Samsung patents granted on 12 November 2013

151 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D693,469 Hemanalysis apparatus
2 D693,399 Developing device for a printer
3 D693,369 A/V receiver
4 D693,330 Speaker
5 D693,322 Mobile communication terminal
6 D693,158 Stand for display device
7 8,583,982 Concatenated decoder and concatenated decoding method
8 8,583,873 Multiport data cache apparatus and method of controlling the same
9 8,583,855 Flash memory preprocessing system and method
10 8,583,831 Thin client discovery
11 8,583,768 Wireless sensor network and management method for the same
12 8,583,732 Method and apparatus for providing multimedia messaging service
13 8,583,726 Event-processing method and system for a home network supporting a remote user interface
14 8,583,641 Method and apparatus for constructing user profile using content tag, and method for content recommendation using the constructed user profile
15 8,583,444 Method and apparatus for canceling vocal signal from audio signal
16 8,583,200 Demountable current lead unit and superconducting magnet apparatus employing the same
17 8,583,196 Slide-type portable terminal
18 8,583,158 Method and system for session participation through chat PoC group invitation reservation in PoC system
19 8,583,055 Beam forming method and multiple antenna system using the same
20 8,583,041 Operating method and apparatus for user interface in portable terminal
21 8,583,018 Fusing device and image forming apparatus using the same
22 8,583,013 Developing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
23 8,583,012 Driving device usable with image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
24 8,583,010 Image forming apparatus employing an electrical charge removal device with an improved configuration
25 8,582,960 Storage medium storing moving-image data that includes mode information, and reproducing apparatus and method
26 8,582,959 Apparatus for recording and/or playing back catalog information
27 8,582,955 Method for searching for a scene in a video and mobile device adapted to the method
28 8,582,911 Image restoration device, image restoration method and image restoration system
29 8,582,901 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding coding unit of picture boundary
30 8,582,898 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image based on code table selection adapted to residual value distribution
31 8,582,892 Method and apparatus for face determination
32 8,582,891 Method and apparatus for guiding user with suitable composition, and digital photographing apparatus
33 8,582,839 Ultrasound system and method of forming elastic images capable of preventing distortion
34 8,582,800 Slim-type speaker with interconnecting damper and bobbin
35 8,582,785 Method and apparatus to enhance low frequency components and medium frequency components of audio signal
36 8,582,777 Method and system for lightweight key distribution in a wireless network
37 8,582,759 Method and apparatus for providing content service
38 8,582,746 Apparatus and method for providing incoming and outgoing call information in a mobile communication terminal
39 8,582,715 Stage circuit and scan driver using the same
40 8,582,709 Bandwidth synchronization circuit and bandwidth synchronization method
41 8,582,682 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
42 8,582,667 Transmitter for automatically detecting power-down of receiver and system including the same
43 8,582,642 Transmitting system and receiving system for processing stream, and stream processing methods thereof
44 8,582,594 Apparatus and method for supporting periodic multicast transmission in machine type communication system
45 8,582,574 Access device for preventing transmission of copyrighted content to external network and method for the same
46 8,582,566 Method and system of forwarding capability information of user equipment in internet protocol multimedia subsystem network
47 8,582,564 Method for providing a roaming service between heterogeneous networks and system therefor
48 8,582,545 Method and apparatus preventing plurality of stations in WLAN from colliding with each other when attempting to access medium
49 8,582,535 Apparatus and method for scheduling hybrid ARQ acknowledgment messages in a wireless network
50 8,582,528 Apparatus for managing media independent handover and method using the same
51 8,582,519 System and method for channel estimation in a delay diversity wireless communication system
52 8,582,479 Method and system for transmitting and receiving control information in broadcasting communication system
53 8,582,471 Wireless ad-hoc network configuration method and apparatus
54 8,582,456 Method and system for digital content protection locality check with adaptive timeline in wireless communication systems
55 8,582,449 Apparatus and method for setting a default gateway address in a mobile communication system
56 8,582,407 Information recording medium, apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, method of recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from information recording medium, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for executing the method
57 8,582,392 Non-volatile memory devices for outputting data using double data rate (DDR) operations and methods of operating the same
58 8,582,365 Nonvolatile memory devices, memory systems and methods of performing read operations
59 8,582,360 Read method for nonvolatile memory device, and data storage system using the same
60 8,582,314 Interconnection structure, interposer, semiconductor package, and method of manufacturing interconnection structure
61 8,582,270 PTC device, protective circuit module including the same, and secondary battery including the protective circuit module
62 8,582,172 Image scanning apparatus and method to control a light source that an intensity of light irradiated to any one of a plurality of lines of the document from the light source equal to an intensity of light irradiated to another line
63 8,582,146 Image forming method and apparatus
64 8,582,074 In-line system and a method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display
65 8,582,062 2D/3D switchable display
66 8,582,061 Optical film assembly and display device having the same
67 8,582,059 Display panel
68 8,582,057 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
69 8,582,049 Foldable display apparatus
70 8,582,046 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
71 8,582,044 Liquid crystal display and repairing method thereof
72 8,582,017 Camera system with auto-focus function and control method thereof
73 8,582,016 Photographing apparatus and focus detecting method using the same
74 8,582,007 Image sensor for outputting RGB Bayer signal through internal conversion and image processing apparatus including the same
75 8,581,964 Three-dimensional image sensors and methods of manufacturing the same
76 8,581,955 Apparatus and method for remote control between mobile communication terminals
77 8,581,953 Method and apparatus for providing animation effect on video telephony call
78 8,581,945 Light emitting diode array including apertures, line printer head, and method of manufacturing the light emitting diode array
79 8,581,934 Rendering apparatus and method
80 8,581,919 Display controllers including memory controllers
81 8,581,897 DC-DC converter and organic light emitting display using the same
82 8,581,896 Power supply for receiving different input voltages and organic light emitting display device using the same
83 8,581,895 Data driver, display apparatus and driving method thereof
84 8,581,883 Sensor scan drivers, flat panel displays with built-in touch screen including such a sensor scan driver, and methods of driving such flat panel displays
85 8,581,866 User input device and electronic apparatus including the same
86 8,581,865 Touch panel, display device with the same, and method for manufacturing the display device
87 8,581,838 Eye gaze control during avatar-based communication
88 8,581,830 Light source driver, method of driving the same and devices including the same
89 8,581,827 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
90 8,581,824 Hybrid digital to analog converter, source driver, and liquid crystal display device
91 8,581,816 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
92 8,581,813 Display device, method of manufacturing the same and display panel for the same
93 8,581,812 Organic light emitting display device with data distributor
94 8,581,811 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
95 8,581,654 Method of compensating clock skew, clock skew compensating circuit for realizing the method, and input/output system including the clock skew compensating circuit
96 8,581,621 Semiconductor memory device, memory controller and memory system having on die termination and on die termination controlling method
97 8,581,612 Probe card and test apparatus including the same
98 8,581,606 Test point structure for RF calibration and test of printed circuit board and method thereof
99 8,581,551 Power storage apparatus
100 8,581,515 Light emitting diode driver
101 8,581,508 LED driving apparatus
102 8,581,500 System for manufacturing power supply unit and method for manufacturing power supply unit, and flicker measurement apparatus
103 8,581,451 Magnetic vibration motor for portable terminal with improved yoke attachment
104 8,581,394 Semiconductor package module and electric circuit assembly with the same
105 8,581,373 Tape package
106 8,581,364 Resistance memory devices and methods of forming the same
107 8,581,363 Phase-change memory device including a vertically-stacked capacitor and a method of the same
108 8,581,346 Semiconductor memory device
109 8,581,334 Via structures and semiconductor devices having the via structures
110 8,581,321 Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming the same
111 8,581,314 Semiconductor devices having spacers disposed on an inner sidewall of a contact hole formed in a layer of the semiconductor devices, and a contact plug disposed therein
112 8,581,312 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
113 8,581,294 Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display
114 8,581,293 Semiconductor light emitting device
115 8,581,276 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
116 8,581,270 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
117 8,581,253 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
118 8,581,244 Oxide thin film transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
119 8,581,230 Light-emitting device having enhanced luminescence by using surface plasmon resonance and method of fabricating the same
120 8,581,166 Optoelectronic shutter, method of operating the same and optical apparatus including the optoelectronic shutter
121 8,581,092 Tandem solar cell and method of manufacturing same
122 8,580,677 Method of manufacturing substrate including thin film transistor
123 8,580,668 Method of forming ohmic contact layer and method of fabricating light emitting device having ohmic contact layer
124 8,580,648 Capacitor having an electrode structure, method of manufacturing a capacitor having an electrode structure and semiconductor device having an electrode structure
125 8,580,629 Method of fabricating semiconductor device using a work function control film
126 8,580,606 Method of forming resistance variable memory device
127 8,580,588 Organic light emitting display device and fabricating method thereof
128 8,580,506 Method and composition for enhancing efficiency and sensitivity in polymerase chain reaction
129 8,580,484 Photosensitive compositions useful for forming active patterns, methods of forming such active patterns and organic memory devices incorporating such active patterns
130 8,580,455 Crosslinked polybenzoxazines, electrolyte membrane including the same, and fuel cell employing the electrolyte membrane
131 8,580,450 Fuel cell system
132 8,580,446 Recycler, water management system of fuel cell comprising the same, fuel cell comprising the water management system, and method of measuring water level
133 8,580,434 Cathode active material, method of preparing the same, cathode containing the cathode active material, and lithium battery containing the cathode active material
134 8,580,431 Porous carbonaceous composite material, positive electrode and lithium air battery including porous carbonaceous composite material, and method of preparing the same
135 8,580,426 Secondary battery
136 8,580,425 Secondary battery
137 8,580,424 Rechargeable battery
138 8,580,423 Bus bar holder and battery pack including the same
139 8,580,421 Battery pack
140 8,580,417 Electrode assembly and secondary battery having the same
141 8,580,412 Battery pack
142 8,580,408 Apparatus for moving magnetic domain wall and memory device including magnetic field application unit
143 8,580,359 Bottom chassis, method of fabricating the same, and liquid crystal display including the same
144 8,580,352 Touch screen substrate and method of manufacturing a touch screen substrate
145 8,580,044 Apparatus for agitating and evacuating byproduct dust from a semiconductor processing chamber
146 8,580,017 Electrostatic precipitator
147 8,579,775 Supply roller of developing device for image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
148 8,579,708 Method of matching game users, and electronic device using the same
149 8,579,524 Assembly for supporting photographing apparatus
150 8,579,491 Backlight unit and display apparatus having the same
151 8,579,343 Robot actuator and humanoid robot having the same