Samsung patents granted on 14 April 2009

114 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D590,427 Digital camera
2 D590,380 Keypad for a portable phone
3 D590,365 Portable phone
4 D590,364 Portable phone
5 7,519,981 Cartridge for an information recording medium
6 7,519,895 Channel encoding/decoding apparatus and method using a parallel concatenated low density parity check code
7 7,519,873 Methods and apparatus for interfacing between test system and memory
8 7,519,872 Deinterleaving device for digital broadcast receivers having a downsized deinterleaver memory and deinterleaving method thereof
9 7,519,864 Automation test systems
10 7,519,840 Apparatus and method for controlling a suspending mode in a USB control system
11 7,519,798 Utilizing a branch predictor outcome to decide whether to fetch or not to fetch from a branch target buffer
12 7,519,765 Method of downloading main code to flash memory
13 7,519,764 Apparatus and method for detecting data validity in flash memory
14 7,519,732 Routing service method in voice over internet protocol system
15 7,519,648 Encoder for a multiplier
16 7,519,449 Rendering system and method and recording medium therefor
17 7,519,368 System and method for performing network re-entry in a communication system
18 7,519,318 Electrophotolithographic image forming device and image developing method
19 7,519,313 Paper jam removing structure for image forming apparatus
20 7,519,288 Strobe device for camera
21 7,519,282 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens assembly
22 7,519,281 Electronic device with camera and fingerprint security function
23 7,519,275 Data storage medium in which multiple bitstreams are recorded, apparatus and method for recording the multiple bitstreams, and apparatus and method for reproducing the multiple bitstreams
24 7,519,272 Video and audio data recording and/or reproducing apparatus having lock setting function and control method thereof
25 7,519,270 Recording medium player capable of automatically setting playback mode and method for controlling the same
26 7,519,228 Method and apparatus for encrypting and compressing multimedia data
27 7,519,114 GoF/GoP texture description method, and texture-based GoF/GoP retrieval method and apparatus using the same
28 7,519,017 Saving power in wireless local area network
29 7,519,015 Method of providing packet data service in a wireless telecommunication system
30 7,518,979 Information storage medium and method and system for recording data on the same
31 7,518,978 Information storage medium and method and system for recording data on the same
32 7,518,977 Information storage medium and method and system for reproducing data from the same
33 7,518,962 Method of recording and/or reproducing data with respect to a multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas
34 7,518,943 Embedded memory and methods thereof
35 7,518,939 Portable data storage apparatus
36 7,518,937 Parallel bit test circuit and method
37 7,518,929 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device for writing multivalued data
38 7,518,927 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for recovering data in non-volatile semiconductor memory device
39 7,518,920 Flash memory device including a dummy cell
40 7,518,909 Non-volatile memory device adapted to reduce coupling effect between storage elements and related methods
41 7,518,898 Semiconductor memory device with strengthened power and method of strengthening power of the same
42 7,518,887 Apparatus and method for generating high voltage based on digital control
43 7,518,873 Heat spreader, semiconductor package module and memory module having the heat spreader
44 7,518,870 Card slot apparatus having a movable heat radiating unit and electronic machine having the same
45 7,518,812 Lens drive device
46 7,518,799 Optical plate, method of manufacturing optical plate, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device
47 7,518,773 Light scanning system and image forming apparatus employing the same
48 7,518,734 Apparatus and method of measuring thickness of lingual fur and acquiring vertical section image thereof
49 7,518,704 Multiple exposure apparatus and multiple exposure method using the same
50 7,518,696 Liquid crystal display panel and method of fabricating the same having particular spacers
51 7,518,686 Liquid crystal display
52 7,518,685 Patterned vertically aligned liquid crystal display
53 7,518,677 Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
54 7,518,670 Heat conduction member and liquid crystal display having the same
55 7,518,583 Impulsive driving liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
56 7,518,580 Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof
57 7,518,579 Light emitting panel and light emitting display
58 7,518,578 Demultiplexer and display device using the same
59 7,518,546 Method and apparatus for measuring distance using low clock rate signal
60 7,518,539 Concurrent correlated double sampling and analog-to-digital conversion
61 7,518,445 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for linear envelope elimination and restoration transmitters
62 7,518,411 Data receiving apparatus using semi-dual reference voltage
63 7,518,410 Duplexer
64 7,518,409 Input stage of semiconductor device with multiple pads of common function, and multi-chip package having the same
65 7,518,312 Plasma display panel (PDP) having low capacitance and high discharge efficiency
66 7,518,311 Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
67 7,518,310 Plasma display panel
68 7,518,309 Plasma display panel
69 7,518,304 Flat panel display device
70 7,518,303 Electron emission device with plurality of lead lines crossing adhesive film
71 7,518,298 Plasma display apparatus having at least one thermal conductive sheet
72 7,518,282 Rotor, vibration motor having the same, and fabrication method thereof
73 7,518,245 Contact structure of a semiconductor device
74 7,518,232 Plasma display panel
75 7,518,214 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
76 7,518,213 Nonvolatile variable resistance memory device and method of fabricating the same
77 7,518,210 Trench isolated integrated circuit devices including grooves
78 7,518,181 Semiconductor memory device and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
79 7,518,172 Image sensor having improved sensitivity and decreased crosstalk and method of fabricating same
80 7,518,151 Gallium nitride/sapphire thin film having reduced bending deformation
81 7,518,140 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
82 7,518,045 Method of preparing carbon nanocages
83 7,518,007 Ge precursor, GST thin layer formed using the same, phase-change memory device including the GST thin layer, and method of manufacturing the GST thin layer
84 7,517,917 Composition for preparing nanoporous material comprising calixarene derivative
85 7,517,817 Method for forming a silicon oxide layer using spin-on glass
86 7,517,815 Spin-on glass composition, method of preparing the spin-on glass composition and method of forming a porous silicon oxide layer using the spin-on glass composition
87 7,517,763 Semiconductor device having fuse and capacitor at the same level and method of fabricating the same
88 7,517,762 Semiconductor device capable of preventing moisture-absorption of fuse area thereof and method for manufacturing the fuse area
89 7,517,757 Non-volatile memory device having dual gate and method of forming the same
90 7,517,752 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having storage capacitor and higher voltage resistance capacitor and semiconductor device fabricated using the same
91 7,517,750 Flash memory devices having multilayered inter-gate dielectric layers including metal oxide layers and methods of manufacturing the same
92 7,517,734 Method of manufacturing a wafer level package with a cap structure for hermetically sealing a micro device
93 7,517,730 Coreless substrate and manufacturing method thereof
94 7,517,723 Method for fabricating a flip chip system in package
95 7,517,715 CMOS image sensor and method of fabricating the same
96 7,517,714 Image sensors for reducing dark current and methods of fabricating the same
97 7,517,710 Method of manufacturing field emission device
98 7,517,703 Method for forming ferroelectric memory device
99 7,517,690 Cell lysis method using free radical
100 7,517,650 Method of diagnosing breast cancer and compositions therefor
101 7,517,614 Negative active material for a rechargeable lithium battery, a method of preparing the same, and a rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same
102 7,517,612 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium-sulfur battery comprising the same
103 7,517,607 Lithium ion secondary battery
104 7,517,593 Donor substrate for laser induced thermal imaging method and organic electroluminescent display device fabricated using the same
105 7,517,431 Spinning apparatus
106 7,517,133 Chassis, backlight assembly having the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
107 7,517,129 Light guide plate, backlight assembly having the same, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
108 7,517,128 Backlight assembly removing dark areas and display device provided with the same
109 7,517,068 Ink cartridge
110 7,517,051 Method of fabricating ink jet head and ink jet head fabricated thereby
111 7,517,034 Ink ejection device, image forming apparatus having the same and method thereof with gap control of printhead and print medium
112 7,516,933 Portable folding type cradle
113 7,516,894 Laser display apparatus
114 7,516,545 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having landless via hole