Samsung patents granted on 12 June 2012

149 US patents granted on 12 June 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D661,822 LED lamp
2 D661,678 Mobile phone
3 D661,646 Power supply pack for mobile phone
4 8,201,232 Authentication, identity, and service management for computing and communication systems
5 8,201,141 Apparatus and method for creating control code for home network appliance according to resolution of control device
6 8,201,044 Apparatus and method for transmitting control message in a wireless communication system using relaying
7 8,201,030 Method and apparatus for parallel structured Latin square interleaving in communication system
8 8,201,008 Battery module, computer system and power supply method thereof
9 8,200,998 Method of controlling power saving mode used in SATA interface
10 8,200,989 External memory access device and method of accessing external memory
11 8,200,970 Method and apparatus for preventing replay attack in wireless network environment
12 8,200,963 Combination-based broadcast encryption method
13 8,200,688 Method and system for facilitating information searching on electronic devices
14 8,200,667 Method and apparatus for constructing user profile using content tag, and method for content recommendation using the constructed user profile
15 8,200,625 Mobile device and data synchronization method thereof
16 8,200,607 Memory devices and data decision methods
17 8,200,490 Method and apparatus for searching multimedia data using speech recognition in mobile device
18 8,200,484 Elimination of cross-channel interference and multi-channel source separation by using an interference elimination coefficient based on a source signal absence probability
19 8,200,352 Method of setting an equalizer in an apparatus to reproduce a media file and apparatus thereof
20 8,200,305 Variable wavelength generating method and apparatus thereof, for use in measuring body fluids constituent concentration
21 8,200,299 Portable terminal
22 8,200,272 Apparatus and method for transmission power control of home base transceiver station (BTS)
23 8,200,252 Device and method for transmitting control channel with pre-allocated resources
24 8,200,234 Method and apparatus for allocating radio resource in wireless sensor network
25 8,200,233 Apparatus and method for supporting cells with different characteristics in a broadband wireless communication system
26 8,200,204 Apparatus and method for displaying traffic information using widgets in mobile terminal
27 8,200,177 Network search method of user equipment for wireless communication system
28 8,200,155 Method and apparatus for connecting to network in a short-range mobile communication terminal
29 8,200,154 System, apparatus and method to control output of radio frequency signal
30 8,200,139 Apparatus for scanning duplex document and method of scanning duplex document using the same
31 8,200,117 Image forming apparatus having pivotable upper body
32 8,200,115 Image forming apparatus with external air circulation chamber
33 8,200,110 Printing apparatus which reduces initial printing time and printing control method
34 8,200,079 Camera module
35 8,200,035 Method and apparatus for correcting quantized coefficients in decoder
36 8,200,030 Method and apparatus for converting bit-plane image, and method and apparatus for inverse-converting bit-plane image
37 8,200,019 Method and system for automatically extracting photography information
38 8,199,864 Quadrature phase shift keying demodulator of digital broadcast reception system and demodulation method thereof
39 8,199,863 Multiple-antenna space multiplexing system using enhancement signal detection and method thereof
40 8,199,848 Precoding device and method in wireless communication system
41 8,199,844 Apparatus and method for canceling inter-antenna interference of orthogonally coded signals
42 8,199,839 Digital broadcast transmitting/receiving system having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
43 8,199,824 Spatial resolution conversion of image signal based on motion compensation
44 8,199,817 Method for error concealment in decoding of moving picture and decoding apparatus using the same
45 8,199,815 Apparatus and method for video encoding/decoding and recording medium having recorded thereon program for executing the method
46 8,199,781 Device and method for demultiplexing received transport stream in digital broadcasting receiver
47 8,199,780 Multimedia apparatus and synchronization method thereof
48 8,199,774 Method and apparatus for receiving variable sized packets in a communication system
49 8,199,771 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using transmit antenna diversity in a packet service communication system
50 8,199,738 Apparatus and method for processing ranging channel of communication system
51 8,199,728 Method and apparatus for non-scheduled transmission for packet service in a mobile communication system
52 8,199,721 Method and system for selecting relay station in a communication system
53 8,199,703 Method and system for efficient connection setup procedure for mobile terminated (MT) calls
54 8,199,698 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control message related to packet call service in an IP multimedia subsystem
55 8,199,693 Method and apparatus for controlling power in a decode-and-forward relay system
56 8,199,665 Apparatus and method for scheduling service based on network delay
57 8,199,630 Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
58 8,199,607 Duty cycle corrector preventing excessive duty cycle correction in low-frequency domain
59 8,199,603 Nonvolatile memory devices having variable-resistance memory cells and methods of programming the same
60 8,199,592 Semiconductor memory devices with mismatch cells
61 8,199,589 Shift register providing glitch free operation in power saving mode
62 8,199,588 Semiconductor memory device with a data output circuit configured to output stored data during a first type of read operation and configured to output at least one data pattern during a second type of read operation and methods thereof
63 8,199,584 Nonvolatile memory device for preventing program disturbance and method of programming the nonvolatile memory device
64 8,199,581 Nonvolatile memory device, driving method thereof, and memory system having the same
65 8,199,567 Multiple level cell phase-change memory devices having pre-reading operation resistance drift recovery, memory systems employing such devices and methods of reading memory devices
66 8,199,517 Flexible printed circuit board, method of fabricating the flexible printed circuit board, and display device having the flexible printed circuit board
67 8,199,456 Capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
68 8,199,450 ESD protection utilizing radiated thermal relief
69 8,199,413 Compact zoom optical system
70 8,199,409 Electrowetting elements and optical display devices
71 8,199,385 Image forming apparatus to save toner and method to control the same
72 8,199,363 Image processing using hybrid lookup table
73 8,199,338 Method and apparatus for dynamically changing settings for image forming apparatus
74 8,199,307 Liquid crystal display
75 8,199,306 Printed circuit board, backlight unit having the printed circuit board, and liquid crystal display device having the printed circuit board
76 8,199,297 Display panel and method for manufacturing the same
77 8,199,293 Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
78 8,199,292 Liquid crystal display
79 8,199,290 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,199,284 Ink composition for a color filter, a color filter substrate manufactured using the ink composition and method of manufacturing a color filter substrate using the ink composition
81 8,199,280 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
82 8,199,279 Light guide plate and backlight assembly using the same
83 8,199,276 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
84 8,199,268 Display panel and manufacturing method of the same
85 8,199,250 Camera module package
86 8,199,220 Method and apparatus for automatic image management
87 8,199,163 Signal processing device, method of correction data using the same, and display apparatus having the same
88 8,199,157 System on chip including an image processing memory with multiple access
89 8,199,138 Apparatus and method for driving 2D/3D switchable display
90 8,199,129 Touch sensitive display device and method of determining touch
91 8,199,116 Display panel, display device having the same and method of detecting touch position
92 8,199,103 System and method of controlling switching display which embodies transmitting/transflective/reflective mode
93 8,199,102 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same utilizing data line blocks
94 8,199,088 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the array substrate, and liquid crystal display device having the array substrate
95 8,199,085 Display apparatus
96 8,199,079 Demultiplexing circuit, light emitting display using the same, and driving method thereof
97 8,199,035 Method, device, and system for data communication with preamble for reduced switching noise
98 8,198,970 Transformers, balanced-unbalanced transformers (baluns) and integrated circuits including the same
99 8,198,908 Probe substrate with auxiliary contact pads and probe card therewith
100 8,198,822 Light source driving apparatus and light source apparatus having the same
101 8,198,810 Method of manufacturing electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding filter for plasma display panel and EMI shielding filter for plasma display panel using the same
102 8,198,802 Organic light emitting diode display for suppressing reflection of external light
103 8,198,789 Apparatus for generating electrical energy and method for manufacturing the same
104 8,198,785 MEMS switch
105 8,198,772 Spindle motor
106 8,198,771 Motor and driving device for recording disk
107 8,198,769 Horizontal linear vibrator
108 8,198,722 Semiconductor package
109 8,198,704 Semiconductor device including a crystal semiconductor layer
110 8,198,702 Electrical fuse device
111 8,198,701 Semiconductor device having thermally formed air gap in wiring layer and method of fabricating same
112 8,198,664 Semiconductor memory device having cylinder-type capacitor lower electrode and associated methods
113 8,198,658 Device and method for detecting biomolecules using adsorptive medium and field effect transistor
114 8,198,657 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
115 8,198,634 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and organic light emitting diode display device having the thin film transistor
116 8,198,627 Semiconductor device with test pads and pad connection unit
117 8,198,609 Apparatus for forming nano pattern and method for forming the nano pattern using the same
118 8,198,550 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
119 8,198,543 Rigid-flexible circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
120 8,198,542 Flexible printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
121 8,198,198 Method for forming electrode pattern of ceramic substrate
122 8,198,194 Methods of forming p-channel field effect transistors having SiGe source/drain regions
123 8,198,191 Method of preparing low resistance metal line, patterned metal line structure, and display device using the same
124 8,198,189 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit devices including air spacers separating conductive structures and contact plugs
125 8,198,163 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
126 8,198,157 Methods of forming non-volatile memory devices including dummy word lines
127 8,198,114 Vertical nitride semiconductor light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
128 8,198,102 Methods of fabricating magnetic memory devices with thin conductive bridges
129 8,198,003 Photosensitive paste composition, barrier rib prepared using the composition and plasma display panel comprising the barrier rib
130 8,197,983 Method of manufacturing a fuel cell by electrically connecting a first cell and a second cell coupled over both sides of a membrane with a predetermined gap between the first cell and the second cell
131 8,197,963 Lithium ion secondary battery
132 8,197,789 Method of selectively eliminating metallic carbon nanotubes, semiconducting carbon nanotubes and preparation method thereof using the same
133 8,197,786 Porous carbon material and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,197,772 Biochip package body, method of forming the same, and biochip package including the biochip package body
135 8,197,702 Manufacturing method of printed circuit board
136 8,197,656 Device for separating micro particles and a method for fabricating the device
137 8,197,637 Semiconductor fabrication apparatuses to perform semiconductor etching and deposition processes and methods of forming semiconductor device using the same
138 8,197,563 Fuel reformer
139 8,197,284 Printed circuit board assembly and connecting method thereof
140 8,197,113 Display device
141 8,197,112 Backlight assembly having color level sensor
142 8,197,090 LED package and backlight unit using the same
143 8,197,082 Light source block assembly and backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
144 8,197,081 Backlight assembly, display device having the same, and method of manufacturing the display device
145 8,197,072 Light emitting device for portable communication device having digital light processing projector and liquid crystal display
146 8,197,032 Thermal inkjet printhead
147 8,196,299 Connecting terminal for litz wire, mounting method for the same and manufacturing method for cooking appliance
148 8,196,293 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
149 8,196,258 Brush assembly and vacuum cleaner having the same