Samsung patents granted on 13 May 2008

131 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D568,976 Air conditioner
2 D568,975 Wall-mounted air conditioner
3 D568,913 Dispenser for refrigerator
4 D568,912 Gutter for dispenser of refrigerator
5 D568,911 Refrigerator dispenser
6 D568,900 Video image display for portable phone
7 D568,899 Video image display for portable phone
8 D568,898 Video image display for portable phone
9 D568,897 Video image display for portable phone
10 D568,896 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
11 D568,895 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
12 D568,879 Portable phone
13 D568,863 Cellular phone
14 D568,862 Mobile phone
15 D568,861 Mobile phone
16 D568,858 Portable phone
17 D568,854 Portable phone
18 D568,853 Portable phone
19 7,373,672 Method for securely managing information in database
20 7,373,582 Apparatus and method for turbo decoding using a variable window size
21 7,373,540 System-on-chip having adjustable voltage level and method for the same
22 7,373,453 Method and apparatus of interleaving memory bank in multi-layer bus system
23 7,373,452 Controller for controlling nonvolatile memory
24 7,373,293 Quantization noise shaping method and apparatus
25 7,373,280 Method and system for detecting measurement error
26 7,373,250 AGPS module time synchronization method and device using system time information in mobile terminal
27 7,373,247 Method and apparatus for updating map data, and computer-readable medium storing program for executing the method
28 7,373,187 Portable digital communication apparatus having sliding/rotational hinge means
29 7,373,178 Method for providing guide broadcasting for video phone by means of fallback between speech mode and data mode
30 7,373,167 Apparatus and method for optimizing transmission power of network
31 7,373,166 Apparatus and method for optimizing transmission power of network
32 7,373,165 Apparatus and method for optimizing transmission power of network
33 7,373,163 Apparatus and method for measuring thermal noise power in a mobile communication system
34 7,373,150 Method and system for allocating frequency resources based on multiple frequency reuse factors in cellular communication systems
35 7,373,148 Method for cell reselection in an MBMS mobile communication system
36 7,373,146 Method of cross-paging a hybrid access terminal supporting voice service and packet data service
37 7,373,141 Mobile communication terminal and method for converting voice message to text message
38 7,373,115 Apparatus for transmit and receive switching in a time-division duplexing wireless network
39 7,373,113 Frequency generation apparatus and method for data transmission
40 7,373,099 Image forming apparatus having a cleaning unit and a method thereof
41 7,373,098 Toner cartridge and electrophotographic printer employing the same
42 7,372,921 Apparatus and method for channel encoding/decoding in a communication system
43 7,372,910 Apparatus and method for generating preamble sequences in an OFDM communication system
44 7,372,866 Wireless communication method for avoiding mutual interference between wireless communication systems, and apparatus thereof
45 7,372,844 Call routing method in VoIP based on prediction MOS value
46 7,372,842 Apparatus and method for minimizing a non-transmittable period due to a compressed mode in a mobile communication system supporting HSDPA
47 7,372,836 Method of transmitting control data in CDMA mobile communication system
48 7,372,835 Handoff system and method of dual mode mobile for connecting mobile communication system and wireless network
49 7,372,830 Dynamic subchannel and bit allocation in a multiuser-MIMO/OFDMA system
50 7,372,817 Apparatus and method for operating and maintaining private mobile communication service system using IP network
51 7,372,801 Reproduction-only optical disc and method of recording and/or reproducing data on and/or from the same
52 7,372,796 Apparatus for controlling monitor photo diode in optical pickup system
53 7,372,794 Compatible optical pickup applying tilt to objective lens in proportion to radial movement of objective lens
54 7,372,793 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
55 7,372,787 Optical disc recording and reproducing apparatus permitting recording tests using external buffer memory and method of driving the apparatus
56 7,372,767 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having multi-level memory cells and page buffer used therefor
57 7,372,766 Semiconductor memory device
58 7,372,757 Magnetic memory device with moving magnetic domain walls
59 7,372,754 Method and apparatus for controlling slope of word line voltage in nonvolatile memory device
60 7,372,747 Flash memory device and voltage generating circuit for the same
61 7,372,738 Flash memory device with reduced erase time
62 7,372,733 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having different erase pass voltages for respective memory sectors and associated erase method
63 7,372,722 Methods of operating magnetic random access memory devices including heat-generating structures
64 7,372,704 Heat dissipating structure for IC chip of plasma display module and plasma display module having the same
65 7,372,700 Plasma display device
66 7,372,699 Plasma display apparatus
67 7,372,694 Mounting pad for disk drive
68 7,372,680 Electromagnetic field preventing and protecting circuit of organic electroluminescent display device having a separated structure
69 7,372,639 Subminiature optical system
70 7,372,618 Method of manufacturing micromirror array and method of manufacturing optical device having micromirror
71 7,372,605 Polygon mirror apparatus
72 7,372,603 Mirror package scanning apparatus and method
73 7,372,588 Reducing a standby period of time for printing
74 7,372,528 Array substrate, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
75 7,372,526 Reflection type color liquid crystal display (LCD) having step difference forming layers to create thickness differences between reflective areas and transmissive areas
76 7,372,515 Liquid crystal display device
77 7,372,506 Method and apparatus to display on-screen display user-guide information about status of external device
78 7,372,452 Portable terminal capable of displaying data in an upright direction regardless of rotation of screen and method therefore
79 7,372,448 Sensors and sensor circuits which convert sense currents to digital values
80 7,372,438 Electroluminescent display
81 7,372,434 Method of driving discharge display panel by address-display mixing
82 7,372,433 Plasma display panel driving method, plasma display panel gray displaying method, and plasma display device
83 7,372,432 Switching device and driving apparatus for plasma display panel
84 7,372,431 Method for driving discharge display panel by address-display mixing
85 7,372,336 Small-sized on-chip CMOS power amplifier having improved efficiency
86 7,372,308 High-voltage generation circuits and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with improved high-voltage efficiency and methods of operating
87 7,372,261 Printed circuit board integrated with a two-axis fluxgate sensor and method for manufacturing the same
88 7,372,204 Plasma display panel having igniter electrodes
89 7,372,203 Plasma display panel having enhanced luminous efficiency
90 7,372,197 Field emission device and field emission display including dual cathode electrodes
91 7,372,194 Electron emission source composition for flat panel display and method of producing electron emission source for flat panel display using the same
92 7,372,150 Semiconductor wafer having identification indication
93 7,372,148 Semiconductor chip having coolant path, semiconductor package and package cooling system using the same
94 7,372,140 Memory module with different types of multi chip packages
95 7,372,139 Semiconductor chip package
96 7,372,125 Phase change memory devices using magnetic resistance effect, methods of operating and methods of fabricating the same
97 7,372,090 Magnetic random access memory device and method of forming the same
98 7,372,081 Nitride light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
99 7,372,078 Vertical gallium-nitride based light emitting diode
100 7,372,015 Beam detector and light scanner unit having the same
101 7,371,958 Method, medium, and system summarizing music content
102 7,371,696 Carbon nanotube structure and method of vertically aligning carbon nanotubes
103 7,371,675 Method and apparatus for bonding a wire
104 7,371,669 Method of forming a gate of a semiconductor device
105 7,371,651 Flat-type capacitor for integrated circuit and method of manufacturing the same
106 7,371,640 Semiconductor device with floating trap type nonvolatile memory cell and method for manufacturing the same
107 7,371,638 Nonvolatile memory cells having high control gate coupling ratios using grooved floating gates and methods of forming same
108 7,371,633 Dielectric layer for semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
109 7,371,622 Etchant for signal wire and method of manufacturing thin film transistor array panel using etchant
110 7,371,621 Thin film transistor array panel and fabrication
111 7,371,618 Method of manufacturing wafer-level chip-size package and molding apparatus used in the method
112 7,371,614 Image sensor device and methods thereof
113 7,371,603 Method of fabricating light emitting diode package
114 7,371,592 Manufacturing method of thin film transistor array panel using an optical mask
115 7,371,530 Micro PCR device, method for amplifying nucleic acids using the micro PCR device, and method for measuring concentration of PCR products using the micro PCR device
116 7,371,502 Methods of fabricating organic light emitting display and donor substrate
117 7,371,499 Photoresist resin composition, method of forming a photoresist pattern, and method of manufacturing a display substrate using the same
118 7,371,498 Extrusion drying process for toner particles useful in electrography
119 7,371,496 Liquid toner for electrophotography and method of preparing the same
120 7,371,493 Charge transport materials having a 1,3,6,8-tetraoxo-1,3,6,8-tetrahydrobenzo[lmn][3,8]phenanthroline-2,7-diyl group
121 7,371,487 Method of fabricating black matrix of a color filter
122 7,371,484 Photomask blank and method of fabricating a photomask from the same
123 7,371,429 Precursor, thin layer prepared including the precursor, method of preparing the thin layer and phase-change memory device
124 7,371,217 Device for the non-invasive measurement of blood glucose concentration by millimeter waves and method thereof
125 7,371,156 Off-line tool for breaking in multiple pad conditioning disks used in a chemical mechanical polishing system
126 7,371,071 Connection structure of circuit substrate
127 7,370,977 Optical projection system and image display device having the same
128 7,370,858 Apparatus for and method of preventing paper double feeding in printer
129 7,370,838 Monitor apparatus
130 7,370,485 Performance testing apparatus of refrigerating cycle
131 7,370,407 Disc centering device