Samsung patents granted on 12 October 2010

133 US patents granted on 12 October 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D625,476 Drum-type washing machine
2 D625,475 Control panel for dishwasher
3 D625,321 Video graphical user interface for television receiver
4 D625,283 Mobile phone
5 D625,282 Mobile phone
6 D625,280 Mobile phone
7 D625,278 Television receiver
8 D625,276 Remote controller
9 7,814,506 Turntable allowing easy assembly of magnetizing yoke
10 7,814,440 Method for controlling display of indicators in wireless mobile terminal
11 7,814,400 Digital broadcasting transmission apparatus and inserting method of information for receiver demodulation thereof
12 7,814,394 Post viterbi error correction apparatus and related methods
13 7,814,393 Apparatus and method for coding/decoding block low density parity check code with variable block length
14 7,814,389 System for processing and transmitting digital broadcasting signal and method thereof
15 7,814,379 Memory module packaging test system
16 7,814,359 High-speed phase-adjusted quadrature data rate (QDR) transceiver and method thereof
17 7,814,305 Apparatus and method for generating reset signals for function chips in a terminal
18 7,814,261 Flash memory and method of dynamically loading firmware operation module in optical drive
19 7,814,249 Apparatus to recognize memory devices
20 7,814,239 Memory devices implementing clock mirroring scheme and related memory systems and clock mirroring methods
21 7,814,238 Apparatus and method for real-time packet reception
22 7,814,237 Dual mode mobile communication terminal and method for automatically recognizing card information and selecting a drive mode
23 7,814,199 Method and apparatus for searching for UPnP device
24 7,814,185 Prefix aggregation algorithm for routing coordination protocol in a loosely coupled massively parallel router
25 7,814,079 Apparatus and method for managing file
26 7,813,932 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding bitrate adjusted audio data
27 7,813,776 Double sliding-type portable communication apparatus
28 7,813,775 Portable terminal foldable to form a triangular prism
29 7,813,768 Dialing screen method and layer structure for a mobile terminal
30 7,813,758 Multitasking method and mobile terminal enabled with the same
31 7,813,746 Wireless network using shared traffic channel mode of operation for broadcast services
32 7,813,734 System and method to perform a handover in a broadband wireless access communication system
33 7,813,731 Apparatus and method for controlling packet service in mobile communication terminal
34 7,813,688 Fusing roller with an elastic layer of low hardness and method of manufacturing the same, fusing unit employing the fusing roller, and image forming apparatus employing the fusing unit
35 7,813,664 Power control method and apparatus to control a heating roller
36 7,813,663 System and method of controlling temperature of fixing unit based on detected current
37 7,813,587 Method and apparatus for shoot suppression in image detail enhancement
38 7,813,583 Apparatus and method for reducing noise of image sensor
39 7,813,578 Method and apparatus for unobtrusively correcting projected image
40 7,813,569 MPEG video decoding method and MPEG video decoder using results from analysis of motion-vector data and DCT coefficients
41 7,813,542 Wafer aligning apparatus and related method
42 7,813,521 Speaker apparatus
43 7,813,435 Carrier allocation method in OFDM system and transmitting apparatus using the method
44 7,813,426 Digital broadcast transmitter/receiver having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
45 7,813,424 Method and apparatus for compensating for mismatch occurring in radio frequency quadrature transceiver using direct-conversion scheme
46 7,813,423 Fast adaptive time domain hybrid equalizer for time reversal-space time block code system
47 7,813,379 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving wireless packet data
48 7,813,363 Network interface controlling lock operation in accordance with advanced extensible interface protocol, packet data communication on-chip interconnect system including the network interface, and method of operating the network interface
49 7,813,361 System and method for transmitting/receiving hybrid automatic repeat request buffer capability information in broadband wireless access communication system
50 7,813,347 System and method to enable combination of network controlled mobility and UE controlled mobility between different IP versions
51 7,813,330 Gap filler apparatus and method for providing cyclic delay diversity in a digital multimedia broadcasting system, and broadcasting relay network using the same
52 7,813,320 System for handover in BWA communication system and method thereof
53 7,813,315 Spectrum sharing in a wireless communication network
54 7,813,291 Method and apparatus for requesting and reporting channel quality information in mobile communication system
55 7,813,282 Connection admission control method and apparatus in broadband wireless access system
56 7,813,242 Write once disc allowing management of data area, method of managing the data area, and apparatus and method for reproducing data from write once disc
57 7,813,207 Fuse box and semiconductor memory device including the same
58 7,813,187 Multi-bit flash memory device and program method thereof
59 7,813,185 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating and fabricating the same
60 7,813,184 Multi-block memory device erasing methods and related memory devices
61 7,813,183 Program and erase methods for nonvolatile memory
62 7,813,180 Non-volatile memory devices and methods of operating the same
63 7,813,175 Smart card capable of sensing light
64 7,813,173 Multi-level cell memory devices and methods using sequential writing of pages to cells sharing bit buffers
65 7,813,076 Method for estimating position error gain for hard disk drives
66 7,813,072 Method and apparatus for improving performance of hard disk drive at low temperature
67 7,812,989 System and method for voice help on a topic the user selects at the device, or to correct an error at a multi-function peripheral (MFP)
68 7,812,929 Electrostatic chuck with temperature sensing unit, exposure equipment having the same, and method of detecting temperature from photomask
69 7,812,909 Liquid crystal display
70 7,812,899 Polarized light emitting light guide plate, method of manufacturing the same and illuminator for flat panel display device using polarized light emitting light guide plate, comprising anisotropic liquid crystal polymer layer with light extraction microstructure and liquid crystal alignment microstructure
71 7,812,895 Thin film transistor (TFT) array panel with TFTs having varying leakage currents
72 7,812,836 Display apparatus and power control method thereof
73 7,812,835 Display apparatus and control method thereof
74 7,812,834 DC stabilization circuit for organic electroluminescent display device and power supply using the same
75 7,812,824 Contents navigation method and contents navigation apparatus thereof
76 7,812,810 Inverter driving apparatus and liquid crystal display including inverter driving apparatus
77 7,812,809 Display device and a method thereof
78 7,812,808 Liquid crystal display
79 7,812,799 Display device with improved gradation expression and driving method of the same
80 7,812,797 Organic light emitting device
81 7,812,792 Electron emission display device and control method of the same
82 7,812,791 Electron emission display and driving method thereof
83 7,812,787 Light emitting display and driving method thereof
84 7,812,785 Display device and method of driving the same
85 7,812,778 Antenna apparatus
86 7,812,765 Method and apparatus for controlling power supply for speedy acquisition of GPS signal, and GPS receiver having the apparatus
87 7,812,701 Compact multiple transformers
88 7,812,654 Delay locked loop circuits and method for controlling the same
89 7,812,644 Digital frequency detector and digital phase locked loop using the digital frequency detector
90 7,812,553 LED lighting device and method for controlling the same based on temperature changes
91 7,812,541 Liquid crystal display device
92 7,812,536 Sealed opposed discharge plasma display panel
93 7,812,535 Plasma display panel
94 7,812,529 White organic light emitting device
95 7,812,527 Organic electro-luminescent display device
96 7,812,525 Retardation layer and organic light-emitting device including the same
97 7,812,523 Display device having an auxiliary electrode for improved common voltage and fabricating method thereof
98 7,812,517 Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
99 7,812,465 Semiconductor chip having alignment mark and method of manufacturing the same
100 7,812,445 Semiconductor memory module having an oblique memory chip
101 7,812,442 High-power ball grid array package, heat spreader used in the BGA package and method for manufacturing the same
102 7,812,390 Semiconductor memory device with memory cells on multiple layers
103 7,812,381 Image sensor with light receiving region having different potential energy according to wavelength of light and electronic product employing the same
104 7,812,376 Nanotube based nonvolatile memory device and a method of fabricating and operating the same
105 7,812,375 Non-volatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
106 7,812,362 White light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
107 7,812,342 Thin film transistor having a nano semiconductor sheet and method of manufacturing the same
108 7,812,338 Semiconductor light emitting device
109 7,812,332 Phase change memory device and method of forming the same
110 7,812,320 Ion source element, ion implanter having the same and method of modifying the same
111 7,812,265 Semiconductor package, printed circuit board, and electronic device
112 7,811,959 Metal oxide-carbon composite catalyst support and fuel cell comprising the same
113 7,811,921 Semiconductor devices having a trench in a side portion of a conducting line pattern and methods of forming the same
114 7,811,902 Method for manufacturing nitride based single crystal substrate and method for manufacturing nitride based light emitting diode using the same
115 7,811,868 Method for manufacturing a signal line, thin film transistor panel, and method for manufacturing the thin film transistor panel
116 7,811,836 Methods of manufacturing reference sample substrates for analyzing metal contamination levels
117 7,811,834 Methods of forming a ferroelectric layer and methods of manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor including the same
118 7,811,833 Method of manufacturing a multi-purpose magnetic film structure
119 7,811,726 Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing a color filter substrate by using the same
120 7,811,721 Mask for crystallizing silicon, apparatus having the mask and method of crystallizing with the mask
121 7,811,697 Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery
122 7,811,694 Polymer electrolyte for a direct oxidation fuel cell, method of preparing the same, and direct oxidation fuel cell comprising the same
123 7,811,686 Rechargeable battery
124 7,811,680 Organic EL device and method of manufacturing the same
125 7,811,667 Carbon nano-tube film with a transformed substrate structure and a manufacturing method thereof
126 7,811,626 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
127 7,811,477 Composition of conducting polymer and organic opto-electronic device employing the same
128 7,810,984 Liquid crystal display device having a container module with a novel structure
129 7,810,943 Lamp support unit resiliently fixing a lamp, and backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the lamp support unit
130 7,810,911 Thermal inkjet printhead
131 7,810,635 Substrate transfer apparatus and method of driving the same
132 7,810,232 Method of manufacturing a circuit board
133 7,810,210 Cleaner having a handle for carrying a dust container and a cleaner body