Samsung patents granted on 13 November 2012

119 US patents granted on 13 November 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D670,878 Vacuum cleaner
2 D670,701 Stylus pen
3 D670,679 Remote controller
4 8,312,357 Digital broadcasting transmission capable of improving receiving and equalizing performance and signal processing method thereof
5 8,312,344 Communication method and apparatus using LDPC code
6 8,312,339 Apparatuses and methods for controlling automatic repeat request (ARQ) reset in broadband wireless communication system
7 8,312,287 Apparatus and method for dynamically changing a password
8 8,312,248 Methods and apparatus for reallocating addressable spaces within memory devices
9 8,312,206 Memory module and memory module system
10 8,312,180 Address management method and video apparatus using the same
11 8,312,094 Method and system for managing message threads in converged IP messaging service
12 8,311,842 Method and apparatus for expanding bandwidth of voice signal
13 8,311,811 Method and apparatus for detecting pitch by using subharmonic-to-harmonic ratio
14 8,311,807 Periodically extracting and evaluating frequency of occurrence data of unregistered terms in a document for updating a dictionary
15 8,311,670 Genetic robot platform and genetic robot behavior expression method
16 8,311,655 Apparatus for preparing a playlist in a sound source data player and a method therefor
17 8,311,586 Method of processing information inputted while a mobile communication terminal is in an active communications state
18 8,311,567 Method for managing pre-established session, PoC system and PoC user equipment for implementing the same
19 8,311,520 System and method for providing user-customized mobile advertising service
20 8,311,497 Method and system for scanning frequencies in no-service area field
21 8,311,461 Image forming apparatus, developing device including developer contact member and developer cartridge thereof
22 8,311,425 Fixing unit controlling apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
23 8,311,424 Fixing device usable with an image forming apparatus
24 8,311,386 Control signal transmitting and receiving techniques for video/audio processing IC and apparatus therefor
25 8,311,370 Portable terminal and data input method therefor
26 8,311,351 Apparatus and method for improving frame rate using motion trajectory
27 8,311,348 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transformation unit
28 8,311,239 Method and apparatus for audio bass enhancement using stereo speakers
29 8,311,167 Ultra wide band device for detection and avoidance of ultra wide band signal
30 8,311,149 Method and apparatus for distorting input signal of digital predistortion (DPD) power amplifier in wireless communication system
31 8,311,141 Time-dependent trellis coding for more robust digital television signals
32 8,311,118 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding motion vector
33 8,311,110 Image encoding method and device, and decoding method and device therefor
34 8,311,108 Multi-view image coding apparatus and method
35 8,311,106 Method of encoding and decoding motion picture frames
36 8,311,084 Precoding signaling in a MIMO wireless communication
37 8,311,029 Apparatus and method for generating MAC protocol data unit in wireless communication system
38 8,311,015 Method for supporting continuous reception of evolved broadcast and multicast service data
39 8,310,997 Apparatus and method for dynamic channel allocation in multiple channel wireless communication system
40 8,310,987 Apparatus and method for notifying change of system control information in a broadband wireless communication system
41 8,310,974 Apparatus and method for supporting multicast and broadcast service in a broadband wireless access (BWA) system
42 8,310,954 Apparatus and method for identifying network connection status in portable terminal
43 8,310,925 Apparatus and method for transmitting data in customer premises equipment
44 8,310,891 Resistance variable memory device for protecting coupling noise
45 8,310,886 Delay locked loop using hybrid FIR filtering technique and semiconductor memory device having the same
46 8,310,881 Semiconductor device testing memory cells and test method
47 8,310,876 Methods of accessing storage devices
48 8,310,869 Nonvolatile memory device, system, and programming method
49 8,310,859 Semiconductor memory device having balancing capacitors
50 8,310,853 Layout structure of bit line sense amplifiers for a semiconductor memory device
51 8,310,840 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
52 8,310,747 Electronic paper display device and method of manufacturing the same
53 8,310,746 Method and an apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image using a hologram optical element
54 8,310,709 Color printing system
55 8,310,643 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
56 8,310,642 Liquid crystal display with texture control portion between pixel and common electrodes and method thereof
57 8,310,637 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,310,622 Optical plate, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal having the same
59 8,310,616 Liquid crystal display device
60 8,310,610 Display panel having electrostatic discharger
61 8,310,598 Apparatus for splitting signal and video device using the same
62 8,310,594 Method and system for picture-based user interface for adjusting picture display parameter settings of a display device
63 8,310,582 Digital image processing apparatus and method for displaying a plurality of images
64 8,310,567 Methods of modeling an integrated noise in an image sensor and methods of reducing noise using the same
65 8,310,559 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data
66 8,310,551 Digital photographing apparatuses for controlling hand shake correction and methods of controlling the digital photographing apparatus
67 8,310,537 Detecting ego-motion on a mobile device displaying three-dimensional content
68 8,310,526 3-dimensional image display apparatus and control method of the same
69 8,310,522 Method for photographing panoramic image
70 8,310,503 Display device and method of driving the same
71 8,310,498 Spectrally matched print proofer
72 8,310,495 Method and apparatus for driving display data
73 8,310,480 Method, medium, and system for compressing and decoding mesh data in three-dimensional mesh model
74 8,310,477 Power circuit and liquid crystal display having the same
75 8,310,469 Display device and driving method thereof
76 8,310,439 Apparatus and method for driving an electrophoretic display
77 8,310,432 Gate driving circuit, display device having the same, and method for manufacturing the display device
78 8,310,420 Organic light emitting display device
79 8,310,419 Display device and driving method thereof
80 8,310,417 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
81 8,310,411 Plasma display and driving method thereof
82 8,310,342 Identification anti-collision method and radio frequency identification system using the same
83 8,310,262 Multiple testing bars for testing liquid crystal display and method thereof
84 8,310,153 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
85 8,310,148 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
86 8,310,055 Semiconductor devices having narrow conductive line patterns and related methods of forming such semiconductor devices
87 8,310,046 Wafer stacked package waving bertical heat emission path and method of fabricating the same
88 8,310,023 Light emitting diode package and fabrication method thereof
89 8,310,019 Magnetic memory device
90 8,310,014 Field effect transistors, methods of fabricating a carbon-insulating layer using molecular beam epitaxy and methods of fabricating a field effect transistor
91 8,310,009 Display apparatus
92 8,309,996 CMOS image sensors
93 8,309,995 CMOS image sensor
94 8,309,970 Vertical structure LED device and method of manufacturing the same
95 8,309,964 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the thin film transistor and organic light emitting display device having the thin film transistor
96 8,309,908 Optoelectronic component including optoelectronic device flip-chip mounted to substrate and conductor extending through the substrate
97 8,309,636 Flame retardant resin composition for multilayer wiring board and multilayer wiring board including the same
98 8,309,460 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
99 8,309,458 Semiconductor device comprising variable-sized contact, method of forming same, and apparatus comprising same
100 8,309,417 Vertical-type semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
101 8,309,411 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
102 8,309,405 Three dimensional semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
103 8,309,404 Poly-Si thin film transistor and organic light-emitting display having the same
104 8,309,399 Power semiconductor module and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,309,372 Method of manufacturing stacked semiconductor package
106 8,309,288 Color toner and preparation method thereof
107 8,309,282 Apparatus and method for aligning mask
108 8,309,254 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery comprising same
109 8,309,252 Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the material
110 8,309,170 Multilayer nanocrystal structure and method for producing the same
111 8,308,918 Hydrogen generator
112 8,308,894 Substrate etching apparatus
113 8,308,865 Showerhead for chemical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition apparatus having the same
114 8,308,832 Dust separating and collecting apparatus of vacuum cleaner
115 8,308,380 Lens barrel assembly
116 8,308,253 Ink jet image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
117 8,307,988 Apparatus and method for separating components
118 8,307,546 Method for manufacturing a ceramic elements module
119 8,307,543 Semiconductor chip attaching apparatus