Samsung patents granted on 12 August 2008

99 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D574,869 Digital camera
2 D574,842 Video image display for portable phone
3 D574,841 Transitional image display for mobile phone
4 D574,840 Display panel with a user interface
5 D574,836 Notebook computer cover
6 D574,807 Mobile phone
7 D574,806 Portable phone
8 D574,804 Mobile phone
9 D574,803 Portable phone
10 D574,793 Setop box
11 D574,739 Navigation for vehicles
12 7,412,715 Method and apparatus for displaying channel information and selecting channel on digital television
13 7,412,613 Integrated circuit devices that support dynamic voltage scaling of power supply voltages
14 7,412,575 Data management technique for improving data reliability
15 7,412,550 Bus system with protocol conversion for arbitrating bus occupation and method thereof
16 7,412,529 Method for processing session information of session initiation protocol system and recorded medium thereof
17 7,412,474 Montgomery modular multiplier using a compressor and multiplication method
18 7,412,251 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system adopting the same and communication method thereof
19 7,412,242 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in communication systems using orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
20 7,412,197 Heat roller having improved coupling structure to prevent slip of a roller cap for fixing apparatus
21 7,412,195 Image forming apparatus having means to prevent image quality degradation
22 7,412,189 Wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus and a setting method thereof
23 7,412,187 Apparatus and method for cleaning the transfer roller of image forming apparatus
24 7,412,179 Wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method for controlling collection of developer
25 7,412,176 Method of processing an error of an image forming apparatus
26 7,412,169 FTTH system for convergence of broadcasting and communication through switched broadcasting
27 7,412,164 Photoelectric cross-connect system
28 7,412,115 Image processing device and method thereof
29 7,411,983 Apparatus and method for acquiring frame synchronization in a mobile communication system
30 7,411,961 Apparatus and method for scheduling forward channel transmissions in a wireless network base station
31 7,411,924 Method for allocating subchannels in an OFDMA mobile communication system
32 7,411,907 Method and apparatus for controlling packet flow for corresponding bandwidths of ports
33 7,411,903 Method of generating transmission control parameters and method of selective retransmission according to packet characteristics
34 7,411,899 Apparatus and method for allocating walsh codes to access terminals in an adaptive antenna array CDMA wireless network
35 7,411,897 Method and apparatus for generating an edge sidelobe canceling signal and uplink communication method and apparatus using the same in an OFDMA system
36 7,411,894 Apparatus and method for guard interval inserting/removing in an OFDM communication system
37 7,411,891 Method of transferring data with respect to optical information storage medium having different track pitches
38 7,411,886 Device and method of recording information on an optical disc
39 7,411,880 Method of recording erase pattern information on an optical recording medium, erasing information on the optical recording medium based on the erase pattern information, and optical recording medium therefor
40 7,411,876 Apparatus and method for controlling tracking in disc drive by monitoring tracking actuator deviation
41 7,411,871 Optical disk drive
42 7,411,859 Multi-port memory device for buffering between hosts
43 7,411,820 Three-level nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and associated method of operation
44 7,411,796 Display apparatus having a display module that supports various functions
45 7,411,795 Desktop holder for portable terminal
46 7,411,793 Optical disk device
47 7,411,761 Seek adaptation system in hard disk drives
48 7,411,699 Method and apparatus to enhance digital image quality
49 7,411,660 Laser straight ruler and method for measuring distance and projecting line using the straight ruler
50 7,411,644 Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
51 7,411,630 Apparatus and method for transposing data in the display system using the optical modulator
52 7,411,629 Method and apparatus for correcting frequency characteristics of carrier chrominance signal
53 7,411,627 Biaxially rotatable camera lens module
54 7,411,587 Method and apparatus for three-dimensionally transforming two-dimensional linear data in accordance with three-dimensional topography data in real time and method and apparatus for three-dimensionally visualizing two-dimensional linear data together with three-dimensional topography data in real time
55 7,411,577 Mobile display device, mobile display system and image signal reproducing method thereof
56 7,411,572 Organic electroluminescence display
57 7,411,554 MIMO antenna operable in multiband
58 7,411,529 Method of decoding bin values using pipeline architecture and decoding device therefor
59 7,411,459 Current mode transconductor tuning device
60 7,411,372 Digital device with rechargeable battery and recharging method thereof
61 7,411,358 Inverter circuit, backlight assembly, and liquid crystal display with backlight assembly
62 7,411,357 Liquid crystal and device of driving light source therefor
63 7,411,355 Display device and driving device of light source for display device
64 7,411,347 Plasma display panel
65 7,411,346 Plasma display panel having multiple substrate parts
66 7,411,345 Organic electroluminescent display having desiccant layer including at least one hole
67 7,411,343 Inorganic electroluminescent device
68 7,411,261 MEMS device and fabrication method thereof
69 7,411,243 Nonvolatile semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
70 7,411,241 Vertical type nanotube semiconductor device
71 7,411,240 Integrated circuits including spacers that extend beneath a conductive line
72 7,411,239 Nand flash memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
73 7,411,224 Light emitting diode module, backlight assembly having the same, and display device having the same
74 7,411,221 Light emitting device having protection element and method of manufacturing the light emitting device
75 7,411,216 Thin film array panel and manufacturing method thereof
76 7,411,210 Semiconductor probe with resistive tip having metal shield thereon
77 7,411,208 Phase-change memory device having a barrier layer and manufacturing method
78 7,411,173 Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
79 7,411,142 Keypad with light guide layer, keypad assembly and portable terminal
80 7,410,915 Method of forming carbon polymer film using plasma CVD
81 7,410,913 Method of manufacturing silicon rich oxide (SRO) and semiconductor device employing SRO
82 7,410,896 Semiconductor device having low-k dielectric film in pad region and method for manufacture thereof
83 7,410,892 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices having self-aligned contact structures
84 7,410,871 Split gate type flash memory device and method for manufacturing same
85 7,410,870 Methods of forming non-volatile memory devices and devices formed thereby
86 7,410,869 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
87 7,410,853 Method of forming a nanowire and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
88 7,410,843 Methods for fabricating reduced floating body effect static random access memory cells
89 7,410,832 Semiconductor chip package having an adhesive tape attached on bonding wires
90 7,410,823 Image sensors for reducing dark current and methods of manufacturing the same
91 7,410,749 Method of fabricating micro-lens and method of fabricating optical module using the method
92 7,410,731 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
93 7,410,723 Pouch type secondary battery
94 7,410,552 Electron cyclotron resonance equipment with variable flare angle of horn antenna
95 7,410,535 Cyclone separating apparatus and a vacuum cleaner having the same
96 7,410,517 Dust-separating apparatus for vacuum cleaner
97 7,410,251 Apparatus for forming a thin film using an inkjet printing method
98 7,410,160 Pick-up unit and an image forming apparatus having the same
99 7,409,742 Suction nozzle for a vacuum cleaner