Samsung patents granted on 11 September 2012

139 US patents granted on 11 September 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D666,985 Mobile phone
2 8,266,572 Method for acquiring overshoot voltage and analyzing degradation of a gate insulation using the same
3 8,266,549 Apparatus and method for displaying hierarchical menu in mobile communication terminal
4 8,266,537 Apparatus and method for managing multimedia information configuring graphical user interface
5 8,266,521 Apparatus and method of composing web document and apparatus of setting web document arrangement
6 8,266,512 Method and apparatus for signal transmission/reception in a communication system using an HARQ scheme
7 8,266,507 Data processing apparatus for operating lens correction and method for compressing and restoring lookup table values
8 8,266,500 Method and apparatus for interleaving data in a mobile communication system
9 8,266,491 Apparatus and method for controlling a hybrid automatic repeat request operation in a wireless mobile communication system
10 8,266,455 Apparatus and method for controlling power of fixing unit
11 8,266,428 Secure communication system and method of IPv4/IPv6 integrated network system
12 8,266,355 Electronic apparatus transmitting and receiving signal through single wire
13 8,266,341 Display apparatus, control method thereof and control method of external device
14 8,266,330 Method and controller for processing commands in a storage device
15 8,266,316 Client apparatus and method of streaming content, and computer readable recording medium storing program for performing the method
16 8,266,093 Data processing apparatus and method for constructing interactive contents and recording media
17 8,266,080 Virtual measuring device and method
18 8,265,791 System and method for motion control of humanoid robot
19 8,265,782 Mobile device having multi-audio output function
20 8,265,714 Method and apparatus for supporting energy saving function in communication system
21 8,265,711 Data processing system and method for in-vehicle short range wireless communication network
22 8,265,703 Method of running application and mobile communication terminal using the same
23 8,265,680 Apparatus and method for power allocation in mobile communication system
24 8,265,667 Multimedia messaging method and apparatus for mobile terminal
25 8,265,657 Method and system for device discovery in a wireless video area network
26 8,265,636 Method and apparatus for managing cells of multi-mode portable terminal
27 8,265,620 Apparatus and method for measuring uplink thermal noise power and uplink interference power in wireless communication system
28 8,265,601 Method and apparatus for transmitting message in mobile communication terminal
29 8,265,598 Method of sharing information in mobile terminal using local wireless communication
30 8,265,596 Mobile terminal and method for protecting personal information thereof
31 8,265,586 Apparatus and method for low-noise amplification in a wireless communication system
32 8,265,570 RFID reader and RF transmission method thereof
33 8,265,532 Image forming apparatus and driving speed control method thereof
34 8,265,506 Fusing device for instantly controlling power
35 8,265,445 Printed circuit board for optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,265,407 Method for coding and decoding 3D data implemented as a mesh model
37 8,265,385 Image processing apparatus and method of enhancing depth perception
38 8,265,325 Earphone device for portable terminal
39 8,265,296 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding noise signal
40 8,265,293 Audio signal output method and apparatus for short-range communication enabled headset
41 8,265,190 Multiple antennas transmit diversity scheme
42 8,265,189 Multiple antennas transmit diversity scheme
43 8,265,177 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed high definition video data using beambook-constructed beamforming signals
44 8,265,165 Method and apparatus for video decoding to improve picture quality based on picture quality estimation, in the presence of noise
45 8,265,156 Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus in temporal direct mode in hierarchical structure
46 8,265,149 Method and apparatus encoding and/or decoding image by using diffusion properties of the image
47 8,265,147 Method for generating reduced image of original image comprising adaptively encoded macroblocks, and image apparatus thereof
48 8,265,129 Digital receiver with system for controlling the operating mode of an adaptive equalizer
49 8,265,120 Parallel sequence spread spectrum type chaotic signal transmission device
50 8,265,119 Method and apparatus for frequency assignment in a frequency hopping mode of a wireless communication system
51 8,265,103 Apparatus and method for flexible visibility in integrated circuits with minimal package impact
52 8,265,047 System and method for device discovery in a wireless network of devices having directional antennas
53 8,265,045 Method for power consumption in wireless sensor network
54 8,265,021 Downlink phich mapping and channelization
55 8,265,013 Apparatus and method for supporting interactive broadcasting service in broadband wireless access (BWA) system
56 8,265,012 Adaptive subchannel and bit allocation method using partial channel information feedback in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
57 8,265,001 Method and apparatus for communication of mobile terminal using relay device
58 8,264,997 System and method for providing message push service in wireless communication system
59 8,264,993 Method for minimizing current consumption at handover in multimode terminal and terminal for use in the same
60 8,264,991 System and method for improving symmetry in data transfer in LLC layer of peer to peer NFC device
61 8,264,905 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element
62 8,264,904 Method of estimating self refresh period of semiconductor memory device
63 8,264,891 Erase method and non-volatile semiconductor memory
64 8,264,888 Flash memory device configured to reduce common source line noise, methods of operating same, and memory system incorporating same
65 8,264,847 Electronic circuit module and method of making the same
66 8,264,815 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
67 8,264,784 Optical system
68 8,264,778 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and electrowetting display panel having the display substrate
69 8,264,753 Automatic document feeder, image reading device having the same and image forming apparatus having the same
70 8,264,712 Method and apparatus of processing wireless printing based on wireless LAN
71 8,264,656 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
72 8,264,654 Liquid crystal display and display apparatus set having the same
73 8,264,651 Thin film transistor array substrate and liquid crystal display panel having the same
74 8,264,638 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
75 8,264,637 Photonic crystal optical filter, reflective color filter, display apparatus using the reflective color filter, and method of manufacturing the reflective color filter
76 8,264,626 Stereoscopic image display device
77 8,264,609 Caption presentation method and apparatus using same
78 8,264,579 Shared-pixel-type image sensors for controlling capacitance of floating diffusion region
79 8,264,497 Gamut mapping and subpixel rendering systems and methods
80 8,264,478 Liquid crystal display and control method for charging subpixels thereof
81 8,264,446 Driving apparatus for display device
82 8,264,443 Ripple preventing gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
83 8,264,436 Gray scale voltage decoder and digital-to-analog converter including the same
84 8,264,429 Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display apparatus and method of driving the same
85 8,264,426 Organic light emitting display device and a method for generating scan signals for driving an organic light emitting display device having a scan driver
86 8,264,425 Method for compensating data, data compensating apparatus for performing the method and display apparatus having the data compensating apparatus
87 8,264,341 Broadcast signal retransmission system and method using illuminating visible-light communication
88 8,264,301 Modeling circuit of high-frequency device and modeling method thereof
89 8,264,262 Delay-locked loop circuit and semiconductor device including the same
90 8,264,260 Delay locked loop and method of driving delay locked loop
91 8,264,250 Array substrate having increased inspection efficiency and display apparatus having the same
92 8,264,245 Device and system for measuring properties of cells and method of measuring properties of cells using the same
93 8,264,206 Battery and method of power conservation for the same
94 8,264,145 Display filter, display device including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,264,137 Curing binder material for carbon nanotube electron emission cathodes
96 8,264,110 Scanner motor
97 8,264,034 Fin FET and method of fabricating same
98 8,264,026 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
99 8,264,025 Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming the nonvolatile memory device including giving an upper portion of an insulating layer an etching selectivity with respect to a lower portion
100 8,264,022 Semiconductor device including contact plug and associated methods
101 8,264,018 Semiconductor memory device
102 8,263,987 Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor light emitting device package using the same
103 8,263,978 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,263,974 Organic light emitting device
105 8,263,963 Phase change memory device
106 8,263,671 Ion exchangeable mixture and method of producing the same
107 8,263,532 Microarray substrate, method of use, and products comprising the microarray substrate
108 8,263,487 Method of forming patterns of semiconductor device
109 8,263,480 Methods for site-selective growth of horizontal nanowires, nanowires grown by the methods and nanodevices comprising the nanowires
110 8,263,456 Methods of manufacturing capacitor and semiconductor device including the same
111 8,263,455 Method of forming variable resistance memory device
112 8,263,454 Embedded semiconductor device including planarization resistance patterns and method of manufacturing the same
113 8,263,449 Method of manufacturing high electron mobility transistor
114 8,263,444 Methods of forming semiconductor-on-insulating (SOI) field effect transistors with body contacts
115 8,263,386 Digital bio disc (DBD), DBD driver apparatus, and assay method using the same
116 8,263,333 Method of analyzing a target nucleic acid sequence
117 8,263,323 Method of forming fine pattern using block copolymer
118 8,263,271 Fuel cell system
119 8,263,267 Rechargeable battery and associated methods
120 8,263,266 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
121 8,263,265 Si/C composite, anode active materials, and lithium battery including the same
122 8,263,262 Anode for a lithium rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery using the same
123 8,263,253 Secondary battery
124 8,263,245 Cap assembly and secondary battery using the same
125 8,263,243 Lithium secondary battery
126 8,263,240 Secondary battery having a gasket with coupling extensions
127 8,263,001 Integrated bio-chip, method of fabricating the integrated bio-chip, and apparatus for detecting bio-material
128 8,262,937 Green phosphor for plasma display panel and plasma display panel including same
129 8,262,934 Silicate phosphor and white light emitting device including the same
130 8,262,928 Etchant and method of manufacturing an array substrate using the same
131 8,262,917 Fabricating method for multilayer printed circuit board
132 8,262,807 Dish washing machine
133 8,262,239 Display filter having a great EM-radiation shielding effect and display apparatus including the same
134 8,262,227 Laser display device employing blue laser diode
135 8,262,218 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus with label printing feature
136 8,262,092 Composition for gasket and gasket
137 8,262,082 Medium supplying unit and image forming apparatus having the same
138 8,261,580 Apparatus to reinforce a drum washing machine
139 8,261,572 Food heat-exchange device and refrigerator having the same