Samsung patents granted on 12 January 2010

94 US patents granted on 12 January 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D608,062 Drum-type washing machine
2 D607,928 Laser printer
3 D607,927 Laser printer
4 D607,925 Color laser printer
5 D607,888 Video image display for portable phone
6 D607,868 Mobile phone
7 D607,867 Mobile phone
8 D607,866 Mobile phone
9 D607,865 Mobile phone
10 D607,863 Mobile phone
11 D607,862 Mobile phone
12 D607,861 Mobile phone
13 D607,858 Portable phone
14 D607,857 Mobile phone
15 D607,687 Microwave oven
16 7,647,556 Apparatus and method for searching for a video clip
17 7,647,546 Apparatus and method for decoding Reed-Solomon symbols
18 7,647,390 Automatic internet access method using digital subscriber line
19 7,647,078 Power-saving method for wireless sensor network
20 7,647,073 Apparatus and method for channel estimation in an SDMA-OFDM system
21 7,647,019 Apparatus and method for receiving digital multimedia broadcast service in a mobile terminal
22 7,646,995 Waste toner transfer device, waste toner cleaning device having the waste toner transfer device, developing unit having the waste toner cleaning device, and image forming apparatus
23 7,646,964 Reproduction apparatus connected to a monitor apparatus and remote controlling method thereof
24 7,646,956 Optical waveguide sheet and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,646,917 Method and apparatus for detecting corner
26 7,646,841 Method of driving transistor
27 7,646,811 Method of determining reference picture, method of compensating for motion and apparatus therefor
28 7,646,803 Apparatus and method for estimating and combining frequency errors in a mobile communication system
29 7,646,800 Method and apparatus for allocating subcarriers in a broadband wireless communications system using multiple carriers
30 7,646,764 IP network and communication method therein
31 7,646,749 Downlink beamforming apparatus in OFDMA system and transmission apparatus including the same
32 7,646,690 Disk having unique code for identifying its type for optical disk player and method for discriminating types thereof
33 7,646,688 Disc with temporary disc definition structure (TDDS) and temporary defect list (TDFL), and method of and apparatus for managing defect in the same
34 7,646,681 Method of automatically pausing optical pickup in DVD-RAM disc drive
35 7,646,665 Semiconductor memory device and burn-in test method thereof
36 7,646,664 Semiconductor device with three-dimensional array structure
37 7,646,663 Semiconductor memory device and word line addressing method in which neighboring word lines are discontinuously addressed
38 7,646,653 Driver circuits for integrated circuit devices that are operable to reduce gate induced drain leakage (GIDL) current in a transistor and methods of operating the same
39 7,646,639 Circuit and method generating program voltage for non-volatile memory device
40 7,646,619 Apparatus and method for controlling power converter
41 7,646,552 Subminiature imaging optical system
42 7,646,537 High-resolution field sequential autostereoscopic display
43 7,646,478 Apparatus and method for examining spectral characteristics of transmitted light through an object
44 7,646,472 Off-axis illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus and off-axis illumination method
45 7,646,465 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
46 7,646,455 Color filter panel, manufacturing method thereof and transflective liquid crystal display including the same
47 7,646,447 Flat panel display
48 7,646,444 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display having pixel electrode
49 7,646,438 Micro lens panel unit for three-dimensional display, three-dimensional display device, and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,646,432 Multimedia signal matching system and method for performing picture-in-picture function
51 7,646,430 Display system having improved multiple modes for displaying image data from multiple input source formats
52 7,646,410 Solid state image sensing device and method for subsampling using inter-column analog domain signal summation
53 7,646,398 Arrangement of color pixels for full color imaging devices with simplified addressing
54 7,646,393 Apparatus and method for adjusting primary color component of image, and computer-readable recording media for storing computer program
55 7,646,360 Plasma display apparatus and method of manufacturing chassis base used therefor
56 7,646,349 Mobile terminal for reducing specific absorption rate
57 7,646,321 Digital/analog converter
58 7,646,250 Signal converter having compensation unit
59 7,646,241 Low-voltage operational amplifier and operational amplifying method
60 7,646,226 Adaptive bandwidth phase locked loops with current boosting circuits
61 7,646,212 Memory system including a power divider on a multi module memory bus
62 7,646,181 Control circuit of DC-DC converter
63 7,646,154 Light emitting apparatus and control method thereof
64 7,646,150 Plasma display panel and manufacturing method of the same
65 7,646,142 Field emission device (FED) having cathode aperture to improve electron beam focus and its method of manufacture
66 7,646,067 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor including multiple gate conductive layers and method of manufacturing the same
67 7,646,056 Gate structures of a non-volatile memory device and methods of manufacturing the same
68 7,646,051 Semiconductor devices having a bit line plug and methods of fabricating the same
69 7,646,044 Thin film transistor and thin film transistor array panel
70 7,646,041 Non-volatile memory devices including vertical channels, methods of operating, and methods of fabricating the same
71 7,646,023 TFT array panel, liquid crystal display including same, and method of manufacturing TFT array panel
72 7,646,017 Thin film transistor array panel including assistant lines
73 7,646,014 Organic thin film transistor comprising fluorine-based polymer thin film and method for fabricating the same
74 7,646,012 Organic thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
75 7,646,011 Organic light emitting display device
76 7,646,003 Focusing apparatus and lithography system using the same
77 7,645,812 Thin film transistor and flat panel display including the same
78 7,645,695 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor element
79 7,645,689 Gallium nitride-based light emitting device having ESD protection capacity and method for manufacturing the same
80 7,645,688 Method of growing non-polar m-plane nitride semiconductor
81 7,645,668 Charge trapping type semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,645,644 Data line layout in semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
83 7,645,619 Magnetic random access memory device and method of forming the same
84 7,645,566 Sulfur-containing dispersant and sulfide phosphor paste composition comprising the same
85 7,645,556 Composition for forming organic insulating film and method for forming pattern of organic insulating film using the same
86 7,645,402 Dispersant for dispersing nanoparticles in an epoxy resin, method for dispersing nanoparticles using the same, and nanoparticle-containing thin film comprising the same
87 7,645,311 Cyclone unit and contaminants-collecting apparatus having the same
88 7,645,223 Handheld centrifuge
89 7,645,038 Spitting device for inkjet head of image forming apparatus
90 7,644,897 Display apparatus
91 7,644,619 Piezoelectric vibrator and ultrasonic motor having piezoelectric vibrator
92 7,644,516 Clothes drying machine
93 7,644,496 Manufacturing method for imprinting stamper
94 7,644,480 Method for manufacturing multilayer chip capacitor