Samsung patents granted on 14 August 2012

146 US patents granted on 14 August 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,575 Liquid crystal display panels having control lines with uniform resistance
2 RE43,574 Four color liquid crystal display and panel therefor
3 D665,543 Washing machine
4 D665,370 Terminal for mobile communication
5 D665,369 TV receiver
6 8,245,312 Method and apparatus for digital rights management
7 8,245,299 Method of and apparatus for monitoring code to detect intrusion code
8 8,245,295 Apparatus and method for detection of malicious program using program behavior
9 8,245,280 System and method for user access control to content in a network
10 8,245,265 Method and apparatus for converting digital content metadata and network system using the same
11 8,245,262 System and method for synchronization of television signals associated with multiple broadcast networks
12 8,245,258 Method for providing video telephony using broadcast receiving apparatus
13 8,245,093 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving automatic retransmission request feedback information element in a communication system
14 8,245,071 Method and apparatus of processing data independently and synchronizing and outputting processed data
15 8,245,057 Method of power management for dynamically controlling power in a processor in according to a workload rate of the processor
16 8,244,993 Memory chain
17 8,244,968 Flash memory device capable of improving read performance
18 8,244,925 Circuit board and liquid crystal display includes changing EDID information
19 8,244,877 Method and system for processing a control message in an internet protocol-based mobile communication system supporting a multimedia service
20 8,244,844 Tool for data generation for simple network management protocol (SNMP)
21 8,244,756 Method and device for searching for music file of mobile terminal
22 8,244,742 Method, apparatus, and system for data transmission based on DLNA network
23 8,244,550 System and method for transmitting/receiving data by using a mobile communication terminal in a zigbee pan
24 8,244,303 Apparatus and method for transmitting a plurality of key data
25 8,244,293 Dual mode mobile communication terminal and method of selecting mode therein
26 8,244,292 Apparatus and method for power distribution by frequency allocation in multi-frequency allocation broadband wireless communication system
27 8,244,266 Scheduling method in a cellular system using wired relay station
28 8,244,262 Communication system and method for mitigating interference in hierarchical cell structure
29 8,244,253 Method and apparatus for supporting fast mobility IP with link identifier prefix in wireless communication system
30 8,244,237 Handset self diagnostics
31 8,244,210 Method for destructive readout of data in case of mobile theft
32 8,244,196 Apparatus and method for estimating noise and interference power in a communication system
33 8,244,180 Device and recognition control method among devices
34 8,244,166 Fusing device and image forming apparatus employing the same
35 8,244,159 Image forming apparatus and developing cartridge thereof
36 8,244,095 Digital broadcast receiver and data broadcast content processing method
37 8,244,050 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding image by using improved compression ratio of encoding information
38 8,244,049 Method, medium and apparatus effectively compressing and restoring edge position images
39 8,244,048 Method and apparatus for image encoding and image decoding
40 8,243,947 Image apparatus and method for transmitting audio data
41 8,243,934 Electronic device and encryption method thereof
42 8,243,928 Authentication method in communication system
43 8,243,888 Apparatus and method for managing call details using speech recognition
44 8,243,867 Receiver and communication system having the same
45 8,243,850 Method and system for generating reference signals in a wireless communication system
46 8,243,840 Method and system for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system
47 8,243,835 Method and apparatus for measurement report for the decision of transmission mode transition
48 8,243,823 Method and system for wireless communication of uncompressed video information
49 8,243,777 Method and apparatus for estimating symbol timing offset in wireless communication system
50 8,243,774 System and method for information scrambling in a wireless communication system
51 8,243,771 Driving method of global positioning system using short-range communication
52 8,243,755 DMB package and mobile terminal for receiving DMB data and method of receiving DMB data
53 8,243,711 Method for generating and registering identification in wireless sensor network
54 8,243,707 Beam forming method and apparatus
55 8,243,700 Apparatus and method for acquiring remote name in a Bluetooth system
56 8,243,699 Multi-channel MAC method for WLAN devices with a single radio interface and system for implementing the same
57 8,243,693 Apparatus and method for broadcast pilot transmission in a wireless communication network
58 8,243,660 Method of transmitting scheduling request in mobile communication system and terminal apparatus for the same
59 8,243,641 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signal in a wireless communication system
60 8,243,622 Wireless communication system for interconnecting ad-hoc network and infrastructure network, and wireless terminal and communication method therefor
61 8,243,613 Method and apparatus for estimating velocity of mobile station using channel quality indicator in a mobile communication system
62 8,243,562 Digital broadcast recorder and method for recording digital broadcast
63 8,243,542 Resistance variable memory devices and read methods thereof
64 8,243,540 Semiconductor memory device and test method thereof
65 8,243,535 Semiconductor memory device comprising variable delay circuit
66 8,243,530 Non-volatile memory device
67 8,243,519 Writing method of a nonvolatile memory device
68 8,243,518 NAND flash memory device and method of making same
69 8,243,515 Read compensation circuits and apparatus using same
70 8,243,514 Non-volatile memory devices and systems including multi-level cells using modified read voltages and methods of operating the same
71 8,243,508 Resistive memory devices using assymetrical bitline charging and discharging
72 8,243,496 Resistive memory device and writing method thereof
73 8,243,495 Phase-change random access memory capable of reducing word line resistance
74 8,243,487 Stacked memory module and system
75 8,243,483 Memory device capable of one-time data writing and repeated data reproduction, and method and display apparatus for operating the memory device
76 8,243,430 Cradling device of portable type electronic apparatus
77 8,243,345 Scan unit having EMI noise blocking unit and image forming apparatus having the scan unit
78 8,243,244 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
79 8,243,210 Apparatus and method for ambient light adaptive color correction
80 8,243,206 Method and apparatus for selecting channel between duplicate service channels at digital broadcasting receiver
81 8,243,198 Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
82 8,243,197 Method of providing user interface which implements screen conversion by channel change in three-dimensional effect, and apparatus thereof
83 8,243,187 Photographing apparatus and photographing method
84 8,243,181 Digital image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
85 8,243,169 Apparatus and method for improved digital image playback
86 8,243,153 Photographing apparatus including at least one shake correction lens and method on photographing apparatus
87 8,243,147 Handshake correction apparatus
88 8,243,106 Display device and method of driving the same
89 8,243,095 Rendering apparatus and method
90 8,243,058 Gate driving circuit and display device having the gate driving circuit
91 8,243,057 Display and driving method thereof
92 8,243,052 Display apparatus and information update method therefor
93 8,243,051 Ring-shaped wireless input device with scroll function
94 8,243,034 Organic light emitting display device
95 8,243,002 Apparatus and method for controlling display of images
96 8,242,997 Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device having the same
97 8,242,996 Display device with storage electrode driver to supply a boosting and sustaining voltage
98 8,242,989 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
99 8,242,984 Organic light emitting display
100 8,242,983 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
101 8,242,982 Feedback control of lighting-emitting blocks in a display apparatus
102 8,242,981 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
103 8,242,980 Pixel circuit configured to provide feedback to a drive transistor, display including the same, and driving method thereof
104 8,242,902 Urgent message transmission system and method
105 8,242,857 Single side band mixer and local oscillator having the same
106 8,242,846 Power amplifier
107 8,242,821 Delay-locked loop for correcting duty ratio of input clock signal and output clock signal and electronic device including the same
108 8,242,819 Method and apparatus for tuning phase of clock signal
109 8,242,794 Socket, and test apparatus and method using the socket
110 8,242,692 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
111 8,242,688 Organic light emitting display including magnetic substance dispersed in filler and method of manufacturing the same
112 8,242,686 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method thereof
113 8,242,680 Green phosphors, methods of preparing the green phosphors, and white light-emitting devices including the green phosphors
114 8,242,670 Electromagnetic wave blocking member for display apparatus
115 8,242,641 Vibration motor
116 8,242,573 Semiconductor device with isolation formed between digital circuit and analog circuit
117 8,242,514 Semiconductor light emitting diode
118 8,242,506 Array substrate and method of manufacturing the same
119 8,242,504 Oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor including the same
120 8,242,490 Organic light emitting device
121 8,242,433 Centrifugal force based platform, microfluidic system including the same, and method of determining home position of the platform
122 8,242,377 Printed circuit board having electromagnetic bandgap structure
123 8,242,371 Heat dissipating circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
124 8,242,018 Semiconductor device having fine contacts and method of fabricating the same
125 8,241,988 Photo key and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the photo key
126 8,241,979 Method of forming a vertical diode and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
127 8,241,968 Printed circuit board (PCB) including a wire pattern, semiconductor package including the PCB, electrical and electronic apparatus including the semiconductor package, method of fabricating the PCB, and method of fabricating the semiconductor package
128 8,241,936 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display panel having the same
129 8,241,934 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,241,933 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
131 8,241,891 Micro valve apparatus using micro bead and method for controlling the same
132 8,241,837 Mask pattern for semiconductor device fabrication, method of forming the same, and method of fabricating finely patterned semiconductor device
133 8,241,820 Photomask used in fabrication of semiconductor device
134 8,241,794 Active material for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same
135 8,241,781 Cylinder type lithium ion secondary battery
136 8,241,538 Image forming apparatus, driving device and driving frame thereof
137 8,241,531 Zinc oxide-based conductor
138 8,241,512 Ion implantation mask forming method
139 8,241,469 Reactor cover and hydrogen generating apparatus and fuel cell power generation system having the same
140 8,240,906 Backlight unit of liquid crystal display
141 8,240,855 Diffuser having shape profile for reducing speckle noise and a laser projection system employing the same
142 8,240,575 Method of multi-interfacing between smart card and memory card, and multi-interface card
143 8,240,541 Apparatus for mounting semiconductor chip
144 8,240,360 Fin-type heat sink for electronic component
145 8,240,000 Bypass type cleaning apparatus
146 8,239,990 Apparatus and method for machine washing