Samsung patents granted on 12 February 2008

95 US patents granted on 12 February 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D561,824 Printer combination
2 D561,799 Camera
3 D561,787 Handle
4 D561,781 MP3 player
5 D561,776 Generated image for display on a personal digital assistant
6 D561,729 Mobile phone
7 D561,728 Portable phone
8 D561,727 Portable telephone
9 D561,726 Portable phone
10 D561,725 Portable phone
11 D561,724 Portable phone
12 D561,723 Mobile phone
13 D561,722 Mobile phone
14 D561,721 Mobile phone
15 D561,720 Portable phone
16 D561,718 Portable phone
17 D561,717 Mobile phone
18 D561,529 Panel for oven
19 D561,512 Cellular phone
20 7,330,789 Apparatus and method for providing a telematics service having and AGPS function
21 7,330,742 Portable communication device and method of sensing camera operation mode in the portable communication device
22 7,330,741 Scent bottle type portable wireless terminal
23 7,330,738 Apparatus and method for canceling residual echo in a mobile terminal of a mobile communication system
24 7,330,705 Method and apparatus for controlling specific absorption rate in a mobile communication terminal
25 7,330,694 Method for setting up route path through route discovery in a mobile ad hoc network using partial route discovery
26 7,330,691 Image forming apparatus
27 7,330,688 Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
28 7,330,687 Image fixing unit having preheating means for image forming apparatus and image fixing method using the same
29 7,330,679 Image forming apparatus in which a user may separate a development cartridge from the image forming apparatus
30 7,330,674 Image forming apparatus for preventing resistance variation of intermediate transfer belt and method thereof
31 7,330,673 Image forming device, consumable used in the image forming device, and method of managing status information of the consumable
32 7,330,670 Bottom level detection device for burst mode optical receiver
33 7,330,656 Passive optical network employing code division multiple access
34 7,330,654 Ethernet passive optical network and point-to-point emulation method
35 7,330,650 Bi-directional wavelength division multiplexing self-healing optical ring network
36 7,330,639 Method of playing optical recording media
37 7,330,623 Light guide panel and back light unit having the same
38 7,330,607 Apparatus and method for controlling an auto-zooming operation of a mobile terminal
39 7,330,601 Method of describing pattern repetitiveness of image
40 7,330,595 System and method for video data compression
41 7,330,592 Method and apparatus for detecting the location and luminance transition range of slant image edges
42 7,330,567 Human tracking apparatus and method, storage medium storing program executing the method, and mobile electronic system including the apparatus
43 7,330,554 Volume control apparatus and method thereof
44 7,330,551 Apparatus and method for controlling input signal level
45 7,330,548 Mobile terminal and sliding module and a method thereof
46 7,330,487 Multiple service method and apparatus in a data only mobile telecommunication system
47 7,330,486 Internet protocol based communication system and method for setting host address and selecting source address therein
48 7,330,474 Apparatus for distributively processing BGP and method thereof
49 7,330,471 Multi digital subscriber line access multiplexor system
50 7,330,445 Wireless communication system capable of saving time for mutual data communication in sniff mode
51 7,330,422 Optical storage medium having test pattern for measuring a modulation degree during recording process
52 7,330,421 Laser diode drive control apparatus and method in optical storage medium recording/reproducing system
53 7,330,409 Disc with temporary defect management area, and disc defect management method and apparatus therefor
54 7,330,408 Equalizer for high density optical disc reproducing apparatus and equalizing method therefor
55 7,330,407 Method and apparatus for adaptively allocating a spare area in a recording medium, and a recording medium having a spare area allocated using the same
56 7,330,384 Verifying circuit and method of repairing semiconductor device
57 7,330,360 Driving apparatus of display device and DC-DC converter
58 7,330,333 Hard disk drive housing having isolated post to improve mechanical shock resistance
59 7,330,332 Method and apparatus for high-speed compensation of RRO error in hard disk drive
60 7,330,329 Method and apparatus for controlling unload standby time of hard disk drive
61 7,330,293 Optical scanning unit
62 7,330,264 Optical detection device
63 7,330,231 TFT array substrate, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display having the same
64 7,330,224 Liquid crystal display device having a wire securing member
65 7,330,218 Adaptive bidirectional filtering for video noise reduction
66 7,330,207 Method of managing storage space in a digital camera
67 7,330,170 Driver circuit for liquid crystal panel and LCD using the same
68 7,330,143 Digital/analog converter
69 7,330,139 Scalable audio data arithmetic decoding method, medium, and apparatus, and method, medium, and apparatus truncating audio data bitstream
70 7,330,136 Method and device to provide arithmetic decoding of scalable BSAC audio data
71 7,330,084 Printed circuit board having a bond wire shield structure for a signal transmission line
72 7,330,074 Differential amplifier with cascade control
73 7,330,002 Circuit for controlling LED with temperature compensation
74 7,329,927 Integrated circuit devices having uniform silicide junctions
75 7,329,918 Semiconductor memory device including storage nodes and resistors and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,329,848 Photo sensor, display panel having the same and display device having the display panel
77 7,329,840 Heater lamp control apparatus and method to detect an inputted AC voltage and providing a pulse signal to correspond thereto
78 7,329,722 Polymeric charge transport materials having carbazolyl repeating units
79 7,329,597 Semiconductor chip and tab package having the same
80 7,329,581 Field effect transistor (FET) devices and methods of manufacturing FET devices
81 7,329,580 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having self-aligned floating gate and related device
82 7,329,579 Phase changeable memory cells and methods of fabricating the same
83 7,329,574 Methods of forming capacitor electrodes using fluorine and oxygen
84 7,329,553 Method of fabricating one-way transparent optical system
85 7,329,535 Apparatus for circulating carrier fluid
86 7,329,472 Fuel cell system and stack used thereto
87 7,329,365 Etchant composition for indium oxide layer and etching method using the same
88 7,329,363 Method of forming a hydrophobic coating layer on a surface of a nozzle plate for an ink-jet printhead
89 7,329,320 Apparatus for electrifying particle apparatus for scattering particle
90 7,329,060 Printing medium and printing method for photo printer
91 7,328,959 Method of apparatus for measuring image alignment errors for image formation in image forming apparatus
92 7,328,713 Nozzle apparatus for stripping edge bead of wafer
93 7,328,616 Digital angular velocity detection device
94 7,328,615 Method and apparatus for detecting free fall of electronic device
95 7,328,504 Method for manufacturing circuit board with built-in electronic components