Samsung patents granted on 13 October 2015

187 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 9,161,479 Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
2 9,161,469 Portable electronic apparatus
3 9,161,460 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
4 9,161,457 Apparatus for manufacturing camera module
5 9,161,389 Method and apparatus for providing voice call in mobile communication system and system thereof
6 9,161,354 Adapting a number of aggregation levels for control channel elements
7 9,161,353 Mobile communication system and channel transmission/reception method thereof
8 9,161,352 Mobile communication system and channel transmission/reception method thereof
9 9,161,348 Multiplexing control and data information from a user equipment in a physical data channel
10 9,161,328 Automatic and wireless sharing of location information between a location-aware device and a location-unaware device
11 9,161,320 Apparatus and method for determining gateway considering low power
12 9,161,319 Resource allocation method and apparatus for wireless communication system
13 9,161,251 Data transmission system for determining data transmission power using a virtual cell
14 9,161,247 Method and apparatus for using channel output feedback in multi user wireless systems and hybrid-ARQ
15 9,161,224 Apparatus and method for managing application in wireless terminal
16 9,161,217 Method and system for authenticating in a communication system
17 9,161,155 Methods, system and apparatus for sharing and using location information in portable terminal
18 9,161,148 Signal processing apparatus and method for providing 3D sound effect
19 9,161,098 Method and apparatus for reporting audience measurement in content transmission system
20 9,161,077 Broadcast signal receiving apparatus and control method thereof
21 9,161,059 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
22 9,160,998 Method and apparatus for canceling chromatic aberration
23 9,160,963 Terminal and method for generating live image
24 9,160,924 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the digital photographing apparatus
25 9,160,920 Imaging system and method of autofocusing the same
26 9,160,831 Apparatus for controlling operation in wireless terminal with removable case
27 9,160,826 Docking station for portable communication device
28 9,160,767 System and method for device management security of trap management object
29 9,160,748 Rights object acquisition method of mobile terminal in digital right management system
30 9,160,648 Content-centric network and method of performing routing between domains therefor
31 9,160,599 Method and apparatus for channel smoothing and estimation in OFDM system
32 9,160,556 Method and apparatus for providing remote user interface service
33 9,160,510 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
34 9,160,509 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
35 9,160,508 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
36 9,160,507 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
37 9,160,506 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
38 9,160,505 Method and apparatus for transmitting SRS in LTE TDD system
39 9,160,500 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving resource allocation information in a communication system
40 9,160,424 Bluetooth.RTM. system and Bluetooth.RTM. bonding process
41 9,160,421 Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission and reception, and wireless power transmission system
42 9,160,418 Near field communication method and apparatus thereof
43 9,160,417 Apparatus and method for data communication using wireless power
44 9,160,401 Method and apparatus for frequency assignment in a frequency hopping mode of a wireless communication system
45 9,160,375 Apparatus and method for gain of driver amplifier exponential variable in wireless transmitter
46 9,160,363 Run length encoding with non-sequential input
47 9,160,317 Semiconductor circuit and method of operating the same
48 9,160,297 Common mode filter
49 9,160,285 Signal amplifier having inverted topology
50 9,160,275 Envelope detection apparatus dynamically controlled in response to input signal and envelope detection method thereof
51 9,160,197 Apparatus for generating and storing electric energy
52 9,160,191 Battery pack and method for minimizing cell voltage deviations
53 9,160,188 Apparatus and method for displaying strength of power and expected charge completion time during wireless charging
54 9,160,178 Energy storage system
55 9,160,067 Antenna in wireless terminal with improved bushing
56 9,160,031 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing the same, and rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same
57 9,160,029 Secondary battery including a can having first and second stepped portions having different depths
58 9,160,007 Electrode for fuel cell, method of fabricating the same, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system including the same
59 9,159,984 Rechargeable battery
60 9,159,974 Battery pack and electric bike having the same
61 9,159,969 Laminate strengthened battery pack and method of manufacturing the same
62 9,159,965 Battery pack
63 9,159,963 Secondary battery having first and second non-coated portions
64 9,159,961 Case of secondary battery including a bead
65 9,159,956 Optical films for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display apparatuses employing the same
66 9,159,953 Organic light-emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
67 9,159,950 Organic light emitting display device and method for manufacturing the same
68 9,159,949 Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
69 9,159,947 Organic light-emitting device
70 9,159,946 Organic light emitting diode display having auxiliary electrode
71 9,159,914 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
72 9,159,883 Array substrate and liquid crystal display having the same
73 9,159,882 Semiconductor light-emitting device
74 9,159,877 Nano-structured light-emitting device and methods for manufacturing the same
75 9,159,875 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
76 9,159,874 Light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
77 9,159,866 Photo sensor, method of manufacturing photo sensor, and display apparatus
78 9,159,839 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
79 9,159,776 Organic light emitting diode display
80 9,159,772 Organic light emitting display
81 9,159,767 Methods of manufacturing magnetoresistive random access memory devices
82 9,159,751 Unit pixel of image sensor and image sensor including the same
83 9,159,749 Oxide semiconductor devices, methods of manufacturing oxide semiconductor devices, display devices having oxide semiconductor devices, methods of manufacturing display devices having oxide semiconductor devices
84 9,159,745 Display substrate
85 9,159,737 Semiconductor devices including device isolation structures and method of forming the same
86 9,159,730 Methods for fabricating a semiconductor device
87 9,159,729 Capacitor of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
88 9,159,727 Nonvolatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
89 9,159,705 Semiconductor chip connecting semiconductor package
90 9,159,693 Hybrid substrate with high density and low density substrate areas, and method of manufacturing the same
91 9,159,688 Semiconductor device including a solder and method of fabricating the same
92 9,159,680 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
93 9,159,675 Integrated circuit and display device including the same
94 9,159,659 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the semiconductor package
95 9,159,657 Semiconductor device
96 9,159,651 Semiconductor packages having TSV and adhesive layer
97 9,159,591 Batch type apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices
98 9,159,560 Methods of forming hole patterns of semiconductor devices
99 9,159,528 Electron beam apparatus
100 9,159,504 Apparatus for storing electric energy and method of manufacturing the same
101 9,159,495 Multilayer ceramic electronic component, manufacturing method thereof and board for mounting the same
102 9,159,494 Multilayer ceramic condenser and method of manufacturing the same
103 9,159,491 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and mounting board therefor
104 9,159,443 Nonvolatile memory device, operating method thereof and memory system including the same
105 9,159,441 Method of operating memory device assuring reliability and memory system
106 9,159,440 Read method for nonvolatile memory device, and data storage system using the same
107 9,159,438 NAND flash memory having C/A pin and flash memory system including the same
108 9,159,432 Method of programming a nonvolatile memory device
109 9,159,405 Method and apparatus for surface mounting a non-volatile memory device
110 9,159,398 Memory core and semiconductor memory device including the same
111 9,159,335 Apparatus and method for noise estimation, and noise reduction apparatus employing the same
112 9,159,333 Method and apparatus for adaptively encoding and decoding high frequency band
113 9,159,332 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding noise signal
114 9,159,331 Bit allocating, audio encoding and decoding
115 9,159,320 Endpoint detection apparatus for sound source and method thereof
116 9,159,295 Organic light emitting display device
117 9,159,292 Display panel and display apparatus having the same
118 9,159,284 Liquid crystal display device using corrected moving picture data
119 9,159,282 Display device and method of canceling offset thereof
120 9,159,266 Pixel, display device including the same, and driving method thereof
121 9,159,265 Pixel, display device including the same, and driving method thereof
122 9,159,264 Organic light emitting display and method of driving thereof
123 9,159,263 Pixel with enhanced luminance non-uniformity, a display device comprising the pixel and driving method of the display device
124 9,159,261 Method of generating image compensation data for display device, image compensation device using the same, and method of operating display device
125 9,159,258 Display device, and optical compensation system and optical compensation method thereof
126 9,159,257 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
127 9,159,157 Apparatus and method for tile binning
128 9,159,154 Image processing method and apparatus for generating disparity value
129 9,159,143 Apparatus and method for generating character collage message
130 9,159,136 Temporal smoothing apparatus and method for synthesizing intermediate image
131 9,159,131 Data matching method and data matching apparatus for matching data groups according to alignment parameters
132 9,159,125 Histogram stretching apparatus and method
133 9,158,858 System and method for managing XML document management server history
134 9,158,792 Apparatus and method for automatically composing album and managing cover image of album
135 9,158,676 Nonvolatile memory controller and a nonvolatile memory system
136 9,158,671 Nonvolatile memory system with migration manager
137 9,158,622 Storage device including non-volatile memory device and repair method
138 9,158,617 Method of performing write operation or read operation in memory system and system thereof
139 9,158,551 Activating and deactivating Operating System (OS) function based on application type in manycore system
140 9,158,545 Looking ahead bytecode stream to generate and update prediction information in branch target buffer for branching from the end of preceding bytecode handler to the beginning of current bytecode handler
141 9,158,527 Upgrade system and method having adaptive changeable upgrade process
142 9,158,500 Device and method for processing data including generating a pseudo random number sequence
143 9,158,475 Memory apparatus and method therefor
144 9,158,451 Terminal having touch screen and method for displaying data thereof
145 9,158,446 Method and apparatus for interfacing
146 9,158,398 Display device having touch screen sensing function
147 9,158,397 Touch input apparatus and method in user terminal
148 9,158,395 Method and system for controlling other devices using a remote user interface
149 9,158,392 Touch pen with tilt correction
150 9,158,354 Footer-less NP domino logic circuit and related apparatus
151 9,158,279 Spatial light modulators, holographic 3-dimensional display apparatuses including the spatial light modulators, and methods of modulating spatial light
152 9,158,269 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a stable connection of a developer cartridge and toner cartridge
153 9,158,224 Image forming apparatus generating horizontal synchronization signals and method of image forming
154 9,158,204 Photo lithographic rinse solution and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
155 9,158,169 Liquid crystal display to increase side view visibility
156 9,158,168 Display device and driving method thereof
157 9,158,167 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
158 9,158,165 Display device having plurality of charge share gate lines
159 9,158,163 Display apparatus
160 9,158,159 Liquid crystal display panel, method of manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
161 9,158,153 Bottom chassis, back light unit having the same, and display apparatus having the same
162 9,158,152 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display including the same
163 9,158,150 Backlight assembly and a display apparatus having the same
164 9,158,149 Film for backlight unit and backlight unit and liquid crystal display including same
165 9,158,091 Lens module
166 9,158,055 Backlight unit
167 9,158,003 Multi-energy radiation detectors and methods of manufacturing the same
168 9,157,926 Angular velocity sensor
169 9,157,676 Refrigerator
170 9,157,600 Light-emitting device and light-emitting system including the same
171 9,157,428 Micro-pump
172 9,157,106 Polynucleotide and use thereof
173 9,157,086 Shuttle vectors for Corynebacterium and Escherichia coli
174 9,156,280 Light emitting diode integrated with lens, line printer head, and method of manufacturing the light emitting diode
175 9,156,009 Membrane, method for manufacturing the same, and composite membrane including the same
176 9,155,477 Pressurizing apparatus
177 9,155,444 Dishwasher
178 RE45,749 Optical unit, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
179 D740,881 Printer
180 D740,862 Tray for refrigerator door
181 D740,853 Display screen with graphic user interface
182 D740,852 Display screen with graphic user interface
183 D740,833 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
184 D740,774 Mobile phone
185 D740,773 Television
186 D740,770 Set-top box
187 D740,595 Display booth