Samsung patents granted on 12 August 2014

225 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 8,806,658 Method of installing software for using digital content and apparatus for playing digital content
2 8,806,560 Method and apparatus for transmitting content, and method and apparatus for receiving content
3 8,806,498 Method and system for resolving dependency among the enqueued works and/or finished works and scheduling the dependency-resolved works
4 8,806,448 Dynamic instrumentation method and apparatus for tracing and analyzing a program
5 8,806,380 Digital device and user interface control method thereof
6 8,806,366 Media file management system and method for home media center
7 8,806,311 Trellis encoder and trellis encoding device having the same
8 8,806,302 Semiconductor memory device and data processing method thereof
9 8,806,279 Method and apparatus for booting to debug in portable terminal
10 8,806,271 Auxiliary power supply and user device including the same
11 8,806,260 Method and apparatus for generating a clock signal and for controlling a clock frequency using the same
12 8,806,257 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
13 8,806,240 Battery management system, method of controlling the same, and energy storage system including the battery management system
14 8,806,212 Method and apparatus for generating and verifying electronic signature of software data, and computer readable recording medium thereof
15 8,806,167 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for managing memory thereof
16 8,806,082 Direct memory access device for multi-core system and operating method of the same
17 8,806,065 Server device connecting with USB device and device sharing method
18 8,806,048 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving streaming data based on real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) session
19 8,805,923 Method for updating contents of a DMS in a DLNA system
20 8,805,915 Fused multiply-add apparatus and method
21 8,805,904 Method and apparatus for calculating the number of leading zero bits of a binary operation
22 8,805,762 Affective model device and method of deciding behavior of the affective model device
23 8,805,742 Method and system for providing DRM license
24 8,805,681 Method and apparatus to search fixed codebook using tracks of a trellis structure with each track being a union of tracks of an algebraic codebook
25 8,805,583 Robot and control method thereof
26 8,805,567 Method of controlling semiconductor process distribution
27 8,805,476 Magnetic resonance imaging device and control method thereof
28 8,805,451 Portable terminal with QWERTY keypad and method for processing phone numbers in the portable terminal
29 8,805,448 Method and system for indicating method used to scramble dedicated reference signals
30 8,805,436 Network-adaptive function control method for dual-mode mobile terminal
31 8,805,389 Method and apparatus for synchronizing quiet period in cognitive radio system
32 8,805,378 Apparatus and method for handover between a heterogeneous communication system and a broadband wireless communication system
33 8,805,353 System to provide entertainment in association with telecommunication service
34 8,805,344 Method and apparatus for updating live data on mobile devices
35 8,805,338 Method and system for managing communication of a dual-standby portable terminal
36 8,805,332 Device and method for storing subscriber information in mobile terminal
37 8,805,317 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in portable terminal
38 8,805,315 Apparatus and method for adaptive whitening in a multiple antenna system
39 8,805,283 Inter-cell interference relief method
40 8,805,279 Mobile device and method for performing function based on short-range communication
41 8,805,263 Developing unit cleaning blade and image forming apparatus having the same
42 8,805,255 Fusing apparatus and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
43 8,805,245 Charging device and image forming apparatus using the same
44 8,805,203 Optical modulators for generating de-emphasis formatted optical signals and methods of operating the same
45 8,805,190 Visible light wireless communication method and system
46 8,805,172 Contents reproducing method and apparatus for adjusting contents reproducing time based on user preference information
47 8,805,162 Storage medium including AV data and application program, and apparatus and method using the same
48 8,805,123 System and method for video recognition based on visual image matching
49 8,805,120 Image processing apparatus and method which generates reference data according to learning images
50 8,805,097 Apparatus and method for coding a three dimensional mesh
51 8,805,063 Method and apparatus for detecting and compensating for backlight frame
52 8,805,021 Method and apparatus for estimating face position in 3 dimensions
53 8,804,989 Flexible resonance unit for a speaker
54 8,804,969 Method and apparatus for outputting sound source signal by using virtual speaker
55 8,804,846 Method and apparatus for processing signals
56 8,804,841 Method for turbo transmission of digital broadcasting transport stream, a digital broadcasting transmission and reception system, and a signal processing method thereof
57 8,804,828 Method for direct mode encoding and decoding
58 8,804,805 Digital broadcasting transmitter, digital broadcasting receiver, and method for composing and processing streams thereof
59 8,804,799 Signal quality measuring apparatus and method thereof
60 8,804,687 Apparatus and method for allocating frequency resources in a frequency overlay system
61 8,804,675 Method and apparatus for signaling in digital radio systems
62 8,804,669 Methods and apparatuses for transmitting and receiving channel quality indicator (CQI) in broadband wireless communication system
63 8,804,665 Method and apparatus for processing uplink data by DRX-mode terminal in mobile telecommunication system
64 8,804,655 Wireless LAN network, and mobile station, base station and method of controlling handoff in wireless LAN network to prevent packet loss during handoff
65 8,804,636 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in multi-carrier wireless communication system
66 8,804,614 Method and system for managing connection payload information in medium access control protocol data unit
67 8,804,597 Apparatus and method for adding and deleting relay link in communication system
68 8,804,556 System and method for handover in wireless communication system
69 8,804,550 Method and apparatus for reuse of adaptive partial frequency in a cellular mobile communication system
70 8,804,549 Method and apparatus for transmitting dedicated reference signal
71 8,804,541 Method for managing mobile radio resources for package receiving enhancement
72 8,804,506 Voice/data combination system and method for managing bandwidth in the system
73 8,804,477 OFDM transmitting and receiving systems and methods
74 8,804,455 Semiconductor device capable of adjusting memory page size based on a row address, a bank address and a power supply voltage
75 8,804,448 Method of selecting anti-fuses and method of monitoring anti-fuses
76 8,804,422 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of operation
77 8,804,417 Nonvolatile memory device including dummy memory cell and program method thereof
78 8,804,410 Stacked MRAM device and memory system having the same
79 8,804,400 Variable resistance memory device and method of fabricating the same
80 8,804,367 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board for mounting the same
81 8,804,349 Foldable display device
82 8,804,305 Multilayer ceramic condenser and method for manufacturing the same
83 8,804,304 Chip type laminated capacitor
84 8,804,301 Conductive paste for internal electrode of multilayer ceramic electronic component and multilayer ceramic electronic component including the same
85 8,804,279 Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
86 8,804,226 Unit of optical modulator, optical modulator including the same, and method of fabricating the optical modulator
87 8,804,224 Lens with low birefringence, method of fabricating the lens, and light scanning unit including the lens
88 8,804,207 Image reading apparatus and controlling method thereof
89 8,804,167 Image scanning apparatus and method thereof
90 8,804,165 Image forming apparatus and method of managing jobs thereof
91 8,804,164 Image forming system and control method using middleware
92 8,804,156 Method of managing files in WebDAV server-embedded image forming apparatus, and image forming system that performs the method
93 8,804,098 Maskless exposure apparatus having measurement optical unit to measure depths of focus of a plurality of beams and control method thereof
94 8,804,088 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
95 8,804,086 Anisotropic conductive film, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
96 8,804,085 Liquid crystal display
97 8,804,083 Liquid crystal display device
98 8,804,082 Liquid crystal display
99 8,804,081 Liquid crystal display device with electrode having opening over thin film transistor
100 8,804,063 Image display device
101 8,804,062 Thin film transistor substrate, display apparatus utilizing same, and related manufacturing methods
102 8,804,055 Touch screen panel and fabricating method thereof
103 8,804,053 Display apparatus, display system, and method for displaying image thereof
104 8,804,052 System and method for filtering a television channel list based on channel characteristics
105 8,804,041 Method of controlling resolution of digital data broadcasting receiver, apparatus therefor, and digital data broadcasting receiver using the same
106 8,804,034 Apparatus and method for converting image in an image processing system
107 8,804,009 Multimedia information appliance
108 8,803,968 Apparatus for detecting particles in flat glass and detecting method using same
109 8,803,950 Three-dimensional face capturing apparatus and method and computer-readable medium thereof
110 8,803,947 Apparatus and method for generating extrapolated view
111 8,803,919 Display apparatus and image display method thereof
112 8,803,903 Color space determination devices and display devices and systems including the same
113 8,803,871 Display device, driving method thereof, and signal controller therefor
114 8,803,866 Display panel including test pad unit and flat panel display apparatus including the display panel
115 8,803,865 Liquid crystal display
116 8,803,864 Method of driving a display panel and a display apparatus performing the method
117 8,803,855 Liquid crystal display, method of driving the same, and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,803,828 Method for controlling operation of touch panel and portable terminal supporting the same
119 8,803,826 Flat panel display with built-in touch sensors
120 8,803,819 Apparatus and method for inputting characters in a terminal
121 8,803,793 Electro phoretic display and driving method thereof
122 8,803,788 Method of driving light-emitting diodes by controlling maximum amount of light and backlight assembly for performing the method
123 8,803,777 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
124 8,803,770 Pixel and an organic light emitting display device using the same
125 8,803,769 DC-DC converter and organic light emitting display using the same
126 8,803,607 Power amplifier
127 8,803,606 Apparatus and method for expanding operation region of power amplifier
128 8,803,587 Resistor-sharing switching circuit
129 8,803,565 Driving circuits, power devices and electronic devices including the same
130 8,803,564 Tunable capacitance control circuit and tunable capacitance control method
131 8,803,562 Stage circuit and scan driver using the same
132 8,803,479 Hybrid battery and its charging/discharging method
133 8,803,478 Analog switch, battery pack including the same and battery voltage measuring method
134 8,803,430 Light source module, method of driving the light source module and display apparatus having the light source module
135 8,803,416 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus
136 8,803,415 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
137 8,803,404 Ultrasound probe and manufacturing method thereof
138 8,803,391 Spindle motor
139 8,803,373 Linear vibration motor
140 8,803,368 Image forming apparatus, universal interface device, and method of using option unit
141 8,803,365 Wireless power transmission/reception apparatus and method
142 8,803,334 Semiconductor package including a semiconductor chip with a through silicon via
143 8,803,311 Wiring boards and semiconductor packages including the same
144 8,803,301 Semiconductor package
145 8,803,273 High sensitivity image sensors
146 8,803,266 Storage nodes, magnetic memory devices, and methods of manufacturing the same
147 8,803,265 Magnetic memory layer and magnetic memory device including the same
148 8,803,248 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
149 8,803,222 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices using direct strapping line connections
150 8,803,210 X-ray detector
151 8,803,184 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
152 8,803,167 Organic light emitting diode display
153 8,803,162 Organic light emitting display of mother substrate unit and method of fabricating the same
154 8,803,155 Thin-film transistor sensor and method of manufacturing the TFT sensor
155 8,803,148 Thin film transistor, manufacturing method of thin film transistor, and organic light emitting diode display including the same
156 8,803,133 Organic light emitting diode device
157 8,802,999 Embedded printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
158 8,802,972 Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
159 8,802,967 Photoelectric conversion module
160 8,802,909 Method for improving productivity and process stability in styrene manufacturing system having multiple reactors connected in series
161 8,802,551 Methods of fabricating a semiconductor device using voids in a sacrificial layer
162 8,802,495 Semiconductor packages, methods of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor package structures including the same
163 8,802,489 Device and method for depositing organic material
164 8,802,488 Substrate depositing system and depositing method using the same
165 8,802,356 Photosensitive film pattern and method for manufacturing a photosensitive film pattern
166 8,802,322 Interconnect-type solid oxide fuel cell and fuel cell stack having the same
167 8,802,320 Electrolytic membrane comprising a crystalline organic and inorganic porous composite for fuel cell, electrode and fuel cell, and fuel cell including the electrolytic membrane and/or the electrode
168 8,802,318 Compound and composition including compound, with fuel cell, fuel cell electrode and fuel cell electrolyte membrane using same
169 8,802,315 Composition, composite prepared from the composition, electrode using the composition or the composite, composite membrane including the composite, and fuel cell including the composite membrane
170 8,802,306 Fuel cell system and stack thereof
171 8,802,300 Rechargeable lithium battery
172 8,802,285 Organic electrolytic solution comprising cycloolefin monomer and lithium battery employing the same
173 8,802,284 Battery pack
174 8,802,283 Fabricating method of secondary battery
175 8,802,281 Secondary battery with movement prevention tape
176 8,802,278 Rechargeable battery
177 8,802,276 Secondary battery
178 8,802,275 Battery module
179 8,802,263 Battery pack and method of manufacturing the same
180 8,802,262 Secondary battery
181 8,802,257 Battery pack and driving method thereof
182 8,802,255 Secondary battery and its method of manufacture
183 8,802,254 Battery module
184 8,802,248 Battery pack having protection from static electricity
185 8,802,246 Light emitting polymer comprising phosphorescence unit and fluorescence unit and organic light emitting device comprising the light emitting polymer
186 8,802,200 Method and apparatus for cleaning organic deposition materials
187 8,802,050 Method of manufacturing ceramic powder having perovskite structure and ceramic powder having perovskite structure manufactured using the same
188 8,801,958 Titanium etchant composition and method of forming a semiconductor device using the same
189 8,801,905 Thermochromic substrate and method of manufacturing the same
190 8,801,616 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image processing method
191 8,801,486 Method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
192 8,801,485 Frit sealing system and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display (OLED) apparatus using the same
193 8,801,399 Hermetic reciprocating compressor
194 8,801,279 Semiconductor device with stacked structure having through electrode, semiconductor memory device, semiconductor memory system, and operating method thereof
195 8,801,256 Light emitting diode package and backlight unit having the same
196 8,801,218 Lighting device capable of emitting light with a wide angle
197 8,801,209 Backlight assembly and display device having lower profile and/or reduced weight
198 8,801,146 Inkjet print head and method for manufacturing the same
199 8,801,118 Knob assembly and washing machine having the same
200 8,801,057 Bumper structure of cleaning robot
201 8,800,377 Contact force sensor package, blood pressure meter with the same, and method for fabricating the contact force sensor package
202 8,800,327 Washing machine having ball balancers
203 8,800,325 Washing machine
204 8,800,164 Washing machine, power management apparatus and method of controlling the same
205 8,800,137 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
206 8,800,103 Upright type cleaner
207 RE45,072 Protective cover for portable communication device
208 D711,035 Display screen portion with icon
209 D710,914 Shelf
210 D710,878 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
211 D710,874 Display screen with graphical user interface
212 D710,865 Display screen or portion thereof with graphic user interface
213 D710,862 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
214 D710,850 Monitor
215 D710,849 Monitor
216 D710,845 Electronic device
217 D710,838 Flip cover for mobile terminal
218 D710,834 Antenna for repeater
219 D710,816 Mobile phone
220 D710,814 Mobile terminal
221 D710,813 Mobile terminal
222 D710,812 Portable electronic device
223 D710,673 Control knob
224 D710,634 Booth
225 D710,607 Case for electronic device