Samsung patents granted on 12 January 2016

160 US patents granted on 12 January 2016 and assigned to Samsung

1 D747,580 Vacuum cleaner
2 D747,578 Cleaner
3 D747,575 Washing machine
4 D747,569 Dish washer
5 D747,396 Camera
6 D747,392 Camera
7 D747,388 PC
8 D747,373 Door guard for refrigerator
9 D747,372 Door guard for refrigerator
10 D747,371 Shelf supporter for refrigerator
11 D747,370 Shelf for refrigerator
12 D747,368 Refrigerator
13 D747,355 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
14 D747,354 Display screen portion with icon
15 D747,351 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
16 D747,349 Display screen portion with icon
17 D747,348 Display screen portion with icon
18 D747,347 Display screen portion with icon
19 D747,346 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
20 D747,340 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
21 D747,339 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
22 D747,337 Display of a handheld terminal with graphical user interface
23 D747,332 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
24 D747,326 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
25 D747,325 Graphic user interface for a display screen or a portion thereof
26 D747,319 Component of an electronic device
27 D747,313 Electronic device
28 D747,312 Portable terminal
29 D747,311 All-in-one computer
30 D747,308 Tablet computer
31 D747,300 Stand for television
32 D747,299 Stand for television
33 D747,286 Mobile terminal
34 D747,268 Coil for wireless charger
35 D747,267 Charger for an electronic device
36 9,237,670 Socket interposer and computer system using the socket
37 9,237,654 Electronic component embedded substrate
38 9,237,633 Laser interlock system for medical and other applications
39 9,237,632 Illumination lighting apparatus and method of controlling illumination
40 9,237,616 Switching mode power supply apparatus
41 9,237,603 Apparatus and method for changing operation mode of dual mode terminal
42 9,237,582 Method and apparatus for allocating uplink resources in beamforming-based wireless communication system
43 9,237,561 Transmission/reception method and apparatus for uplink MIMO retransmission in LTE system
44 9,237,556 Method of operating access point and wireless communication system using access point
45 9,237,542 Apparatus and method for supporting location update registration process in machine to machine communication system
46 9,237,510 System search method and mobile terminal performing the same
47 9,237,488 Apparatus and method for processing handover in a wireless communication system
48 9,237,475 Channel quality information and beam index reporting
49 9,237,450 Method of getting energy level of communication channel
50 9,237,442 Method and system for positioning mobile station in handover procedure
51 9,237,385 Electronic apparatus, conditional access system, and control method thereof
52 9,237,360 Electronic device and control method thereof
53 9,237,351 Encoding/decoding apparatus and method for parallel correction of in-loop pixels based on measured complexity, using video parameter
54 9,237,333 Method and apparatus of measuring depth information for 3D camera
55 9,237,295 System and method for keyframe analysis and distribution from broadcast television
56 9,237,280 Photographing apparatus and photographing method for correcting a moving characteristic of an electronic front curtain
57 9,237,212 Locking device for sliding/swing type mobile terminal
58 9,237,206 Method and apparatus for updating personal information in communication system
59 9,237,190 Node and method for generating shortened name robust against change in hierarchical name in content-centric network (CCN)
60 9,237,181 Apparatus and method for exchanging data between automobile head unit and mobile device
61 9,237,113 Server and method for providing mobile web service
62 9,236,917 Coordinated communication in communication system
63 9,236,870 Integrated circuits and methods for dynamic frequency scaling
64 9,236,866 Circuit for driving gate of power MOS transistor
65 9,236,847 Common mode filter
66 9,236,759 Charging apparatus and wireless charging apparatus
67 9,236,741 Apparatus, system, and method for managing energy consumption
68 9,236,662 Terminal including a plurality of antennas
69 9,236,619 Solid oxide fuel cell including a coupling structure
70 9,236,618 Rechargeable battery
71 9,236,609 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
72 9,236,597 Battery pack
73 9,236,596 Rechargeable battery
74 9,236,595 Secondary battery
75 9,236,589 Battery module including opening/closing member to control opening state of inlet of housing
76 9,236,586 Battery pack
77 9,236,564 Method and system for providing an engineered magnetic layer including Heusler layers and an amorphous insertion layer
78 9,236,561 Method and system for providing multiple self-aligned logic cells in a single stack
79 9,236,539 Light emitting diode package and manufacturing method thereof
80 9,236,525 Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
81 9,236,484 Thin film transistor, and pixel and organic light emitting display device having the same
82 9,236,475 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
83 9,236,455 Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
84 9,236,444 Methods of fabricating quantum well field effect transistors having multiple delta doped layers
85 9,236,435 Tunneling field effect transistor
86 9,236,423 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
87 9,236,403 Display apparatus having low reflection polymer layer
88 9,236,401 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
89 9,236,349 Semiconductor device including through via structures and redistribution structures
90 9,236,340 String selection structure of three-dimensional semiconductor device
91 9,236,339 Plug via stacked structure, stacked substrate having via stacked structure and manufacturing method thereof
92 9,236,337 Semiconductor package including a substrate having a vent hole
93 9,236,313 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having dual gate
94 9,236,304 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
95 9,236,286 Micro electro mechanical systems sensor module package and method of manufacturing the same
96 9,236,259 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having doped layer
97 9,236,237 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
98 9,236,198 Chip-type electric double layer capacitor cell and method of manufacturing the same
99 9,236,186 Multi-layered ceramic capacitor
100 9,236,182 Common mode filter
101 9,236,180 Inductor and manufacturing method thereof
102 9,236,178 Coil component and manufacturing method thereof
103 9,236,177 Common mode filter
104 9,236,173 Coil parts and method of manufacturing the same
105 9,236,172 Conductor pattern and coil parts having the same
106 9,236,129 Flash memory integrated circuit with compression/decompression CODEC
107 9,236,105 Magnetic memory devices and methods of writing data to the same
108 9,236,059 Apparatus and method determining weighting function for linear prediction coding coefficients quantization
109 9,236,057 Noise filling and audio decoding
110 9,236,034 Display method, user terminal, and system for transmitting and receiving data using the same
111 9,236,010 Array test device and array test method for organic light emitting display device and method for manufacturing the organic light emitting display device
112 9,236,009 Organic light emitting display device including emission driver and driving method thereof
113 9,236,007 Organic light-emitting display device
114 9,236,003 Display apparatus, user terminal apparatus, external apparatus, display method, data receiving method and data transmitting method
115 9,236,001 Method of driving electro-optic device and electro-optic device in which light emitting elements emit light concurrently in a period during one frame
116 9,235,932 Method and apparatus to generate 3D volume-panorama image based on 3D volume images
117 9,235,930 Generating just noticeable depth difference (JNDD) model of three-dimensional (3D) display, method and system for enhancing depth image using JNDD model
118 9,235,886 Method for testing organic pattern
119 9,235,877 Method for directional adaptive image interpolation and an electronic device thereof
120 9,235,874 Image processor for and method of upscaling and denoising using contextual video information
121 9,235,818 Electric device, power management apparatus and method for controlling the same
122 9,235,780 Robust keypoint feature selection for visual search with self matching score
123 9,235,779 Method and apparatus for recognizing a character based on a photographed image
124 9,235,746 Electronic device including fingerprint identification sensor, methods for performing user authentication and registering user’s fingerprint in electronic device including fingerprint identification sensor, and recording medium recording program for executing the methods
125 9,235,709 Integrity protection method and apparatus for mobile terminal
126 9,235,699 Computer system and method of controlling computer
127 9,235,664 Systems and methods for executing unified process-device-circuit simulation
128 9,235,466 Memory devices with selective error correction code
129 9,235,397 Method and apparatus for increasing task-execution speed
130 9,235,364 Method and apparatus to perform image forming job by using network
131 9,235,351 Selective interfacing apparatus and method
132 9,235,290 Method and apparatus for controlling imaging area of flexible display device
133 9,235,236 Cover for portable terminal
134 9,235,188 Cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
135 9,235,175 Image fixing apparatus including a fixing belt and image forming apparatus having the same
136 9,235,149 Toner to develop electrostatic latent images
137 9,235,129 Composition for photoresist development and method of developing photoresist using the same
138 9,235,112 Projector and method for operating the projector to display at least two different images
139 9,235,098 Reflective color display
140 9,235,082 Light emitting diode package, method of fabricating the same, and display apparatus having the same
141 9,235,081 Display device including lens
142 9,235,077 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
143 9,235,074 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
144 9,235,055 Light source assembly and display apparatus having the same
145 9,235,008 Optical connector and optical module having the same
146 9,234,919 Sensor assembly, sensor controller and current-measuring circuit
147 9,234,629 Storage tank for liquified materials and ship comprising same
148 9,234,309 Detergent supply device and washing machine having the same
149 9,234,270 Electrostatic chuck, thin film deposition apparatus including the electrostatic chuck, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus by using the thin film deposition apparatus
150 9,234,075 Polylactic acid preparation method, polylactic acid resin prepared using the method, resin composition comprising the polylactic acid resin, and catalyst system for preparing polylactic acid
151 9,233,878 Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor containing the same
152 9,233,540 Printing system, printing apparatuses, and methods of forming nozzles of printing apparatuses
153 9,233,518 Hybrid porous structure, method of preparing hybrid porous structure, separation membrane including hybrid porous structure, and water treatment device including membrane
154 9,233,396 Micromachined ultrasonic transducer array
155 9,233,361 Hydrogen separation membrane and device including hydrogen separation membrane
156 9,233,334 Byproducts treating device and a facility for manufacturing semiconductor devices having the byproducts treating device
157 9,233,155 Method of treating solid cancers using anti-c-Met antibody and sorafenib combination therapy
158 9,232,932 Providing motion mode image in ultrasound system
159 9,232,931 Ultrasound imaging device and method for clutter filtering
160 9,232,923 X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray image processing method