Samsung patents granted on 11 September 2007

110 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,269,776 Apparatus and method for performing bit de-collection in a communication system using a high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) scheme
2 7,269,712 Thread selection for fetching instructions for pipeline multi-threaded processor
3 7,269,699 Method and memory system having mode selection between dual data strobe mode and single data strobe mode with inversion
4 7,269,676 Method and apparatus for controlling an external RF device with a dual processor system
5 7,269,655 Method and system for providing an instant messaging service in a mobile communication network
6 7,269,450 Sliding/swing-type portable digital communication apparatus
7 7,269,443 Mobile communication unit with camera lens opening means in closed folder
8 7,269,423 System and method for call admission for a mobile communication system
9 7,269,420 System and method for retransmitting uplink data in a code division multiple access communication system
10 7,269,419 Method of performing network scanning and apparatus using the method
11 7,269,378 Transfer unit mounting device and image forming apparatus having the same
12 7,269,373 Liquid-type image forming apparatus and a method for controlling the same
13 7,269,372 Oxidation catalyst unit, wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same and method for judging catalyst life span
14 7,269,367 Fusing unit to control pressure applied to printing medium, an image forming apparatus having the same and a method for controlling fusing pressure
15 7,269,366 Method and apparatus for controlling a fixer of a printer
16 7,269,352 Wavelength division multiplexing light source apparatus using semiconductor optical amplifier
17 7,269,341 Adaptive digital video recorder and method of controlling the same
18 7,269,322 Optical filter, manufacturing method thereof, and planar lightwave circuit using the same
19 7,269,311 Remote antenna unit and wavelength division multiplexing radio-over-fiber network
20 7,269,296 Method and apparatus for shoot suppression in image detail enhancement
21 7,269,147 Relaying broadcast packet in a mobile Ad-hoc network including flushing buffer if broadcast count number exceed buffer size
22 7,269,145 Mode transition method for wireless data service in a mobile station
23 7,269,115 Laser diode power control apparatus in an optical drive
24 7,269,114 Method and apparatus for controlling recording to optical disc to cope with shock errors
25 7,269,110 Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
26 7,269,109 Apparatus for reproducing data from information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
27 7,269,108 Disc player automatically ejecting disc and method thereof
28 7,269,104 Optical disc and method for recording data on and/or reproducing data from the same
29 7,269,085 Non volatile semiconductor memory device having a multi-bit cell array
30 7,269,078 Buffer circuit and memory system for selectively outputting data strobe signal according to number of data bits
31 7,269,076 Low power consumption data input/output circuit of embedded memory device and data input/output method of the circuit
32 7,269,070 Flash memory device with multiple erase voltage levels
33 7,269,068 Flash memory device and method of programming the same
34 7,269,043 Memory module and impedance calibration method of semiconductor memory device
35 7,269,026 Plasma display apparatus
36 7,269,009 Case for covering electronic parts and display apparatus including the same
37 7,268,999 Display apparatus
38 7,268,895 Inspection system and a method for inspecting a semiconductor wafer
39 7,268,853 Exposing systems providing post exposure baking and related methods
40 7,268,829 Display apparatus
41 7,268,822 De-interlacing algorithm responsive to edge pattern
42 7,268,817 Method of automatically focusing using a quadratic function in camera
43 7,268,792 Method and apparatus for rendering image signal
44 7,268,778 Apparatus for driving display panel with effective DC-DC converters
45 7,268,776 Flat panel display with signal transmission patterns
46 7,268,767 Thin film transistor liquid crystal display
47 7,268,766 Inverter driving apparatus and liquid crystal display including inverter driving apparatus
48 7,268,753 Apparatus and method of controlling brightness of image
49 7,268,736 Small rectenna for radio frequency identification transponder
50 7,268,730 Small broadband monopole antenna having perpendicular ground plane with electromagnetically coupled feed
51 7,268,717 Display driver circuit, current sample/hold circuit and display driving method using the display driver circuit
52 7,268,709 Method for generating codeword using repetition
53 7,268,685 Radio frequency identification tag for transmitting temperature data and method therefor
54 7,268,622 Analog preamplifier calibration
55 7,268,604 Comparator with hysteresis and method of comparing using the same
56 7,268,579 Semiconductor integrated circuit having on-chip termination
57 7,268,573 Apparatus for generating test stimulus signal having current regardless of internal impedance changes of device under test
58 7,268,493 Plasma display panel with dual material sustain electrodes
59 7,268,489 Organic light emitting device having metal electrodes in a groove with steps in a substrate
60 7,268,488 Display device and mobile display having a semi-transparent metal layer
61 7,268,480 Field emission device, display adopting the same and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,268,478 Electron gun assembly and cathode ray tube with the same
63 7,268,405 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
64 7,268,396 Finfets having first and second gates of different resistivities
65 7,268,376 Bipolar transistor for increasing signal transfer efficiency and method of manufacturing the same
66 7,268,372 Vertical GaN light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
67 7,268,089 Method for forming PE-TEOS layer of semiconductor integrated circuit device
68 7,268,043 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
69 7,268,029 Method of fabricating CMOS transistor that prevents gate thinning
70 7,268,021 Lead frame and method of manufacturing the same
71 7,268,014 Fabrication method of light emitting diode package
72 7,267,997 Process for forming magnetic memory structures
73 7,267,922 Method of preparing particulate phase toner using fractional dissolution and particulate phase toner prepared using the same
74 7,267,907 Negative electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
75 7,267,833 Apparatus and method of automatic cooking of buckwheat
76 7,267,705 Locking unit of cyclone type dust collecting apparatus
77 7,267,501 Image forming apparatus having a pickup roller for driving a discharge roller
78 7,267,450 Lamp assembly and cooking apparatus having the same
79 7,267,446 Projection display
80 7,267,441 Projection display
81 7,267,320 Mold apparatus
82 7,267,312 Display apparatus
83 7,267,046 Bread maker
84 7,266,864 Rotary type hinge device for portable wireless terminal
85 RE39,831 Method and apparatus for providing positional information on a disk
86 D550,910 Body for vacuum cleaner
87 D550,909 Body for vacuum cleaner
88 D550,908 Body for vacuum cleaner
89 D550,744 Camera
90 D550,743 Digital camera
91 D550,714 MP3 player
92 D550,713 MP3 player
93 D550,712 MP3 player
94 D550,711 MP3 player
95 D550,710 MP3 player
96 D550,709 MP3 player
97 D550,708 MP3 player
98 D550,707 MP3 player
99 D550,706 MP3 player
100 D550,705 MP3 player
101 D550,704 MP3 player
102 D550,702 MP3 player
103 D550,687 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
104 D550,686 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
105 D550,685 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
106 D550,684 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
107 D550,683 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
108 D550,644 Keyphone
109 D550,639 Portable phone
110 D550,502 Oven