Samsung patents granted on 13 March 2012

110 US patents granted on 13 March 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,241 Electrode assembly for secondary battery and method for fabricating the same
2 D655,871 Vacuum cleaner
3 D655,722 Stator core plate for electric motor
4 8,136,159 Method and system for detecting suspicious frame in wireless sensor network
5 8,136,153 Securing CPU affinity in multiprocessor architectures
6 8,136,017 Multi-layer semiconductor memory device comprising error checking and correction (ECC) engine and related ECC method
7 8,136,006 Turbo decoding apparatus and method
8 8,135,997 Method for obstruction and capacity information unification monitoring in unification management system environment and system for thereof
9 8,135,968 Semiconductor apparatus including power management integrated circuit
10 8,135,901 Solid state memory (SSM), computer system including an SSM, and method of operating an SSM
11 8,135,695 Information storage medium for storing metadata supporting multiple languages, and systems and methods of processing metadata
12 8,135,586 Method and apparatus for estimating noise by using harmonics of voice signal
13 8,135,562 System, method and medium calibrating gyrosensors of mobile robots
14 8,135,498 Method and apparatus for detecting movement error in mobile robot
15 8,135,446 Apparatus and method for maximum power saving in sleep mode
16 8,135,441 Mobile terminal having dual display unit and method of changing display screen using the same
17 8,135,440 System for using mobile communication terminal as pointer and method and medium thereof
18 8,135,438 Managing call control in computer telephone interface (CTI) system
19 8,135,417 Method and apparatus for estimating geo-location of terminal wireless communication system
20 8,135,400 Method and system for device discovery in wireless communication
21 8,135,349 Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in multi-antenna system
22 8,135,345 Method and apparatus for identifying JAVA PUSH request equipments using bluetooth in a mobile communication terminal
23 8,135,335 Apparatus and method for processing transmission information of broadcast message constituted by relay station (RS) in multihop relay broadband wireless access (BWA) communication system
24 8,135,292 Fixing device and image forming apparatus having the same
25 8,135,272 Sub mirror and image pick-up apparatus having the same
26 8,135,235 Pre-processing method and apparatus for wide dynamic range image processing
27 8,135,228 Apparatus and method for immersion generation
28 8,135,220 Face recognition system and method based on adaptive learning
29 8,135,099 Method for detecting transmission symbols in multiple antenna system
30 8,135,087 Apparatus and method for signal detection using log likelihood ratio
31 8,135,082 High-order modulation-based burst mapping method and apparatus in a mobile communication system
32 8,135,079 Apparatus and method of estimating signal-to-noise ratio
33 8,135,076 Error concealment apparatus and method
34 8,135,069 Frame rate conversion method using motion interpolation
35 8,135,044 Method for formatting digital broadcast transport stream packet for improved receiving performance, digital broadcast transmitter, and signal processing method thereof
36 8,135,039 Method and apparatus for allocating radio resource in communication system
37 8,135,014 UPnP-based network system and control method thereof
38 8,134,995 Mobile ad-hoc network routing based upon hardware address
39 8,134,982 Apparatus and method for random access in wireless communication system
40 8,134,971 Method and system for transmitting and receiving data in a heterogeneous communication system
41 8,134,960 System and method for providing services using the same frequency in a wireless communication system
42 8,134,947 Cooperative relay method and system in multi-hop relay network
43 8,134,945 Apparatus and method for increasing cell capacity through optional signal combining between relay stations in a cellular system using wired relay stations
44 8,134,944 Apparatus and method for configuring a relay frame control header in a multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
45 8,134,914 Subcarrier allocation apparatus and method, subcarrier de-allocation apparatus and method in OFDM system
46 8,134,910 Method and apparatus for multiplexing and demultiplexing asynchronous bitstreams
47 8,134,888 Method and apparatus of location tracking
48 8,134,873 Flash memory device and programming/erasing method of the same
49 8,134,866 Phase change memory devices and systems, and related programming methods
50 8,134,808 Hard disk drive
51 8,134,806 Hard disk drive
52 8,134,745 Image processing apparatus including compensation unit performing compensation in a printing direction and image processing method performing compensation in a printing direction thereof
53 8,134,735 Image forming device with storage, printing system, and print-file storage method thereof the renames files
54 8,134,709 Method of aligning a substrate
55 8,134,678 Liquid crystal display panel with improved display characteristics and mask used to fabricate the same
56 8,134,676 Display apparatus having a main and sub FPC and a receiving container which receives the main and sub FPC
57 8,134,670 Liquid crystal display and panel thereof
58 8,134,654 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
59 8,134,652 Liquid crystal display having sensor and spacer arrangement and and method of manufacturing the same
60 8,134,641 Method and apparatus for processing video signal
61 8,134,634 Lens driving unit and image photographing module comprising the same
62 8,134,627 Digital photographing apparatus and method of operating image pickup device
63 8,134,619 Column noise reduction device and method thereof
64 8,134,584 Image forming apparatus and method of correcting color registration
65 8,134,583 To color flat panel display sub-pixel arrangements and layouts for sub-pixel rendering with split blue sub-pixels
66 8,134,564 Portable computer and control method therefor
67 8,134,552 Method, apparatus, and medium for efficiently rendering 3D object
68 8,134,550 Display device, driving method thereof and display driver therefor
69 8,134,549 Image processing apparatus and method of reducing power consumption of self-luminous display
70 8,134,535 Display device including integrated touch sensors
71 8,134,529 Gate driver having a plurality of first stages and second stages for driving a display device and driving method thereof
72 8,134,466 RFID system preventing recognition error and communication method thereof
73 8,134,338 Battery management system and driving method thereof
74 8,134,305 Light source driving apparatus
75 8,134,291 Electroluminescent device and method for preparing the same
76 8,134,278 Surface acoustic wave device and surface acoustic wave biosensor
77 8,134,259 Linear vibrator
78 8,134,202 Capacitorless one-transistor semiconductor memory device having improved data retention abilities and operation characteristics
79 8,134,170 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,134,152 CMOS thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same and organic light emitting display device having laminated PMOS poly-silicon thin film transistor with a top gate configuration and a NMOS oxide thin film transistor with an inverted staggered bottom gate configuration
81 8,134,145 Organic electronic device
82 8,134,077 Heat dissipating circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
83 8,134,062 Apparatus and method for generating music using bio-signal
84 8,133,969 Method for removing a carbonization catalyst from a graphene sheet and method for transferring the graphene sheet
85 8,133,786 Transistors with laterally extended active regions and methods of fabricating same
86 8,133,784 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory device having vertical structure
87 8,133,778 Layout method of semiconductor device with junction diode for preventing damage due to plasma charge
88 8,133,758 Method of fabricating phase-change memory device having TiC layer
89 8,133,757 Method of manufacturing a phase changeable memory unit having an enhanced structure to reduce a reset current
90 8,133,756 Chemical-mechanical polishing method for polishing phase-change material and method of fabricating phase-change memory device using the same
91 8,133,640 Apparatus and method for mounting pellicle
92 8,133,636 Fuel cell stack and manufacturing method of the same
93 8,133,633 Structure of cathode electrode for fuel cell
94 8,133,627 Fuel cell system
95 8,133,622 Heated reformer and fuel cell system having the same
96 8,133,609 Reinforced pouch type secondary battery
97 8,133,603 Battery and case of battery pack
98 8,133,602 Rechargeable battery
99 8,133,466 Method for exfoliating carbonization catalyst from graphene sheet, method for transferring graphene sheet from which carbonization catalyst is exfoliated to device, graphene sheet and device using the graphene sheet
100 8,133,452 Biochip package and biochip packaging substrate
101 8,133,429 Methods for manufacturing a phase-change memory device
102 8,133,038 Hermetic compressor
103 8,132,972 Optical connector for contactless communication, optical adapter for contactless communication, and method of manufacturing electronic appliance using the same
104 8,132,953 Light emitting diode substrate module and method of manufacturing the same, and backlight unit and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,132,935 Light emitting module
106 8,132,894 Method and inkjet printing apparatus ejecting ink in deflected fashion
107 8,132,876 Refrigerator and door opening apparatus thereof
108 8,132,660 System for handling semiconductor module
109 8,132,423 Refrigerator with selective airflow passages between the icemaker and the ice making evaporator
110 8,132,305 Equipment and method for cutting package