal
34 8,036,612 Method, apparatus and system for terrestrial DMB service
35 8,036,596 Method and apparatus for generating device address of wireless local network
36 8,036,590 Image forming apparatus
37 8,036,581 Developing device to smoothy dispense developer and image forming apparatus having the same
38 8,036,569 Image forming apparatus having co-planer top cover and operation panel
39 8,036,563 Image forming apparatus
40 8,036,549 Method of revising medium resistance and image forming device using the same
41 8,036,548 Customer replaceable unit monitor (CRUM) unit, replaceable unit and image forming apparatus comprising the CRUM unit, and unit driving method thereof
42 8,036,542 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
43 8,036,525 Method and apparatus for motion compensation
44 8,036,524 Auto-focusing apparatus and method for camera
45 8,036,501 Printed circuit board for optical waveguides and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,036,478 Color image residue transformation and/or inverse transformation method and apparatus, and color image encoding and/or decoding method and apparatus using the same
47 8,036,477 Image decoder and mobile device including the same
48 8,036,432 System and method of saving digital content classified by person-based clustering
49 8,036,389 Apparatus and method of canceling vocal component in an audio signal
50 8,036,333 Clock and data recovery circuit and method of recovering clocks and data
51 8,036,331 Offset frequency estimation method and apparatus
52 8,036,330 System and method for frequency synchronization in a wireless non-hierarchical network
53 8,036,326 Apparatus and method for cancelling interferences between orthogonal coded signals in mobile communication system
54 8,036,322 Method of calculating log-likelihood ratio and method of detecting transmission signal
55 8,036,313 Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in broadband wireless access communication system
56 8,036,297 Apparatus and method for space-time coding in multiple-antenna system
57 8,036,294 Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in a wireless communication system
58 8,036,280 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
59 8,036,269 Method for accessing memory in apparatus for processing moving pictures
60 8,036,249 System and method of data verification
61 8,036,241 Method and system for contention resolution in telecommunication networks
62 8,036,232 Apparatus and method for filtering packet in a network system using mobile IP
63 8,036,188 Frame structure for bridging operation in high-speed wireless personal area network and data transmitting method thereof
64 8,036,179 Method for transmitting multicast data in WiMax/WiBro relay system
65 8,036,175 Handoff method between heterogeneous networks and system thereof
66 8,036,154 Device and method for saving power in digital broadcasting receiver
67 8,036,144 Gateway selection method for wireless mesh network
68 8,036,125 Apparatus and method for transmitting multimedia stream using virtual machines based on a number of transmissions at a data rate
69 8,036,108 Method and apparatus for providing gateway to transmit IPv6 packet in a wireless local area network system
70 8,036,101 Retransmission apparatus and method for high-speed data processing
71 8,036,056 Semiconductor memory device and method of inputting and outputting data in the semiconductor memory device
72 8,036,052 Semiconductor memory device and test method thereof
73 8,036,051 Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory system for compensating crosstalk
74 8,036,043 Nonvolatile semiconductor device and memory system including the same
75 8,036,031 Semiconductor device having a field effect source/drain region
76 8,036,018 Non-volatile memory devices including stacked NAND-type resistive memory cell strings
77 8,036,011 Memory module for improving signal integrity and computer system having the same
78 8,035,991 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
79 8,035,967 Cooling fan assembly
80 8,035,957 Monitor apparatus having links to move a monitor main body with respect to a base
81 8,035,925 Actuator latch system of hard disk drive including latch lever that absorbs shock
82 8,035,921 Perpendicular magnetic recording head and method for manufacturing the same
83 8,035,920 Perpendicular magnetic recording head having coil portions above a main pole and provided with different cross-sectional shapes and method of manufacturing the same
84 8,035,918 Spindle motor hub, disk pack, and hard disk drive having the same
85 8,035,914 Hard disk drive and method for designing additional controller included in hard disk drive
86 8,035,913 Parking ramp for hard disk drive
87 8,035,908 Methods of forming and reading servo track and data storage apparatus
88 8,035,904 Camera lens module
89 8,035,833 Facsimile communication interface unit capable of preventing data error caused by noise by using a transformer and the transformer thereof
90 8,035,806 Distance measuring sensor including double transfer gate and three dimensional color image sensor including the distance measuring sensor
91 8,035,787 Liquid crystal display
92 8,035,779 Thin film transistor display panel, liquid crystal display having the same, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
93 8,035,772 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
94 8,035,767 Liquid crystal display
95 8,035,743 Method for processing data in a terminal with digital broadcasting receiver
96 8,035,738 Apparatus and method of controlling black stretch
97 8,035,736 Grip device and image photographing apparatus having the same
98 8,035,720 Image display apparatus and photographing apparatus
99 8,035,701 Image tuning system and method using stored raw image signal
100 8,035,690 Apparatus and method for estimating motion due to hand trembling and image pickup device using the same
101 8,035,661 Driving apparatus of display device for gray range extension, display device including the same, and method of driving display device for gray range extension
102 8,035,660 Liquid crystal display with corrected image data and method of driving the liquid crystal display
103 8,035,659 Apparatus and method for reducing color error in display having sub-pixel structure
104 8,035,655 System and method for converting RGB to RGBW color using white value extraction
105 8,035,651 Method of adjusting displaying state of display apparatus
106 8,035,633 Organic electro-luminescence display and driving method thereof
107 8,035,625 Touch screen
108 8,035,599 Display panel having crossover connections effecting dot inversion
109 8,035,594 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
110 8,035,592 Display device apparatus, apparatus and method for driving the same
111 8,035,584 Organic light emitting display and image compensation method
112 8,035,581 Scan driver, organic light emitting display using the same, and method of driving the organic light emitting display
113 8,035,579 Plasma display panel driving method, plasma display panel gray displaying method, and plasma display device
114 8,035,543 Analog-to-digital conversion circuit
115 8,035,483 Oscillator tuning system and oscillator tuning method
116 8,035,412 On-die termination latency clock control circuit and method of controlling the on-die termination latency clock
117 8,035,302 Plasma display panel with colored first and second phosphors
118 8,035,300 Flat panel display device and method of making the same
119 8,035,298 Organic light emitting display having electrostatic discharge protection
120 8,035,292 Planar light source device and liquid crystal display device having the same
121 8,035,288 Material for preparing protective layer and plasma display panel comprising the protective layer
122 8,035,282 Piezoelectric vibrator and electrode structure of piezoelectric vibrator
123 8,035,175 Field effect transistor for detecting ionic material and method of detecting ionic material using the same
124 8,035,152 Semiconductor device having shared bit line structure
125 8,035,151 Semiconductor device capable of suppressing short channel effect and method of fabricating the same
126 8,035,149 Nonvolatile memory devices with oblique charge storage regions and methods of forming the same
127 8,035,145 Magnetic memory device
128 8,035,136 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
129 8,035,110 Thin-film transistor substrate having oxide active layer patterns and method of fabricating the same
130 8,035,108 Thin film transistor substrate, liquid crystal display panel including the same, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel
131 8,035,104 Thin film transistor display panel and manufacturing method thereof
132 8,035,102 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display panel having the same
133 8,035,101 Transistor, semiconductor device including a transistor and methods of manufacturing the same
134 8,035,100 Thin film transistor substrate, display device having the same and method of manufacturing the display device
135 8,035,095 Resistive random access memory device
136 8,034,747 Photolabile compound, oligomer probe array and substrate for oligomer probe array containing the same, and manufacturing method of the same
137 8,034,705 Method of forming a seam-free tungsten plug
138 8,034,701 Methods of forming recessed gate electrodes having covered layer interfaces
139 8,034,684 Semiconductor device with improved overlay margin and method of manufacturing the same
140 8,034,683 Method of forming a phase change material layer, method of forming a phase change memory device using the same, and a phase change memory device so formed
141 8,034,680 Method of manufacturing a memory device
142 8,034,668 Method for forming semiconductor device having metallization comprising select lines, bit lines and word lines
143 8,034,641 Method for inspection of defects on a substrate
144 8,034,640 Apparatus and method to inspect defect of semiconductor device
145 8,034,508 Polybenzoxazine-based compound, electrolyte membrane including the same, and fuel cell employing the electrolyte membrane
146 8,034,501 Passive cooling system for fuel cell stack
147 8,034,491 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
148 8,034,489 Silane compound, organic electrolyte solution using the silane compound, and lithium battery using the organic electrolyte solution
149 8,034,486 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
150 8,034,481 Pouch-type secondary battery
151 8,034,479 Battery pack
152 8,034,474 Battery pack with nondirectional terminal
153 8,034,206 Method of fabricating flexible display device
154 8,033,881 Method of manufacturing field emission device
155 8,033,540 Image forming apparatus having pick-up roller cover
156 8,033,401 Wafer guide for preventing wafer breakage in semiconductor cleaning apparatus
157 8,033,238 Indicator display device
158 8,033,143 Washing machine
159 8,033,124 Refrigerator and defrost control method thereof
160 8,032,985 Suction brush for vacuum cleaner
161 8,032,982 Upright vacuum cleaner having suction path switching valve
162 8,032,981 Vacuum cleaner