Samsung patents granted on 12 February 2013

109 US patents granted on 12 February 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D676,204 Vacuum cleaner
2 D676,014 Mobile communication terminal
3 D676,012 Mobile communication terminal
4 D676,011 Terminal for mobile communication
5 8,375,332 Apparatus and method for displaying multimedia contents to accommodate a user’s preference using limited buttons of a device
6 8,375,296 Reusing style sheet assets
7 8,375,257 ECC control circuits, multi-channel memory systems including the same, and related methods of operation
8 8,375,191 Non-volatile memory, page dynamic allocation apparatus and page mapping apparatus therefor, and page dynamic allocation method and page mapping method therefor
9 8,375,158 Memory system and block merge method
10 8,375,110 Apparatus to manage binding information on bundles remotely installed into an OSGi service platform and method thereof
11 8,375,104 Method and apparatus for providing remote access service
12 8,375,080 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving filtered content based on age limit
13 8,374,648 Method for performing communication function in wireless terminal
14 8,374,626 System and method for providing location information service using mobile code
15 8,374,624 Location measurement method based on predictive filter
16 8,374,611 Method for compulsorily performing handover in broadband wireless communication system
17 8,374,591 Method and system for providing notification message in a mobile broadcast system
18 8,374,565 Antenna diversity receiver
19 8,374,554 Communication system for adjusting mode of collecting interference channel information
20 8,374,549 Method for altering communication mode and mobile communication terminal using the same
21 8,374,543 Apparatus and method for location estimation in a wireless communication system
22 8,374,542 Data transmission system for forwarding data using a plurality of antennas
23 8,374,526 Transfer unit and image forming apparatus having the same
24 8,374,426 Apparatus and method for adjusting auto white balance using effective area
25 8,374,372 Headset
26 8,374,353 Method and apparatus for updating a group key
27 8,374,257 System and method for superposition coding and interference cancellation in a MIMO system
28 8,374,248 Video encoding/decoding apparatus and method
29 8,374,244 Motion compensation method and apparatus that sequentially use global motion compensation and local motion compensation, decoding method, video encoder, and video decoder
30 8,374,243 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding based on intra prediction
31 8,374,241 Method and apparatus for encoding video, and method and apparatus for decoding video
32 8,374,213 Apparatus and method for transmission of sounding reference signal in uplink wireless communication systems with multiple antennas and sounding reference signal hopping
33 8,374,201 Preamble design for supporting multiple topologies with visible light communication
34 8,374,184 Method and mobile terminal for acquiring packet service
35 8,374,178 Apparatus and method for supporting NAT traversal in voice over internet protocol system
36 8,374,176 Method and apparatus for providing internet protocol datacasting (IPDC) service, and method and apparatus for processing IPDC service
37 8,374,148 Handoff method in wireless LAN, and access point and mobile station performing handoff method
38 8,374,145 Method for requesting and reporting channel quality information in wireless portable internet system
39 8,374,141 Method and apparatus for allocating channel bandwidth in wireless internet protocol television systems
40 8,374,138 Femtocell base station apparatus and self-configuring method thereof
41 8,374,120 Base station apparatus based on switch fabric in broadband wireless communication system
42 8,374,110 Apparatus and method for transmitting packet
43 8,374,052 Information storage devices using magnetic domain wall movement and methods of operating the same
44 8,374,043 Sense amplifier and semiconductor memory device using it
45 8,374,035 Non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and electronic device having the same
46 8,373,964 Multi-layered ceramic capacitor
47 8,373,942 Base for motor and hard disk drive including the same
48 8,373,928 Polarizer and organic light emitting display apparatus comprising the polarizer
49 8,373,922 Window having a light transmittance-adjusting layer
50 8,373,913 Image scanning apparatus and method thereof
51 8,373,877 Image forming apparatus, and host device and direct-print control method of host device
52 8,373,828 Display apparatus
53 8,373,816 Liquid crystal display device and method of assembling the liquid crystal display device
54 8,373,814 Display panel and display panel device including the transistor connected to storage capacitor
55 8,373,813 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and method of repairing the same
56 8,373,782 Image sensor including noise removing unit, image pickup device having the image sensor, and image sensing method performed in the image sensor
57 8,373,775 Apparatus, method and software stored on a computer-readable storage medium, for reducing noise in an image
58 8,373,767 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the digital photographing apparatus, and recording medium storing program to implement the method
59 8,373,761 Shake correcting apparatus and method thereof in digital photographing apparatus
60 8,373,755 Network camera and system and method for operating the network camera and system
61 8,373,751 Apparatus and method for measuring location and distance of object by using camera
62 8,373,740 Method and apparatus for video conferencing in mobile terminal
63 8,373,734 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
64 8,373,723 Method and apparatus to provide plot data of contents
65 8,373,687 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
66 8,373,684 High resolution 2D-3D switchable autostereoscopic display apparatus
67 8,373,675 Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method thereof
68 8,373,668 Electrophoretic display apparatus and operating method thereof
69 8,373,646 Backlight device and display apparatus having the same
70 8,373,645 Method of driving light sources, light source driving device for performing the method and display apparatus having the circuit
71 8,373,626 Organic light emitting display device having demultiplexers
72 8,373,621 Array substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
73 8,373,617 Barrier device and stereoscopic image display using the same
74 8,373,537 Resistor having parallel structure and method of fabricating the same
75 8,373,500 Voltage biasing circuit and data processing system having the same
76 8,373,475 Phase interpolator and delay locked-loop circuit
77 8,373,434 Control board for connection between FPGA boards and test device thereof
78 8,373,354 Backlight unit driver
79 8,373,273 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having damascene interconnects therein with metal diffusion barrier layers and devices formed thereby
80 8,373,261 Chip stack package and method of fabricating the same
81 8,373,245 2DEG Schottky diode formed in nitride material with a composite Schottky/ohmic electrode structure and method of making the same
82 8,373,237 Transistor and method of manufacturing the same
83 8,373,214 Semiconductor devices with buried bit lines and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
84 8,373,200 Nitride based semiconductor device and method for manufacturing of the same
85 8,373,198 Substrate including thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the substrate, and organic light emitting display apparatus including the substrate
86 8,373,184 Vertical nitride based semiconductor light emitting device having improved light extraction efficiency
87 8,373,165 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of fabricating the same
88 8,373,163 Oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor including the same
89 8,373,161 Organic thin film transistor
90 8,373,158 Surface modifying agent, laminated structure and transistor including the same, and method of manufacturing the laminated structure
91 8,373,157 Carbon nano-tube (CNT) light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
92 8,373,097 Apparatus for thermally processing substrate
93 8,372,715 Vertical channel transistors and methods for fabricating vertical channel transistors
94 8,372,712 Memory device and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,372,711 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices with sidewall conductive patterns
96 8,372,702 Method of manufacturing TFT and array TFT
97 8,372,701 Thin film transistor array panel including layered line structure and method for manufacturing the same
98 8,372,672 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
99 8,372,669 Semiconductor light emitting device having patterned substrate and manufacturing method of the same
100 8,372,656 Hydrodynamic filter, filtering apparatus including the same, and filtering method using the hydrodynamic filter
101 8,372,552 Method of removing residual oxygen in fuel cell by electrochemical purging
102 8,372,551 Hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system
103 8,372,548 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
104 8,372,536 Battery module
105 8,372,314 Indium tin oxide target, method for manufacturing the same, transparent conductive film of indium tin oxide, and method for manufacturing transparent conductive film of indium tin oxide
106 8,372,198 Methods of forming dual damascene structures
107 8,371,763 Mobile image forming apparatus
108 8,371,353 Sealing device and method of manufacturing display device using the same
109 8,371,139 Ice making apparatus and refrigerator having the same