Samsung patents granted on 13 November 2007

103 US patents granted on 13 November 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,296,281 Eddy attenuating apparatus for an optical pickup assembly and disc drive adopting the same
2 7,296,128 Nonvolatile memory with error correction for page copy operation and method thereof
3 7,296,110 Memory system and data channel initialization method for memory system
4 7,295,972 Method and apparatus for blind source separation using two sensors
5 7,295,943 Geomagnetic sensor for calibrating azimuth by compensating for an effect of tilting and method thereof
6 7,295,841 System and method for providing exhibition information service through wireless communication
7 7,295,778 Wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network system
8 7,295,754 Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
9 7,295,715 Apparatus and method for detecting frequency
10 7,295,687 Face recognition method using artificial neural network and apparatus thereof
11 7,295,627 Digital broadcast transmission system of improved receptability and signal processing method thereof
12 7,295,539 Apparatus and method for generating transmission/reception reference timing in a mobile terminal
13 7,295,534 Method and apparatus for a hybrid network device for performing in a virtual private network and a wireless local area network
14 7,295,520 System and method of network adaptive real-time multimedia streaming
15 7,295,505 Method of and apparatus for recording data on optical recording medium
16 7,295,489 Method and circuit for writing double data rate (DDR) sampled data in a memory device
17 7,295,488 Apparatus and methods for generating a column select line signal in semiconductor memory device
18 7,295,479 Apparatus and method for managing bad blocks in a flash memory
19 7,295,470 Non-volatile memory device including multi-page copyback system and method
20 7,295,464 Phase change memory device and method of programming the same
21 7,295,463 Phase-changeable memory device and method of manufacturing the same
22 7,295,454 Semiconductor memory device and arrangement method thereof
23 7,295,428 Swing-type portable digital communication apparatus and swing hinge device thereof
24 7,295,400 Method and apparatus for mechanically balancing the disk pack of a hard disk drive
25 7,295,370 Projection television and manufacturing method thereof
26 7,295,264 Display apparatus and method for selectively displaying two-dimensional image and three-dimensional image
27 7,295,257 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,295,245 Method and apparatus for converting frame rate using time shifting and motion compensation
29 7,295,223 Method and apparatus for adjusting an image alignment for an image forming apparatus
30 7,295,222 Image forming apparatus for double-sided printing and method of using the same
31 7,295,219 Display driver chips and methods having reduced storage of image data and/or on-screen display (OSD) data
32 7,295,213 Apparatus and method for converting metadata color temperature and apparatus and method for providing metadata
33 7,295,196 Liquid crystal display panel with signal transmission patterns
34 7,295,194 Apparatus and method for outputting different display identification data depending on type of connector
35 7,295,176 LED driver with constant current offset unit
36 7,295,069 Differential amplifier circuit capable of reducing current consumption
37 7,295,058 High voltage generating circuit preserving charge pumping efficiency
38 7,295,054 Buffer capable of controlling slew rate in drive IC
39 7,295,050 Power-up reset circuit with reduced power consumption
40 7,295,047 Output buffer with improved slew rate and method thereof
41 7,295,038 Digital circuits having current mirrors and reduced leakage current
42 7,295,033 Impedance adjustment circuits and methods using replicas of variable impedance circuits
43 7,295,006 Method for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance longitudinal axis relaxation time of blood and apparatus using the same
44 7,294,970 LED driver device
45 7,294,964 Display using a photoluminescence quenching device, and method for displaying image using the same
46 7,294,962 Organic electroluminescent display device and method for manufacturing the same
47 7,294,957 Flat lamp
48 7,294,925 Optical scanner package having heating dam
49 7,294,924 Flat panel display device and method of fabricating the same
50 7,294,889 Semiconductor device having a well structure for improving soft error rate immunity and latch-up immunity and a method of making such a device
51 7,294,876 FeRAM device and method for manufacturing the same
52 7,294,864 Flip chip type nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode
53 7,294,863 Micro-lens built-in vertical cavity surface emitting laser
54 7,294,857 Polysilicon thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
55 7,294,855 Contact structure of semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, thin film transistor array panel including contact structure, and manufacturing method thereof
56 7,294,854 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
57 7,294,813 Microwave oven having an illuminated guide line
58 7,294,803 Key pad and keypad assembly
59 7,294,794 Button input apparatus with display function and portable electronic device having the same
60 7,294,584 Siloxane-based resin and a semiconductor interlayer insulating film using the same
61 7,294,546 Capacitor for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating same
62 7,294,540 Method for manufacturing a nitride based semiconductor device
63 7,294,538 Method of polycrystallization, method of manufacturing polysilicon thin film transistor, and laser irradiation device therefor
64 7,294,537 Method of fabricating thin film transistor with multiple gates using super grain silicon crystallization
65 7,294,531 Wafer level chip stack method
66 7,294,518 Composition for stripping photoresist and method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel using the same
67 7,294,516 Test patterns and methods of controlling CMP process using the same
68 7,294,444 Donor substrate for laser induced thermal imaging and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same substrate
69 7,294,441 Method and apparatus for using a transfer assist layer in a tandem electrophotographic process utilizing adhesive toner transfer
70 7,294,415 Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescent device employing the same
71 7,294,371 Liquid crystal compound having high optical anisotropy and negative dielectric anisotropy, liquid crystal composition including the same and liquid crystal display including the liquid crystal composition
72 7,294,159 Cyclone separating apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same
73 7,293,966 Variable capacity rotary compressor
74 7,293,917 Spindle motor having hydrodynamic pressure bearing
75 7,293,907 Backlight for display device, light source for display device, and light emitting diode used therefor
76 7,293,857 Inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,293,847 Cabinet for recessed refrigerators
78 7,293,356 Method of fabricating printed circuit board having embedded multi-layer passive devices
79 7,293,353 Method of fabricating rigid flexible printed circuit board
80 D555,307 Body for vacuum cleaner
81 D555,305 Body for vacuum cleaner
82 D555,304 Body for vacuum cleaner
83 D555,195 Laser complex
84 D555,193 Development device for laser printer
85 D555,179 Water dispenser for refrigerator
86 D555,142 Portable phone
87 D555,140 Mobile phone
88 D555,139 Mobile phone
89 D555,138 Portable phone
90 D555,137 Portable phone
91 D555,136 Portable phone
92 D555,135 Portable phone
93 D555,134 Portable phone
94 D555,133 Portable phone
95 D555,132 Mobile phone
96 D555,131 Mobile phone
97 D555,130 Mobile phone
98 D555,129 Portable telephone
99 D555,127 Mobile phone
100 D555,126 Mobile phone
101 D555,124 Mobile phone
102 D555,107 Remote controller for electric home appliances
103 D555,085 Battery pack