Samsung patents granted on 13 August 2013

210 US patents granted on 13 August 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D688,013 Washing machine
2 D687,978 LED lighting lamp
3 D687,849 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
4 D687,848 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
5 D687,847 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
6 D687,846 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
7 D687,845 Display screen or portion thereof with generated image
8 D687,831 Notebook computer
9 D687,827 Tablet computer
10 D687,826 Tablet computer
11 D687,825 Tablet computer
12 D687,824 Tablet computer
13 D687,820 Tablet computer
14 D687,819 Portable computer
15 D687,818 Notebook computer
16 D687,813 Speaker
17 D687,812 Speaker
18 D687,811 Speaker
19 D687,810 Speaker
20 D687,805 Mobile phone
21 D687,804 Mobile phone
22 D687,803 Mobile phone
23 D687,802 Mobile phone
24 D687,801 Mobile phone
25 D687,800 Handheld terminal
26 D687,798 Mobile communication terminal
27 D687,797 Mobile terminal
28 D687,796 Mobile terminal
29 D687,795 Mobile terminal
30 D687,794 Mobile terminal
31 D687,793 Mobile terminal
32 D687,792 Mobile terminal
33 8,510,858 Multi-functional device and method of storing a transmission list of users in the same
34 8,510,853 Content management method and apparatus of mobile terminal
35 8,510,805 Safe and efficient access control mechanisms for computing environments
36 8,510,774 Method, DVD-H system and terminal for providing a broadcast image using laser content
37 8,510,737 Method and system for prioritizing tasks made available by devices in a network
38 8,510,730 System and method for managing applications of home network devices
39 8,510,684 Method of forming a photomask layout using optical proximity correction to compensate for a three-dimensional mask effect
40 8,510,680 Three-dimensional motion graphic user interface and method and apparatus for providing the same
41 8,510,655 Method and system for operating application of a touch device with touch-based input interface
42 8,510,624 Data processing system with concatenated encoding and decoding structure
43 8,510,609 Apparatus and method for rate dematching in a communication system
44 8,510,605 Computer system inspecting defective cell and control method thereof
45 8,510,568 Method and apparatus for importing a transport stream
46 8,510,500 Device driver including a flash memory file system and method thereof and a flash memory device and method thereof
47 8,510,453 Framework for correlating content on a local network with information on an external network
48 8,510,396 Apparatus and method for storing content flip list of digital media server using user input feedback
49 8,510,362 Apparatus and method for variable fast fourier transform
50 8,510,318 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
51 8,510,033 Indoor navigation method and system using illumination lamps
52 8,509,948 Walking robot and method of controlling the same
53 8,509,862 Rotation hinge apparatus for a portable terminal, dual hinge apparatus having the same, swing-type portable terminal, and sliding/rotation-type portable terminal
54 8,509,849 Apparatus and method for displaying operating state of multi-standby terminal
55 8,509,845 Apparatus for impedance matching in dual standby portable terminal and method thereof
56 8,509,840 Method and apparatus for uplink power control in communication system
57 8,509,730 Method and system for remote control between mobile devices
58 8,509,697 Apparatus and method for controlling uplink interference in a wireless communication system
59 8,509,688 Apparatus and method for mac logical channel selection for operating piconets in body area networks
60 8,509,608 Photographing apparatus and method of displaying graphic for user to estimate the real size of object
61 8,509,595 Information storage medium storing multi angle data, and recording method and reproducing apparatus thereof
62 8,509,536 Character recognition device and method and computer-readable medium controlling the same
63 8,509,518 Real-time image collage method and apparatus
64 8,509,508 Medical imaging system and image processing method
65 8,509,462 Piezoelectric micro speaker including annular ring-shaped vibrating membranes and method of manufacturing the piezoelectric micro speaker
66 8,509,443 Rekey index generation method and rekey index generation apparatus
67 8,509,441 Radio frequency identification system and authentication method thereof
68 8,509,433 Method and apparatus of generating encryption key for broadcast encryption
69 8,509,430 Storage devices having a security function and methods of securing data stored in the storage device
70 8,509,350 Methods and apparatus for downlink PDSCH power setting
71 8,509,336 Transmitting/receiving method for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output system
72 8,509,329 Data receiving apparatus for receiving data frame using constellation mapping scheme and data transmission apparatus for transmitting the date frame
73 8,509,314 Method and apparatus for spatial error concealment of image
74 8,509,310 Method, medium, and system encoding and/or decoding an image
75 8,509,308 Wavelet transform apparatus and method, scalable video coding apparatus and method employing the same, and scalable video decoding apparatus and method thereof
76 8,509,304 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding method and apparatus
77 8,509,292 Receiver capable of compensating for mismatch of I signal and Q signal and communication system including the same
78 8,509,199 Method and system of detecting duplicate SSID via self-scanning in WLAN
79 8,509,197 Media access control method of determining data transmission order in wireless network
80 8,509,184 Data forwarding apparatus and method for reducing handover interruption time in a wireless communication system
81 8,509,170 Apparatus and method for transmitting preamble in broadband wireless communication system
82 8,509,159 Method and system for wireless communication using out-of-band channels
83 8,509,155 Method and system for multiplexing acknowledgement signals and sounding reference signals
84 8,509,135 Method for reducing power consumption of base station in wireless communication system
85 8,509,134 Apparatus and method for negotiating sleep cycle setting between base station and mobile station in wireless communication system
86 8,509,108 Apparatus and method for detecting voice period in mobile communication system
87 8,509,079 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in single carrier frequency division multiplexing access communication system
88 8,509,059 Method for operating a virtual router redundancy protocol router and communication system therefor
89 8,509,043 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc, method of and apparatus for reproducing data from write-once disc, and write-once disc therefor
90 8,509,004 Nonvolatile logic circuit, integrated circuit including the nonvolatile logic circuit, and method of operating the integrated circuit
91 8,509,002 Semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
92 8,508,996 Method of programming non-volatile memory device and non-volatile memory device using the same
93 8,508,990 Non-volatile memory device, operation method thereof, and devices having the non-volatile memory device
94 8,508,959 Multi-voltage power supply
95 8,508,954 Systems employing a stacked semiconductor package
96 8,508,933 Docking station and portable computer having the same and a method of connecting the docking station and portable computer
97 8,508,915 Multilayer ceramic condenser and method of manufacturing the same
98 8,508,872 Lens actuating module
99 8,508,824 Scanning lens apparatus adopting bimorph actuator
100 8,508,815 Scanner
101 8,508,811 Image forming apparatus and method of copying two-sided card thereof
102 8,508,770 Image forming apparatus to control a power supply, and method thereof
103 8,508,765 Method and system for transmitting scanned data to host from network scanner
104 8,508,754 Standard data format of printing data
105 8,508,703 Display device
106 8,508,696 Polarizing plate and display apparatus having the same
107 8,508,686 Display system
108 8,508,685 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
109 8,508,683 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
110 8,508,665 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
111 8,508,637 Image sensor and image processing method to acquire a high-sensitivity image
112 8,508,626 Apparatus for digital moving picture photographing or processing
113 8,508,619 High dynamic range image generating apparatus and method
114 8,508,602 Photographing apparatus method, and computer usable medium for photographing an object within a detection area based on a change of the object
115 8,508,595 Surveillance camera system for controlling cameras using position and orientation of the cameras and position information of a detected object
116 8,508,579 System and method for generating and reproducing 3D stereoscopic image file including 2D image
117 8,508,559 Method of driving a light source, method of displaying an image using the same, and display apparatus for performing the same
118 8,508,557 Organic light emitting diode display and method of driving the same
119 8,508,554 Display device and driving method thereof
120 8,508,548 Subpixel rendering area resample functions for display device
121 8,508,527 Apparatus and method of building map for mobile robot
122 8,508,525 Display device and driving method thereof
123 8,508,521 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus using the same
124 8,508,519 Active level shift (ALS) driver circuit, liquid crystal display device comprising the ALS driver circuit and method of driving the liquid crystal display device
125 8,508,510 Stylus pen for capacitive type touch panel
126 8,508,488 Display apparatus having touch screen function
127 8,508,485 Apparatus and method for inputting character using touch screen in portable terminal
128 8,508,483 Apparatus and method for inputting characters in a terminal
129 8,508,466 Driving method for electrophoretic display
130 8,508,462 Dimming structure for image display device
131 8,508,450 Array substrate and display panel having the same
132 8,508,442 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
133 8,508,440 Organic light emitting display, and method for driving organic light emitting display and pixel circuit
134 8,508,438 Organic light emitting display with reduced dead space
135 8,508,432 Multi-display apparatus
136 8,508,414 Electrical signal connecting unit, antenna device and mobile communication device having the same
137 8,508,399 Successive approximation analog to digital converter and method of analog to digital conversion
138 8,508,358 Apparatus and method for controlling alarm in a portable terminal
139 8,508,292 Phase matching band-pass filter using exponential function approximation
140 8,508,251 Semiconductor devices having on-die termination structures for reducing current consumption and termination methods performed in the semiconductor devices
141 8,508,202 Maximum power point tracking converter
142 8,508,194 Semiconductor device
143 8,508,157 Power supply device for driving light emitting diode
144 8,508,144 Power supply and display device including the same
145 8,508,125 Organic light emitting display apparatus
146 8,508,124 Organic light-emitting diode display
147 8,508,121 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
148 8,508,105 Inertial sensor
149 8,508,100 Surface acoustic wave element, surface acoustic wave device and methods for manufacturing the same
150 8,508,096 Stator core and spindle motor having the same
151 8,508,044 Semiconductor package, semiconductor device, and semiconductor module
152 8,508,017 Test device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
153 8,508,013 Backside illuminated active pixel sensor array and backside illuminated image sensor including the same
154 8,508,012 Pixel having two semiconductor layers, image sensor including the pixel, and image processing system including the image sensor
155 8,508,009 Microlens and an image sensor including a microlens
156 8,507,999 Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, and semiconductor module and electronic system including the semiconductor device
157 8,507,997 Mask read-only memory having a fake select transistor
158 8,507,980 Semiconductor devices having bit line interconnections with increased width and reduced distance from corresponding bit line contacts and methods of fabricating such devices
159 8,507,970 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory device
160 8,507,967 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having storage capacitor and higher voltage resistance capacitor and semiconductor device fabricated using the same
161 8,507,956 Wire structure, method for fabricating wire, thin film transistor substrate, and method for fabricating the thin film transistor substrate
162 8,507,930 Organic light emitting diode display including a sealant auxiliary structure and method of manufacturing the same
163 8,507,918 Multilayer semiconductor devices with channel patterns having a graded grain structure
164 8,507,917 Thin film transistor, method for manufacturing the same, and display device using the same
165 8,507,914 Method of fabricating polysilicon, thin film transistor, method of fabricating the thin film transistor, and organic light emitting diode display device including the thin film transistor
166 8,507,912 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
167 8,507,911 Thin film transistor and organic light emitting display apparatus
168 8,507,906 CMOS image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
169 8,507,895 Organic light emitting device using graphene
170 8,507,835 Auto-focusing method which uses a different focus determining method according to a type of corresponding focus graph, recording medium recording the method, and auto-focusing apparatus performing the method
171 8,507,816 Keypad for electronic device and method for manufacturing the keypad
172 8,507,812 Switch assembly and earphone set with the same
173 8,507,787 Solar cell having a discontinuously graded doping concentration
174 8,507,353 Method of forming semiconductor device having self-aligned plug
175 8,507,343 Variable resistance memory device and method of manufacturing the same
176 8,507,331 Method of adjusting gap between bumps in pixel region and method of manufacturing display device using the method
177 8,507,303 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
178 8,507,299 Light emitting diode package and manufacturing method thereof
179 8,507,281 Method of removing abnormal data and blood component spectroscopy analysis system employing the same
180 8,507,157 Mask for hardening sealant and method of manufacturing flat display device using the mask
181 8,507,156 Laser mask and sequential lateral solidification crystallization method using the same
182 8,507,148 Benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode
183 8,507,129 Rechargeable battery
184 8,507,127 Rechargeable battery
185 8,507,126 Secondary battery
186 8,507,123 Flexible battery and flexible electronic device including the same
187 8,507,112 Data recording medium for data storage and method of recording or erasing data using the same
188 8,507,053 Sealant and liquid crystal display using the same
189 8,507,030 Method of fabricating metal oxide film on carbon nanotube and method of fabricating carbon nanotube transistor using the same
190 8,506,832 Wafer dividing apparatus and methods
191 8,506,747 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of the same
192 8,506,703 Method and apparatus for forming colloidal photonic crystals
193 8,506,404 Wireless gaming method and wireless gaming-enabled mobile terminal
194 8,506,168 Disk drive device improved in anti-vibration characteristic
195 8,506,152 Light guide plate and display apparatus having the same
196 8,506,123 LED flash lens unit and manufacturing method thereof
197 8,506,045 Inkjet head cleaning apparatus and method
198 8,506,028 Refrigerator with door opening device
199 8,506,026 Refrigerator with step adjustment device
200 8,505,904 Bookbinding device and print-medium post-treatment apparatus having the same
201 8,505,828 Chip card with simultaneous contact and contact-less operations
202 8,505,398 Dissolution properties measurement system using piezoelectric sensor
203 8,505,389 Mask defect testing apparatus
204 8,505,326 Ice making apparatus with water spillage preventer and refrigerator having the same
205 8,505,194 Apparatus of mounting component
206 8,505,190 Method of manufacturing inertial sensor
207 8,505,167 Portable terminal having a hinge apparatus
208 8,505,160 Vacuum cleaner
209 8,505,158 Cleaning apparatus and dust collecting method using the same
210 8,505,157 Vacuum cleaner