Samsung patents granted on 14 August 2007

80 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,257,830 Mobile electronic apparatus capable of functioning as image reproduction medium and reproduction method thereof
2 7,257,827 Optical disk drive assembly that is rotatable with respect to a computer casing
3 7,257,754 Semiconductor memory device and test pattern data generating method using the same
4 7,257,346 Fusing roller regenerating apparatus in image forming apparatus and method thereof
5 7,257,344 Carrier vapor cleaner, a wet type electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same, and a carrier vapor cleaning method
6 7,257,330 Duobinary optical transmission apparatus using a semiconductor optical amplifier
7 7,257,326 Method for allocating bandwidth for voice service in a Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network
8 7,257,313 Method and apparatus for reproducing optical disk player having quick video playback function
9 7,257,307 MEMS switch
10 7,257,300 Method for reducing hydrogen sensitivity of optical fiber
11 7,257,298 Optical fiber cable
12 7,257,296 Optical waveguide element with directional coupler
13 7,257,286 Dual comb electrode structure with spacing for increasing a driving angle of a microscanner, and the microscanner adopting the same
14 7,257,263 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding motion vectors
15 7,257,166 Data communication apparatus and method based on orthogonal frequency division multiple access
16 7,257,123 Gateway having bypassing apparatus
17 7,257,096 Global system for mobile communication (GSM) and general packet radio service (GPRS) power ramping controller and associated power ramping method
18 7,257,071 Apparatus and method for detecting frame synchronization signal for reducing errors in data demodulation in optical disc system
19 7,257,067 Method of and drive for recording medium defect management, and defect managed recording medium
20 7,257,065 Method of recording and/or reproducing data with respect to a multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas
21 7,257,064 Recording/reproducing apparatus which records/reproduces data with respect to multi-layer information storage medium having optical power control areas
22 7,257,063 Apparatus for reproducing data from information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
23 7,257,028 Temperature compensated bit-line precharge
24 7,256,961 Damped spindle motor flange for the disk pack in a hard disk drive
25 7,256,960 Damping structure of a hard disk drive
26 7,256,946 Zoom lens having a wide angle of view and a high zooming ratio and a camera employing the same
27 7,256,925 Flexible electrochromic device and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,256,919 Rotational micro mirror
29 7,256,916 Optical scanning imaging system
30 7,256,884 Particle detecting system and method of detecting particles using the same
31 7,256,849 Liquid crystal display
32 7,256,848 Method and apparatus of alligning liquid crystal
33 7,256,832 CCD camera forming a still image by adding offset values to the odd and even fields and method for controlling the same
34 7,256,802 Liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
35 7,256,775 Light emitting display
36 7,256,724 Image sensor including variable ramping slope and method
37 7,256,631 Charge pump with balanced and constant up and down currents
38 7,256,594 Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor devices using the back side of a circuit board
39 7,256,562 Control circuit for a cooling fan
40 7,256,545 Plasma display panel (PDP)
41 7,256,544 Plasma flat lamp
42 7,256,540 Electron emission device with a grid electrode
43 7,256,534 Flat panel display with black matrix
44 7,256,502 Metal interconnections for semiconductor devices including a buffer layer on a trench sidewall
45 7,256,495 Package substrate manufactured using electrolytic leadless plating process, and method for manufacturing the same
46 7,256,492 Heat sink and display panel including heat sink
47 7,256,449 EEPROM device for increasing a coupling ratio and fabrication method thereof
48 7,256,448 Split gate type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, and method of fabricating the same
49 7,256,447 Multi-bit non-volatile memory device, method of operating the same, and method of manufacturing the multi-bit non-volatile memory device
50 7,256,444 Local SONOS-type nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
51 7,256,442 Three-layer lower capacitor electrode
52 7,256,419 Composition for forming organic insulating film and organic insulating film formed from the same
53 7,256,409 Optical sensor circuit combining functions of open and close type optical sensor circuits
54 7,256,406 Emitter for electron-beam projection lithography system, and method of manufacturing and operating the emitter
55 7,256,381 Driving an image sensor with reduced area and high image quality
56 7,256,143 Semiconductor device having self-aligned contact plug and method for fabricating the same
57 7,256,091 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with a self-aligned polysilicon electrode
58 7,256,080 Method of fabricating thin film transistor
59 7,255,980 Black matrix, method for preparing the same, and flat panel display and electromagnetic interference filter using the same
60 7,255,966 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
61 7,255,937 Encapsulated organic electroluminescent display
62 7,255,768 Anodic bonding structure, fabricating method thereof, and method of manufacturing optical scanner using the same
63 7,255,504 Paper detecting apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
64 7,255,478 Transporting apparatus
65 7,255,470 Lamp fixing holder and back light assembly having the same
66 7,255,284 Smart card and method for controlling a mixed mode thereof
67 7,255,270 Method and apparatus for searching rights objects stored in portable storage device using object location data
68 7,255,115 Apparatus for cleaning semiconductor wafers
69 7,254,967 Drum-type washing machine equipped with drying device
70 7,254,958 Refrigerator
71 D548,903 Robot cleaner
72 D548,902 Robot cleaner
73 D548,716 Portable telephone
74 D548,715 Portable telephone
75 D548,714 Portable telephone
76 D548,713 Smart phone
77 D548,712 Portable telephone
78 D548,711 Mobile phone
79 D548,710 Mobile phone
80 D548,708 PDP TV receiver