Samsung patents granted on 13 October 2009

124 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,603,722 Scheduled-recording method that schedules recording of copy-protected content
2 7,603,628 User interface for and method of managing icons on group-by-group basis using skin image
3 7,603,622 Method for providing a user interface configured using three frames in a DLNA system
4 7,603,613 Viterbi decoder architecture for use in software-defined radio systems
5 7,603,537 Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method of managing data using the information
6 7,603,535 Low power consumption semiconductor memory device capable of selectively changing input/output data width and data input/output method
7 7,603,512 Dynamic memory refresh controller, memory system including the same and method of controlling refresh of dynamic memory
8 7,603,477 Method of forming a local mobility domain and a local mobility agent and system and apparatus thereof
9 7,603,274 Method and apparatus for determining the possibility of pattern recognition of time series signal
10 7,603,147 System and method for periodic ranging in a sleep mode in a BWA communication system
11 7,603,132 Data transmitting and receiving apparatus and method for a digital mobile station
12 7,603,121 Method and system for handoff between base stations supporting multi-profile operation in BWA system
13 7,603,079 Mobile terminal for digital broadcasting reception and method for storing digital broadcasting data
14 7,603,070 Heat roller of image forming apparatus
15 7,603,050 Cooling apparatus and image forming device having the cooling apparatus
16 7,603,029 Method of controlling an image data output of a portable device, an image processing device, and a portable device having the same
17 7,603,024 Apparatus for storing and searching audio/video data containing additional information
18 7,602,967 Method of improving image quality
19 7,602,959 Visual inspection apparatus and method of inspecting display panel using the visual inspection apparatus
20 7,602,872 Scheduling apparatus and method in a multicarrier communication system
21 7,602,854 Method of receiving of OFDM signal having repetitive preamble signal
22 7,602,843 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving channel quality information in a communication system
23 7,602,836 Receiver
24 7,602,832 Surface emitting laser aligned with pump laser on single heat sink
25 7,602,812 Client for video stream play and method thereof
26 7,602,735 Method and apparatus for routing between mobile networks
27 7,602,685 Method of and apparatus for recording data on a minimally blanked optical disc in an incremental recording mode and computer readable storage medium encoded with processing instructions performing the method
28 7,602,653 Multimode data buffer and method for controlling propagation delay time
29 7,602,650 Flash memory device and method for programming multi-level cells in the same
30 7,602,644 Memory devices with page buffer having dual registers and method of using the same
31 7,602,643 Non-volatile memory devices capable of reading data during multi-sector erase operation, and data read methods thereof
32 7,602,642 Nonvolatile memory system and associated programming methods
33 7,602,633 Non-volatile memory device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of operating the same
34 7,602,586 Head parking ramp for data storage device
35 7,602,585 Actuator for a disk drive having a suspension assembly including a flexure of a monolithic structure and a limiter
36 7,602,584 Magnetic recording head with trapezoidal layered portion and method of manufacturing the same
37 7,602,573 Device and method for adjusting distance between magnetic head and data storage medium
38 7,602,571 Apparatus and method to control flying height of magnetic head in retry mode and disk drive using the same
39 7,602,492 Overlay measuring method and related semiconductor fabrication equipment management system
40 7,602,444 Synchronization signal detection circuit and method of digital television (DTV) receiver
41 7,602,372 Backlight driver circuit and liquid crystal display device having the same
42 7,602,363 Array substrate having increased inspection efficiency and display apparatus having the same
43 7,602,362 Liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
44 7,602,360 Liquid crystal display and a driving method thereof
45 7,602,354 Plasma display panel (PDP) and driving method thereof
46 7,602,344 Portable terminal with variable ground unit
47 7,602,290 Method of providing electronic device information to mobile station and system using the same
48 7,602,245 Method, apparatus and system for reducing DC coupling capacitance at switching amplifier
49 7,602,223 Delay-locked loop circuit and method of generating multiplied clock therefrom
50 7,602,202 Semiconductor probe with high resolution resistive tip having doping control layer and method of fabricating the same
51 7,602,172 Test apparatus having multiple head boards at one handler and its test method
52 7,602,171 System for testing memory modules using a rotating-type module mounting portion
53 7,602,149 Method for compensating state of charge of battery, battery management system using the method, and hybrid vehicle having the battery management system
54 7,602,144 Battery management system
55 7,602,133 Robot having an obstacle detection unit and method of controlling the same
56 7,602,125 Plasma display panel provided with dielectric layer having a variation in thickness in relation to surfaces of a display electrode
57 7,602,124 Plasma display panel (PDP) having improved electrodes structure
58 7,602,123 Plasma display panel
59 7,602,111 Plasma accelerating apparatus and plasma processing system including secondary electron amplification coating layer formed at inner wall of channel
60 7,602,110 Heat dissipation unit for a plasma display apparatus
61 7,602,072 Substrate having alignment marks and method of obtaining alignment information using the same
62 7,602,047 Semiconductor device having through vias
63 7,602,043 Coupling capacitor and semiconductor memory device using the same
64 7,602,042 Nonvolatile memory device, array of nonvolatile memory devices, and methods of making the same
65 7,602,034 Image sensor and method for forming the same
66 7,602,028 NAND flash memory devices having 3-dimensionally arranged memory cells and methods of fabricating the same
67 7,602,010 Multi-bit multi-level non-volatile memory device and methods of operating and fabricating the same
68 7,602,008 Split gate non-volatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
69 7,602,005 Memory devices including spacer-shaped electrodes on pedestals and methods of manufacturing the same
70 7,602,004 Semiconductor device and methods for forming the same
71 7,601,998 Semiconductor memory device having metallization comprising select lines, bit lines and word lines
72 7,601,983 Transistor and method of manufacturing the same
73 7,601,982 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method thereof
74 7,601,926 Keypad with phosphor, keypad assembly and portable terminal
75 7,601,913 Wire harness fixing device
76 7,601,647 Method of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device using double patterning
77 7,601,630 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
78 7,601,621 Method of forming surface irregularities and method of manufacturing gallium nitride-based light emitting diode
79 7,601,592 Method for forming multi-gate non-volatile memory devices using a damascene process
80 7,601,588 Method of forming a trench isolation layer and method of manufacturing a non-volatile memory device using the same
81 7,601,580 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
82 7,601,567 Method of preparing organic thin film transistor, organic thin film transistor, and organic light-emitting display device including the organic thin film transistor
83 7,601,565 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
84 7,601,561 Heat-radiating tape carrier package and method for manufacturing the same
85 7,601,555 Wafer inspection system and method thereof
86 7,601,548 Methods of fabricating ferroelectric capacitors having oxidation barrier conductive layers and lower electrodes disposed in trenches defined by supporting insulating layers
87 7,601,469 Plasma etching chamber and method for manufacturing photomask using the same
88 7,601,467 Method of manufacturing EUVL alternating phase-shift mask
89 7,601,462 Cathode active material for lithium rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery using the same
90 7,601,459 Fuel cell system
91 7,601,458 Rechargeable battery and battery module
92 7,601,457 Battery module
93 7,601,455 Lithium rechargeable battery
94 7,601,443 Perpendicular magnetic recording media with laminated soft magnetic underlayer
95 7,601,439 Organic electroluminescent device
96 7,601,438 Cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescent display device using the same
97 7,601,419 Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
98 7,601,392 Organic-metal precursor material and method of manufacturing metal thin film using the same
99 7,601,186 Reformer and fuel cell system having the same
100 7,600,929 Method and apparatus for controlling panning/tilting motor of monitoring camera
101 7,600,840 Device for printing droplet or ink on substrate or paper
102 7,600,749 Paper feeding device and image forming apparatus including the same
103 7,600,315 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
104 D602,012 Keypad for portable phone
105 D602,007 Wireless headset
106 D602,006 Wireless headset
107 D602,005 Wireless headset
108 D602,000 MP3 player
109 D601,997 Mobile phone
110 D601,996 Mobile phone
111 D601,995 Portable phone
112 D601,993 Portable phone
113 D601,992 Portable phone
114 D601,991 Portable phone
115 D601,990 Portable phone
116 D601,988 Mobile phone
117 D601,987 Portable phone
118 D601,986 Portable phone
119 D601,984 Mobile phone
120 D601,983 Mobile phone
121 D601,982 Portable phone
122 D601,981 Portable phone
123 D601,959 Battery case for a battery of a mobile communication terminal
124 D601,879 Cable arranger